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Dear Jessica,

We used In Italy 5 years ago (Roma Centro) & loved it - just as wonderful this time. Roma Storica was great for our family of 6 + baby. We loved being so close to Campo de Fiori, went everyday for goodies! Daniela was exceptionally helpful & available. The kitchen needed better & more knives & pots & pans.

We also booked Malpensa Airport Hotel, as we did 5 yrs ago & were very pleased. Friendly, helpful staff, good shuttle service, very nice rooms. The restaurant was closed, as we were there on a Sunday. The staff recommended the restaurant next door & it was fantastic.

Also, booked our train from Rome to Salerno & back through you - easy & great results.

Grazie mille & keep doing what you do!!

Sally S.

Dear Kirill,

This hotel was perfect for an early morning flight from Malpensa to the US. Easy to locate, really welcoming and excellent staff with a very good restaurant. We liked the fact that although right at the airport you could neither see nor hear the planes.

Diane W.

Dear Jessica,

I wanted to say how much we appreciate having Malpensa Airport Hotel at Malpensa. They really know how to take care of you. The staff is great and knowing you can relax and enjoy your last evening in Italy is priceless. The last time we stayed there we ate at a wonderful restaurant next door. This time we lingered on the patio having drinks and enjoying the cool night air so we decided to eat in the hotel. It was the best meal I had on the entire trip.

Thanks for your web site. Your information has made each trip memorable. Looking forward to the next one!

David S. 

Dear Jessica,

Malpensa Airport Hotel was a good spot for my last night, with an easy shuttle bus from there to the airport. My find there was the lovely restaurant right next-door to the hotel. (Sorry, I tossed out the receipt and don't remember its name.)

We'll definitely be using your service again in future.

Barbara C.

Dear Julie,

Thank you for handling the recommendation and reservation for Malpensa Airport Hotel. With a 10 a.m. flight and a stop at duty-free, we didn't want to chance a late arrival at the airport. The hotel had its own shuttle bus that went directly to the airport without stops elsewhere as so often happens in the States. Staff were courteous and all was in order when we arrived. Would recommend if price is not a factor. We agree with others that it is not an Italian experience, but as part of the travel experience it was low stress.


Thank You INITALY. You are always my first source of info for my trips to Italy. Great site. Malpensa Airport Hotel was a great find via your site for transition nights at beginning or end of stay when flying in and/or out of Milan. Again, thank you to INITALY for the great help you are and have been for my first 5 visits to Italy.

Rich M.

Dear Julie,

We did have a great time. Your directions and tips were excellent. We loved both hotels Ca D'Oro in Venice and Malpensa Airport Hotel. We found the hotel in Malpensa fairly easily with your directions. Very comfortable and, as you had said, the restaurant was surprisingly good. Ours was a short trip and we had no time to try your other suggestions but we hope to return and certainly will use your svcs. again.

Thank You,
Alicia H.

Dear Kristin,

Through your website, my daughter and I booked a room at the Malpensa Airport Hotel. We only spent one night there (we flew back to US the next day) but we were both impressed and very satisfied with the hotel, our room, the services offered, and the friendly front office personnel. We would highly recommend this hotel. We used the hotel-provided shuttle service to both get to the hotel from Malpensa and to get to the airport from the hotel. Both times, it was efficient, prompt and reliable.

We also ate dinner in the hotel restaurant, and while it was a bit overpriced, the food and service were very good and it was very convenient.

Thank you for helping us with this reservation.

Mary B.

Dear Jessica,

Italy , as usual, is one of the most incredible places in the world. This trip we touched all the tourist attractions as my husband had never been to Italy, so no "hidden local treasures" this time around. Part of that was because we were on a cruise ship so we returned to it each night. For people who want an introduction to Italy during the summer months when it is crowded, a cruise is certainly a good option.

The Malpensa Airport Hotel was a good way to stay near the airport overnight to avoid a rush in the morning. The hotel has a shuttle bus that will take you to the airport. The down side is that it waits for people at the front of the hotel for quite awhile so for those in a rush it can be frustrating. We had a rental car so we got up, went downstairs for a very nice breakfast, got in the car, returned it to Hertz and went upstairs to the terminal. Couldn't have been easier. I thought the hotel service was excellent. The dinner and breakfast were good, but the wait staff were overworked and a bit confused. Wrong plates were delivered to wrong tables and there was a bit of a wait. All in all, however, it was very convenient, clean and appreciated.

One last piece of information about the two terminals at Malpensa. Only Terminal One handles international flights. Terminal Two is charter flights and private planes. Everyone seems to know that so it shouldn't be difficult for international travelers.

Hope this helps.

Ellen K.

Dear Kirill,

We had a marvelous trip. Thanks for all your help. Malpensa Airport Hotel is very nice, especially for an airport hotel. Comfortable, pleasant, clean, helpful. They made catching a very early morning plane much less painful than we expected it to be.

Thanks again for all your help.

Barbara G.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for following-up. The Malpensa Airport Hotel was great – very helpful and professional!

