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Dear Jessica,

I had a wonderful time in Italy! The people, the sounds, the sights, the food --- all marvelous! The hotel you recommended in Agropoli was a real gem. Small, intimate, comfortable, clean, luxurious. Luigi, the owner, doted on us like we were royalty, giving tips on towns to visit and restaurants to go to. The highlight of my trip was visiting the town where my grandfather was born --- Castelcivita. I met relatives that I didn’t know I had. I didn’t feel like I was on vacation. I felt like I went home. Very emotional.

One tip I would give visitors to Italy --- especially first-timers like myself or those who plan to drive around --- get a GPS with your rental car. Although the roads are well-paved and the all the highways are modern, road signs can be circuitous and street signs in the towns are few and far between. While it’s definitely fun to get a little lost, I’m really glad we paid the extra money for the GPS. It got us everywhere we wanted to go.

Thanks so much for all your help and your helpful advice. I’m looking forward to going back again.

Mike Y.

Dear Jessica,

Agropoli itself is a "best kept secret" and I definitely want to go back. There are not near as many tourists there as the Amalfi Coast and prices for everything, especially food are very reasonable. The resort was one of the nicest I have ever stayed in. We had booked a triple room but when we got there Luigi didn't have any available so he gave us two doubles. The room that my daughter had was up a spiral staircase all by itself. The bathroom was further up the staircase in the "tower". Very nice and I thought that room in particular was cool. The pool is huge and just the right temperature. The half board that Luigi made was great as well and I could not believe we got that much food for that price. We ate the half board 2 of the 3 nights and he had seafood both nights, served in courses so you need to come to dinner hungry because the courses are huge. Luigi buys food in town on a day to day basis so if you have any requests tell him earlier in the day and he will put it on the menu. Although I recommend the half board, I do not recommend it every night. Agropoli has some wonderful places to eat, especially the pizza place (I forget the name of it) in old town. Also, during the summer the half board gets started late and you are not going to be done until around 10 or 10:30 p.m., so on any night that you want to go out into the town I would not recommend getting the half board that night.

The first afternoon we checked in and then hit the pool. After that we decided to go downtown and Luigi told us some parking lots where we could park for free. We found the tourist information center in the middle of town and that was the best thing we could have done. There is a woman working there that speaks very good English, for good reason because she is from Chicago. Her mother is Italian and they mostly spoke Italian when she was growing up. She went to Agropoli on vacation 6 years ago, met a guy, married him, and never left. She teaches school but works the information booth as a summer job. She was very nice and gave us alot of things to do. After the half board the first night we went down to he beach next to the marina. During the summer they have beach soccer from around 8 to midnight. The little kids play early and the older teams play later. Most of the town turns out for the games and they play every night of the week except for Saturday. There is a small soccer field next to the marina complete with stands, a PA system and booths where you can buy food....not that we needed any more food after the dinner. Luigi told us that during the summer Italians go out into the town with their families and stay out late. At 11:30 p.m. the soccer game was packed. We watched that for awhile and then walked around the marina. There are different colored lights that light up the cliff side at night next to the marina as well and it is very pretty.

The next day we went to Baia Trentova, the main beach in Agropoli. The woman at the information center told us that it is one of 22 blue flag beaches in all of Italy. The blue flag beaches are the prettiest and have the bluest water she said. There is a little place called Jamaica where you can rent sun chairs and eat lunch right on the beach. I had bought some snorkel gear earlier so we spent the day on the each swimming and snorkelling. The food at Jamaica was great as well. That night was when we went to old town to the pizza place. I do not remember the name of it but you guys recommended it as did the woman at the information booth. The pizza was THE best I have ever none. It is a little small hole in the wall place but it was good. We ordered an extra one just because they were so good, and they were brought out on wicker baskets already sliced and stacked inside. Total bill for 3 pizzas and 4 drinks was 16 Euros.

The next day we went to the beach at Santa Maria di Castellabate. Luigi told us to go up to Castellabate first for the view and we were not disappointed. Castellabate is about 1500 ft up overlooking the ocean and you can see the beaches at Santa Maria. We went down to the town and actually had a little trouble getting to the beach. The "beach road" is set back a couple of hundred meters from the beach and all roads run down perpendicular to the beach so you actually have to park and walk down one of the roads to it. Because of this we drove all the way to the north side of town and I am glad we did. We were looking for the beach and couldn't find it so we just kept driving. There is a resturant there on the furthest north side of town where we ate lunch and it was the best pasta I have ever eaten I know I said that about the pizza and I am saying it about the pasta. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the place but you can rent chairs there as well. It s the last one on the north side of the town.

