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Hello Jessica,

From the moment we arrived at Hotel Abbazia, my wife and I were very impressed. Great location and close to the City Center. Venice has close to 400 walking bridges and I can assure you that we probably saw most. Our guide Patrizia was great and very knowledgeable about the city and great history. The gondola ride at the end of the walking tour was a perfect way to end the afternoon.

Verona Winery was a perfect place to stay. Paulo and his family were great hosts and the accommodations were excellent. Would highly recommend if you want to visit Verona and the surrounding towns and cities which we visited.

Palazzo Bandino in Chianciano Terme was outstanding. Spent 5 days and toured numerous towns in Tuscany. Pienza, Montepulicano, Montechiello, Cortona, Montalcino, and numerous others. When in Tuscany you must see Siena which we did and spent the entire day. The food, the wine, the people, a great experience to enjoy. Met several other couples at this Palazzo Bandino and hooked up with them for dinner on our last night in Roma. We met at the Trevi Fountain (of course) at 8:30 and went for dinner. Awesome!

Lake Bolsena in my opinion is one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Italy.

Our trip from start to finish was great. Both my wife and I are grateful for all your suggestions and we had a wonderful time. We would highly recommend you for anyone travelling to Italy.

Morris & Heather B.


My daughter and I had a wonderful trip! We loved the hotels (Palazzo Bandino in Chianciano Terme, the Plaza in Sorrento and Hotel Abbazia in Venice) you recommended for us. The locations, staff and rooms were perfect and helped make the trip really enjoyable. You all really do know Italy! Thank you so much.

Rome: I highly recommend getting a tour guide for the Coliseum and Forum. We didn't and just rented the audio guides at the site. Those were useless as it was too difficult to match up the map with the audio. Loved seeing the ruins and Pantheon.

Tuscany: We used our Tom Tom GPS with Italy maps downloaded for driving which made it so easy. I don't see how you would drive there as a beginner without a GPS. Palazzo Bandino was perfect for day trips to Florence (2nd favorite city next to Venice, as they were both manageable), Volterra, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano and Siena. Pictures don't do Tuscany justice. Just beautiful.

Sorrento: We loved the Spinach gnocchi with salmon and vodka cream sauce at Cafe Latino! (We ate there twice.) The setting was in a garden. Lovely. We didn't think the day trip to Capri was worth the money or time. We enjoyed the rooftop pool at the Hotel Plaza for little breaks and they also had 10 euro passes to Leonelli's Beach.

Venice: My favorite city. So fun to walk around and ride the water bus up and back down the canal at night. We bought an all-day pass which was great. Our 2nd favorite meal in Italy was at the Gam Gam Kosher Restaurant. We were walking, just stumbled on it and decided we'd like a change from pasta. The hummus was incredible. The salmon with lemon sauce was great too.

General tips: 1) I had really bad jet lag because I didn't drink enough water and was enjoying the free wine on the plane over there! Getting a massage at Palazzo Bandino's spa really did the trick in helping me get over it. 2) We got reloadable debit card in the U.S. before leaving with Euros on it that we could use to withdraw funds at any ATM there without fees. This was great. We encountered several restaurants that took Euros only and no credit cards. 3) I bought a pair of Echo sandals that made walking everywhere so comfortable and easy. 4) There are 33 stops on the train from Sorrento to Naples, so it takes awhile.

It was just the kind of trip we were looking for (not too overly planned like a tour group with bus) and the hotels were quaint/charming, not sterile. 

Many thanks!
Martha P.

Hi In Italy Online,

Just want to tell you that we had a wonderful trip - this is the third time going to Italy and love it more and more each and every time. So, we went to Venice and stayed at the Hotel Abbazia in Venice. This is our second time staying there and this is a wonderful hotel. Please let your readers know that this hotel is clean, showers and baths are clean, stocked with anything you may need in terms of shampoo etc, breakfasts are very generous with ample food choices and the staff is so gracious, helpful and they have a wonderful sense of humor. We had to check out early in the am because we were taking some side trips and then boarding a train back to Firenze. They let us keep our luggage in a storage room (it was safe) and also invited us back to relax in their living room if we were too early to board. Now, if that isn't good customer service. I would recommend the Abbazia to any travelers going to Venice. The quiet and peacefulness of the garden is lovely and the hotel's location perfect.

Thank you again In Italy for your great recommendations.
Rich & Lorraine W.

Dear Jessica,

Our trip was wonderful and we thank you for everything. You made the planning rather simple.

Hotel Abbazia in Venice was great and the men at the front desk could not have been more accommodating. It was a busy part of town but not overly crowded like St Mark's. It was also very convenient and close to the train, when we left Venice for Florence. We all loved the location.

The tours in each city really worked out too. We were extremely pleased with all of the guides and booking the private tours was great.

Needless to say the entire trip was fabulous and we really thank you and appreciate your help planning this trip.

Marlene R.

