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Dear All at In Italy,

We had a fantastic two weeks in Italy in August 2010 staying at 2 fabulous hotels. Firstly we had a week at Agropoli Villa Hotel. We decided not to hire a car as the idea of this part of our holiday was just to relax. Luigi kindly offered to collect us from Agropoli station which is a good 3km if you walk. The hotel is in a great location high up overlooking a stunning valley and views to the Mediterranean. The pool and the area around it is great for relaxation and the staff are extremely helpful. The room we had was spacious and the hotel and grounds were spotlessly clean. We ate at the hotel each night and the food was lovely with Luigi and his cook creating different menus each evening. We would recommend that you hire a car as the hotel is remote and it is well worth exploring the countryside and coast as the area is beautiful. We visited Paestum on the train which is easy but check the train times as there is a period around mid morning when no trains run to Paestum for about 3hrs. All in all a great value hotel and a wonderful place to get some peace and quiet.

We then spent a further week staying at the Marmorata Hotel in Ravello. It is actually 900mtrs below Ravello on the coast. The hotel is exquisite - a converted mill. There is direct access to the sea from a terraced area. The hotel restaurant serves wonderful food. The staff were again extremely helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Again we did not hire a car and the hotel is about 2kms from Amalfi so you need to catch the hotel bus into the town. There is so much to see around this coastline but the highlight was Ravello itself which is a beautiful village with stunning views.

We would recommend both hotels. The only thing we found we could not really do easily was stroll in the evening as each hotel was quite isolated and so did not lend themselves to promenading in the evenings. This in no way affected the enjoyment we had from our stay and will certainly be returning again, particularly to Agropoli Villa. Thanks, In Italy, as your hotels are always interesting and good quality.

John & Jo O.

Dear Kirill,

The Marmorata....ahhhh.......what a was more than we could have ever expected...especially for the price we paid...........we had lovely suites, the food was excellent, the help was overly helpful, staff pleasant, was so darn perfect........we had rented a car for the three weeks time we were in Italy and I was the sole driver............I found that I adjusted pretty well to the mountainous driving, but nothing, and I mean nothing!, prepared me for the "snake-like" curves of getting to Amalfi. We cabbed up to Ravello and down to Maiori. As you already probably know, there was good shopping and actual a very good night life in Maiori. As we had just come from the pretty much un-touristy spots of Calabria, Settingiano, Lido, et al.......we found too many Americans at the time we were at the Marmorata......(stuffy, rich Americans) embarrassing us with their mocking Italian to the wait staff. We figured it must have been a tour group or something. All that aside, the hotel was wonderful, our stay was absolutely perfect, and I can't wait to bring my husband there. (I traveled with my Italian mother and two sisters.) It was so easy to reserve the rooms and again, we at first thought it was an expensive venture to stay in this hotel, but it was more than worth the price we paid........honest. (The staff had a woman come in to give us all haircuts in our rooms!) It was a real treat (and it was VERY inexpensive!)...We feel so blessed. Thank you so much for In Italy Online. We will be looking at this site for the next venture (hopefully soon.) I have passed this information on to the professional staff here at the county offices and will pass nothing but positive, wonderful things onto them. Thanks Again. Please feel free to mail again if you need additional information.

Renee W.

Dear Jessica,

We just returned from a wonderful family holiday with our two children, ages 10 and 13. Our stay at Marmorata Hotel on the Amalfi Coast was Molto Bene! The staff was gracious and very helpful and our accommodations were first class. When we missed our bus into Amalfi the owner offered to give us a lift in her personal car. What a nice touch of hospitality..but this is what Italy is all about..warm, friendly people.

Our rental car was great and the service we received when we were picked up at FCO was courteous and our drop-off at the Villa Borghese location went perfectly.

The Markwell's

Dear Kirill,

Our trip to Italy was terrific! The Marmorata Hotel was VERY comfortable and the staff could not have been more helpful!! It was great to see how willing they were to speak English (and how well they did it) because my Italian is very limited. The food was absolutely superb and the chef even shared one of his recipes with me! The last night we were there (a Friday night) they had a male singer/guitar player come in and sing some of the local songs from Naples. One of the waiters and I even sang together! They really made it feel "like home and family"!!