So, the highlights were: the resort itself, beach soccer ever night at the marina, the pizza place in old town, Trenova beach and Jamaica, the view at Castellabate, the restaurant and beach at Santa Maria di Castellabate. I'm sorry I do not remember the names of those restaurants but I hope this e-mail helps give some other travellers things to do and we will definitely be getting in touch with you when we go back.

Todd M.

All at In Italy,

We had a fantastic two weeks in Italy in August 2010 staying at fabulous hotels. Firstly we had a week at Agropoli Villa Hotel. We decided not to hire a car as the idea of this part of our holiday was just to relax. Luigi kindly offered to collect us from Agropoli station which is a good 3km if you walk. The hotel is in a great location high up overlooking a stunning valley and views to the Mediterranean.  The pool and the area around it is great for relaxation and the staff are extremely helpful. The room we had was spacious and the hotel and grounds were spotlessly clean. We ate at the hotel each night and the food was lovely with Luigi and his cook creating different menus each evening.  We would recommend that you hire a car as the hotel is remote and it is well worth exploring the countryside and coast as the area is beautiful. We visited Paestum on the train which is easy but check the train times as there is a period around mid morning when no trains run to Paestum for about 3hrs. All in all a great value hotel and a wonderful place to get some peace and quiet.

We then spent a further week staying at the Marmorata Hotel in Ravello. It is actually 900mtrs below Ravello on the coast. The hotel is exquisite - a converted mill. There is direct access to the sea from a terraced area. The hotel restaurant serves wonderful food. The staff were again extremely helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Again we did not hire a car and the hotel is about 2kms from Amalfi so you need to catch the hotel bus into the town. There is so much to see around this coastline but the highlight was Ravello itself which is a beautiful village with stunning views.

We would recommend both hotels. The only thing we found we could not really do easily was stroll in the evening as each hotel was quite isolated and so did not lend themselves to promenading in the evenings. This in no way affected the enjoyment we had from our stay and will certainly be returning again, particularly to Agripoli Villa. Thanks, In Italy, as your hotels are always interesting and good quality.

John & Jo O.

Dear Jessica,

We had a great time, saw a lot, ate a lot, and had several adventures that we did not expect, but turned out fine. The hotels you booked for us were all completely different, but we had an enjoyable time at all.

The Hotel in Agropoli, although the 'plumbing facilities' were not what we are used to, it is what we expected to find in Italy, but the Hotel and surroundings were beyond expectations and Luigi was a great help finding the local Vosos in town. He suggested I visit a local bar that was owned by a Voso, and when I returned and told him I couldn't find a Voso there, we immediately got in his car and returned to the bar to find out that Antonio Voso had retired and was down the street coaching his grandson's soccer team. We went there, found Antonio and little Antonio but it doesn't seem that we have any relatives in common. On the same trip we also visited the local car dealership which Giuseppe Voso owns, talked with him, but no apparent relationship there either. We ended our stay in the Grand Hotel Oriente in Naples and it was a great way to end our trip, 8th floor with huge balcony overlooking the city and Mt Vesuvius.