Hi Kristin & Kirill,

Thanks so much for helping me put together a truly magical vacation.

Palazzo Bandino can be summed up in one word – wow!!!! I can't think of anything negative about this place. The location in the Tuscan countryside is beautiful and the perfect place to go to relax after being in Rome. The accommodations were excellent. Our apartment had a big window that opened up to the vineyard & a deck where you could sit overlooking the vineyards – beautiful. The people are as friendly as can be. They treat you like family. We took the cooking class and had a wonderful time. We also ate dinner there almost every night. The food is great, the wine is excellent and unlimited, and the location is perfect. There are a ton of beautiful towns within a short drive. We took day trips to Perugia, Siena, Montepulciano and Pienza.

Next was the one negative aspect of the whole trip - dropping off a car in Venice. I won't go through the gory details, but it took us nearly three hours and was a very ugly experience. We also lost the benefit of not having to lug our bags over the bridge because unlike the train station, the car garage is not on the hotel side of the canal. Having lots of bags and a mother in law with Parkinson's Disease made it even more difficult.

That said, the Hotel Abbazia was very cool. I was worried about the location so near the train station but you truly cannot hear the train – you won't even know it's next door. Another plus of the location is that the hotel is at a vaporetto stop. The hotel itself is very comfortable & interesting as it was once a monastery. The people at the front desk are incredibly friendly and helpful. The magic of Venice and the very nice Hotel Abbazia helped us to quickly forget the car drop-off fiasco. The breakfast included at the hotel is very good and the courtyard in the back is a very nice place to relax. As mentioned in other reviews, the church bells ring very early in the morning. I thought they were beautiful and was happy to get up when they started ringing. For people who would disagree, I recommend ear plugs. They seem to have done the job for others in my traveling party.

The Verona Winery was another excellent countryside location. The location is very convenient - just a ten-minute drive from Verona and even less time to the autostrada. The grounds and buildings are absolutely beautiful. The courtyard is a perfect place to sit in a lounge chair or a hammock and relax. For people like me who prefer not to sit around, there are hiking trails up the hills to the vineyards and very simple bikes that can be ridden along the country roads. It is difficult to find a place that is good for both relaxing and being active but the Verona Winery is one. Breakfast is simple but quite good. All of the people working here are very helpful and kind. The wine is quite good and the wine tour/tasting is fun. As with Palazzo Bandino, I don't have anything negative to say about the Verona Winery.

I give a huge thanks to you and the rest of the In Italy staff. Thanks so much for convincing me to stay at the wineries in Tuscany & Verona. I almost decided not to stay at either and those places turned out being the highlights of the vacation. A special thanks to Kristin for responding to my late-night emails from the airport when my flight was cancelled. Making sure that my airport pickup would be there when I arrived three hours late was an incredible stress reliever. You were a life saver.

I could go on and on about In Italy and the places we stayed, but I'll just leave it with one final thought. I am thrilled with the service In Italy provided me and I am equally thrilled with the places we stayed. I will surely use your services again for future trips to Italy and I will not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Jeff W.

Dear Kiril,

In Venice, Hotel Abbazia was very nice. Lovely hotel and a bargain compared to everything else in Venice. Staff was lovely, friendly and warm.

Restaurant recommendations were spot on - excellent directions. Thank you for those, as the rest of the food and restaurants (not recommended) were a disappointment. I have already recommended In Italy to some other friends and would use you again if not for the restaurant recommendations alone!

Best Regards,
Catherine B.

Dear Kristin,

Our trip to Italy was fantastic. In Italy gave us good guidance although we were dealing with a challenging time frame. We enjoyed taking the trains from Rome to Florence to Venice and back to Rome, using the time between hotel check out and subsequent hotel check in for traveling between cities. We enjoyed a walk near the Boboli Gardens and up to a hill overlooking Florence, tours of the Uffizi, the Accademia, and other museums as well as walks around the Duomo and through the market where the vegetables, salamis and other foods were so resplendently displayed.

In Venice, we were happy to be located near the train station so we could wheel our bags there in minutes, avoiding waiting for a boat taxi that would have prolonged our journeys to and from our hotel and interfered with our precious touring time. It was quiet, too, except for the 7:15 am church bells which didn't bother us because our biological clocks were still waking us up very early. We enjoyed the Secret Itineraries tour at the Doge's Palace, the Guggenheim museum and the Accademia museum as well as many walks in the back streets and over the canals where we got to see the crews setting up to film The Tourist starring Johnny Depp.

We ended up at Sorrento Villa Garden, a lovely hotel over looking the sea and offering a view of Mount Vesuvius. Just two miles from the city center and the port, we walked there through the lovely neighborhoods although there was bus access if we had preferred it. Walking allowed us to explore the neighborhood and find little restaurants off the beaten track. We took the ferry to the Isle of Capri in the morning and rode the bus up and down the Amalfi coast that afternoon. The Circumvesuviana commuter train station had a stop not far from our hotel making it easy to go to Pompeii and Herculaneum, enjoying the ruins beyond compare.