The Villa Garden Hotel in Sorrento was beautiful! The staff there also spoke English and gave us directions and recommendations for restaurants. We went to a local restaurant "Moonlight" that had indoor/outdoor eating. The people there spoke English and it was within walking distance to our hotel. We ate dinner one night at the "Donna Sophia" (named for Sophia Loren who is from that area). The staff and food there were wonderful. The restaurant had a driver that came and picked us up at our hotel and brought us of charge! Just hold your breath and look straight ahead because we drove down an alley with MAYBE 2" on each side of the car and stone walls!

Our rooms at both hotels had a balcony and overlooked the Gulf of Salerno and the Gulf of Naples. We could see Mt. Vesuvious! It was very being inserted into a travel is that beautiful!

We took a boat to Capri and took a smaller one to the Blue Grotto! Once we arrived at the entrance to the Blue Grotto we paid an additional 20 Euro (10 Euro each) and stepped into a row boat. We had to duck down low so as to not hit our heads upon entering the cave. I was amazed to see how well my pictures came out from inside the cave. The water is SOOOO blue it is unbelievable! The oarsmen all sang as they rowed us around inside the cave. It was great! The day we went there it was drizzling on and off and we were afraid we would not be able to see anything once we got into the Blue Grotto, but it didn't matter. We were able to see everything.

Oh, one more thing...the lemon groves! We could not BELIEVE the size of the lemons in that region and how much sweeter they are compared to ours! They are the size of our grapefruit!!! Even the garlic there tasted sweeter!

My husband Terry and I are both hoping to see more of Italy maybe sometime next year. If we are able to do that, we would certainly book our reservation through "In Italy" again! We had a wonderful experience and a lifetime of memories to share with our families and friends. Thank you SO MUCH for such a wonderful time!!! We will never forget it!

Christine and Terry K.

Dear Jessica, 

We had a fantastic trip to Italy. I can not tell you how pleased we were with all of the accommodations that we arranged through you site. Hotel Marmorata in Ravello was better than we thought it would be. Everyone we met in Italy was so friendly and welcoming. I have recommended your website to everyone I talk to who may be thinking about going to Italy.

Thank you for providing such a valuable website.

Bob L.

Dear Kristin,

Our trip was absolutely amazing!! We had an unbelievable time in Italy! We are already talking about planning a trip for next year. We will certainly look to In again.

So as for the Hotel Marmorata... We could not have asked for a nicer staff. Our stay was so completely pleasant. It was an absolute pleasure to stay there. The front desk staff was so helpful. The view from the room was so beautiful. The restaurant staff was great. Especially our waiter Marco!! I was quite surprised to see the room was tended to more than once a day. To be honest if I knew someone who was looking for a hotel to stay in on the coast I would suggest the Marmorata Hotel.

Every place we went to was great, so the only treasure I can think of that stood out was Cafe Europa in the town of Minori. Not to mention that the town was great also. The small towns seemed to be a little more quaint, and more relaxing.

Thanks for helping us have the best trip we've ever had!

Gregg and Diana

Hello Kirill,

Our trip was overall quite wonderful. We made a few mistakes in our planning, mainly too much driving as we landed in Milan and drove to Portofino, Umbria, Amalfi and Rome.

The Hotel Marmorata was the highlight of the coastal part of the trip. Beautiful setting, great staff, lovely ocean view room and marvelous restaurant. It was the perfect spot to recover from the drive getting there! They had a free shuttle to Amalfi which was a great place to visit and shop or book a boat trip to many locations which we wish we had done but were enjoying the hotel too much to leave.

We would definitely spend more time in Rome and less time on the Autostrada next time which we hope will be soon.

Thank you for all of your help.

Pat & Rex D.