The car and the car trip were one of the highlights of the trip. My 24 years old son did all the driving and he loved it. In no time he was right in there with all the locals, making three lanes out of two, maneuvering through the roundabouts, like a true Italian and with the help of our GPS we found roads between Rome, Naples and Agropoli that few had traveled on in what looked like years. Roads barely wide enough for one car, steep and winding, with weeds growing through the pavement to let you know you were among the few that has traveled this road. We saw many hill towns, up close and personal that we would not have seen if we had taken the train. We did have a few 'stumbles,' like when we parked our car in a parking lot suggested by a local to tour the Old City of Agropoli, only to return in 2 or 3 hours to find our car by itself in the parking lot locked behind a gate. With the help of the owner of the store across the street and a patron in his store we were led to the city offices where a kind gentlemen made more than a few phone calls and in less than two hours we were back on the road. Then there was the time we got a police escort to help us find the Municipal building in Agropoli. We stopped at a parked police car to try and get directions, and to make a long story short, they ended up leading us to the police station where I talked to the officers by way of a phone call to one of the officers' sister, who spoke some English. As I say it was a long story but this episode along with the Luigi ride and getting lost on a bus trip showed us that although the Italians may seem 'tough' at times they went out of their way to help when help was needed. Rome is a city of tourists and historic places, Agropoli is a relatively small city with few tourists, but natural beauty along the coast, and Naples is a city of people, very few tourists it seemed, and its share of historic places. They were all interesting in their own way and we enjoyed our time in all of them. Time is what we had too little of, we were always on the go with not enough time to see all there was to see. We were warned to be careful in Naples, but we had no problem there or in any place we visited, and we did get right in the middle of it in Naples. Monday evening it was all you could do to get down the side streets off of Toledo Street for the mass of people walking, mothers with baby carriages, people and families on scooters, and cars all trying to occupy the same streets and sidewalks, along with street vendors and their wares. We were surprised particularly in Agropoli and Naples how few people there were that spoke or understood English, not that they should, but we thought that English was more prevalent than it appeared to be. The other thing we were not expecting is that most everything closes up around lunch time until 2 or so, so either eat lunch early or wait. One other adventure was our trip on the public bus. You buy your tickets in the tobacco store, but no one ever seems to use them. You get on the bus, there is a machine there that a lot of the time did not work, but even when it did few people used it, including us. Anyway we took the bus back to the hotel to meet our driver for the 1:30 tour but we were unsure where to get off since it did not seem to stop in the same place it picked us up, so we decided to stay on until it circled back to our stop, turns out that took an hour or so, so we were late for our tour. Again everybody was very understanding and the driver came back and picked us up when we got back, and the tour guide was there to meet us, and we had a great private tour late in the afternoon, when most people had come and gone, so we almost had the place to ourselves. In between Rome and Agropoli and Naples we managed to visit a number of hill towns as I said, we saw the Greek ruins at Paestum, the beaches and blue water at Palinuro (sea was too rough and the rain kept us from seeing the grottoes), took the train to ruins at Pompeii, the bus to Vesuvio and hiked to the top, drove a good portion of the Amalfi Coast on our way to Naples and we ate lots of good pasta, gelato, pastry and on and on. If you are adventurous, I would recommend that you rent a car and drive the countryside wherever you go in Italy, you get a much better picture of what Italy is, but you do have to be prepared to drive aggressively, cause if there is a half a car length of room on the road and you don't take it, the guy in the other lane, whether he is going in your direction or the opposite will probably take it, that is what is expected and no one seems to get too upset about it. If you're cruising down the autostrada at a high rate of speed, and someone comes up behind you, hug the right side so you can make three lanes where once there were two, it's expected. All in all a great time was had by all and I thank you all for your help in making all the arrangements.

Chris V.

Hi In Italy Online,

We had a really nice time. It was the best option being picked from Rome Fiumicino up by the Mercedes and driven to Amalfi, door-door. Australia to Rome via Frankfurt was such a long trip, and we were so thankful we didn't have to set about to use public transport. Senor Luigi at Agropoli Villa was a delight. His hotel gave us all we wanted and needed. He even cooked 2 "croissant weary" Australians some eggs for breakfast, that we just loved. What a pretty place, and quite central to our needs. He was also familiar with Australia, having travelled there many times.

The gelato bar at Agropoli waterfront serves a really good aperol spritz.

Thank you once again, your help was fabulous, and much appreciated.

Kindly yours,
Kay & Bernie H.

Hello Kirill,

Italy was wonderful. Agropoli Villa Hotel was an incredible lodging. Luigi and Andrea are gracious and charming. The hotel is beautiful and the views are jaw dropping. The pool is an added gem to the whole setting. We had spent a week in Sorrento before we travelled to Agropoli so it gave us time to acclimate to the pace, tone and vibe of Italy. I would reccomend people who plan to drive the Amalfi coast take some time in Sorrento (Sorrento is wonderful with lots to see in and of itself) before they take on the drive. We were there in early September and it was just the right amount of 'festive' without the much commented on hoards of tourists that summer has. I would also reccomend that while in Sorrento people see Herculaneum before seeing Pompeii. Herculaneum is fabulous without being overwhelming in size and allows you to get a handle on the history of the roman towns that were destroyed in 79AD. This made our trip to Pompeii, which is very large, far more understandable and we appreciated it more because we saw Herculaneum first. Another tip is be sure to go downtown in old town Sorrento one or two nights, between 9 and 11pm, to experience the Italian stroll. After dinner Italians come out to stroll the streets, arm in arm with kids, grandparents, friends and relatives. It is really a slice of Italian life and as an American it makes you reflect on the importance of community connection... Italy has got that figured out. Italy is as beautiful and delicious as people say..but you need to be prepared to acclimate yourself to a different pace to enjoy it. Thank you InItaly for your prompt help with all of our questions, in particular the ones we sent while in Italy. Your service was much appreciated.