Someone rated Venice, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri as four of the five most beautiful sights in Italy and we were able to enjoy them, missing only Cinque Terre in the north. The help that we received from In Italy allowed us to make the best of those ten days in the lovely country. We cannot wait to go back.

Mary G.

Dear Kristin,

Hotel Abbazia was a wonderful location for us. It was within minutes to the train and water taxis. The courtyard was an oasis, so quiet. Our room overlooked this. The staff were very friendly, and the restaurants they recommended were great. The trip to Murano and Burano was memorable.

Thanks again for your help.
Regards, Gary & Susan L.

Dear Kristin,

The trip was great and we all loved Hotel Abbazia. I got 4 other couples to book the hotel the night after the cruise. The location was perfect. The courtyard beautiful and the breakfast was absolutely delicious!!

Mary B.

Dear Julie,

Our stay at the Hotel Abbazia was a wonderful introduction to Italy in general and Venice in particular. We were surprised and delighted to discover that the hotel was a short walk from the Grand Canal and also conveniently situated within walking distance of the Piazzale Roma where the bus from the airport deposited us. We were able to reach the hotel in 15 minutes using a map we had bought in Perth before departing, pulling our bags on wheels along behind us! The hotel was wonderful, and far more luxurious and spacious than expected. The staff were very friendly and always went out of their way to make suggestions and recommendations. On our inquiry as to how to reach Murano, they arranged a complimentary trip by water taxi to see the glass-blowing at a factory owned by one of the hotel owners. They were also very helpful, to the extent of assisting us to pack, label and fill out the customs forms for a box of souvenirs we wanted to send back home by post. Breakfast every morning was fantastic and catered for all tastes, judging by the enthusiasm of the groups of different nationalities we encountered in the dining room. Everything was absolutely perfect, and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Hotel Abbazia to anyone wanting a quiet, spacious hotel with a tranquil garden in which to relax, yet right in the heart of Cannaregio, and just a few paces from all the shops, restaurants and tourist attractions. When we came to leave by train for Vicenza, we were able to walk to the train station in 5 minutes, which made the logistics of getting from Point A to Point B so much easier. Thank you for doing the booking.

Vicki M.

Dear Jessica,

Italy was great, as always. We LOVED the Hotel Abbazia in Venice. It was in a great location and even though it's a two minute walk to the train station, we never once heard a train. It is absolutely beautiful and since it was a monastery, you feel a sense of history. The staff was amazing (Matteo in particular) and couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. Having breakfast in the garden every morning was very relaxing before heading out for the day. And when we wanted to go to Murano, they had a private taxi pick us up and take us out there. I'm sure you know the owner of the hotel also owns one of the factories in Murano - I think it may be the largest one called " Cam".

Kimberly R.

Dear Julie,

Venice was everything & more than we had hoped. My wife & I went as part of our 25th wedding anniversary celebrations and it could not have been better. The Hotel Abbazia was excellent. The room was large, the bathroom enormous. Everyone at the front desk was so helpful speaking very good English. Breakfast was plentiful & good quality.

We had been warned about the bells from the local church - these are pretty loud but only ring once in the morning for a minute or so.

Venice lived up to its reputation and was less expensive than I had anticipated - obviously used to London prices. The only really expensive part was sitting for a coffee at St Mark's - don't expect any change from the waiters so make sure you don't pay a tip that is as much as your coffee!

We found a brilliant restaurant - Taverna San Trovaso SRL in Dorsoduro Tel 041/5203703. Great service & good prices. People were queuing before it opened for business one evening so we thought it must be good - and it was.

Thanks again.
John & Jo O.

Dear Kirill,

We had a wonderful trip! A favorite place to rest our heads was the Hotel Abazzia in Venice. The staff there is so personable, helpful, and charming. We loved the bells, all 128 rings! I have all my notes at home so I cannot go further into detail. But we found Hotel Abazzia a delight!

Diana T.

To Everyone at In Italy Online,

Just to say 'THANK YOU' - we had a fantastic time. The Hotel Abbazia, in Venice, was exactly as described - near to amenities and water taxis, easy to get around, very friendly and helpful staff - arranging and advising on how to get to places, booking water taxis etc. EXTREMELY EXCELLENT SERVICE. The information pack emailed to us when we booked with you was very good - excelling most guidebooks we've bought and read in the past.

We would recommend this hotel and your site for being so honest and helpful and in providing a fantastic level of service.

Thanks again.
Bruce J.

Hello Kristin,

We had a really wonderful trip. A few comments below...

Rome - Roma Centro apt - very well-located, with lots of character and amenities in the 'hood. It was wonderful to stroll to the Piazza Navona and to try all the restaurants only steps away. The grocery downstairs was very convenient as well, and with our kitchen we were able to do breakfast daily at home before venturing out. We also felt very secure there, which was a plus in more ways than one. Our daughter needed to stay back from sightseeing to rest a couple of times, and we were comfortable leaving her there alone for a couple of hours.

