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Dear Kirill,

I had a great trip to Rome and Naples. The trip to Naples was actually a two-week study program through the Vergilian Society. They have a villa in Cuma that was 'home' for 2 weeks. I wanted to use this trip as an opportunity to visit Rome for the first time and this is where your website came in. Actually I always use your website for trip ideas now that Italy is my number vacation destination. I was able to arrange two stays at the Antico Palazzo di Roma. The hotel is located in easy walking distance to the Termini Station so I stayed there for two nights after first arriving in Italy and also on my last two nights. This provided a nice hotel in convenient proximity to transportation (bus line 75 is great) and food (both bar/cafe & trattoria/restaurant). Plus the Maria Maggiore Church is a real treasure just across the street. For an 'in city' hotel, it quiet and a good sleep.

I may go back to Italy in late November as airfares look to be a bargain. It looks like a return to Rome- this time the Pantheon area, but I will definitely visit your website for ideas.

Thanks again,
Dan R.

Dear Kirill,

Italy was wonderful and relaxing, and by the end of it I had convinced myself I would be fluent in Italian after just another few days. Yes, the wine helped.

The hotels we reserved through you were as stated, and very comfortable.

Rome was as we remembered in some ways and different in others - we'd been there for a full week 7 years ago and managed to squeeze 2 1/2 days on this last trip. I was shocked at how dirty it is though, and wonder whether they are having a bigger litter problem than they used to. A lot of trash in the street, a lot of people throwing stuff around, especially cigarette butts. Such a beautiful city though, with those amazing layers of history built one upon the other. We started our vacation with a week in NYC before flying off to Italy, and if NY is the City that never sleeps then Rome is the City that does not know night from day. It is in constant and exciting, if tiring, motion. The Antico Palazzo hotel is very conveniently located a very short walk to or from Roma Termini, and it is quite stunning. Water pressure in the shower was a problem, but not a fatal one (did I mention that I usually have problems with showers??). We spent hours walking all over the City this time (we had spent most of our time taking the subway from one famous site to another at our last visit) and getting lost is almost impossible, so I'd encourage anyone to do that. The food was outstanding everywhere we went.

We also spent 1/2 day in Milan and visited the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e delle Tecnica Leonardo da Vinci. I thought it was a ball - my mom did too. My husband wasn't quite as excited, he thought a lot of the exhibits, which are often hands-on, were damaged or not working as announced, which indeed they were. But I found the atmosphere of the place great fun, instructive and creative.

I know we will go back, there is so much to see still and/or revisit of Italy. I am sure I will be thrilled to find you around still to help me plan everything.

Thanks a million for such a great service.
Laure H.

Dear Kirill:

We had a wonderful trip. The hotel you booked us in, Antico Palazzo di Roma, was fantastic. The managers at the hotel could not have been any nicer or helpful in giving directions, cabs, shuttles, and restaurants. We highly recommend this hotel. The hotel was clean, breakfast was very tasty, and the location next to Santa Maria Maggiore was very special to me as I got to go to Mass there. We will definitely use In Italy on our next trip and pass your name on to any of our friends travelling to Italy.

Frank S.

Dear Julie,

We just got back from a fabulous 2 week trip to Italy. We stayed at the Antico Palazo di Roma in Rome. It was very easy to get to from the train station on foot. It is right across the street from a huge church. It was about a 15 min. walk to Coliseum. The staff was friendly and there is a restaurant in the hotel and a nice courtyard in the middle of the hotel. We also took the 3 hour private tour for the Vatican. We totally recommend it. You get picked up at your hotel and your guide is already in line for you so there's not much of a wait. Best of all, the tour guide knew so much about the work in the museum and told us some wonderful and interesting facts about the artists, their work, and the time they lived in. We highly recommend it. We wouldn't have had the same experience on our own.

Now about the best gelato places: In Milan there was one in the shopping area across from the Duomo (can't remember name) but it was in one of those places where there a lot of little eateries next to a bar. Get the local specialties Pesca (peach) and ananas (pineapple) Yum! In Rome, this is a must (we went there everyday- sometimes 2x in one day) Gelateria Caffe Pasticceria Giolitti (2min. from Pantheon and in Rick Steve's Italy 2006 book- great book by the way, lots of helpful tidbits) Every flavor is good there. We loved the green apple, the chocolate, the strawberry, the pineapple. You can get hand dipped cones. Pay first and then order and take it to go. You pay extra to sit at a table. Finally, also in Rick Steve's book in Venice La Boutique del Gelato. We went there more than once in a day as well. Next to Hotel Bruno, you can get 1 huge scoop for 1 Euro or 2 for 1.70 Euro. Very good and very generous. All flavors are good as well. Loved the tiramisu and chocolate. Flavors aren't the same everyday but it's all good.