Maureen and skipper

To everyone at InItaly and Julie:

I don't know where to start to say "Grazie Mille" for our beautiful trip to Italy. This was a 5 year wedding anniversary celebration for my husband and I and we literally enjoyed every second. Julie and Kirill and so many InItaly team members pulled this together for us and we appreciate all of their hard work. This was our first trip to Italy and we drove everyone crazy with all kinds of questions, but everyone responded to us and we were so happy with the wonderful customer service. Hopefully, our economy turns around soon as we would love to return to Italy again and again. Obviously, we'll be making our travel arrangements with InItaly each time.

What can we say about Luigi at the Agropoli Villa Hotel? To start, he was a perfect and gracious host. He went out of his way for us (I am vegan, husband is vegetarian) to make sure we had the most delicious dinners. The hotel was like something out of a movie, it was so pretty. We felt like it was our own private retreat. We also were thrilled with Paestum.

We would definitely, without a doubt, return to each place we stayed. I was so glad we decided to spend a few days in Agropoli and we would definitely stay again at Agropoli Villa. Luigi definitely spoiled us!   Many thanks to everyone at!

Warmest regards,
Michelle and Michael B.

Dear Kristin,

Our week at Agropoli Villa was simply fabulous! Relaxing, and you really aced it on the weather. Agropoli is a lovely sleepy little village with much to offer. Would love to come back again soon. Thank you for a great stay.

Trish, Hill and Bill from Melbourne, Australia

Dear Jessica,

Bella, bella! Beautiful place, great food and wine. We explored the area, very pretty and interesting. Thank you for a good stay.

Lindy and John

Dear Kristin,

We had a wonderful week at Agropoli Villa, very beautiful and relaxing. The staff was friendly, dinner was great and the wine selection beyond expectation. Visiting Paestum was a short drive and very interesting. We'll be back!

Bud and Claudia B.

Dear Jessica,

Beyond words.... Wonderful villa, good directions to beautiful places we had always dreamed of visiting. Andrea and staff so pleasant and helpful. Breakfast and dinner delicious. Don't change anything. We'll be back again and again.

Maryann and Glenn G.

Dear Julie,

We have just returned from three weeks in France and Italy; three days of which we stayed at Villa Agropoli in the small town of Agropoli. Thank you for the information and arrangement for us to stay in this beautiful, relaxing villa. It was the highlight of our entire trip. The accommodations, the meals, and the location of this bit of paradise were all we had hoped for and more! The swimming pool was the cleanest and largest private pool we have ever used.

Peter and Carol M.

Dear Jessica,

Thanks for all your help -- our trip to Italy was absolutely perfect! Agropoli Villa Hotel was certainly a highlight! Luigi was a perfect host -- warm and generous. The breakfasts were the best we had anywhere! Our room and especially the gigantic terrace with spectacular view was sensational and we were sad to leave. Nearby Paestum was a definite highlight -- the ruins and museum and the wonderful surprise of the mozzarella farm -- a serious recommendation for anyone visiting the area.

Thanks again!
Jessica G.

Dear Kristin,

We had a wonderful time at Agropoli Villa Hotel. It is a beautiful location, albeit a bit daunting for a Virginia flatlander to drive up to! Luigi was a wonderful and entertaining host, and I would not hesitate to recommend this hotel. I defiantly recommend having dinner at there if you have the opportunity. The room was well appointed and a wonderful value!

Kevin & Diane K.

Dear Jessica,

Thanks for the follow-up.  The hotel was just marvelous and met all my expectations.  Just to let you know, I did not follow the recommendation to hire a car, simply because I was there alone, and my focus was to relax and not do too much "touristy" stuff in such a short period of time.  Therefore, I managed this quite easily, it was not a handicap at all.  Each day I would walk into the town of Agropoli or to the beach or the local train station, had a fantastic day out somewhere, and then simply caught a taxi back to the Hotel at night.  For only 15 euros per trip, it was worth it and much more economical than hiring a car for the week, plus had the bonus of daily exercise in a beautiful setting.

The food at the hotel was just fantastic - loved it, and the atmosphere was just so friendly, everyone just mixed together at night, so was fun meeting different people staying at the hotel - sharing experiences and tips.