Stefano's tour of Pompeii was a highlight of the trip. He did a marvelous job, and the experience really sparked my imagination. The whole commercial city came alive for us. Stefano is very pleasant and knowledgeable. He also related well to our 11 year old daughter and helped enliven the trip for her as much as possible.

Palazzo Bandino was the second major highlight of the trip, and hands-down our favorite week of the vacation. We were treated like kings and queens in every way--coffee any time for the asking, fabulous meals where our every desire was remembered from one day to the next and anticipated, lovely people on staff, well-planned outings to complement cooking school. My daughter and I enjoyed the cooking classes very much. Chef Luciano and his translators were informative and helped us understand Tuscan cooking traditions and culture as much as recipes and preparation. The accommodations were nice although the showers are very small. Gabriel and Marta were a treasure; my daughter was almost in tears over leaving Marta behind. The scenery is gorgeous, and the setting was very peaceful. And again--the FOOD! Unbeatable. We also enjoyed the wine tasting; PB has some very good ones. A great place to sight see, relax, breathe deeply, and eat well.

Florence and Milan were not our favorites although we're glad we went to both. I highly recommend Rampini Ceramics in Florence to anyone interested in buying pottery. Very high quality and custom-made to your desires. Also we discovered a fabulous restaurant, family-owned for 30 years--Il Profeto. Great food.

Our outings to Pisa and Venice were good; Venice better than Pisa (was a long walk from train to the tower in hot weather; I recommend a cab for folks with kids). We spent a quick overnight in Venice and stayed at the outstanding Hotel Abbazia. It is around the corner from the train station, and the staff here was the best of any hotel we experienced. They went out of their way to ensure we had a wonderful time in every way possible. While we gave up our room in the morning, our train wasn't until evening. They offered us their comfortable lobby with nice bathrooms at any time during the day, and provided drinks etc. at the bar while we waited for the train. Above and beyond the call of duty. Our triple room was small, and we were glad we weren't there long, but it was nice and the beds were good.

Our final stop was Milan and the most underwhelming of the trip. It was awesome to see the Last Supper, however.

Hope all that is helpful. Thanks again for everything! If I have missed anything, I will ask my husband to fill the gap.

Mary M.

Dear Jessica,

We were so pleased with all the accommodations!!! The locations were perfect. Since we took the railroad from Florence to Venice the Hotel Abbazia could not have been more perfect. In fact, I would like to highlight the Hotel Abbazia in Venice. The staff at the front desk went far and beyond with friendliness and helpfulness. They truly personify the spirit of customer service. 5 Stars. Our rooms were beautiful. We look forward to coming back and using your services again.

Thank you.
Merrill S.

Dear Kirill,

Venice's Hotel Abbazia is indeed just walking distance from the train station!! Our room was fantastic for the price and location! The staff even organized a private speedboat for just us (at no cost) to visit Murano Island's glass factories! Some Italian macho ride in the crowded canals! However Venice is still wall-to-wall people in late October.

Many thanks for your service.
Jane/Al P.

Dear Jessica,

This was our first trip to Venice , and we stayed at the Hotel Abbazia. It was ideal for us; a reasonable price, charming setting, amazingly convenient, and a great staff. The guys at the desk were amazing. They even offered help without being asked. An especially engaging young man, Mirco, stopped us on our first venture out and very spiritedly inquired what we were planning for that day. We gave him a list of possibilities, and he promptly called all of these spots to find out what hours and days they were open, and other particulars. He made everything so easy.

Our room was not grand, but pleasant and comfortable. No one warned us about mosquitoes in Venice, and a small tear in one of our window screens didn't help. No bites for the first two nights, but after that they came with a vengeance. It hardly spoiled our visit, but we might take repellant next time.

Being so close to the train station was fabulous. The whole trip was a grand success.

Terry A.

Dear Kristin,

We had a great time and all the arrangements we made with you guys went perfect. In Venice, the Hotel Abbazia was wonderful and the staff were friendly and helpful to the extreme. I watched the World Cup match between the U.S. and Italy with the staff and had a great time. We got lost while wandering the city and discovered the India Caffe on Via C. Battisti. A small place with great food and just enough foot traffic to give some people watching while still being out of the tourist main drag.

Thanks for all your help in setting up our trip. I have told everyone about your site.

Jim P.

Dear In Italy Staff:

We really enjoyed our trip. Thanks for making the arrangements. The accommodations at the Hotel Abbazia were wonderful. The front desk staff was very helpful. I would highly recommend staying at the Hotel Abbazia to any of your readers. The room for 4 was huge. I understand this is unusual with Venice hotel space. We had only one glitch upon arrival. We got turned around in the Tronchetto garage. Instead of heading to the vaporetto stop adjacent to the garage, we ended up walking to the Piazzale Roma with our luggage in tow on a hot afternoon. You might wish to underscore to your readers that there is a vaporetto stop at the garage. It will save them a lot of aggravation.