Also, in regard to souvenirs. Every city has their own items to sell. If you want landmarks from that city you need to buy it there. For instance, you won't find the colosseum in Florence. Oh, we took a train to Pisa and that was great too. Climbing the leaning tower was totally worth the 15 Euro.

Finally, we like to say that we loved everything that we booked with In Italy. The hotels and the tour were fabulous! We will definitely recommend this site to any one traveling to Italy and we plan on using it again when we visit Italy in the future!

Melissa and Nestor D.

Good afternoon Kristin,

We were enormously pleased with the hotel in Rome we booked through In Italy. The Antico Palazzo was comfortable and clean, with an excellent breakfast, and a staff that was largely friendly and helpful (with one exception). The location was excellent and allowed us to visit many wonderful sights in Rome within a short walk. The front desk staff were happy to show us the lovely private chapel on request.

Do you mention Ostia Antica on your website? We did a day-trip here from Rome and it was one of the best sites we visited during the entire three-week trip. It was very easy to reach from central Rome and well worth the short excursion and ridiculously cheap entrance fee. It has a similar feel to Pompeii, but with a fraction of the tourist traffic!

I would also highly recommend the tour of the excavations beneath St Peter's Basilica, which was outstanding. I believe you mention this on your site, but it might be good to inform readers that it's important to book well in advance.

Many thanks,
Morag W.


I really have to say that everything went so smooth and was just as I expected from reading your site and other travelers comments. Buying the maps in advance was a great help as was printing the info sheets you sent for each hotel and booking the train, and museum tickets online. AND most importantly packing lightly, most places have no elevator and there is A LOT of walking involved especially in Venice (to get to the hotel).

The Antico Palazzo di Roma...very nice and great breakfast! AND there is an elevator! Very convenient location. Favorite thing in Rome besides the Sistine Chapel was the Trevi Fountain....toss a Euro in for luck in love...a local told us. Market at Porta Portese has EVERYTHING and you can barter away! I mean Everything from Mont Blanc watches to parmesan cheese! Really worth your Sunday open until about 1:30pm. Its not recommended to eat there though.

Restaurants close at around 3pm until 8pm this is siesta time. Use it to your advantage and take a nap then set out for a later dinner....try all the local wine and cheese...very rich flavors! We tried local dishes at every restaurant most we liked some we didn't but it added to an unforgettable trip! Make sure to bring your own medicines (Tylenol, NyQuil, etc) because the ones in Europe are very different, the pharmacies have odd hours and many are not open on sundays.

Hope this helps and sorry for the delay in my response!

Evangelia P

Dear Kristin,

We just arrived home from our trip. We certainly want to thank you for your website and "setting us up" with Antico Palazzo di Roma. It was a great refuge from the heat and business of sightseeing. It was a great location, so close to the metro station, too. Thank you again--we hope to go back someday!

Vicki S.

Dear Cynthia,

I had a great time in Italy and am only sorry I didn't have more time there. My time in Rome at Antico Palazzo di Roma was the tail end of a two week trip, spent mostly on the shores of Lake Trasimeno.

I found the hotel to be everything the website said it would be and more. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into dinner on my first night to find a trio of opera singers entertaining the dinner guests with various arias. This was very pleasant.

I think the only thing about the hotel that was less than perfect was the air-conditioning. However, I was there at the very peak of the recent heat wave and am sure all of Rome was suffering in the same way. A cool shower usually sorted me out.

In short, great facilities and very friendly staff. I hope to get back to Rome and this hotel will be way up on my short list.


Dear Cynthia,

Just a quick note to let you know that we have returned from our trip to Italy and were most impressed by the Antico Palazzo di Roma in Rome.

The room was perfect, the staff very helpful (we got by with the few italian phrases we knew!) and we cannot stress how impressed we were with the restaurant attached - very good food and I think we had the best meals during our holiday in this restaurant.

Thank you so much for recommending this little gem to us!

Best regards,
Lynn. N.

Dear Julie,

Comments abound! It was an extraordinary trip, wonderful in almost every way. I will provide some feedback below that you can feel free to share with others.

Antico Palazzo di Roma was a lovely place to stay. The staff was courteous and helpful and the breakfasts were the best of our trip. Here's a restaurant tip to share: Filetti di Baccala - fresh fish and chips...fried to perfection....paper placements, extremely friendly waiters, and a fun, Roman clientele. We were the only Americans dining on the night we went and the waiters came over and performed the U.S. National anthem for us, pouring our wine into our neighbors' wine glasses and vice versa. Lots of fun.

Our private tour of the Vatican was exceptional!!! Please recommend this strongly to any Americans visiting Rome. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and tailored his talk to our group (two parents, two teenaged sons.) The time flew by and we learned a tremendous amount while enjoying ourselves.