Can give it a high recommendation for anyone visiting this part of Italy - a great venue for relaxing or for exploring the surrounding areas.  Next time will definitely do a mountain-bike tour in the national park, sounds fantastic... Have already recommended it to friends and family to go and stay there, a fantastic part of the world.

Best regards,
Andrea B.

Dear Kirill,

We did have a wonderful trip, the tips and information provided by In Italy Online were very valuable. Agropoli Villa was beautiful; a true oasis with gorgeous views, very clean and tidy both the room and the grounds. Luigi is a great host and the interaction with the other guests made every evening enjoyable.

The Town of Agropoli was delightful. We took Luigi's advice and went to the 'market' on Thursday. It is an open air market held only on Thursday mornings, with vendors of all sorts from produce and meat products to linens, clothing and handbags.

The historical site of Pasteum was fascinating and had no crowds or lines. The countryside is lovely and just driving through the area was a treat.

Claudia C.

Hi Jessica,

Our family of 6 very much enjoyed our stay at the Agropoli Villa hotel - it was one of the highlights of our vacation.  The food was fantastic and everything was so neat and clean.  The gentleman that built and runs the hotel does an excellent job and should be very proud of his establishment.  The pool was a hit with the children although we did not stay long enough to take full advantage of the pool and get to know the surrounding area.  Next time!  We will certainly recommend this hotel to any friends we have travelling in that area!

We live on the beach in sunny Queensland, Australia and have built a large house and pool for our family which we plan to convert into a bed and breakfast when the children grow up and move away from home.  We will keep our memories of the Agropoli Villa hotel in mind when planning that venture and hope we can achieve similar results with our future guests.

Please thank the owner on our behalf.  I should also point out that the family unanimously gave the hotel 5 stars!

Wayne, Donetta, Ashley, Robert, Jasper and Nerida K.

Dear Jessica,

We did have a marvelous trip to Italy.  There were six of us for most of it and we were joined by two others for several days (not Agropoli).  I had booked the trip online and selected the Agropoli Villa Hotel, largely based upon what I saw online.

Our drive down from Sorrento was somewhat complicated by bad weather, but the real problem was not staying on the autostrada as long as possible past Salerno.  It made the drive much more difficult and it is not the most attractive part of the trip.  We were on the road between the autostrada and the Coast.

We drove through Agropoli and were somewhat concerned when the directions took us out of town again and up the hill on some pretty bad roads to get to the Agropoli Villa Hotel.  My friends were about to lynch me when we finally turned into the driveway and I saw the hotel as it appeared online.

Luigi was most hospitable and the rooms were clean and nice.  I believe they were a good value.  Fortunately, Luigi asked us our preferences for dinner, did the shopping and prepared a nice meal so that we did not have to get back in the car.  We only stayed one night (which was our plan) and hit the road back the next day.

The pool area was very nice... the dining room was, as well.  In fact, the whole property was well maintained.  It is a diamond in the rough compared to the surrounding areas.  It offered a nice view of the coastline and town.

Thank you for the follow-up.
Mark C.  


Thank you for your email. We had a fabulous time during our stay. It really was a little bit of heaven and we will be recommending the hotel to all our friends and family. The location and service was so good that my boyfriend decided to propose on the terrace of our room. It will always then have a special place in our heart.

We never eat in the hotels we stay in but we ended up eating each evening as the food and service were excellent and also fantastic value. Fran (my now fiancé) doesn't eat fish and they cooked a special meal for him, so accommodating.

We did tend to spend our time lying beside the beautiful swimming pool however we did tear ourselves away for a few hours and drove up to the town of Castellabate and I'd recommend this drive to all your readers as the views are out of this world. It doesn't take too long.

Orla D.

Dear Jessica,

We had a wonderful time staying at the Agropoli Villa Hotel. I think it is the first time that two months after coming home we would still say - yes we would return without reservation to Agropoli Villa Hotel again and again, it was really good. It is also perhaps one of the few hotels that has lived up to expectation and billing, most descriptions are prone to hype.

To describe this as a hotel is to do it a huge injustice, it is a beautiful villa where you are made to feel as if you are a personal house guest of Luigi who is rightly proud of his house and his country. Show interest in seeing the real country and Luigi will advise you where to go and where is not as interesting as the tourist information would make you believe. Do join the other guests for dinner, it was wonderful, there is no menu which adds to the feeling that you are a guest in someone's home. Luigi would ask guests on an evening what they would like for dinner the following night - fish, chicken, type of meat, after that just wait for traditional italian food to be served.

