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Good Morning:

My wife and I stayed a total of eight nights in Italy and stayed only in hotels recommended by you. We stayed five nights in Tramonto d'Oro in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast, then two nights in Rome and our last night was at Fiumicino Airport Hotel.

I rented a car when we arrived in Italy and drove to the Amalfi Coast and had the vehicle the entire time we were there. Parking at the Hotel Tramonto d'Oro was very convenient and easy. The staff at the hotel was amazingly gracious and helpful. I drove into Naples one day and their parking recommendations were right on. We had dinner in the hotel two nights of the five we were there and the food was excellent and the setting, outdoors on the balcony, beautiful. We had a spectacular view from our room. Pleasant restaurants within walking distance. Wonderful experience. Praiano is a little quiet in the evening and taking a walk on the main road an adventure, but part of the flavor.

We had a very early departure flight from Rome back to the States so we got to the airport hotel late in the after the day before our departure. The hotel is very modern and spotless. We had dinner in the hotel restaurant but it did not open till 7:30 PM, so we had aperitifs out by the pool, which was delightful. We had a lovely dinner in their restaurant which you highly recommended and your recommendation was justified. The hotel did not exchange currency so they arranged for a taxi to take us to the airport at 5:00 AM that would accept credit cards. Again a very nice experience.

We had a great trip and were very pleased with your recommendations. We wanted a more Italian and less touristy experience and we were rewarded by following your recommendations. We would stay at all three of the hotels again and recommend them to friends. We will again heed your advice on future trips to Italy.

Thank you,
Otto N.

Dear Kirill,

How can I thank you for introducing my family and me to Hotel Tramonto d'Oro! What a revelation! A great family hotel, wonderful staff, perfect views and one of the most spectacular pool areas on the Amalfi Coast! Great surrounding restaurants, but perfectly good food at the hotel too!

Our only disappointment – we had to leave!

Thank you!
Kelvin W.

Dear Kirill,

Our trip was fantastic! Hotel Tramonto D'Oro in Praiano was superb. The view from the rooms is what had enticed us to book it in the first place, and it did not disappoint. Every morning I woke up and went outside and saw the same beautiful little boat moored just off-shore. I now have at least 20 pictures of this same boat.....all looking about the same. 1 picture would have sufficed, but every morning the sight was just too nice not to pass up on the photo op.

The staff at the Tramonto D'Oro was incredibly friendly, and we got the sense they genuinely cared about the well-being of their guests. The breakfasts were excellent especially when coupled with the view. The rooms were clean, handsomely decorated and nicely appointed. I cannot say enough about the staff though. The family that runs the hotel was very involved and it showed. The ancillary staff at the desk and waiters etc. were equally warm and welcoming. With such a commanding view, we decided to eat dinner at the hotel several times and found the cuisine to be outstanding.

I would definitely recommend staying in Praiano if one likes a little more peace than towns like Sorrento. It's a picturesque (just like everything in Amalfi) village with easy connections by bus or car to every other place along the coast. Plus, a few kilometers up the mountainside from the nearby town of Amalfi is the truly picturesque village of Ravello, a must visit but not a must stay unless money is no object.

Finally, I would like to thank your In Italy staff for your help with our trip. We made numerous changes while we were booking the hotels that were quite confusing I am sure. I was confused myself, but a quick phone call to your offices helped clear the air.

Sana A.

Dear Jessica, 

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how divine the tramanto d'oro is...the people are so lovely and gracious here in southern italy...we couldn't be happier...spent the day in capri...what an amazing place!! and upon our return to praiano, we found a wonderful little wine bar called vivero, just across the street from the hotel and a little up the hill...the proprietor fixed us the most heavenly snack and glass of wine...about 10 euro!!

The only thing i wanted to mention is that if you take the bus from rome to praiano it's about 5 and a half hours...and the marozzi bus only goes to sorrento (4 hours)'re dropped off in what feels like the middle of town and the bus driver loosely pointed in a direction that lead us finally to the SITA bus station...we caught a bus there that took us to praiano, another hour and a was 6 euros per person...we weren't sure where to get off...they told us there was only one stop for praiano, so we got off outside of town and ended up walking about 100 yards into town with all of our luggage...only to see that there was actually another stop, right in front of our hotel!! we will be sad to leave this lovely place, but so anxious to see our next stop and to discover the joy that will bring to us...

In appreciation,
Suanne S.

Hi Julie:

I and my family are addicted tourists. We travel throughout Europe and US similar way as you make people travel in Italy. Your website is one of the best tourist ones that I know. Congratulations.