Thanks Jessica,

Our trip was fabulous. The drive to Amalfi was not too bad the next day UNTIL we got off the autostrada! That was an experience, especially because although we had a new rental car, one of the brakes was sticking and my husband had to pump the parking brake to make it quit. You really need good brakes to drive the Amalfi coast as the roads have extreme curves and there are many local and tour buses (it's really interesting to see them in a standoff on a curve and see who finally has to back down the mountain to let the other pass). Needless to say, when we finally arrived at Hotel Marmorata, we were extremely pleased to find the bus stop was in front of the hotel and we left our car parked the entire week with the exception of a drive up to Ravello (another wonderful town - not as many tourists, cool, good shopping and nightly concerts). The staff at the Hotel were extremely helpful in booking outings, giving bus schedules, etc. The rooms are comfortable although the bathroom is a little small (but not the smallest we've ever had in Europe - we're so spoiled in the States). We ate at the restaurant only the first night and it was good, but we like to explore different places so we didn't eat there again. We actually really enjoyed the little Bar (translate cafe) just across the road. They have great sandwiches and we even had a couple of dinners there - the people were very friendly and even offered us some local dishes that weren't on the menu for one of the meals - all was good. We took morning trips to various places - Amalfi and Positano were nice, but I much preferred staying in the quieter Marmorata and we tried to make it back each day by mid-afternoon to enjoy the pool and the sea at the hotel. We would definitely stay there again if we return to the Amalfi coast. I would tell other first-time visitors there to learn the bus system well, don't get too discouraged if they aren't on time (I mean they never know what traffic they will run into either and how long they'll have to wait for someone else to back down!). Amalfi is a hub for the buses, but it is very confusing at first (even for Italians visiting there). The bus drivers aren't very helpful, but if you observe the guy that seems to be directing the buses at the parking lot, you can get the information you need. In hindsight, I would walk the 800 meters to Minori and hop on the boat, which is not expensive, is fast and is a wonderful way to see the coast (this is how we returned from Positano).

I could go on, but have to get back to the real world!

Thanks for all the help,

Brenda G.

Hi Jessica,

Marmorata Hotel was FABULOUS! We were so thrilled to drive up to such a welcoming entrance, the location was perfect. We loved being at a hotel with access to the Sea, but without the crowds at the beach. The rooms were really nicely done, the 2 adjoining rooms were perfect for us. It was a great place to unwind and just enjoy the sea and relax. We were able to rent a boat for an afternoon and that was a great way to see the coastline. Also, the quick (knucklebiting) drive to Ravello was really worthwhile, it ended up being one of our favorite Italian towns.

We don't have enough good things to say about Marmorata, really it was perfect for us.

Thanks for the follow up!

Kelly F.

Dear Julie,

Marmorata -- what a location! We loved jumping in the water right off the hotel and the room views were amazing. The staff was very nice. Amalfi is a bit of a walk (Minori is much closer), but we would not trade that for the location and the ability to jump in.

We have a ton of favorites (restaurants, towns, enotecas, wineries) from our two will take a while to organize thoughts...

Michael A. L.

Hi Cynthia:

Thanks for your e-mail. We had a wonderful time in Italy. A country of wonderful art, history, crazy drivers and gelato! We're already missing our daily fix of gelato!

Our accommodations for the most part were excellent.

After a stopover in Rome we went to the Marmorata Hotel, near Ravello. We had a wonderful stay there - the hotel staff were helpful, the accommodations great and the restaurant had great food at fairly reasonable prices. We would highly recommend this hotel. The roads were very scary though! We managed a visit to Pompeii from there as well as visiting some of the small coastal towns.

Overall, we had a wonderful holiday and thank you for your assistance in helping us to organize this.

Sheila Z.

Dear Jessica,

My daughter and I spent a "quick" 6 days on Italy's Amalfi Coast. This is the second trip that InItaly has helped me plan. Last year I spent two weeks in Italy with my husband, and InItaly helped us with accommodations that were outstanding. This most recent trip, I was also very pleased with our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Marmorata just outside Amalfi. I can not say enough about this hotel and its staff.

The hotel is in a quiet location on a very scenic cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Absolute bliss! My only regret is that we were so busy we did not have much time to enjoy all that this stately hotel has to offer. In our precious free time, we swam in the sea, sat by the pool, watched divers off nearby cliffs, and spent every morning having a delightful breakfast overlooking the water. The hotel immerses you in the culture of the area, with its marine theme and gorgeous tiled floors. We ate at the hotel restaurant three times. We were never disappointed, and were able to experience the food native to the area. The wine selection was great and food exquisite. The breakfast selection was superior, and always included a lemon specialty, for which Amalfi is known. In the evening, after a long day of touring, we sipped on cold limoncello. The girls at the front desk, especially Sandra, were so helpful and patient with us. They helped us plan our day, sign up for shuttle service to town, provided bus and ferry information, and made dinner arrangements, always with a smile.

Our room was modest, and the bathroom small, but everything was very clean and comfortable. We had a balcony with a beautiful view of the water. I spent every morning taking photos of the sunrise.

Thank you In Italy!! Thank you Marmorata Hotel for an unforgettable experience!

Susan and Stephanie S.

