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Dear Kirill,

Our trip to Italy was extremely relaxing. The Garda Lakeside Residence was SUPERB! This particular hotel was immaculate in its cleanliness. The property was beautiful and relaxing, providing an excellent view of Lake Garda as well as pleasing vistas of their terraced gardens. The owner of the property made sure our needs were met and often asked what more he could do. We found the staff cheery and helpful and their command of the English language excellent. Our desire to just relax certainly was met and we hope to stay at this hotel in the future.

Our trip to DiVinci's "Last Supper" was very pleasing. The museum gift shop was small and the stock was low on some items and completely out of stock of the famous poster and this was a disappointment. We viewed the painting on a Sunday afternoon (5:00 pm) and this proved to be an excellent day and time to do so. We had not been to downtown Milan prior to this event and we were grateful. The place was very busy for a Sunday and I would not want to be navigating through downtown Milan on a weekday trying to get to "The Last Supper". Parking was expensive but put us within walking distance of the church and we felt it was worth it. Our reservations were on file and we proceeded to enjoy our visit to the museum.

Picking up and returning the rental car at the Milan airport was extremely easy. The counter help was professional and some spoke better English than others. The size car we had reserved was unavailable and they were willing to upgrade up to a bigger car at no extra charge however gas prices are very high in Italy and this would have cost us more in fuel than we were planning thus we chose to go with a smaller car.

All in all our stay could not have been any better. We thoroughly enjoyed our time and look forward to another trip in the near future.

Mark & Ann M.

Dear Julie,

I would like to let everyone know that I couldn't have had a better stay while I was in Italy without In Italy. I was a little afraid at first booking all my hotel reservations over the Internet with one company, but after reading all the comments I felt positive about In Italy. It honestly was the best choice I made. Our trip was simply amazing. We were in Italy for 3 wks. We did fly into Nice, France and stayed in the city of Menton. Loved Menton, it is beautiful. I highly recommend starting your Italian trip with the French Riviera and then come into Italy. After we left Menton we took a train to Sanremo and picked up our rental car and drove to Lago Garda and stayed at Garda Lakeside Residence. They were so friendly and the room was fantastic, what a view of the lake. It is located on the west side of the lake, so you do have to do an enjoyable drive of about 30 min to get to the train station (easiest way to get to Venice). For those of you who are worried about driving in Italy - I loved driving there. The first roundabout was a little tricky, but after that, you learn to drive as the Italians do and make your way in where you want to go.

I want to thank In Italy for doing an excellent job in researching all the places they recommend to stay. I will definitely be using In Italy again. My next trip will include more days in Venice, one just wasn't enough for this amazing city. For those of you who don't know how many days to stay in Rome, well, I found 4 was perfect. I was there 6 nights and that was too much. With our extra days we took the train to Sorrento for the day and also to Ostia Antica, both wonderful to see and experience.

Thank you again In Italy,
Paula H.

Dear Jessica,

First of all, I have to say that your site was spectacularly helpful to us on our first trip to Italy. Wonderful. We booked everything except airfare through you--car, hotels, cell phone, advance tickets at museums etc.--and everything went perfectly.

We flew into Milan, picked up our rental car, and headed for Garda Lakeside Residence was everything you and your other clients made it to be. The Cipanis run a tight ship, and the place has the overall feel of a first-class resort. Gianmario Cipani is a true Rennaissance man and a pleasure to know, as is his father. He mentioned to me the high regard he had for, and said that someone (Kristin, perhaps) was coming in August for a stay. If so, be sure to visit the Hotel Sogno next door. Gianmario reserved us a table there for dinner on the night of the Italy/France World Cup final---almost no other restaurants were open for business that night. It was spectacular in every respect.

We found the western shore of Garda to be much nicer than the eastern shore. Salo, Gardone Riveria, and Maderno are beautiful, elegant towns. A little further north, Toscolano, Bogliaco, and especially Gargnano are lovely, unspoiled lakeside villages. Do not overlook the adjacent mountain-top villages that are behind the lakefront--this is where you can find the real unspoiled villages where it feels as if you've gone back in time. And the views from up there are incredible. In addition to the restaurant at the Hotel Sogno, I would highly recommend Ristorante La Tortuga in Gargnana for fantastic lake fish and other local dishes served in elegant but cozy style.

We hope to visit Tuscany next year, and will certainly use again when that time comes.

Thanks again,
Paul S.