We tried one of your restaurant suggestions but it was closed due to the holidays. Understand this is common during late-July and August.

Paul K.

Dear Kristin,

We just got back from a fabulous 2 week trip to Italy. We stayed at the Hotel Abbazia in Venice. It's very close to the train station. Once you go left out of the train station, it's right there. The street is a little alley (all the streets are like that), but there is a sign on the building at the beginning of the alley that let's you know the hotel is down there. It was a beautiful hotel with a outside courtyard where you could eat your breakfast at as well. They also served ham and hard boiled eggs as well as pastry. The staff was friendly and funny! You can have internet access for 5 Euro for 24 hours. Very ideal location.

Now about the best gelato places: In Milan there was one in the shopping area across from the Duomo (can't remember name) but it was in one of those places where there a lot of little eateries next to a bar. Get the local specialties Pesca (peach) and ananas (pineapple) Yum! In Rome, this is a must (we went there everyday- sometimes 2x in one day) Gelateria Caffe Pasticceria Giolitti (2min. from Pantheon and in Rick Steve's Italy 2006 book- great book by the way, lots of helpful tidbits) Every flavor is good there. We loved the green apple, the chocolate, the strawberry, the pineapple. You can get hand dipped cones. Pay first and then order and take it to go. You pay extra to sit at a table. Finally, also in Rick Steve's book in Venice La Boutique del Gelato. We went there more than once in a day as well. Next to Hotel Bruno, you can get 1 huge scoop for 1 Euro or 2 for 1.70 Euro. Very good and very generous. All flavors are good as well. Loved the tiramisu and chocolate. Flavors aren't the same everyday but it's all good.

Also, in regard to souvenirs. Every city has their own items to sell. If you want landmarks from that city you need to buy it there. For instance, you won't find the colosseum in Florence. Oh, we took a train to Pisa and that was great too. Climbing the leaning tower was totally worth the 15 Euro.

Finally, we'd like to say that we loved everything that we booked with In Italy. The hotels and the tour were fabulous! We will definitely recommend this site to any one traveling to Italy and we plan on using it again when we visit Italy in the future!

Melissa and Nestor D.

Dear Jessica,

I want you to know that the accommodations @ Hotel Abbazia were quite fine! The staff was extremely helpful and made it a point to form a relationship with the guests. The beauty of this converted building is understated and so very convenient to the train station! I think the directions were a bit vague relative to the tiny street on which Hotel Abbazia is located. (or should I say alley?) I think the readers should know that the alleyway is not at all indicative of the fine accommodations!

Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to using your service again in the future.

Barbara B.

Dear Jessica,

Our trip was fantastic and the weather could not have been better. A little cool in the mornings and 70's in the afternoon. Our accommodations were great.... Clean, friendly, locations to all were perfect. Thank you again for all you help with the accommodations. We would use your services again.

Craig R. K.

Dear Kirill,

I was really impressed with both choices. The Abbazia really did have one of the best concierge desks I've encountered. And the hotel was so charming for the price, it enabled me to stay at more expensive places and still bring in my travel budget. I'd recommend it and stay there again. Thanks.

Marjorie R.

Dear Julie,

We were so wondrously surprised by the Hotel Abbazia. The staff was extremely helpful, pleasant and amusing, no, funny. It was spotless, and I mean spotless. The wood in the old Abbey was buffed to an almost mirror shine. The marble steps up from the desk to the sitting room where the old pulpit still adorns the wall were so "old world." All four of us have said that if we ever go back to Venice, we will stay right there at Hotel Abbazia. The location was actually perfect, we thought we were going to be away from the town but it was at the beginning, we walked (yes, got lost) and took the water taxis and the water busses. The most unexpected delight for us, after the very long flights were the rooms.....the beds were the most comfortable I think I've ever slept on in a hotel, and (this may sound silly but its important and so comfortable) the sheets were so nice and tight you could have bounced a quarter on them and they stayed tucked in all night, what a delight. The room dressings were stunning, the padded fabric on the walls kept it nice and quiet. We loved the church bells in the morning. The breakfast was lovely and we swear, the coffee was the best we had the whole time in Italy. I hate to even mention it...but there was only one very minor comment....and we understand energy-conservation, but these old eyes found the dim lights difficult to read by but great to relax. Maybe just brighter light bulbs over the sitting table in the room where one could read without having to take the book into the in the bathroom was great. This (the lack of bright enough bulbs) was not unique to our Venice Hotel, also was an issue for us at our accommodations in Santa Cristina and in Verona.

Hidden treasures -- (If we tell it might make them more crowded but I will anyway.)

We went to Mass Sunday morning at the Church of St. Mary of Nazareth, what a wonderful old church.