Hello Jessica,

We had an amazing time at Marmorata Hotel. The room was a bit small, but extremely clean, beautifully decorated and with breathtaking views. The location of the hotel is just perfect. It is VERY nice to stay away from the crowds in the cities and yet to be very close to all of them. The restaurant was fantastic: the food was fabulous, the service impeccable and the views from the terrace tables are part of my best moments in Italy. Hanging out at the seaside pool after a full day of walking was incredibly relaxing. I will most definitely highly recommend the Marmorata Hotel to anyone going that way.

Ciro R. M. and Thomas W. K.

Dear Kirill,

What a wonderful trip! It flew by, which I guess is usually the case. But it is a trip that I will never forget. Thank you all so much for your help and for all the wonderful information that you provide. It really is invaluable!

First was the Hotel Marmorata. We loved it. Our room was wonderful! The location on the coast was gorgeous! Our window opened out onto the sea. But the best part was the WONDERFUL FOOD!! We never again had linguini vongole (with clams) that even came close to the Hotel Marmorata's. But the real find there was the town right next door -- Minori!! What a cute little town! We walked from our hotel and it only took about 10 minutes. At first it seemed a bit scary, as the road hardly seemed wide enough for one car, let alone traffic going both ways. But once we got started, we just enjoyed the spectacular view and the cars just watched out for you.

All in all we had a wonderful time! There are about 4,000 pages on your website and I'll bet that we read most of them! We were prepared and that information we got from you was key. I can't imagine driving in Italy without all the information we got from your web pages. I had printed up pages of road signs and information about rentals and gas and the Italian drivers!

All I can say is – Thank you.
Donna H.

Hi David,

I thought the Marmorata to be an excellent hotel, conveniently situated to all the major attractions (Ravello, Capri, Positano). The rooms were immaculate, the service and food were excellent, the staff very helpful and the setting of the hotel breathtaking. The shuttle service to Amalfi is very convenient as well as the fact that the public bus stop is virtually at the hotel's doorstep.

For a four-star hotel, we got excellent value in terms of pricing.

I can recommend the hotel and will definitely be back.

Alma K.

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your email, we had a great time in Italy, what a fantastic country!!!

Straight away I can tell you that the Hotel Marmorata was absolutely fantastic!!! We could easily have stayed there much longer. Our room had amazing sea views, the food was lovely and the people very friendly and helpful. It also appeared to be one of the few places in the area that had both wonderful views and access to the sea for swimming... perfect!

One helpful tip would have been to pre book a coach tour to Pompeii as they were all full when we arrived. Or to recommend hiring a car if you want to tour the area etc. As we found waiting for buses, boats etc a bit time-consuming, and the trips a bit nauseating sometimes!!!!. Also in retrospect although it was interesting to visit Naples on our way to the coast, I would have preferred to have the extra time at the wonderful Hotel Marmorata and it looked like we would have been able to get there even though our flight arrived late at night.

In any case, thank you for your help in the organisation of our holiday it really was the trip of a lifetime and one that we had been wanting to do for several years.

Thanks again,
Sarah H.

Dear Julie,

We had a fabulous holiday in Italy. We travelled through Europe for 9 weeks and drove 10,000 kms. Italy was the last 15 days of our holiday and it was the perfect ending to 9 weeks. Italy always gives me a buzz and this time was no exception.

We found the accommodation we booked through In Italy to be absolutely fantastic. Marmorata Hotel was lovely. The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating. This hotel has the most beautiful views. You may need to tell people that it comes up very fast on the left as you drive along the Amalfi coast towards Amalfi. We nearly missed it!

All the properties were fantastic at accommodating our requests. Marmorata Hotel offered internet and a restaurant on the premises, so we didn't have to venture out for dinner after a long day sightseeing. All hosts spoke English, which was of great assistance to us, as our feeble attempts at Italian were no match. They were very gracious and would do anything for us.

I must say I was a little hesitant booking over the internet, but would have no hesitation using your site in the future and have told my family, friends and colleagues. The information on your site is excellent. I love the photos of the properties and the rooms. The instructions on how to get to the properties were excellent. We could not have done without them. Thank you very much for producing such detailed instructions. They made life so much easier.

Thanks for the great places to stay,

Karen T.

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your email. We had a wonderful trip and loved our four weeks in Italy, the highlight undoubtedly being our stay on the Amalfi Coast and the Marmorata Hotel. All pluses and no minuses! We couldn't really fault it - superb position, lovely room, extremely helpful and friendly staff and great food. The weather was perfect and it was just fantastic being able to dive off the rocks into the sea.