Hi Cynthia:

Thanks for your e-mail. We had a wonderful time in Italy. A country of wonderful art, history, crazy drivers and gelato! We're already missing our daily fix of gelato!

Our accommodations for the most part were excellent. Garda Lakeside Residence was wonderful - excellent location, great rooms and really nice hosts. The hotel was everything your information said it would be. It did take a while to drive to the southern end of Lake Garda but it was not a big deal. Our hosts were really friendly and helpful and one evening they recommended a trattoria called Riolet, a family run restaurant. The food was delicious. I would highly recommend this hotel.

Also just wanted to say how pleased we were that we'd booked our visits to the Uffizi Gallery and Academia online. It was great to just turn up at our appointed time as the lineups were horrendous.

Overall, we had a wonderful holiday and thank you for your assistance in helping us to organize this.

Sheila Z.

Hi Jessica,

We had a great trip - well most of it was great! The Lakeside Residence was fab - the suite big, comfortable 7ft square bed, lovely pool, great food nearby at various prices.

Best Wishes,
Carol R.

Hi David,

First class service 1:

In Italy kindly booked our rent-a-car and we managed to find it with no problems as it was only one stop on the riverboat. Avis were great, as was the free car upgrade and the car was brand new. We didn't even get lost on our way to Lake Garda (a 2.5 hour trip which flew by)

First class service 2:

Here is the best bit. Garda Lakeside Residence set in Gardone was a fantastic experience. The manager (forgot his name) and staff, particularly Valentina, were THE most friendly and helpful hoteliers we have come across. The manager actually drove us to a restaurant in the hills one evening when it was raining as he didn't want us to pay for a taxi!!! Superb. The hotel itself was perfect with spectacular views across the 'fat' part of Lake Garda from our balcony. The apartment was very very clean and even the sofa beds were comfortable. The pool and poolside gorgeous with breathtaking views and again the area was kept very clean.. I can't praise the Lakeside Residence enough for their hospitality and service, something 5 star hotels in the UK should try to emulate.

We spent the second week of our visit in Riva del Garda in the very expensive Hotel du lac au du parc. Whilst being a very nice hotel the service was nowhere near as good as the Garda Residence, and all for twice the price. I guess we should have asked In Italy for a hotel during our second week. Just as well Italy and Lake Garda are stunning.

First class service 3:

Finally, In Italy proved to be a very quick, friendly and enjoyable experience. Keep up the excellent work. I can't believe I live in London and booked a holiday to Italy via LA.....

Many thanks
Andrew B.


Just a quick note about Garda Lakeside Residence. It was just perfect. The view was super. The place was spotless. The hotel staff was so very kind. We would recommend this hotel to anyone with children or without. We appreciate all of your help. The next trip to Italy, we will of course be contacting you all.

Kindest Regards and Many Thanks,
Angela B.

Dear Kirill,

Thanks - everything was great!! The apartments are ideal and the proprietors incredibly helpful and friendly ... never had such good treatment.

We really loved Torri (opposite side of the lake via the car ferry). Wonderfully picturesque & quiet. Great cafes in the little harbour and the best place to swim in the lake we could find. The water very clear and a nice little bit of (almost sandy) beach to lie on. Thanks for your help.

Rebecca C.

Dear Julie,

Garda Lakeside Residence was perfect. Thank you very much. Please convey our thanks to all their welcoming staff.

Bill and Rosie S.

Dear Jessica,

Gianmario, the manager/owner at Garda Lakeside Residence was wonderful. Our apartment was very nice with awesome views of the lake (when there was no fog). The staff was wonderful and gave great recommendations for dining. We loved one restaurant in particular by the name of Locanda Agli Angeli in Gardone Riviera. Awesome risotto with fresh porcini mushrooms!! Great food, service, atmosphere, family run, etc. We'd highly recommend it to anyone.

All in all our trip was an absolute success - invigorating, relaxing, exciting!!! We plan to return to Italy soon and will definitely use your services again.

Thank you!!
Jill R. S.


It is my pleasure to give you a good report on the properties you placed us at.

Garda Lakeside Residence was lovely and the staff was very attentive to our needs. The only negative was that there was no restaurant at the residence. However, a decent restaurant (The Saturnia) was about 1/4 mile north, so we were able to walk there. We had a very nice room overlooking Lake Garda. Suggest that you put the mile marker on your directions to the property. Breakfast foods can be obtained in the town of Salo, which is about 4 Km south of the residence.

Bill D.