Thanks again,
Dana B.

Dear Julie,

We had delightful stays both entering and leaving Italy. The staff members who picked us up, the servers in the cafe and the desk staff were just excellent. Of particular praise I would mention the shorter, bald bellman who picked us up on the afternoon of October 28 ... efficient, upbeat and he remembered us from our earlier stop. He made us feel welcome. All in all a good stopover and I speak from experience having spent a hundred nights a year or more in hotels over the years as an international consultant. In addition, our daughter is a travel writer/publisher with her own top ranked web site so we look at things with a critical eye. You pass with high marks.

We would recommend you, as we did, and will use you in the future. Thank you.

Hi Julie,

We did have a fascinating, relaxing and exciting trip. In fact, my husband and I now have a new goal in life: we're trying to figure out how to do THAT all the time, without this silly work thing in between. I'll let you know how it goes :-)

Malpensa Airport Hotel was okay. The thing that bugged me and gave me a not-so-great impression of the hotel (because it really was better than I'm probably suggesting), was the airport shuttle service. The hotel is five minutes from the airport and they run their shuttle once per hour. We waited 45 minutes at the airport for them to pick us up (and we did call when we landed), then they gave us limited options for booking the shuttle on our return to the airport the next morning. We ended up hanging around the airport for two hours, when we really could have slept in.

Thank you very much for all of your help in planning our trip. It went very smoothly and the properties we stayed in were lovely. I've already recommended your services to friends and will definitely use you again for our next trip to Italy. Grazie and arrivederci!

Patricia and Jeff L.

Dear Jessica,

Malpensa Airport Hotel was convenient since we had a 7:20AM flight the next morning, but not our "cup of tea". Very Americanized - some may like that. We ate at the restaurant, but it was ultra modern and the food was not very good for the price. To be fair, we spent our second week in a very small village in northwest Tuscany immersed in "real" Italian life as our host put it, so coming back to a residential Milan neighborhood where it appeared the local neighborhood establishments may have had some bad experiences with American travelers made our last day less than enjoyable.

The rooms were very neat and clean and the bathrooms were modern so if all you need is a place to rest before traveling the next morning, it's ok. We would probably make different arrangements next time.

Flying into Malpensa was great, although our Italian friends told us there had been some scandals last year of missing items from suitcases, but we had no problems whatsoever and would do it again.

Brenda & Rich G.

Dear Kristin,

It was fine, and we ended up staying again on the last night prior to flying back in the morning. It was raining very hard on that Sunday night so didn't venture out, and had dinner at the hotel. Although it was a very no frills atmosphere we had a very good meal. We enjoyed talking to the bartender in the lounge over a sambuca later. He will be running the marathon in Boston and my husband is a doctor on the finish line.

Anne M.


Our stay at the Malpensa Airport Hotel was very nice. The hotel is located just down the road from the airport, close but also quiet and off to the side. Their shuttle service was first rate, room was efficient and well appointed. Breakfast in the lower lever (which is included in your room rate) is very well done and equally efficient. I would recommend this hotel to anyone going in or out of Malpensa Airport needing to stay in the area.

Tim P.

Dear Jessica:

For our one night stay on 29 September, we sincerely enjoyed it. Very clean and comfortable room and bed. Good shower. Good climate control. Very adequate. Excellent drinks from the lobby bar and wonderful dinner in your "subterranean", restaurant. We'll do it again as the opportunity may arise.

Coleman and Shirley H.

Our trip to Lake Como & Venice was wonderful. We look forward to our trip to Umbria next summer. We spent our 1st & last nights at the Malpensa Airport Hotel (as did several of my friends when I recommended it) & found it to be an excellent choice. My only suggestion is that you make people aware of the excellent restaurant right next door. I was not impressed with the hotel's restaurant & they were not helpful when asking about others. They just kept pushing their own. So we decided to take a walk & found this beautiful restaurant right next door! The food & service were very good, although they have limited English. Thanks for your help.

Linda C.


Our trip was great and the Malpensa Airport Hotel was terrific. Very nice staff, delicious breakfast and dinner, cool lounge for a drink, and very comfortable (and stylish) rooms. The location by the airport can't be beat. Thanks for your help and we look forward to working with you again on our next trip to Italy.

Anthony and Kem R.

Dear Kristin,

Perfect hotel for an early morning departure back home. 115v in the room, all the amenities you need. Great restaurant for dinner.

Rick S.

Dear Julie,

The hotel was great and the shuttle was prompt. All of the hotel employees were friendly and helpful. Our dinner at the hotel was better than we thought "hotel food" would be. Overall I would rate it near the very top. Thanks for your help.

P.S. The directions were really good.

Again, thanks.
Jane N.

Dear Kirill,

The Milan property was perfect. It really is the closest to the GREAT for anyone with an early flight. You most definitely will be hearing from me when I return to Italy!!!

Thank you again for all your assistance and patience while we made our decisions.

Carol L.

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