Of all our travels the Amalfi Coast is one of only several places we have promised ourselves we will return to and we would definitely stay at the Marmorata Hotel.

Will certainly contact you next time we are planning to visit Italy although unfortunately it is unlikely to be for another couple of years.

Kind regards
Wendy G.

Dear Kristin,

We took the Eurostar to Salerno. The transportation you arranged for us from Salerno to the Hotel Marmorata was waiting for us when we got off the train and got us to the hotel very quickly. The Marmorata is a bit secluded in that it is a distance from all of the major towns (Ravello, Amalfi, Positano) and the next time I might think about renting a car. It's actually not in Ravello (as I assume you already know) but right on the sea. Ravello is actually a fifteen minute ride up the mountain on a winding road. However, we quickly realized (with a lot of help from the front desk staff) that getting around in the area by the Autobus or Taxi (and sometimes walking on the main road!!!!!!!) was very easy and the schedule was frequent enough to accommodate our needs. So after some consternation about not having a car quickly passed we made our plans around what was available - and the Autobus stopped right in front of the hotel. The Marmorata was wonderful and the view from our room was spectacular - facing the bay/ocean. The front desk staff was very warm and helpful and helped us with every request we had (lots of them). We had a wonderful breakfast each morning seating in a glass enclosed room facing the ocean - what a great way to start off each day. Later in the week we started the guided tour you arranged to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius - all I can say is WOW. The guide - Micaela was extremely personable and knowledgeable - we learned a lot during the 90 minute drive to Pompeii. The tour of Pompeii was great and Micaela added lots of information as we walked through the village which lasted almost two hours. After Pompeii we dined for lunch at the local hotel - this was somewhat disappointing as the manager tried to rush us and was not friendly. The food was ok - I would recommend another venue. After lunch we headed to Mount Vesuvius and made the 30 minute climb to the top of the volcano - spectacular. All in all the tour was well worth the money and an experience I will never forget. Just as a recommendation you may want to let future clients know that this is a very long day - we left the hotel at 10 AM and didn't return till 6 PM. The hotel was very nice and the rooms were small but sufficient and very clean - just opening the window every morning to the ocean lapping against the rocks was a real treat.

The rest of the time on the coast was spent visiting the other towns, Minori (more on this in a minute), Amalfi, Poisitano and Ravello. We also took the boat (from Amalfi) to Capri and had a wonderful day there. We ended up hiring a taxi for the day (just 80 Euro's) and he drove us all over the island. First to Anacapri - he gave us 90 minutes to tour around, then took us to the south side with some spectacular views, showed us the ruins and the over to the aristocratic side of the island. Dropped us off for lunch (he recommended a great little restaurant just opening for the season) and then picked us up and took us to the main section in Capri for some more shopping. At the end of the day he took us back to the pier for the boat ride back to Amalfi.

Most of the restaurants we ate in were based on recommendations from the front desk staff. I have to tell you they gave us one unbelievable recommendation - a little ten table restaurant in the town of Minori (5 minutes from the hotel) run by four brothers. We had the most unbelievable dinner there which lasted almost 4 and 1/2 hours. At the end of the meal I felt like their family and they even drove us back to the hotel in their cars. The name of the restaurant was L'Arsenale. We later returned for a second meal on our last night and were treated like royalty with some spectacular food and wine. We had lunch in a great restaurant in Ravello called Cussimo de Campo - I think run by a lady named Netta. We also dined at the hotel one night and the food was very good although the service could have been better.

Jeff & Ellen G.

Dear Jessica,

We were definitely pleased when we arrived at the Marmorata Hotel in Ravello. Not only was it lovely, perfectly situated on a cliff above the sea, but the staff was very friendly, welcoming and gracious. Our room was very nice with a beautiful view of the sea and coastline, along with its own private terrace. Breakfast was wonderful each morning. If I could have changed anything it would have been the weather so we could have enjoyed the beautiful patios and decks that this hotel has to offer. I would definitely recommend this hotel with its helpful, charming staff and awesome location on the Amalfi Coast.

All in all, we had a great trip that went very smoothly due in large part to your excellent recommendations and assistance. I will be back in touch when I plan my next trip to Italy!!!

Thank You,
Kathy C.

