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Thanks for reaching out to Katie and me, following our honeymoon in Italy. Everything was fabulous! The weather cooperated and it wasn’t too hot for August!

Of the hotels and service we booked though In Italy, everything worked out perfectly and was exactly as described. The car rental from Auto Europe and Hertz worked out perfectly and we were given an automatic as requested. We were even able to rent a GPS, which ended up being a lifesaver!

We found the hotel and staff at Villa Garden Hotel in Sorrento to be top-notch!! The amenities were endless and the views were breathtaking. It was a great way to kick off our honeymoon and we would defiantly stay there again.

Our stay at Palazzo Bandino in Chianciano Terme was also amazing. It was situated within some of the best views in Tuscany. It’s location to other cities in Tuscany was perfect, as we were able to visit: Montepulciano; Siena; Chiusi; Arezzo; San Gimignano; and Cortona. We experienced an Italian (Tuscan) cooking class that we found to be really informative and we plan to use the recipes that were provided to us following the class. Additionally and to our surprise, Palazzo Bandino has constructed a brand new Wellness Center. It’s essentially a day spa, complete with: Sauna; Steam Room; Indoor Pool with 5 separate hydro-massage stations; exterior infinity salt water pool with underwater music therapy. They also offer numerous massage options, although we were unable to utilize that part of the service as we were too busy visiting Tuscany. It’s very, very nice and was defiantly a enjoyable part of our visit.

Thanks again for all your help and guidance throughout our booking process. You were very easy to work with and we will look to you in the future for our next trip to Italy.

David and Katie G.

Dear Jessica,

We had a very good trip. We were extremely happy with both our hotels and we had excellent rooms in each. The staff at both places were friendly and helpful. October is a good time to be in Italy--the weather was good and it wasn't too crowded. From Sorrento we took trains to Pompeii and Herculaneum with no difficulty. Sorrento is beautiful. We enjoyed the view of the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius from our terrace.

All in all, it was a great vacation and we appreciate all your help.

Ken and Betty S.

Dear Kristin,

Our trip to Italy was fantastic. In Italy gave us good guidance although we were dealing with a challenging time frame. We enjoyed taking the trains from Rome to Florence to Venice and back to Rome, using the time between hotel check out and subsequent hotel check in for traveling between cities. We enjoyed a walk near the Boboli Gardens and up to a hill overlooking Florence, tours of the Uffizi, the Accademia, and other museums as well as walks around the Duomo and through the market where the vegetables, salamis and other foods were so resplendently displayed.

In Venice, we were happy to be at Hotel Abbazia, located near the train station so we could wheel our bags there in minutes, avoiding waiting for a boat taxi that would have prolonged our journeys to and from our hotel and interfered with our precious touring time. It was quiet, too, except for the 7:15 am church bells which didn't bother us because our biological clocks were still waking us up very early. We enjoyed the Secret Itineraries tour at the Doge's Palace, the Guggenheim museum and the Accademia museum as well as many walks in the back streets and over the canals where we got to see the crews setting up to film The Tourist starring Johnny Depp.

We ended up at Sorrento Villa Garden, a lovely hotel overlooking the sea and offering a view of Mount Vesuvius. Just two miles from the city center and the port, we walked there through the lovely neighborhoods although there was bus access if we had preferred it. Walking allowed us to explore the neighborhood and find little restaurants off the beaten track. We took the ferry to the Isle of Capri in the morning and rode the bus up and down the Amalfi coast that afternoon. The Circumvesuviana commuter train station had a stop not far from our hotel making it easy to go to Pompeii and Herculaneum, enjoying the ruins beyond compare.

Someone rated Venice, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri as four of the five most beautiful sights in Italy and we were able to enjoy them, missing only Cinque Terre in the north. The help that we received from In Italy allowed us to make the best of those ten days in the lovely country. We cannot wait to go back.

Mary G.

Julie...Julie...Julie....our trip was first rate in all respects. All of the hotels were particular, the Santa Caterina in Siena and the Villa Garden in Sorrento. They were all terrific and I would not hesitate to stay in any of them again. The decision to drive from Venice was perfect. We could move at our own pace and see the countryside. Thank goodness we rented a GPS before we was absolutely invaluable...particularly when I missed a turn here and there. I would definitely encourage future travelers to go the GPS route...we would have been lost (literally) without it.

