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Dear Jessica,

We had a lovely holiday in Sicily (Alcamo Marina) thank you. Our room at the hotel was beautiful and the view from the balcony absolutely stunning. What a wonderful place. The hotel staff were all very pleasant and helpful. We would definitely go back.

The only problem we encountered was trying to find a bus to Alcamo Marina from Palermo - we had taken the train from Messina. The bus service is much more limited in April so it might be worth mentioning that to anyone else travelling before the really busy season.

I would recommend your apartments to anyone!!

Thank you.
Sandra M.

Dear Kristin,

The hotel and restaurant were superb and the location was perfect. Driving in Sicily was an adventure but I managed. The roads are narrow and parking is always a problem.

Henry W.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you so much for your advice! Your suggestion to end our Italian trip in Sicily at the Beachside Resort could not have been more on the mark. After three weeks of visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, and the Amalfi Coast, we flew to Catania and spent an amazing day on Mount Etna, then another at Taormina. After that we drove to the western side of the island and spent three entire days having a true vacation! What a treat! The hotel was immaculate, the staff was very friendly, we never tired of sitting on our balcony and gazing at the view, and the food at this hotel was just astounding. Honestly, when we exited the highway and drove through the very modest town of Alcamo Marina, and then pulled up in front of a very boring looking modern hotel, we had our doubts. But that was the rear of the building. Inside it was beautifully decorated, with Oriental carpets and very comfortable furniture, a fabulous pool that we used every afternoon, and a wonderful beach right in front of our windows. The first day we went down and claimed our loungers and umbrella. Then, before swimming we decided to take a walk on the long, broad beach. We walked for almost an hour, then took a wonderful swim and then sunbathed before having lunch, which included a local delicacy we had never tried before: pasta with sea urchins. Was it good? Well, we had it three more times before leaving! One day we managed to peel ourselves away and visit Palermo, which is a fascinating city -- with its hustle and bustle it could be daunting for some but we felt it was completely safe, and the people went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

In all, we really enjoyed the Sicilian Beachside Resort as a way to end our trip. If we had wanted to we could have visited the temple at Segesta or the medieval hilltown of Erice… It will have to be for next time. We promised Lucio we'd be back!

Thank you, In Italy, for finding this great little gem which we would never have known about if not for your site.

Sandra W.

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