Thanks for all your help and recommendations. The literature you provided to us was invaluable. We have already recommended your web site to friends planning trips to Italy.

Joanne G.

Dear Kirill,

Our stay here was very pleasant. The staff was very helpful, most spoke at least some English. They made outstanding dinner suggestions each night and made our reservations. We took the train from Rome to Florence and they made the reservations for us. The hotel itself was very charming very clean and the location excellent. It was just far enough away from the main tourist attractions, yet close enough to either walk or take a short taxi ride. There were lots of shops nearby too and a cafe downstairs next door. The breakfast buffet was pleasant with a nice selection. The exterior did not look as nice as the picture, though. Our large room was very nice, the bath with a tub and a shower was very modern. All the amenities were as promised. Our window directly faced Santa Maria Maggiore. Some rooms faced the quiet courtyard but ours faced the busy street which suited us. We like being able to look out over the busy street not far below and watch the people and traffic. We closed the windows and heavy shutters at night. Without the soundproof windows it would have been difficult to sleep and they really worked to drown out the street noises. Some may not have liked a room facing the street and would have objected. We would stay here again.

Carol L.

Dear Jessica,

This was a real find - in more ways than one - Not only is it relatively unheralded, there's no sign on the building anywhere.

But it's a terrific hotel - convenient - you can walk to the colosseum, train station, bus terminal, and the opera house is almost next door (we picked up third row seats one morning for that evenings performance of Don Giovanni, a great place to be away from all the tourists - virtually a totally Roman audience). Busses stop in front of the hotel, halfway between two metro stops, tourist bureau kiosk next door, newsstand with English language newspapers also next door. Not so good - It was scorching hot in Rome, and the air conditioning never really cooled the room to relief levels - only down to tolerably warm. And occasionally there would be no English speaking staff on duty - not a serious problem, but a hotel in this price range shouldn't do that.

The laundromat you mention is really handy and the service is good - also good internet connection there. It was a great trip

Keith D.

Dear Kirill,

We drove to Rome and dropped off our car at the airport (again we were blessed to have the rain occur on our travel day), and took a cab to the Antico Palazzo di Roma. Being a few blocks from the Termini, the neighborhood is not the most upscale in Rome. But, we had no problems whatsoever. All the sights were in easy walking distance and the busses and Metro were just down the street for the trip to the Vatican. The room was beautifully furnished (and Quiet) and the staff was very friendly and accommodating.

To sum up, we could not be more happy with our decision to book our trip with In Italy. Every reservation went without a hitch, each hotel was just as advertised (or better), and the In Italy staff was very helpful and accommodating throughout the process. All in all, it turned out to be one of those magical trips where everything seemed to work out perfectly, much to In Italy's credit. Of course, these were not economy accommodations. I'm sure you could stay at much cheaper spots, but there is something comforting about knowing where you will be staying each night and that you can be confident it will be a nice place. I would not hesitate to recommend In Italy to anyone planning a trip to Italy (in fact, I already have!).

David B.

Dear Julie:

Antico Palazzo di Roma was a delight. We loved the location. The hotel was very pleasant---airy and comfortable---and breakfast was ample and good. The only glitch when we were there was that the main elevator ceased working for a day, so we climbed steps or used the back elevator, which didn't go up to the top floor. Everybody working at the hotel was courteous and nearly all spoke better English than we did Italian.

Good luck with business this busy summer. I can't wait till I ask you to book rooms for me on my next trip to bell' Italia.

John B.

Dear Julie,

We found Antico Palazzo di Roma to be a quiet, clean, and efficiently run hotel, with large comfortable rooms. Their breakfast buffet was very good and was held in one of two large, comfortable dining rooms. My wife liked the bathroom, but as a shower person it caused me minor problems. It had a tub with a hand held faucet and a partition around only half the tub. Thus, to take a shower took some manual dexterity and resulted in the floor being wet. I don't think they intended it to be used as a shower. I managed just fine so it was not a big deal.

The hotel's location was why we selected it. It's less than two blocks from the train, bus, and metro (both A and B lines) station and a 15 minute walk to the Forum and Colosseum. Since we used the metro often and the train for our early morning trip to Naples, the location was great for us. It is also in a non-touristy and quiet section of town. Even though our room faced the street and overlooked Santa Marie Maggiore basilica, our room was quiet at night due to the noise resistant windows as advertised on your website.

Bob N.


I was meaning to e-mail you but went right to work the morning after I returned home and have been really tired. We had a wonderful time. Antico Palazzo di Roma was really nice. The room was terrific, the bathroom was beautiful and large. They were more than courteous and very helpful. The breakfast was great. I need a big cup of coffee and that is hard to find in Italy.

Judy W.
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