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Dear Kirill,

Thank you for suggesting we visit Torino. This was our second trip to Italy and we wanted to mix it up a little so we asked you for a recommendation. Your idea of Turin was truly on the mark. We can't believe it's not a more popular destination! The shopping is incredible (and so easy, because everything is right there in about 20 square blocks, all protected by arcades so you don't get hot or cold or wet). We spent three entire days in the museums: first the Egyptian, which we found to be organized beautifully, so that we really learned something while we were there. Then we went up to the Sabauda Gallery. Only in Italy could this not be considered the country's premier museum. It is so rich we actually skipped the last few rooms! We also enjoyed the cinema museum and saw a screening of Bicycle Thieves there, then had a great bistro dinner at an outdoor café across the street. The great thing about Turin is it's not overwhelming, but there is just so much to do! And the hotel was probably the nicest we stayed in anywhere on our trip. Great attention to detail and the staff were extremely helpful. In fact, when we were packing I got distracted and left a drawerful of clothes in our room. I didn't discover it until we got to Aosta and started unpacking. I called the Sitea and asked if they could send the clothes to the hotel we were going to next, in Milan, and the front desk manager said there was no need for that: she had a friend who commuted from Aosta every day and he would bring the clothes to me that evening. Sure enough, when we got back from dinner there they were. You could have knocked me over with a feather! When was the last time you had service like that from a big city hotel? We would go back there in a heartbeat and really urge your readers to consider Torino. We wished we could have stayed even longer!

Meredith V.

Dear Jessica,

We had a terrific time on our first visit to Italy..... All of the hotels and suggestions from In Italy Online were fabulous and right on target. We took the rail from Zurich to Como and stayed for a few nights. Next stop was Rapallo on the Italian Riviera. This was our favorite spot as it was gorgeous and more "pedestrian friendly". Last stop was Torino (past host of the Winter Olympics) to visit our son who is currently attending the University. Per In Italy Online, we stayed at the Grand Hotel Sitea. Fabulous hotel in the heart of some terrific shopping - a great mix of high-end and affordable stores! We truly enjoyed Torino and wished we had more time to explore. We would totally recommend In Italy Online to anyone planning a trip to Italy. Your website is loaded with invaluable information (like cell phone rental which we did -- it was easy). Many thanks!!

Jody & Larry G.


I had a wonderful trip and here are a few thoughts.

HOTEL SITEA: Torino. This was a very nice hotel with an extremely helpful staff and nice room. The location was great for walking in the historical section of Torino. I ate at the hotel restaurant and it was very good. My room was nice and I had a very nice stay there.

CASA BELLA: Tuscany. This place was a jewel! The warmth of the owners and the beauty of the villa were enchanting to me. They were not prepared for our arrival, they seemed to be confused that we were coming that day, however they got prepared and we had a very nice stay. We ate all three nights in their wonderful restaurant and had unbelievably good meals. The breakfast in the morning was ready when we were and we had an exceptional time. The location was great for exploring Umbria, and southern Tuscany. I would highly recommend Casa Bella.

One place we visited which was not a far drive, was San Quirico d'Orcia. What a lovely town! We had been to Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, and Chianciano before, we were delighted with San Quirico!

Thank you for all your help.
Darci G.

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