We stayed at the Hotel Marmorata in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast for 2 nights. It was a very comfortable hotel with a Nautical theme. The rooms were smallish, with a very small bathroom (how do overweight people fit into some of those showers? My husband and I are average height and weight people and we had a hard time moving around in the shower!)

It is right on the sea, not up in the city of Ravello. A nice location with stunning views. The staff was friendly, and they had a restaurant and bar, which was nice if you did not want to drive those roads at night. We ate there one night and sat outside (the weather was beautiful) and had a nice dinner. The breakfasts were huge (in my opinion) and very good. There was coffee and tea, cereal, eggs that you poach yourselves, ham, cheese, breads, fruit etc. Plenty to eat.

Margaret and Terry E.

Dear Julie,

Our trip to Italy was wonderful. The Hotel Marmorata was very nice with beautiful views and very nice staff. My only suggestion would be to provide more detailed instructions on how to get to the hotel for those people without cars. Thanks for your help. You have a wonderful website.

Cindy C.

Dear Kirill,

The Marmorata Hotel was fabulous. The views were breathtaking and the location was perfect. The staff treated us as if we were family. Everyone went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and to ensure that we had a good time. Dinner was excellent too. We are already planning our return visit.

Deb G.

Dear Kristin,

A nice surprise was the wonderful breakfast table with fresh fruit, wonderful brioche, great cappuccino and espresso, juices and even cereal. Shortly after we arrived at Marmorata, we left to explore adjacent towns. When we returned several hours later, our room had been tidied up, soap replaced, fresh towels, etc. all before we had even stayed one night. The laundry service was also a very nice surprise. Also your web page on Marmorata says "You will need a car to stay here." So I rented a car, which I cancelled once I got to Roma. There was no way I could have driven a car out of Rome. Just too much speedy traffic for someone not knowing where they were going. I was so glad I cancelled the car after I got to the road on the Amalfi Coast. There was absolutely no way I could have navigated that road without having a heart attack seeing a moped headed my way or a SITA bus rounding a curve in my lane. Of course the Italians are very skilled drivers but I am not and don't understand their driving customs. We took a train from Roma to Salerno and took a SITA bus to Amalfi (passing Marmorata right before Amalfi) and called Marmorata. They said to take a bus or a cab. We tried the SITA bus again and there was a stop right at the hotel. A bellman (or just a fellow working at the hotel) picked up our bags and carried them down the hill to the lobby. The people working at the front desk sell SITA bus tickets, so if you can walk up the hill to the highway, you can take a bus anywhere you want to go. You can go to Minori for about .50 and Amalfi for about .90. Very convenient, easy, and they run often. Hop on a bus and go to dinner in Minori and return to the hotel about 11 pm. So much better than trying to drive a car on that beautiful coastline. I think that coastline is the most beautiful place on earth. My pictures have made my coworkers drool with envy. The lemon trees, the grape arbors, the terraces, the houses, the colors, the shops, the people, the food, the food! I loved everything!

Lyn M.

Dear Julie,

The Hotel Marmorata was a marvelous place! We drove down from Tuscany on the Autostrada to the Amalfi Coast drive. If you want to test your driving skills, this is the place to do it. The twisting, turning, narrow road was exciting to say the least. The scenery was magnificent. When we got to the Marmorata the driveway disappeared off the edge of the road towards the sea. We took the driveway down and found the hotel. We were glad to let the attendant park the car for us. The hotel was more than we expected. From the parking area, we went down some stairs to get to the lobby. Our room was one flight down from the lobby. The hotel is carved into the cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Looking down from the balcony there was a ten foot ledge of rock and then the Sea. The restaurant at the Hotel was excellent. It was such a great pleasure dining there while watching the yachts and ships pass by. Thanks In Italy. It was a great experience.

Jack & Kate S.

Hi --

We enjoyed the Marmorata very much -- to the extent that we extended our stay by one night. The Hotel's location, perched above the sea and built into the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, makes an ideal base for exploring the area. The front desk staff is most accommodating -- they gladly called our Friday night hotel to cancel, mailed our postcards, provided good driving directions, etc. They have a courtesy bus to take you to Amalfi to catch the ferry to Capri, almost a must given the parking situation in Amalfi, a town I would avoid. Capri is a must visit - to enjoy it, you have to get away from the ferry landing area and the town square and either take a public bus or a taxi to Anacapri and the other sights. We had a stunning lunch at La Caponnino, one of the best restaurants we've ever been to, period.