Now my comments:

We spent 5 days in Tramonto d'Oro hotel in Costa di Amalfi. We felt like at home during our stay. Everyday, we spoke with one of family members, enjoyed dinner at the hotel and exchanged our opinions about the tourist attractions. At the departure, we received Christmas gifts. The weather was just perfect for winter compared to Poland where we live. 10-14 degrees C and sunshine. We were lucky. What you can see in that part of Italy is one of the most beautiful coastline in Europe with small villages attached to the rocks. The road along the coast is very winding. What a great experience is to travel at night or when a bus was coming the opposite direction. A little bit of adrenaline always helps. When you are there and are interested in history, I suggest to skip big and dirty cities like Napoli and focus on Roman times and history related to Vesuvio's eruption in AD 79. You have to visit Pompeii, Ercolano and Capri. Did you know that out of 20000 inhabitants of Pompei, only 2000 died after the eruption? They were mainly slaves who were ordered to stay and protect their owners' houses. In Ercolano, which was a kind of local Beverly Hills in ancient Roman Empire, the excavations are down 15 m below the city level. Unlike Pompeii, the city is in much better shape and is really worth visiting. In Capri, besides all known landscape attractions, walk to the Villa di Jovis, from where Tiberus governed the Roman Empire for some time. You can be sure that he picked up a right place for his villa. The view is outstanding. Do not forget to take a private guide in Pompeii and Ercolano. For example, he would show you a fountain where you could see a spot of rock curved over hundreds of years by Roman right hands when they tried to reach for flowing fresh water. You would see a slogan from the electoral campaign 2000 years ago painted on one of the houses (Vote for Hilary C or something similar). If you are interested in history, it would be delightful to see the ruins with a guide. On the costa di Amalfi, you should visit Amalfi, Positano, Ravello (with great postcard view from one of villas). If you travel during or after Christmas, you have to see a Christmas "decoration" (small Jesus, his family in the cave and the city at the seaside, all in miniature but 50 meter long), all these in a small cave along the road in Praiano. This was the most beautiful Christmas "decoration" that I had seen in my life. And I have seen a lot.

Witold K., Warsaw, Poland

Dear Jessica,

We are home from our fabulous vacation and very pleased with Hotel Tramonto Doro. The staff was very professional, warm and friendly. The restaurant was excellent. We had a beautiful view from our terrace of Positano. We felt Praiano was an excellent place to be based with ease of taking the bus to Positano and Sorrento. A quiet place to retire at the end of a day of exploration. I loved Ravello. The Amalfi coast was spectacular. We will recommend your site to anyone we know traveling to Italy. In the future we are considering visiting the northern part of Italy and will contact you. Thank you for all your help and recommendations.

Linda and Rich B.

Dear Jessica,

I wanted to let you know that we LOVED the Hotel Tramonto d'Oro. We recently returned from a trip to Italy (Florence and the Amalfi Coast) and the highlight of our trip was our stay on the Amalfi Coast - most particularly our magical stay at the Tramonto d'Oro! It is a beautiful hotel which features breathtaking sunsets on bright white terraces overlooking the deep eggshell blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and, which proved to be a quiet retreat after the hustle of Florence. However, the most wonderful feature of the hotel is the Esposito Family, who are sincerely warm, gracious and welcoming.

The Hotel provides breakfast and dinner, and the food, while simple, was fresh, very well prepared and very tasty. The accommodations were exceptionally comfortable and roomy and feature spacious terraces that overlook the Village and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The beds were perfect and I so appreciated the luxe, high thread count cotton linens after a long day of walking up and down the Amalfi Coast! We certainly did not want to leave.

I loved Praiano, as well. It is true that one might consider it "sleepy," however, I would prefer to characterize it as serene. The pace of the village was idyllic and timed by the chimes in San Gennaro. On any stroll through town one is treated to the joy of the laughter of children at play and lulled by the jasmine tea scent which is a byproduct of lemon and orange trees. It was with great reluctance that I had to come home...but I did return home with the desire to return, next time on a 2 to 3 month sabbatical to immerse myself in the daily life of Praiano while leisurely exploring the whole of the southwestern coast of Italy.

I guess that is the most wonderful aspect of the Hotel Tramonto d'Oro and Praiano - each provides the space of grace and the pace of life that allows one the chance to reconnect with the simple act of dreaming.

Thank you again,
Claudia and Rick S.

