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Dear Kristin,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We just had the most amazing, relaxing, and enjoyable trip to Italy. The two places we stayed in Sicily were absolutely fantastic.

Marsala Winery was beautiful and more than accommodating, even the beach they sent us to was able to address my accessibility issues and get me into the sea without any difficulties. As a traveller using a wheelchair for all mobility, I was so impressed with Sicily. I had no difficulty getting into the various churches, beaches, archeological sites, and restaurants. In fact, the ONLY place I ran into difficulty was at Pompeii, and I was very surprised at that since all the other Unesco sites were not only accessible, but had strived to match ADA standards.

Our second stay in Sicily was at Baglio di Piazza Armerina. The three of us decided this was our favorite place to stay, not just for this trip, but for all of our travels over the last 20+ years! The food was amazing, the wine delicious, and our rooms adorable (and big!) Again, thank you for everything you did to help our trip be as wonderful as it was.

Anne R


Thank you so much for all your help in making our trip to Sicily memorable. The locations were fabulous. We thoroughly enjoyed the Baglio, they made us feel at home and went out of their way to ensure our comfort and providing any assistance we may have needed.

When Laura greeted us at the Baglio we knew we would be in for a special treat at this beautiful converted Farm. Our fist night we enjoyed being treated to an honest to goodness Sicilian Wedding; we shared both the dining room and the courtyard with the Bride and Groom and some 50 guests. They made us feel right at home. The evening meal was excellent and plentiful. You should advise future guests not to be surprised if they see Laura's sons dashing through the dining room on their tricycles. It gave the whole experience a real "home like" flavor. We would definitely go back. The rooms were comfortable and the bath was spacious, by Italian standards. We found a fabulous place to eat in the nearby town of S. Michele di Ganzaria; La Brace. The food was outstanding, the owner super hospitable, the other diners helpful and very reasonably priced. A definite "find".

Thanks again for all your help. This is the second time we've used you folks and we've yet to be disappointed.

Joe & Roberta F.

Hi, Jessica,

We had a marvelous time....the Baglio was everything we expected... Only issues were they decided to do renovation work while we were there and it was right underneath our window!!

Also...they only accepted cash for payment!! Without notice we had to come up with 2000 Euros before we could leave.

One brilliant restaurant experience in Scoglatti on the coast about 45 mins from the Baglio (via Gela) called seafood and warm welcome.

Take care and best regards,
Steve E.

Dear Jessica,

It was a great place to drop your luggage and recreate. The owners are extremely nice, the location is great for going about central Sicily. Our hosts had some useful suggestions and due to my education I knew about and visited Morgantina which is a first rate archeological site about an hour away from the Baglio. So it was a very useful stay with some very nice and capable people. Oh yes, and the food was great as was the wine.


Dear Jessica,

Baglio di Piazza Armerina was a fantasy come true. Our hosts were delightful, the view from our room (#14) was spectacular, the food, while a little predictable, was excellent, our room charming and comfortable and the location of the farm was perfect for day trips in all directions. We would return in a Sicilian minute!

Roger & Rebecca A.

Hi there Julie,

We did have an excellent trip to Sicily and would highly recommend it to anyone as a marvelous place to spend time.

Re the Baglio di Piazza Armerina -- we liked the farmhouse very much, the wonderful location overlooking the hills and Mount Etna, the main building itself and just the general ambiance of the place. It was also a good place from which to explore Piazza Armerina, Caltagirone (sp.?), the Roman villa and most especially Morgantina which we loved.

However, we weren't that pleased with the food at the Baglio. The first night was fine -- generally well prepared and quite tasty country fare -- but we were quite disappointed to be served almost the exact same things the next night -- a sort of pared down version of the first night.

For example, the first night, for the meat course, we were served a kind of pan-fried piece of pork and as well, what seemed to be slices of pork roast. The next night, pork again, but this time, just pan fried pieces with lots of gristle etc. The antipasti on the second night again was a pared down first night -- not as many choices -- and the pasta - one was the same as the first night.

Since we were supposed to book for two nights and since the cost of the meals for both nights was the same, we felt this didn't quite measure up.

Just to let you know since we would like to recommend this place to others but...

All for now,
Linda and Patrick S.

Dear Jessica,

The Baglio di Piazza Armerina was one of the best places we stayed in Italy. The fact that it was a working farm made you feel you were really experiencing a taste of Sicily and it was a beautiful place. I believe what we enjoyed the most was coming home tired at the end of a day of sightseeing and then tucking in to a HUGE 4 course meal- the food was fantastic!

Thanks very much,
Bridget & Luke M.

Dear Cynthia.

I have been to Sicily on number of times, due to its proximity to Malta, and, I thought I had seen what had to be seen. We were impressed with the Level of the Baglio di Piazza Armerina, its setting, the rooms, the Staff, the ambient, the food etc. you name it was simply great. Only one sore point only one channel on the TV and in Italian. Our only regret is that our stay was a short one, only two days , and we did not have the time to explore the surrounding area. I must point out the instructions to get to the Baglio di Piazza Armerina by road were perfect thanks, what could be included is that it takes approximately 1 hour 10 minutes drive from Catania. The roads in Sicily I found them in a better State than in mainland Italy, the Autostrada From Salerno to Reggio in a poor state due to the extensive works going on. I strongly recommend the Baglio di Piazza Armerina to any one travelling to Sicily.

Best regards,
Adrian B.

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