Because it was a weekend (and Venice was very crowded) on Sunday (after we left St. Marks Square) we tried to avoid the mass of humanity that was there and traveling in the most frequented alleys, so we just kept looking for the railway station signs away from the crowds and stayed away from the main route. We discovered, delightfully, almost empty alleys/walking areas where there were local children playing in some of the several squares we walked through. We ran across quiet restaurants with outdoor seating in the quiet areas. We saw shops along these alleys and were actually able to stop and admire their wares since there were no crowds moving us along. We were amazed at all the lovely flowers in the window boxes and everything being so well kept. But almost as much we enjoyed getting back to the area where the hotel was and sitting at the tables out on the walkway near the Grand Canal with the masses.

Thank you so much for helping us find a hotel in Venice, we loved it. We also want to thank you for helping us with answers to our many other questions. The car rental went well, and we had a thoroughly wonderful time in Italy.

Carol P.

Dear Kirill,

Hotel Abbazia in Venice was very nice, and clean! 3 blocks from the train station, we had 2 locals on the train that walked to the front of the hotel, they lived further down the street. Not sure if we would have found the narrow alley way the first time, but when we told them on the train where we were staying they knew exactly where it was.

Thank you for all your help in planning our special trip to Italy we had a GREAT vacation!

Ceylon and Karen


We just wanted you to know how thrilled we were with Hotel Abbazia, it was simply beautiful, clean, and the service was top notch (and their morning coffee was wonderful). We all gave it a great big "A."

Thank you so very much for all your help.

Carol P.

Dear Julie,

All of the accommodations were fantastic. Everyone says the rooms in Venice are dark and small. Hotel Abbazia was a huge surprise. Plain but Big room. This was a great building with a wonderful outdoor (and indoor) breakfast area. Staff was extremely helpful. And a spectacular location. This is a major benefit. Literally 150 yards from the train station. This may save you 200 euros in water taxi fees.

All the directions were absolutely accurate. The reservations were all exact. I was always fumbling for the confirmation paperwork when the staff handed me the key and a fistful of helpful information. Sometimes they knew our name as we walked in the front door.

The car was great. I thought the driving was easy but I grew up in Detroit. Even I would not drive in Rome, though. The article on driving in Italy on your website was VERY helpful. I strongly recommend it. The only small criticism of this process was that the information said "Auto Europe". NO ONE had ever heard of that entity. Europcar is the proper name and everyone knows that. It took some time wandering around the Milan train station to find the place. Once there, the reservation was set and off we went. As the information says - NO grace time is allowed on the 24 hour rental times.

Thanks a ton. I talked up your site to everyone with even the slightest interest in going to Italy.

Douglas H.


First, let me say "Thank You" for all of the great information and suggestions from Kristin and Without your site and helpful employees, our trip would not have gone as smoothly and been as wonderful. This trip, by far, was the best we've ever taken. We look forward to going again soon!

Hotel Abbazia was in a great location in Venice, very close to the train station which was very convenient - especially after 17 hours of traveling! The hotel staff, particularly Matteo, was very helpful and courteous. The only complaint we have is that you should mention that church bells are rung very close to the hotel in the morning. Not too intrusive but it was a surprise!

I will definitely continue to recommend your service for friends and family who are planning a trip to Italy...

Thanks Again,
Jarrel J.

Dear Jessica,

I am about to fly home from Milan and just want to make a special mention of how nice the staff were at Hotel Abbazia, especially Alvise (Elvis in English). When I arrived, the bed was too soft and the window did not lock and the safe was broken. Not only did he switch me to a much nicer room the next morning, but he also found a board to make the bed more firm. For this, he had to call another hotel and have it specially brought to my room. It made all the difference, and I had a great stay in Venice.


Dear Jessica,

Hotel Abbazia was exceptional! The staff at the front desk was very fluent in English and had a great sense of humor. I was initially reluctant to reserve a room at the Hotel because is was so close to the train station. I was extremely surprised when we stepped into the Hotel Lobby and were taken to our rooms. Quiet, clean, modern conveniences and great staff. (and yes, only a three minute walk from the front steps of the station). One hidden treasure that you did not mention was that there was a rather large park with playground less than five minutes away. My 5 year old and 3 year old were overjoyed and my 40 year old body enjoyed the relaxation under the trees and observing the locals enjoy the afternoon as well. We will definitely book again on our return trip to Venice.

Jim R.

Dear Jessica,

We were pleasantly surprised and pleased with our accommodations in Venice @ Hotel Abbazia. It was so convenient to the train station and the vaporetto. The hotel is just lovely and elegant with beautiful, wide marble hallways and stairs. I didn't know it was a convent at one time! The room was small but very beautifully appointed with a lovely bathroom. Thank you so much for this lovely recommendation for us in Venice. We loved our stay, but 3 days was too short, so we hope to go back and explore Venice again.

Debbie D.

Dear Jessica,

I must say that I was glad I had the foresight to book my accommodations before reaching Italy, especially through the In Italy website! Hotel Abbazia and Palazzo Bandino were both really great and lovely.

