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Hi In Italy Team,

Thank you so much for all your help in planning our trip to Italy. It truly was a fantastic experience! I would definitely recommend your services and that of your tour guides to anyone who asks. Since our return all our family friends keep asking, "What was the favorite part of the trip? Which city did we like best?" This question brings the answer, "We can't possible nail it down, each place we went was fantastic, each city was unique and brought on a new "taste" of Italy, each apartment was great and the tours and guides were exactly what we had hoped."

Rome Campo de' Fiori: Awesome! We especially liked the two-floor set up. The terrace was a huge hit with our family. Every night before heading out to dinner we had wine and cheese while listening to the chimes of the clock and the city noise below. The location was awesome, close to everything. We literally could and did walk to all major landmarks. The nightlife was perfect for us, the local craziness and partying of Piazza Campo dei Fiori (it was world cup soccer time and Italy was still playing!) to the more reserved, tourist type Piazza Navona.

Florence Ciompi: Fantastic! We missed our terrace from Rome. Oh well, we got over that easy enough as this place was huge as well. Space is important, gave our family room to spread out and take much needed recharge breaks before heading out for the evening. We liked that this place had more of a European feel than Rome's did. But that by no means takes anything away from Rome as an A+ accommodation. Again, the Florence location was perfect. We really liked being in the neighborhoods vs. on or in the tourist block of town.

Venice Ca' D'Oro: The hotel was good. Typical European style room – small. Coming from the spacious apartments it was a bit of an adjustment. However, we still enjoyed our stay. The staff actually reserved a big round table every morning for us during the breakfast hour. The roof top terrace was a great place to relax and enjoy some wine and cheese before heading out for the night. Our rooms were clean, modern and comfortable. We liked that the hotel was small.

Tours: All guides were excellent they gave our family their undivided attention. Clearly enjoyed their job, were organized, easy to understand, knew their stuff inside and out as it relates to not only the tour we were on but the ‘tangential" information as well. They answered questions from local current trends to ancient history. While all tours went extremely well we especially liked the full day Catacombs, Coliseum and Forum tour with Eva, the Capri full day tour with Francesca and without a doubt the full day Chianti tour with Maurizio. Eva had a great personality and really connected with all of us. Her humor was fun and light. As far as spending an entire day with someone you didn't know, it was great. We found each stop of the tour to be very interesting, however, the Catacombs were certainly very unique and we felt as if it was something that not everyone got a chance to do. The same goes for Francesca, great personality and really connected with us. She knew everyone on Capri, it was fun. She'd walk down the street and the storekeepers to boat skippers would yell, Hello to Francesca! It is clear to me without her as guide we would never have been able to get all the things we wanted to get done in Capri. She took care of all the logistics down to the details and minute, her insiders' knowledge made it all happen, she even called ahead and held back a blue grotto boat full of people so they would wait for us to get there. Sure enough the bus came down the hill dropped us off at the dock, we boarded a fully loaded boat that had been waiting for us then we embarked. She even arranged for us to pay after the trip. Then at the Grotto she organized our family to go first and in one boat. It was excellent! The full day Chianti tour with Maurizio! He was so entertaining – the stops plus his commentary made the day without a doubt a highlight of the trip. We especially loved the winery, the food, the family etc.

Across all Tours and all cities: We really felt as if the private tours were the way to go from the start and booked them this way, without a doubt I am glad we did. I highly recommend this approach to others. We especially liked that the tour guides were not over powering - i.e. they let us eat lunch as family vs. joining us. We also liked that they listened to our requests on when it was time to move on, stay longer, or skip one area so that we could add another. This goes for all tour guides across all tours. Their knowledge was amazing.

General stuff:

· Not sure how many people do this but I Google earthed the locations. I was a bit concerned to see all the graffiti on the Rome and Florence locations – kind of made me wonder what type of neighborhood the apartments were in. But realizing they were in the city I kind of let it go. I'm glad I did, as all locations were in safe, nice neighborhoods. I think had we known that nearly the entire country would have a graffiti issue I would have never thought twice about it. So my concern on location was gone once we arrived and saw where the apartments were.