Dear Julie,

We loved all of the services you arranged for us. I want to say, especially, that the Hotel Tramonto D'Oro in Priano was superb! I cannot say enough good about it. I was concerned that we needed a non-smoking room, they did not offer them but I was reassured we'd not smell smoke in the room…and we didn't. This really shows that you know the properties and their owner/managers! This was our second trip to Italy using your service, we'll be back and will use

Great job!

Dave S.

Dear Kristin,

We had a great time at Tramonto D' Oro, it was everything you said it would be and more. The hotel staff was a pure delight and made us feel right at home. We stayed in the deluxe room and were very pleased with the room and view of the balcony. Thank you for your help and suggestions, we are already trying to decide when we could return. We recommend the Tramonto D' Oro very highly to anyone wanting a relaxing getaway!

Thank you,
Tawnya M.


We found the Tramonto d'Oro to be a pleasant enough place to stay and the staff was very nice. The restaurant was good and the food very well-prepared, although the menu is the same every day at lunch and dinner, so not especially creative. Unfortunately many of the other restaurants in Praiano close in early November and so there were few options to choose from in town. The recommended San Gennaro pizzaria was very unfriendly with glacially slow service even for rural Italy. Praiano itself is a very sleepy little town, and not a particularly good choice for an off-season visit.

One highlight was the recommendation by the hotel staff of the restaurant at the Hotel Villa Maria in Ravello. A beautiful location, great food, charming staff.

Best regards,
Doug E.

Hello Kirill,

Overall, another fabulous trip thanks to the help of In Italy. We loved everything about our stay in Praiano. Everyone at the hotel was so gracious and the front desk actually helped plan our itinerary while in that area of Italy (recommending when to go to Capri based on weather, boat rental, etc and to go to Ravello--which we really enjoyed). They also coaxed the restaurant across the street into staying open the first night so we could get some late night pizza after our (rattled) drive to Praiano in our troubled rental car. On our last night in Praiano, we returned to that restaurant which was so gracious and, not only did we have a wonderful dinner, we were able to witness an Easter parade on the street (this restaurant is a story above the street).

We planned on seeing Pompeii on our way to Rome for the next (and last) leg of our trip. I was very surprised with Pompeii--the "tourist books" don't really prepare you for how to find the ruins or where they are. We could not find them...there was some closed roads and detours to nowhere. Pompeii seemed like a desperate place to me although we only stayed there long enough to turn around several times going back and forth every angle through town. After we noticed some young men circling us on their Vespas for the 5th time and staring into the car (down on my floor mats for my purse?) we got out of there and never were able to see the ruins. It was intense. I feel pretty safe in Rome... I did not feel that way in Pompeii and was actually glad to be on with our trip.

The host at Hotel Tramonto D'Oro recommended that we also see Monte Cassino. We drove to the top of the mountain where PAX is and that was closed, although, it was a beautiful drive. We had no idea what we were seeing at the time but are having some fun researching that now.

Rome was Rome! I'm pretty lucky that this was our second time there (first time for our kids). Our last time was five years ago in March so going during Easter was pretty crazy! We were able to get into the Vatican on Easter pretty easy... seeing the Sistine Chapel on Tuesday meant 2 worthwhile hours in line.

We enjoyed our rooms/apts. in both towns and I hope we'll be back to Italy soon. You'll be hearing from us when we do.

Best regards,
Rhonda and Rob P.

Dear Kristin,

We loved our stay in Praiano. In fact, my fiance asked me to marry him on this trip and we decided that for our Honeymoon we will return to Praiano. Everyone was so helpful and nice. The staff was excellent and the hotel was amazing. My favorite was the view from the terrazza of the hotel. What a great way to start your morning with a nice cappuccino and that wonderful view.

We will be returning and thank you so much for everything.

Michelle G.

Hi Jessica,

We had a wonderful time at Hotel Tramonto D'Oro! My friends and I were very impressed with the hotel and all the amenities. It was the last place we stayed in Italy and had the most amenities of all the places we'd stayed.

The view from our room was amazing! I have some of the best photos of our trip from the hotel, both from the room and the lobby. It was so nice to have a large patio with table/chairs. Our room accommodated the three of us quite well; we had the room with the two twin beds in another bedroom.

It seems you've thought of everything when it comes to spoiling your guests. The bathrooms were well stocked with treats. The honor bar was also well stocked.

The ONLY suggestion I have, and this is minor, is that the towels in the bathroom were pretty scratchy. I'm a little spoiled with fluffy, soft towels, but found that most every place we went, the towels were not that plush.

The people that worked at the hotel were the MOST friendly people in Italy! How wonderful that they took care of getting us someone to do pedicures for each of us on the day it rained! The restaurant was fabulous, both the food and staff...couldn't have improved a thing!