I would probably say that the Villa Garden in Sorrento was our favorite. It was beautiful; in a great location and the staff...Gabrielle and Rafaello in particular were fantastic...oh, how can I forget the "Omelette Lady" who served breakfast every was truly a treat.

Thanks so much and we are already thinking about a return to the Amalfi Coast and a stay in Sardinia....not next year but thereafter. Thanks again and Chow!!! Haha.

Mike T.

Dear Kristin,

Our trip to Italy was terrific! The Marmorata Hotel was VERY comfortable and the staff could not have been more helpful!! It was great to see how willing they were to speak English (and how well they did it) because my Italian is very limited. The food was absolutely superb and the chef even shared one of his recipes with me! The last night we were there (a Friday night) they had a male singer/guitar player come in and sing some of the local songs from Naples. One of the waiters and I even sang together! They really made it feel "like home and family"!!

The Villa Garden Hotel in Sorrento was beautiful! The staff there also spoke English and gave us directions and recommendations for restaurants. We went to a local restaurant "Moonlight" that had indoor/outdoor eating. The people there spoke English and it was within walking distance to our hotel. We ate dinner one night at the "Donna Sophia" (named for Sophia Loren who is from that area). The staff and food there were wonderful. The restaurant had a driver that came and picked us up at our hotel and brought us of charge! Just hold your breath and look straight ahead because we drove down an alley with MAYBE 2" on each side of the car and stone walls!

Our rooms at both hotels had a balcony and overlooked the Gulf of Salerno and the Gulf of Naples. We could see Mt. Vesuvius! It was very being inserted into a travel is that beautiful!

We took a boat to Capri and took a smaller one to the Blue Grotto! Once we arrived at the entrance to the Blue Grotto we paid an additional 20 Euro (10 Euro each) and stepped into a row boat. We had to duck down low so as to not hit our heads upon entering the cave. I was amazed to see how well my pictures came out from inside the cave. The water is SOOOO blue it is unbelievable! The oarsmen all sang as they rowed us around inside the cave. It was great! The day we went there it was drizzling on and off and we were afraid we would not be able to see anything once we got into the Blue Grotto, but it didn't matter. We were able to see everything.

Oh, one more thing...the lemon groves! We could not BELIEVE the size of the lemons in that region and how much sweeter they are compared to ours! They are the size of our grapefruit!!! Even the garlic there tasted sweeter!

My husband Terry and I are both hoping to see more of Italy maybe sometime next year. If we are able to do that, we would certainly book our reservation through "In Italy" again! We had a wonderful experience and a lifetime of memories to share with our families and friends. Thank you SO MUCH for such a wonderful time!!! We will never forget it!

Christine and Terry K.

Dear Julie,

We loved the hotel in Sorrento, found through your website. More like a family home than a hotel, we found the staff to be especially friendly and helpful - the Villa Garden Hotel.

We loved the entire Amalfi Coast, and Positano. Special visits we would highly recommend are Matera, to the fabulous Sassi dwellings and, not too far away, the Trulli houses. Both are amazing sites, full of rich history, amazing unfolding into this current time. Of course the Greek ruins in Southern Italy and Sicily were wonderful, but those two dwelling sites just blew us away.

All time favorite city this trip was certainly Taormina - everything anyone could want, all in one: the majestic Mt Etna, the beautiful Mediterranean coast, the amazing hilltop Greek theatre, and a charming city large enough to explore over several days. Great food, great shopping, great people!

Thanks for all the help your website provided us in our planning and take-along maps, descriptions, suggestions.

Larry & Donna C.

Dear Kirill,

We had a wonderful trip to Italy. We loved our stay at the Hotel Villa Garden in Sorrento/Sant Agnello, and booked through In Italy. The location is beautiful and the staff were very welcoming and helpful. In this part of Italy, we recommend/enjoyed some the following:

1. A special dinner on the Hotel Cocumella terrace in Sant'Agnello followed by a chamber recital in the former chapel, now part of the hotel

2. Touring Herculaneum (much more preserved than Pompeii-we learned a lot)

3. Go to Naples rather than avoid it--eat pizza at Di Matteo, see Caravaggio's Seven Acts of Mercy at Pio Monte della Misericordia, and take in the view of Naples from Vomero hill/Villa Floridiana

4. In Amalfi, visit Savoia for terrific gelato, and pear and ricotta tart

5. In Ravello, take the time to linger at Villa Cimbrone for the view and gardens; and have lunch on the terrace at Villa Maria (great panorama of the valley)

6. Enjoy the hike down from Ravello, taking the walking trail to Amalfi--lots of steps but great views along the way

7. Nightly fireworks, during September, celebrating festivals and Vesuvius (in both Sorrento and Amalfi)

We had many more great experiences, but will stop.