Hotel Abbazia was truly amazing. We were not expecting too much based on its classification as a 3 star hotel, but I must say that the decorations and furnishings of the room we stayed in was the best we had during our stay in Italy. Venice is a lovely place to visit but a bit difficult to get around (other than the water-taxi/ vaporetto, you'd have to walk!) so it was a huge plus that the hotel was just around the corner from the train station. Food in Venice is quite expensive, but we found a nice pizzeria called 'Ache Ore' which served pretty decent pizzas at very reasonable prices.

Italy was really beautiful and memorable. Wished we had more time to spend there though...

Simon L.

Hello, Jessica,

We absolutely loved every one of your recommendations. Our trip to Italy was fantastic. I want to thank you so much for your help. Your site was by far the most informative web site we found and I greatly appreciate the level of attention you clearly pay to your recommendations.

Hotel Abbazia - this hotel was great as well. The staff were very friendly and funny. The location is great being so close to the train station, you don't have to haul bags a long way. Good breakfast.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your help with our trip. I will happily and confidently recommend you to anyone I know going to Italy.

Sara K.

Dear Jessica,

Hotel Abbazia in Venice was absolutely beautiful. What a hidden treasure. We were greeted warmly every time we came or went through the door. Our room overlooked the breakfast garden. We ate breakfast outside every morning.

All in all we had a trip of a lifetime. I think Venice was my favorite city. We were very lucky, the weather was perfect the entire two weeks we were there. If I ever make it back to Italy, we will contact you for advise. You did not steer us wrong. We will certainly recommend In Italy to our friends.

Mike & Lynne M.

Dear Julie,

We enjoyed our stay at Hotel Abbazia but missed the air conditioning!! The alley was very noisy at night and it was difficult to sleep with our windows open because of that. The staff at this hotel was terrific. I can't remember the gentleman at the front desk's name but he was very helpful and gave us recommendations for everything without us even having to ask. He was also a very good conversationalist! Most people understood English in Venice..that was a relief because we could ask questions about the area, the local customs etc... that was one of the most frustrating things..not being able to have a conversation with someone and learn about what we were seeing! We will really have to focus on learning to speak Italian and understand Italian before our next trip. The food in Venice was very disappointing with the exception of your and the concierge's recommendations. Overall we had a great trip and we will definitely call on your services when we decide to return to Italy.

Margot H.

Dear Julie,

Yes, we had a very nice vacation. This is an excellent hotel and we had a very nice quad room that was very spacious and it was almost like a suite with a large bathroom, etc. The hotel was indeed close to the station and that was an advantage too. The lobby, sitting room and the breakfast area were also nice. The folks at the front desk were very helpful. The only negative is the lack of an elevator although someone helped us with the luggage so this was not a significant issue. Overall, we are very happy and would return there again and again.

Thank you for your help with the hotel arrangements. They worked smoothly.

Raj R.

Dear Jessica,

I had a fabulous trip! This was my first time in Italy. Hotel Abbazia was by far the most inviting and comfortable place I stayed during my three week adventure to Europe and I stayed in eight different locations. The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating to my every need. The hotel itself was beautiful inside, with a very nice little courtyard garden. It was very peaceful, providing me with the best two nights of sleep I got on the entire trip. And finally the location from the train station and shopping was fantastic! Thank you for providing me with my best experience of my trip.

Since I absolutely fell in love with Italy and I only spent 3 days in Venice, I'm already planning my next trip to Europe which most of my time will be spent in Italy with perhaps a side trip to Greece and an arrival or departure from London. I'd love any recommendations you may have to give. Thanks again!

Lori J.

Hi Jessica,

We had a wonderful time in Italy.... All of the hotels that were arranged through your service were terrific. We loved the Hotel Abbazia in Venice, especally the wonderful bar/lounge area which we took advantage of after touring around all day. It was great not to have to drag our luggage on a boat to get to the hotel, and the directions were easy to follow. We had a great dinner just across the way at the Gondolier ... new management and very informative owner.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions ... I would recommend your service and use it again.

Ginny K.

Dear Kirill,

We took the train from Florence to Venice, which was about a 3 hour train ride. When we arrived it was a quick 5 minute walk to our hotel - Hotel Abbazia. The hotel was in a great location and convenient to all the major tourist sites. Our room was a bit on the small side, but the employees were very pleasant and helpful. The two gentlemen that checked us in had us laughing as soon as we entered the hotel. As for the best eats that we found in the city, it would have to be the Brek Bar. It's self service, and patrons can watch the numerous chefs prepare custom orders. At the end of our stay, the gentleman that was on the night shift was so helpful. He told us since we had to get up so early to catch our 7:15am flight the next morning that he would try to have breakfast ready for us when we were ready to leave, which was at 4am in the morning. This was just the perfect ending to our perfect trip in Italy!