Thank you so much for being such hospitable hosts, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Diana H.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you so much...Our stay at Hotel Tramonto D'Oro was fantastic. Great views, Great food, and best of all Great service. Everyone there was very helpful and full of smiles. I would highly recommend Hotel Tramonto d'Oro to everyone.

Thanks again,
Fred H. A.

Dear Julie,

While it's been several months since our return, I am still fondly remembering our stay at the Hotel Tramonto D'Oro. The weather was perfect and the view phenomenal. The facilities were just right. By the time we left, we truly felt like one of the family. I even left my passport in our last hotel on Capri and both hotels worked together and arranged to have my passport brought to me with a very minimal charge. I can't say I have ever traveled to a place where we were made to feel so special.

Many thanks for including this hotel on your site!
Sandi R.


Our stay at the hotel was delightful. The rooms were everything your site said they would be and much more. It was the best place we stayed on our trip and the owners were great. What a great location.

Laura H.

Dear Jessica –

Hotel Tramonto d'Oro was spectacular! The sunset really is golden! Pretty, clean, well-appointed. Our only regret is that the time went by too fast. We were very happy with our room. We had a little deck with a view of the water and the sun was shining most of the days... we didn't expect such great weather. We also didn't expect a basket of fruit in our room, those cute little slippers, or bath salts for the tub. Very nice touches (although they didn't refresh the bath salts when I used them all up). They also gave us a nice little memento/gift when we departed.

The desk people were very kind in suggesting itineraries and Pasquale in the dining room was very good to us...the marinated fish appetizer was new to us and we really liked it. I also loved having dessert for breakfast.

If I was going to be picky it would be to say that we never really knew how much we were spending in the dining room and at the end of the stay it was just a lump sum in the bill.... it looked reasonable enough, so we just paid it. Others might prefer an itemization, however. Also there is a 10 Euro per person charge to use the Turkish bath, and I don't think that was clear in the booking materials. Again, we didn't care. We loved the place.

I would recommend the Hotel for people with mobility problems because you can enter right off the street and there is an elevator.

This town is a well-kept secret, especially considering it is on the main road. There are no tourist shops, but there are shops for your basic needs, and you can feel like you live there. Nice and quiet, but we were still able to get a good Manhattan across the street.

Highest regards,
Kathleen S.

Dear Jessica,

We have happily passed along your website to a number of friends in the months since our trip. It is easily the only resource anyone needs to plan a wonderful vacation in Italy. Finding the ideal places to stay was so simple, and the reviews of other travelers proved invaluable.

There are not enough superlatives in the English language to describe how spectacular Tramonto d'Oro was. This is truly a world-class hotel in every respect, from the warm & efficient staff and delicious meals to the luxurious rooms and spectacular views. This is the ultimate setting to relax as you have never relaxed before. We definitely plan on returning to this spot again, and for a much longer stay next time.

Thanks for hosting such an outstanding site Jessica!

Brian and Geoff

Dear Julie,

After visiting relatives and friends we went to the Amalfi Coast and stayed at the Hotel Tramonto d'Oro. The ride along the coast is so beautiful but so challenging. We were so happy to easily find our hotel and park the car for three days. Our room was so beautiful in ceramic tiles of the region and the view was the best I have seen, overlooking the sea. The sunset was unbelievable. There was a pool on the top of the hotel where you could enjoy a cocktail watching the sunset. Bus transportation in the front of the hotel will take you to any of the towns you would like to visit and especially to catch transportation to Capri for one euro per person. The day of our departure we left the hotel early in the morning to avoid the traffic and arrived in Rome to return our car at the airport without problems. Most of our maps came from MapQuest, however, they were in miles and kilometers would have helped although we never got lost.

It was the first visit to Italy for my sister-in-law and we are very happy that we used your service for our trip. We will definitely recommend In Italy in the future to anyone traveling to Italy.

Wish we were still there. . . . . . . . .

Eileen & Dominic A.

My husband Ron and I stayed at Hotel Tramonto D'Oro for 5 days at the end of May and I have to say it is still very clear in my memory. I remember the kindness of the staff and especially the owner Theresa who we called Mother Theresa. She would come and make sure we were enjoying our breakfast, lunch and dinner and always had a moment to stop and chat with her daughters and son. The views were just spectacular, the towns were charming and the hotel just beautiful. And the food was delicious - I requested a dessert (cannoli) and the next night like magic they were there on the menu and delicious. We cannot wait to come back and visit again.

Marlene and Ron L.

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