Hotel Marmorata isn't really in Ravello-- it's in Ravello-by-the-Sea. The "real" Ravello, also not to be missed, is 15 minutes from the hotel up a long and winding road. My husband loved the driving on the Amalfi Coast -- he finds Italian drivers safe, courteous and predictable, though he agrees the Vespas are crazy. Again, away from the town square, Ravello is refined, quiet, and picturesque. We found a wonderful little restaurant in the town whose name I forget (the name has two words starting with C is all I can remember) -- run by an idiosyncratic woman named Netta. We found out later that Rosie O'Donnel had talked about the restaurant on her show. The food is great, the prices are right, and Netta brings a character to the place that makes a great total package. Ravello also has a year-round music festival in the Villa Ruofolo -- some concerts are outside in the Villa's gardens, others are inside the small auditorium. We attended a sold-out piano concerto on Friday night -- an added attraction is the Limoncello provided gratis by a local restaurant at the interval.

More about the Marmorata that deals with most of the many flights of stairs -- it truly is built into a cliff overlooking the sea. The rooms are not huge, but the bathrooms are modern and well equipped. The breakfast room is lovely, and the breakfast meal is good -- a buffet of cheese, ham, breads, fruit, juice, yogurt, cereal and coffee -- the latter served in any style you like. The hotel restaurant runs hot & cold -- it can be stunningly good or just mediocre -- and the service is excellent.

JoAnn S.

Hi Julie,

Our trip was heavenly, as Italy always is. We enjoyed our Amalfi Coast portion the most by far. Some advice for first time visitors to this area, unless you're a lot more familiar with the train system than we are, getting to Sorrento or Salerno to pick up a car isn't easy. Naples was a breeze, however. The car rental offices really are just across the street from the train station, and it's completely painless to get on the Autostrada from there. Then just a quick shot down to the exit for Vietri sul Mare. From there, Marmorata was easy to find, but far from quick. Sunday tour buses on the narrow, winding roads are a nightmare. But my husband, the Texan Mario Andretti, got us to the hotel in one piece. Made day trips to Capri, Positano, Pompeii, Ravello and Amalfi. Overall, I was pleased with our little suite at the hotel. One problem, though. It was obviously the first time for the season (May 25th-May 30th) that the room had been used, and although it was very clean, after weeks (months?) of not being used, EVERYTHING was extremely damp. (Towels, bedclothes, robes, drapes, etc). Once we thoroughly aired out the room, it was fine. Also, if air conditioning is important to you, discuss with the front desk when you check in. The unit on our side had not yet been turned on for the season. The hotel did quickly start it up. Because it was pretty cool the first 4 days, the pool area was not open. The first warm day, I discovered by accident that the pool area was open. Will visit this hotel again. Best restaurant find: Cumpa Cosimo in Ravello. Ate there twice. Al Brace (best pizza place In Italy recommended) does not serve pizza at lunch, but served fantastic seafood risotto. Panoramic view of Positano a few kilometers away. Driving into Rome without a complete city map was a big mistake. Somehow, we missed the GRA, and so did not take the right main road into the city. Eventually (1 hour later) located the main train station, and from there, fairly easily, the hotel.

Christine H.

Dear Kristin,

Marmorata in Ravello was great. The staff was so friendly, helpful, and very professional. Try their restaurant for dinner. Excellent food and inexpensive! We made arrangements with the hotel to have a boat pick us up directly from Marmorata and take us to Capri. If you do go to Capri, make sure you take towels. After a long day of walking up hills, you'll be ready to just lie on the beach (or rocks), and will avoid paying $15 for a beach umbrella and chair.

Claudia F.

Dear Jessica,

The hotel was magnificent!!!!!! You could not ask for better views. It was nice NOT to be directly in Amalfi or Positano, it was much more quiet to stay in Ravello..

Audrey K.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The highlight of our entire vacation was definitely the Marmorata Hotel and the Amalfi Coast. We can't recommend the Marmorata highly enough. As far as I'm concerned it is the best place to stay on the Amalfi Coast (which by the way is even more beautiful than the pictures depict). We loved every minute and will definitely return for another visit.

Another highlight was a little restaurant in Ravello, called Cumpa Cosimo. Some locals recommended it. After touring the beautiful gardens of Ravello, we enjoyed an incredible meal at Cumpa Cosimo. Definitely try the special of the day. We returned several times.