Thanks for your assistance.

Peter L.

Dear Jessica,

I have just returned from a week's break staying at the Hotel Villa Garden. I have to say this was the best hotel that I have stayed in for a long time. The staff were all very friendly and courteous. Hotel was spotless, views stunning. Breakfast and lunchtime menu was excellent. Gabriella was extremely helpful as were the ladies in the Breakfast Room. Met lots of very nice people. I would rate this hotel as number 1 out of all those that I have stayed in throughout Italy. Many Thanks To All At The Hotel.

Linda S.


Our trip to Italy was fantastic! The Hotel Villa Garden was a wonderful retreat after five days of sightseeing in Florence and Rome. The hotel is immaculate and the staff courteous and helpful. The ladies serving breakfast were delightful, pleasant, and cheery! Sorrento was magnificent. It was amazing how well the train and bus system connects to all of the places one needs to go! From Villa Garden we went to Pompeii on the train and were delivered right in front of the entrance. A bus took us to the port to catch a boat to Capri (which, by the way is probably the most overrated place we had been!). After a pleasant trip around the island, we were unable to see the famous blue grotto because there were so many boats waiting outside the grotto. No one was terribly disappointed.

Thank you for your help. When we travel to Italy again we will certainly refer to you as we choose our itinerary and hotels.

Susan M.

Dear Kirill,

Thank you for your email. We had a delightful trip, and my husband and I both decided that our favorite hotel experience was at the Villa Gardens Hotel. You were very accurate as to what the hotel was like. It certainly wasn't the most elaborate hotel we stayed in, but the staff and location were wonderful. I especially want to compliment Gabriella who could not have been more helpful.

The room was very small, but then it looked just like your picture. We loved the view of the sunset from our small balcony. We walked across the small road in front of the hotel to have our wine and overlook the water. What a view! Our breakfast was nice; standard fare, but it also included omelets or eggs prepared to your liking.

I will say that I was disappointed that you could not get a ticket for me to see the Last Supper in Milan.

L. Jane D.

Dear Julie,

We found the Sorrento Villa Garden Hotel to be exactly as advertised on your web site. Lovely hotel and pool and nice, quiet location. Most of the staff were quite warm and friendly and the breakfast staff was wonderful. The hotel recommended the Moonlight Ristorante, which we found to be quite good with many locals coming and going while we were there. Very reasonably priced and a great selection of seafood. It's just two blocks from the hotel. We also would recommend the Z'Intonio Ristorante, as you did. The restaurant sent a complimentary car for us (it would have been hard to find on our own) and we had a fabulous meal there. It is actually over the water at the marina, has a lovely view and outstanding food.

We hope to go back to the Amalfi Coast and will definitely use your web site again!

Thanks for everything.

Rebecca M.

Dear Jessica:

Thanks for following up. We can summarize with one sentence--a great hotel, in a perfect location with excellent service and a beautiful view!!!!!!!! Wonderful service at breakfast and most helpful staff, day and night.

We would get the larger room next time, as recommended.

One note--please ensure that travelers get more details on the directions, if renting a car, BEFORE they go, and that they have Euros for the tolls and also know how much the tolls are.

We will highly recommend your company and definitely use the services next year!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

Peter A. R.


Thanks for following up on our trip to see how things went. First, let me say "Thank You" for all of the great information and suggestions from Kristin and Without your site and helpful employees, our trip would not have gone as smoothly and been as wonderful. This trip, by far, was the best we've ever taken. We look forward to going again soon!

Sorrento Villa Garden is located right on the water with incredible views of the coastline. The hotel accommodations were nice and the staff was friendly. Their breakfast was the best of all the places we stayed in Italy. Its location is close enough to walk to the port (to reach Capri, Positano, and Naples) but far enough off the main streets for peaceful evening sunset views...

I will definitely continue to recommend your service for friends and family who are planning a trip to Italy...

Thanks Again,
Jarrel J.