Thanks for all of your help and advice! We hope to return to Italy sometime in the near future. When we decide to visit again, we will not hesitate to book through In Italy again!

Thanks again!
Sean & Lorraine F.

Dear Kristin,

Hotel Abbazia's staff were very friendly here and spoke English well. The location was choice being right around the corner from the train station. There is a nice garden in the center of the hotel and we were in close walking distance to everything in Venice. I would stay here again.

We have recommended your website to two people already. Everything worked out really well and we are so glad we used you for our bookings. Thanks for your help. This is an excellent website you have to offer.

Tim K.

Dear Julie,

Just a note to tell you that we absolutely LOVED the Hotel Abbazia and have recommended it to anyone who asked about our hotel experience. The hotel is perfectly located, extremely quiet, picturesque and the staff are simply delightful. Since the hotel is a converted abbey, there are some interesting features that have been kept intact.

All in all, the trip was wonderful, and I'll be using your service when I return to Italy next year!!

Margo H.

Dear Julie -

Of course we loved Italy - especially the language (we tried to learn a little with tapes before the trip) and the people. At Hotel Abbazia, Matteo (sp?) was especially helpful & amusing. Things we particularly liked about the hotel: the beautiful wood trim & furniture, and marble floors, in the room; big comfortable lobby & bar (wonderful to be able to hang out there after our last day of sightseeing, when we were exhausted & waiting for our midnight train); extremely convenient location. We got lost in Venice lots of times, but we could always find the hotel!

Joni E.

Dear Julie,

Venice was great! We loved the Hotel Abbazia. The first pleasant surprise was that our room was upgraded, and it had a jacuzzi! This was our honeymoon, so you can imagine how wonderful it was to have a jacuzzi in our own room! The personnel at the hotel was very friendly and caring. Breakfast was delicious and abundant. Another plus of the hotel was the location. We traveled by train from Rome, and the hotel is just a couple of blocks from the train station. I would definitely recommend it and when we come back to Venice we want to stay in the same hotel. Thanks for your help. Next time I will make all the reservations with you. All the others were made through a travel agency, and they were not as good as Hotel Abbazia. Next time I will do them all with you.

Maria P.

We are back from our trip to Venice and Tuscany. Absolutely wonderful as usual!! For the second year your contribution was greatly appreciated. Hotel Abbazia was an excellent choice: cheerful, helpful staff, delightful room, ample breakfast, convenient location, unique building. Everything you said about it was 100% true. We did find that climbing three flights of stairs was a bit of a challenge after a long day of sightseeing, but the room was worth it. Regrettably, we didn't take your advice about taking a vaporetto from the Piazzale Roma. It was a very short walk as the crow flies, but those bridges were torture. We already had our three day vaporetto passes, but hadn't done enough homework and thought a "short walk" would be easier and quicker than learning to negotiate the vaporetto system as our first step in Venice. Wrong! Calle Priuli is definitely a narrow narrow (and so obscured by the tables of a sidewalk cafe) that you have to step into it in order to get a good view of the street name on the side of the building. We walked past it twice.

Again, thanks very much for your contribution to a great vacation.

Bev and Dick V.

Dear Kirill,

The Hotel Abbazia was probably the oldest but in many ways my favorite stay of the entire trip. We were both completely enchanted with Venice and since we were tired of "must do" sightseeing, we really, truly relaxed and enjoyed just being in Venice. The hotel upgraded our room and it ended up being bigger than most rooms here in the States. The hotel staff was funny, warm and extremely friendly. Matthew at the front desk was GREAT! We especially enjoyed our trip to Murano that the hotel provided by their private boat. We would definitely stay here again.

Thank you for all of your wonderful information about Italy on your website. We would recommend your site to anyone and cannot wait to begin planning our next trip to Italy.

Frank and Amy P.

Hi Cynthia,

The trip was great. Hotel Abbazia was great. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We liked the room. The morning continental breakfast was excellent and we loved the bells that rang at 7:15am every day. I can't think of a thing we didn't love about the hotel.

One of the best things we did was to get up before dawn and take the vaporetto to St. Marks. There were literally three guys cleaning the square and one other picture taker at dawn. A big difference from the day before when the square was filled with people. It was amazing.

Great tip to park in section "E" in Tronchetto.

I would definitely use In Italy again, and I am a former travel agency owner and agent. I will also recommend your company to others considering an Italian vacation.

Sherie M.

Dear Cynthia,

Yes, Italy was absolutely wonderful, as usual. The Hotel Abbazia was a pleasant surprise. Being so close to the train station I was a bit leery but proved to be quite nice...the rooms were nicely appointed and quiet (except for the church bells), the staff was very helpful, the breakfast was more than ample. I would definitely go back, particularly if arriving by train with lots of luggage. And for those visitors who love seafood and great pizza, I would suggest Acqua Pazza Ristorante Mediterraneo (Campo S. Angelo). Delicious!

Thank you.

Marylu S.

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