Tip – luggage storage at Rome Termini. Worked great. Had we not figured this one out – with your help – we would have never gone back to Rome and spent the day. Having someplace to drop the luggage really changed the entire day for us, as the original plan of just going to the hotel out by the airport was "canned" and we ended up spending our last day Roaming around Rome reminiscing the trip, eating lunch at our favorite spot, followed by dinner at our favorite spot!

· Coordinating with the In Italy team while we were in Italy. I didn't expect that I would need to do this, but as you know we did and it worked great. Thanks for the quick response and follow-up during the trip. Even though we were in an apartment without a concierge to call, we always felt like if we did need help the In Italy team was available. The time difference clearly worked in our favor as well.

Tony D.

Hello Jessica,

All of the museum tickets purchased worked out fine; we got prepaid entrance to Vatican and a guided tour through Doges Palace (Palazzo Ducale) in Venice. I think the Doges Palace guided tour is well worth it, because it goes through interesting parts that are only available with the tour.

In Venice we stayed at Ca' D'Oro which was very good given the price, with small rooms typical of Venice, and an adequate breakfast. It was very quiet, tucked away on a side canal in Cannaregio, yet a short walk to the vaporetto. Overall a good hotel choice.

And Ravenna Centro Hotel remains one of my favorites. Exceptionally friendly staff, with comfortable, clean, spacious, quiet rooms.

Once again, thanks for everything!

Dianna C.

Dear Jessica,

Our trip to Italy was wonderful. Hotel Ca d'Oro folks were very accommodating, with local directions and recommendations for restaurants, etc. Their hotel and amenities were great, even if our room was a little cramped (we were traveling with 2 teenagers which required adding two beds [cots] to a regular room). All in all, it was ok.

I would recommend Florence Ciompi apartments - the location was within a 5-10 minute walk of most Florence's museums, etc. The apartment itself was spacious, and the property very clean. The young woman who manages the property is obviously doing a great job. She was most gracious as well in assisting with internet access, which is available at the apartment.

As I stated before, we were traveling with teenagers, and gelato (in a very hot July) was a hit. We would recommend Cafeteria Della Palma in Rome - they have more than 100 flavors, and appeal to grown ups and kids alike. We will return.

Barbara T.

Dear Jessica,

We started our trip in Paris and took the night train to Venice. Upon our arrival in Venice we stayed at Hotel Ca' D'Oro, a wonderful Hotel. The staff was friendly and helpful. They set us up with the private boat trip to Murano which was a great way to get there. The breakfast there was quite nice. The location was good. We used your suggested restaurant; like you said the staff was a little standoffish, but they warmed up and the food was excellent. Well worth the effort to find it. Venice was a beautiful city and really enjoyed our stay.

Next we took the train to Florence. I will say the trains were a delightful way to travel. We rented a car through Auto Europe. The staff at the Florence rental office was not the greatest. We arrived 45 minutes to early to pick up our car and were told we had to come back at the time listed on our rental agreement. That was a little irritating, since we had to lug our luggage with us. We stayed in the Castello nel Chianti. Thank goodness we rented the GPS system, but the drive was very nice and the Castle was wonderful. The staff was very helpful and friendly and we had a wonderful time during our stay. We found a restaurant in the town of Giaole just down the road from the castle called "Osteria Al Ponte" it was the best meal we had on the whole trip. The people were friendly and the food was outstanding.

Thank you so much for all of your help and suggestions. It was the trip of a lifetime. Can't wait to go back and will use your website for all our travel arrangements.

Sam and Deb L.