Unfortunately we will not be returning to Italy next year, but after that do not be surprised if we call on your services again. You were very helpful and we have been delighted to pass on the details of your website to friends.

Many thanks
Seamus M.

Hi Kristin!

Back in Sweden me and my friends still dream about the days at Agropoli, the pool, the weather and the fantastic food. The service at the hotel was perfect and we are sure we will go there again. The perfect place for relaxing!

Best regards
Sofia J.

Dear Jessica,

My husband and I did have a very nice time at Agropoli Villa Hotel, although due to some unfortunate incidents on the way to the airport that caused us to miss our original flight, we were only able to stay 2 nights there, and essentially only had one day to do things in the area. We chose to see Pompeii, which was excellent, but didn't have time to do anything else before we left for our villa in Tuscany. However, the hotel itself was lovely, and Luigi could not have been a better host! He was extremely nice, helpful, informative, and accommodating-He really helped make a stressful situation better for us. We ate at the hotel the first night, and the food was excellent. I definitely recommend this hotel to anyone staying in the area, and would really like to return someday myself. Please post this review on your website.

Alison and Sean K.


Luigi was great! We had a little trouble finding it at first. Once that was worked out, it was as perfect as the pictures.

Not only was the weather beautiful, but the villa was so clean you could eat off the floors - not just in the room either. Luigi clearly takes great pride in the condition of his villa and his efforts are evident everywhere. His property is immaculately kept. The view from the terrace was spectacular. We enjoyed watching the sun set over the rolling green hills with the ocean in the background. I knew I was on vacation while at Luigi's.

Luigi is a very gracious host and went out of his way to make sure our stay was comfortable. Luigi is ready with restaurant recommendations but provides fantastic food at the hotel as well. He was very concerned that we had directions and information on each of our day trips, pulling out maps, books, and guides of each place we wanted to visit. He has quite a library of tour information!

Part of our itinerary included a day trip to Bari to find the birth place of my Grandmother. Luigi knew we were leaving very early, yet he was up and provided breakfast for us outside his usual schedule, just to make sure we didn't hit the road hungry. Knowing our goal, he suggested we visit town hall where they keep records of residence to see if we have any family still living in Italy. We took his suggestion and not only did we find my grandmother's birth records, we found her cousin's family! We spent the entire day with family who didn't even know us or know we were coming to town - what a blessing! Had Luigi not suggested we try to look for someone I would have come home with a picture of the town's sign, a picture or two of the church and been on my way - instead I have a lifetime of memories and have reconnected with family.

Luigi was very entertaining and treated us as guests in his home, not just hotel patrons. One night after spending the day sightseeing, we overheard Luigi talking with some other guests while drinking lemoncello. We were invited in and jumped right into the conversation. Luigi had us laughing deep into the night. His ability to tell a story in both English and Italian along with the hand gestures was fabulous!

Our stay with Luigi was exactly what we wanted when we avoided the "tour bus" vacation. We wanted to meet the locals, understand their culture and experience Italy - not just rush through the country taking pictures of the sights. We just can't say enough about the hospitality of Luigi and his staff. Luigi has ensured we will return to Italy to spend more time at Agropoli Villa Hotel!

Robert and Kendall T.

Dear Kirill,

Agropoli Villa Hotel was outstanding. The facilities are charming and new. The pool and patio area are very nice. Yes, we swam in the pool in mid-October. The meals were excellent, and Luigi is a wonderful host. It is an excellent value, and we recommend it.

We took a trip south to the Gulf of Policastro in the vicinity of Acquafredda and Maratea. The area is stunning, with mountains and cliffs dipping into the sea. Paestum, of course, was wonderful.

Regards, Bill & Gloria D.


We had a great time in Agropoli. We took some time to discover the coast and found it to be exquisite. Luigi and family were a delight. We were disappointed that they were not doing dinner, but we understood since it was off season. We did find a delightful restaurant on the beach in Agropoli called Il Gambero. The proprietor is Ferdinando Caruccio and his wife made the best grilled shrimp I've ever had and the calamari was fresh that day and incredible. Our trip to Agropoli was delightful and we would recommend Agropoli Villa Hotel for anyone looking for someplace out of the ordinary.

Thanks for the great time,
Dottie T.