Dear Kristin,

Garda Lakeside Residence was excellent. One of the best places we stayed. The owners were so gracious and nice. We loved Lake Garda and would recommend people take the time to travel around the Lake as each town along the way is pretty and interesting. We especially loved Bardolino, Salo and Limone.

Only disappointment, as happens often in Europe, is that any extra service has a high charge. I think we paid the owner about $10 to have one fax sent to a nearby city.

Sally M.


Garda Lakeside Residence was fantastic and very clean and Stefania and Mr. Cipani were always there to help. Lake Garda is beautiful. One afternoon after a rainstorm there were 3 rainbows across the lake. If I had to do it all over again I would have stayed a week at Lake Garda and only a few days in Pescia.

Laurie W.


We had a wonderful time at the Garda Lakeside Residence. The location is unsurpassed in its beauty and has an expansive view of Lago Garda. Our suite (or studio room) was located with 4 similar rooms adjacent to the beautiful heated swimming pool. There was a modern mini-kitchen which was completely furnished. We had several dinners on our covered patio overlooking the lake. The rooms were air conditioned and had a remote control so that you could adjust it right from bed! The bathroom and fixtures were first quality. Everything at the Residence seemed to be brand new! The main building is nicely furnished and has an elevator; everything is air conditioned. They have laundry facilities in the main building. The local bakery and mini mart make free deliveries to the hotel guests although shopping and the post office are within walking distance.

The spacious grounds of the hotel are historic and beautiful. They have olive groves going up the hill to the top where there is an ancient water temple with tall columns holding up a curved dome. There are trees, plants, roses and flowers everywhere. Parking is right next to the hotel.

Our host, made sure to stop by during our stay to assure that everything was good. All of the staff were very helpful with suggestions for touring in the region. Dr. Cipani gave me a book, "The Sites of the Salo Republic" which is a history of the hotel and the region. There is even a large underground maze of bunkers which were part of the headquarters of Benito Mussolini - - built into the mountain directly under the swimming pool and patio areas! This 23 page book about the area made our stay even more interesting.

It would be difficult to find a nicer place to stay at Lago Garda. I would recommend this residence hotel very highly for its clean and thoroughly modern facilities. There were couples from Australia and Germany next door to us and they also praised the hotel. It was outstanding and we appreciate your recommendation that we stay there.

Michael & Marilyn B.

Dear Ghia,

We had a great trip, thanks to your outstanding service!

First I would like to take this opportunity to thank the owners of Garda Lakeside Residencei for their superb hospitality on beautiful Lake Garda. Both of these gentlemen were so kind and helpful, our stay was just perfect. Oh, and the accommodations, they were perfect too, just as we had expected. They run a first class operation. The hotel is really like a small condominium, especially suited for a longer stay. The suite we had was spotless, bathroom like a 5 star hotel (with bathtub for my wife), bed was better than many other first class hotels in Europe. The kitchen was first rate, and the balcony with view, what more can I say. The beautiful area, perfect for many day trips, and the wonderful food, made this area a superb choice. A little more about the food. We enjoyed local Mom and Pop restaurants more than any other part of the trip. Not any tourists in these places. Our most expensive dinner for two with great wine was never more than $35-40 US and that was the expensive one, most even less.

Thanks again for your wonderful service.

Best Regards,
Doug B.

Dear Cynthia,

I can not express enough how thankful and impressed we were with your service and the accommodations In Italy booked for us. Throughout our trip we thought how lucky we were to have found your website. The places we stayed in we never would have found on our own. The staff at every location were incredibly helpful, hospitable, kind and thoughtful. English was spoken at every location-which was very helpful.

First, after almost 24 hours of traveling (due to the West Coast FAA computer glich, a missed connection and two plane changes) from San Francisco to Milan, you could probably guess that we were not in the best of spirits when we arrived at Garda Lakeside Residence in Lago di Garda. The owner changed all of that! He greeted us with such warm hospitality that we forgot about the fact that United sent our baggage with clothing on a free trip to England. He handled all of the communication with United to retrieve our baggage...something we did not expect of him. He also made reservations for us at Locanda - Trattoria "Agli Angeli", an incredible restaurant. The service and food there was fabulous - one of the best restaurants we tried in Italy during our 2 week tour. The onion flavored roasted chicken was incredible! The apartment came stocked with coffee, jam and small snacks, which we didn't expect but we appreciated so much! I would definitely go back to Garda Lakeside Residence during the non-rainy season.

Thank you so much for your help planning our trip! I would definitely use your service again and I have already recommended your website to several interested parties.

Wendy and Ken C.

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