Hello Kristin,

We had a wonderful trip to Venice. Your recommendation of the Hotel Ca' d' Oro was great! The Cannaregio neighborhood was perfect. It had a great feel, not touristy but more as if you lived there which is what I really like. We would get up early in the morning and walk the nice wide Strada Nova to the train station watching the Venetians arriving to work at their shops, then get back to the hotel in time to have the continental breakfast. The location was very convenient, a 5 minute walk to the Rialto bridge and a 10 minute walk to St Mark's. We do walk fast. The hotel was charming, not fancy, the rooms were small but well appointed and we had everything we needed. The air conditioning worked well, thank goodness as it was 90 when we were there at the beginning of September. We did have a canal room, and it was fun to look out, the only disappointment was that right near the hotel an area of a side canal was dammed up so no boat traffic could pass through, there was a little traffic but not much. It did make it very quiet. Not far from the hotel we found a great grocery store, Billa. We found some good bargains, a bottle of prosecco for 1.99 E, and red or white wine for 2.50-4.99 E. On dining we sort of made a game out of finding almost all of the restaurants you recommended in this area and in other ares of Venice. We would head out with your turn by turn directions and my map and find a restaurant for that evening's dining. Your directions are very good! It ended up being a sort of scavenger hunt in Venice that we looked forward to each morning. It really forced us to get out into some areas we might not have wandered into, but enjoyed very much. A restaurant that you did not have on your list but that we probably had our best dinner is right near the hotel. It was recommended by the hotel and usually I am skeptical of hotel recommendations but we tried it mostly because it was close and we were glad we did. The name is a la Vecia Cavana, literally around the corner from the hotel. The dining room was a beautiful salmon color with interesting art on the walls. They started us with a complimentary Bellini, it tasted wonderfully cool and peachy on a warm Venice night. It was so nice to actually get something complimentary in Venice, that does not happen often, in fact not at all so it was a nice touch. We had an appetizer, pasta dish and risotto. While all of the other restaurants in Venice would not do risotto for 1 this restaurant was willing. I don't know if it was because we were from the hotel or what, but they were very accommodating, again we did not feel like tourists here, we felt like welcome locals. With the bill they brought a plate of housemade lemon cookies, again another nice touch. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone definitely staying at the hotel Ca' d'Oro but it would be worth it even if you were staying anywhere in Venice. Our dinner was very reasonable about 100 US, this included a bottle of wine.

Again thank you for your help. I tell everyone I know that is planning a trip to Italy to check out your website. I have never been disappointed with any of your recommendations, for I know that I can depend on a great experience!

Karen B.

Dear Jessica,

First, I would like to tell you how pleased I was with all the arrangements we made through In Italy Online. Every facility we stayed in we liked very much and all the arrangements worked out flawlessly. We were pleasantly surprised each time we showed up in a new location. I would definitely book our trip through you again and I would recommend you highly to others.

This was a very nice cozy hotel. I thought the neighborhood was great and convenient to many locations. We were very happy here. The people at the hotel were also helpful with directions and suggestions for dinner. We actually ended up eating in a great restaurant called Acqua Pazza. It was in the Saint Angelo Square. It was one of the best restaurants we ate in in Italy. The atmosphere was fun too. You need reservations and you can eat outdoors. We parked in the San Marco parking garage and took Vaporetto 1 to Ca d'Oro. We walked through the streets with our suitcases, but it worked out fine. I'm not sure if you provided those exact directions but it was quite convenient.

I would recommend to all your clients to book museums in advance. In the cases that we did this, it worked out great. When we didn't, we waited over two hours (e.g., L'Accademia). We waited 1-1/2 hours for the Vatican Museum.

I want to thank you for helping to make our trip so special and carefree. We really had a great time.

Dana M.

Dear Julie,

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Venice. The accommodation was quite satisfactory and the location very convenient. The hotel, however, is hard to find and not a lot of people seem to know of it. We were misdirected by a staff member of the tourist information bureau at San Marco. Other than that, everything was fine. Thank you for making the arrangements.

Ranbir B.


I had a great trip to Italy and the only hotel I booked through your online service was the best. I definitely recommend Hotel Ca' D'Oro in Venice. Only thing that was difficult was finding it! But the hotel was great.

As an FYI - Hotel Duomo in Siena (not booked through you) was awful. Not expecting much in Italy for 200 Euro a night but the room smelled like a dirty ashtray.

All for now. Thanks for your help!

Brenda B.

Dear Kirill,

Very pleasant stay at the Ca' D'Oro hotel in Venice, great location easy to get to and very very Italian! They were very helpful in directions and recommendations for restaurants. The hotel was very modern and upscale and we really appreciated the Web hotspot available there. You have a great service. When we go again we will make reservations through you.

Buona sera,
Mark S.