Dear Jessica,

We were very pleased with the accommodations. It was such a beautiful setting. It was beyond our expectations. Luigi was very personable and I enjoyed our conversations. He even went so far as to let us know how to contact him in case we ran into problems in our drives throughout the area.

The area originally attracted us because my grandparents (Christina's great-grandparents) were from the nearby village of Prignano Cilento, so we found that visit interesting. From the villa we also visited Paestum, Greek ruins described in our guidebooks as being impressive, and they lived up to that description. Being there in October had the added benefit of few tourists there. Agropoli itself has a beautiful Old Town, well worth exploring.

Thanks for the detailed directions. They were fantastic. All our contacts with you folks were professional. We appreciate all you did to make our vacation memorable.

Frank and Christina L.

Hi David,

The Agropoli was a great hotel!! Our host Luigi was very helpful (and spoke English well) in suggesting places to see and restaurants to eat at. We found that some of the restaurants that we tried on our own were not great but the ones that Luigi suggested were good. We were late in the year so a lot of restaurants were not open and the pool was closed but it looked like it would be beautiful when open. I would definitely recommend it to your other clients - the room was beautiful and the hotel had a great view over the bay looking towards Capri. The continental breakfast was good with croissants and any type of coffee you wanted from their machine. Great Value over all!!

Marlene G.

Dear Julie,

This place is a little gem! It's astonishingly cheap; yet, you feel like a pampered houseguest in an Italian hillside villa. The main delight of this hotel is the very personal and impeccable service. The villa is beautifully appointed, both inside and out; the cooking is delicious; and, of course, the outlook is stunning. I'm not sure I should be telling anyone else about it. I'd like to keep it for myself!

Harry & Alison S.

Hi David,

That Hotel is just fantastic! ! Luigi, our host made us feel so at home. He's completely mad in the nicest possible way. The hotel is absolutely spotless, the rooms are beautiful, the staff are brilliant and it's in the most lovely surroundings and the food is great. My only complaint is I put on too much weight. My wife and I cannot fault it in any way.

What more could one want? How nice to find such a treasure! We hope to return!

Great service from initaly - thanks.

Graham F.

p.s. Try the buffalo farm right by the southern entrance to Paestum (take the coast road from Agropoli) for a fabulous lunch of mozzarella, cold meats and cactus flowers. Brilliant!

Dear Jessica,

Wow! Agropoli Villa was fabulous! Luigi was the most gracious host and the food was incomparable. The staff was absolutely wonderful and the accommodations were beyond 5 star! We ate like royalty every night! This little villa was WAY more that I ever dreamed of. I can't wait to return! Thank you so much for helping with this unforgettable vacation. Agropoli in itself was a treasure. The people that live here are so wonderful and everyone made us feel so welcome! My husband and I enjoyed it so much that we even looked at property! I have never been anywhere that I would leave my hometown for, but I would move to Agropoli or the surrounding area in a heartbeat.

I have to disagree with what was said on the website about Agropoli not being a good place to explore the Amalfi Coast. We had a wonderful time. We spent one day and drove North (and I have to say that I really enjoyed the driving!) and went thru the little towns from Positano to Sorrento (and all the places in between) and then we took another day and traveled South to Palinuro stopping at all the little villages along the way (Castellabate and Monticorice were my favorite!). We even had time to fit in Paestum and Pompeii. (Next time I want to visit Capri). It takes no time to drive to any of these places and the drive in itself is such a joy. You can't look anywhere and not see how beautiful it is.

Like I said before, I can't wait to return. I am really looking forward to our next trip.

Julie and Chris W.

Dear Julie,

I can honestly say that my son and I had a wonderfully relaxing time at the Villa in Agropoli. Our experience there exceeded our expectations, and the Villa in actuality exceeded the description in the ads we read and saw. It was a terrific value, the staff was very cordial, and helpful during our brief stay.

One item I would like to mention, not as a criticism, but as a helpful hint to future guests: As the ads had indicated, the price of the room included a continental breakfast and full course dinner each day. The dinners we were served were excellent! Me and my son both have a very broad range of appetite for food, so, everything that was served at dinner was to our liking. However, I could perceive that it could be a problem to a less discriminating eater at dinner, because there was no attempt to advise the guests of the menu for the dinner meal. After the first night, we did make an inquiry of the staff about the next evening's dinner menu, and to some extent we were advised generally of the main course (fish, meat, pasta). Perhaps the staff could apprise the guests generally of what might be expected at the evening meal.