Dear Jessica,

We enjoyed the Sorrento Villa Garden Hotel. We especially appreciated the hotel receptionist who helped us establish a bus excursion of the Amalfi Coast. She also gave us excellent advice on how to get to Pompeii from the train (after we left Sorrento & heading back toward Naples) - regarding which stop to take, how far the entrance gate was from the train station, and where to store our luggage. She helped us to check in on August 30th, but unfortunately I do not remember her name.

Separately, Paula helped us to secure the Amalfi Coast excursion while we went to a late lunch in Sorrento, also much appreciated.

We enjoyed the breakfast at the Sorrento hotel and appreciated the friendliness of the breakfast staff. We enjoyed returning to this hotel after our daily activities. The location was quiet, the ocean view was great, and the rooms were comfortable. I particularly enjoyed playing the piano. My husband enjoyed the written comments in the guest book.

Dee & Gus G.


Thanks for asking. We had a wonderful trip and the hotels were fantastic. Here are some more specific thoughts.

Absolutely beautiful hotel and beautiful grounds. After we got to know the staff they were wonderful & extremely helpful with restaurants, buses, trains, etc. The room was fabulous - view onto the Mediterranean Sea overlooking Mt. Vesuvius and another window overlooking the pool. Beautiful furnishings in the room and the lobby/bar area. The only 2 things we disliked were 1) the shower - it was a hand held thing which meant you really had to sit down in the tub to use it (the bathroom got sprayed a few times by inept handlers of the shower!!; and 2) we couldn't make international calling card calls from our room because it was rotary dial. They allowed us use of the bar phone which was very nice, but it wasn't very private. The lobby/bar was big, spacious and very welcoming and it opened out onto the pool which was quite large and beautifully landscaped. The breakfast room was fabulous - basically sitting on the water with wonderful views of Mt. Vesuvius. And a fabulous spread of food and cooked to order eggs, ham, etc. Excellent restaurants within a short walking distance. We would definitely stay here again.

Carol A.

Dear Julie,

The Sorrento Villa Garden Hotel was nice. It was clean and the staff were friendly and helpful. The two best features were the pool and the breakfasts. The breakfasts were good, included alot of choices, and were provided in a room at the edge of the cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples with Mt. Vesuvius in the background. I would recommend the hotel to friends.

Thank you,
Todd R.

Dear Kirill,

Our trip was wonderful! Sorrento Villa Garden was beautiful and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The room was beautiful and the view fantastic! The only thing I would suggest is that they let customers know that if you book a tour and things like that you have to pay cash when you check out instead of putting all expenses on a credit card. Luckily we had the cash on us but guest might need to know that up front so they make sure they visit the atm machine. It was a wonderful experience and we would definitely want to stay there again!!

Brenda W.

Dear Jessica,

Our trip was wonderful!!! I am so sad to be home. Thanks to In Italy for everything! We loved the Sorrento Villa Garden. Our only surprise was that there were not actual showers. The bath tub was great but it was a handheld shower only, just surprised us a bit. Otherwise it was fabulous! We would definitely stay there again.

I really want to thank In Italy so much. Practically all of our research was done on the website. It is by far the most useful website I have ever used to help book travel.

Thanks for everything!

Jackie and Bob R.

Dear Julie,

My trip to Italy was a wonderful experience. It will truly be one that I shall never forget. My Aunt and I were really lucky because the weather was really nice, 75 to 80 degrees every day!! We spent 4 days in Rome and Florence. We then traveled south to Calabria, Italy and stayed there for 4 days and then traveled to Sorrento for 3 days and then back up to Rome for 4 more days and flew to U.S.

My accommodations at the Sorrento Villa Garden Hotel were very nice. The hotel attendants were very accommodating. On the last day we were there, we had reserved a cab to pick us up at 6:30 a.m. so that we could catch a bus back to Rome, well the cab didn't come and so one of the hotel attendants took us in his vehicle or we wouldn't have been able to be there on time. We thought that was very nice of them to do that for us. Sorrento is a beautiful town and we loved shopping there. I bought a beautiful tablecloth and napkins. The restaurants were really good too.

Thank you so much for your wonderful website on Italy. I have given it to another friend who is going to Florence this summer.

Phyllis D.

Dear Kristin,

Things were fabulous, I especially enjoyed Sorrento and the hotel there. All the people were very friendly at all hotels. I thank you for your help and will return to Italy someday and use your site again. I will steer other people to your site also.

Lisa M.

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