Dear Jessica,

Yes, we did have a great time. Your directions and tips were excellent. We loved both hotels, Ca D'Oro in Venice and Malpensa Airport Hotel. The area where the hotel is located in Venice seemed like a quiet neighborhood away from the tourist crowds but near enough to walk to main attractions. On our first night, the hotel manager recommended a restaurant one block away: "a la Vecia Cavana", the food was superb - the staff excellent. A famous intl. singer was having a quiet birthday dinner (just him and a lady) we all sang happy birthday and congratulated him. He was very gracious. Great evening! The following night it was starting to rain and we returned to the same place. They treated us like family. The water taxi took us right to the hotel dock and came back for us when we were ready to leave.

Ours was a short trip and we had no time to try your other suggestions but we hope to return and certainly will use your svcs. again.

Thank You,
Alicia H.

Dear Kristin,

First of all, I want to say that working through In Italy Online was a fantastic experience, from the ease of booking hotel reservations, to information on what to see, where to eat and what to do (and definitely what to have reservations to see). We made hotel reservations for Venice, Chiusi, and Rome through you. The Hotel Ca'd Oro in Venice was in a wonderful location, off the beaten track, but still close to everything. The room was somewhat small, and beds a little hard, but that's Europe.

Melisse B.

Dear Jessica,

Hotel Ca' d'Oro offered us a free boat trip to Murano with a tour of the glass factory. We had purchased a 24 hour boat bus pass and the desk person told us which one to take to see as much of Venice as possible during our only day/night there. We might not have thought to purchase the 24 hour pass except through your recommendation. Your directions were wonderful! The hotel was cozy and welcoming. Our only mix up was when we got on the boat bus to get back to the train, we got on going in the wrong direction. So you may want to add a caution to pay attention to which direction.

We were equally pleased with the Fiumicino Airport Hotel. We loved the restaurant at the hotel, and at the end of the trip, it was nice not to have to go far to get a wonderful meal. Thank you for having breakfast included at both places. We would recommend your website to anyone. Thank you again for making that part of our trip so easy and enjoyable.

Jim & Pat B.

Dear Kristin,

Hotel Ca' d'Oro' was very nice. It is situated on a small side canal where you are just far enough away from the noise of the city, without being too far away from everything. Our room was very attractive, clean and comfortable (did get a few mosquito bites overnight, but that's Venice). The staff was friendly and recommended a great restaurant, Vecia Cavana. It is just around the corner from the hotel and is just wonderful. We had a good feeling about it when we realized it was filled with locals, and we were right!

The three-hour "Venice by boat" tour was the highlight of our time in Venice. Elena was an amazing tour guide. Her wealth of knowledge was very impressive. You can tell she absolutely loves the city she lives in, and there is no way you can get off the boat without feeling the same way. Burano and Torcello were are favorite stops.

Dean A.

Hi Jessica,

We're back from our trip and want to thank you for the assistance in making it successful. I used your services for most of my 2 week planning. Hotel Ca' D'Oro in Venice was very convenient and away from the crowded Piazza San Marco. The 3 days in Venice was just enough time to experience the life style and explore. I strongly suggest purchasing a 3 day water bus pass to go wherever you want whenever you want including taking a little tour to Lido. This is off the mainstream tourist track. Lido is a cute quaint place where you can actually go into the water.

Thank you again for your suggestions. I like your updated web site, only wish it were there when I was planning. But no regrets, Italy is my favorite.

Best regards,

Hi Julie:

Yes we had a wonderful time in Italy. Ca' D'Oro is a small, but nice hotel. The room was well-kept, although small in size (by U.S. standards) and did have a standard shower. The breakfast is a limited continental-style; cereals and breads, coffee, juice. No hot dishes or meats. Location is OK, although it's a bit tricky to find. The front desk staff, although efficient and responsive, were not fully conversant in English, and therefore, did not provide much in the way of helpful tourist information. The rooms have an interesting feature where AFTER you enter your room, you have to insert your card key into a slot on the wall, otherwise, the lights will not go on. This is not explained or readily apparent...we had to call the front desk and get help.

John F.

Dear Kristin,

The Ca' D'Oro was an unexpected gem. It was small, but looked out on a small active canal. The staff was extremely helpful. They had no problem with English and no problem being pleasant. The hotel was rather difficult in finding, the first time, but a telephone call gets you there. The vaporetto is less than 5 minutes away. The walk to St. Marks is about 15 minutes, passing the Rialto Bridge along the way. The signs directing to both are clearly visible. In summation, we were very pleased, as we have been each time we have used In Italy.

George C.

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