If the occasion should arise in the future for me and my family to visit the area in and around Solerno and Agropoli, I most certainly would seek out the Villa for my stay.

Victor D.

Dear Kirill,

Agropoli Villa was very nice, quiet and clean. It's a bit out of the way and maybe too long of a stay for 6 days. It was very close to Paestum, which is the reason for picking the place. When we arrived I was a little upset to see no water in the pool. But, there was a cold snap and too cold to go swimming anyway. The host couldn't do enough for us and was very nice as all that worked there. The chef is the best I've had in all of Italy! She is worth the drive just to eat her food! We requested artichokes one night and she prepared every dish with artichokes. We didn't expect that but it was all very good as well as the wine. This is the area that mozzarella cheese comes from and is very good! There are all kinds of roadside shops that you can stop and buy one or two and is well worth the stop.

Lori S.

Dear Kristin,

At the Agropoli Villa Hotel, we were the only guests! Apparently we beat the season by a month or so, but that made it even more fun. Luigi offered us our choice of room, and while all of them looked great we stuck with the watchtower room and enjoyed immensely not only the intimate climb up the spiral staircase but the truly magnificent view of the bay and the surrounding hills. As a result of some confusion in the booking, Luigi had not made arrangements to prepare dinner for us at the hotel, so he promptly arranged for us to eat at a delightful pizzeria/trattoria in town (with them sending him the bill for our dinner). This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences we had. The place was filled with local families and sweethearts, and the food was outstanding. We ate there again the second night. On the third (a Monday) they were closed, but the owner told Luigi he would be happy to open just for us! Instead Luigi took us to another place, and that night stayed to eat with us. Again, the food and company were delightful. Luigi proved to be a wonderful host! During the days, we explored the historic town center in Agropoli, the Greek ruins at Paestum, and the southern part of the Cilento national park. That is truly gorgeous country! At Luigi's suggestion, we also checked out the Greek ruins at Velia, a site just as spectacular (though in different ways) as Paestum, but more off the beaten track. (We were the only visitors there when we arrived. It was just us, the ticket person, and the archeological teams!) We left Agropoli once again feeling we'd made a new friend, and had experienced the real charm of the south.

Back home we are still glowing with fond memories and the acquaintance of new friends. We are in your debt!

Continued blessings to you all in your work--

Bill and Rosemary S.

Dear Jessica:

I can't thank you enough for arranging accommodations for us. Their superior locations, accommodations and levels of service certainly put them in a class of their own.

Agropoli Villa Hotel was the frosting on the cake of our trip to Italy. Luigi is the finest host and the Villa makes you feel as if you have entered into a Roman villa with all its beauty and serenity. The Agropoli Villa gave us the opportunity to visit Pompei, Herculaneum, and Paestum and to come home at the end of the day to enjoy complete relaxation in the beautiful pool. The surroundings at Agropoli Villa were perfect, but overall our impression of the place stems from the hospitality of Luigi. He recognized our fervor for the archaeological side of the region and provided us with books and suggested trips. He helped us with train schedules and took us on a tour of the towns in the immediate area. Luigi even made it possible for my son to experience his first archaeological dig, which will have a life long effect on him. I cannot find enough superlatives to describe how we felt about our stay at the Agropoli Villa.

Thank you again for your careful choice of places in this wonderful country. On our next visit, I will make sure to book my entire time with you.

Pam K.


I am just home and still recovering from jet lag, but wanted to write to you as soon as possible to tell you that the Agropoli Villa Hotel was a sheer delight! Luigi, the innkeeper, was a marvelous fellow, pleasant and informative. Our room was beautiful, the pool was fantastic and our meal we had there was delicious (and I know my food, as an avid member of Gambero Rosso). This was my 18th trip to Italy but my first to the Cilento Coast. I think that Paestum is a site not to be missed. We were among a handful of tourists there--there were actually more archeologists than tourists! And the old town of Agropoli proved to be a treasure of--believe it or not--antique stores. What an experience! This is also an area that does not receive too many American visitors, so we were something of a conversation topic! People could not have been nicer.

I strongly recommend this hotel, and especially for families. It would make a terrific place to use as a base while exploring the many, many sites around, not to mention day trips to Capri, Pompeii, etc.

Thank you again! We will be using your services again for sure. I even passed you along to my Italian friends (we were on our way to Puglia to stay with friends) who sadly have not explored their own country and were very happy to have you as a potential guide!

Grazie mille,
Michele M.

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