In Italy sure made the reservations and details easier. Everything went so smoothly and we had a wonderful time. We'll definitely recommend you to our friends and we'll be back for our next trip.

Thanks again,
Cory & Traci J.

Dear Cynthia,

The trip was great!! We had such a great time and the hotel was in the perfect location. Close enough to walk to both Amalfi and Minori, and a short drive up to Ravello. The desk clerks were very helpful making suggestions about what to see and how to get around. We made lots of day trips to Capri, Positano, Ravello and Sorrento. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Paestum which is about 1-1/2 hours south of Amalfi. The ruins of this Greek and Roman city are spectacular!!

The one thing that anyone spending time on the Amalfi Coast needs to be prepared for (and I am sure you've heard this before) is the driving. The roads are so treacherous, and the locals drive them very casually to say the least.

Thanks for your help in finding such a great place to stay, and I recommend it to all of your clients. While it was too early for us to take advantage of, the access to the water is great and there is a beautiful pool and restaurant overlooking the sea.


Hi Cynthia,

My wife and I had a wonderful trip to Italy. Although we were only in the Marmorata Hotel for 3 days (2 nights) we enjoyed a total of 10 days in Italy (Amalfi, Tagliacozzo, and San Gimignano).

I have only good things to say about the Marmorata Hotel. We had a Junior Suite located away from the other guest rooms; we had our own small garden with a sitting area and a table overlooking the Med.

All but one of our bags made it to Italy with us. The Marmorata Hotel took care of calling the airlines and arranging delivery of the lost bag when it finally arrived in Rome the following day.

One thing I liked alot about the Marmorata was the location. It has its own private drive just off the main road along the Amalfi coast making it VERY easy to find and park. Another wonderful thing about the Marmorata is that it has its own private area on the water complete with swimming platform/ladders and lounge chairs for taking some sun.

If I had any complaints at all it would be the limited variety of food at breakfast.

It was a great trip.

Thank you,
Troy C.

Dear Kirill,

The Marmorata Hotel was very good. The staff were excellent. Very helpful. A few days before arriving at the Marmorata we stayed at a 5-star hotel in Rome (The Excelsior) and I was very unhappy with the service. In comparison the Marmorata was exceptional. The staff answered every question we had and assisted us in our daily excursions around the area, helping us with directions and tips for parking, restaurants, boat time schedules etc. We had our own car therefore their tips on parking and directions were very, very helpful. We ate dinner two nights at the hotel and found it to be very good and reasonable price. We found that Amalfi at night was a very pleasant experience. Dinner at the San Pietro Hotel (Positano reservations highly suggested) is a unique/fantastic experience, certainly not for someone on a budget. Marmorata suggested and made reservation for us at a restaurant in Ravello one evening, very, very good and reasonable price. Also found a very good reasonable restaurant in Amalfi. Will forward names of these restaurants when I go thru my receipts.

Suggestion if someone goes to Capri. You have a number of ways to tour the island. To tour the island to Anacapri you have a choice of taking the bus, trolley, taxi or hire a car/driver. Bus and trolley you will waste a lot of time waiting in lines and only get to the major sites. Taxi only brings you to one spot and then you have the same issues as with the bus or trolley. I suggest hiring a car/driver (convertible). Will cost more but well worth the money. Most drivers will take you to all the major sites plus take you off the beaten path. They will arrange with you to leave you at specific locations for however long you desire and return to take you on your way. We hired a car/driver from about 10:00am to 4:00pm for around 60 Euro. Located a number of great ceramic shops (will forward names). Don't forget the Limoncello (Lemon liquor). Great stuff. Sorry for the quick response but leaving on a business trip to New York.

Best regards,
Joe Di P.

Dear Kristin,

Our trip to Italy was fantastic, of course, thank you. I am glad to have an opportunity to let you know how wonderful the staff is at Marmorata Hotel.

From the moment I walked in the door they greeted me by name. Throughout our stay Agnese and Anarella, the Concierges (both spoke very good English) went out of their way to help us with the most minute details. We were treated to very personal service from everyone, from both the hotel and restaurant staff.

The hotel itself was lovely. Our room had a little lanai that juts out right over the sea with an incredible view. Although the hotel is a bit isolated, not being in directly inside the city core, nearby towns offer restaurants and shopping. This may be ideal for those looking for an exclusive location.

We truly enjoyed our stay at Marmorata and the "friends" we made there. On our departure we sadly hugged them all goodbye. The staff made our stay!

Shelby S.

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