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We had the trip of a lifetime, thanks to all of the arrangements thru "In Italy".

Campo de' Fiori was a perfect location. When Hassan checked us in he suggested a walk (really a hike) to a fountain in Trastevere where you could overlook the city. We did that and hit it just at dusk - it was beautiful. When we walked back down we ate in Trastevere and found it less expensive than some other places in Rome, and very good. The apartment was great. We would go to the market and the pastry shop in the morning and get our breakfast. The laundry in the apartment worked perfectly.

Villa Odino was probably my favorite place. We purchased train tickets to Venice from the hotel and they provided transportation both ways to and back from the train station. We just had to call when we were leaving Venice and they were there to pick us up. We used your restaurant suggestions as well as the room service one night. All of it was perfect. It was so nice to sit out on the outside tables in the evening and relax. 

We took an all day boat tour right from the hotel to Torcello, Burano and Murano. There were only five of us on the tour so it was great. The driver let the five of us decide how long we wanted to stay on each island. We really wanted to have lunch at "Da Romano" on Burano, so that worked out perfectly. The driver even arranged for us to arrive in Murano just in time to see a glass blowing demonstration. On the way back to Villa Odino, the boat driver broke out a bottle of champagne for the five of us to share. It was a great day.

We wanted to stay in the Venice area for five nights so we could drive to a couple to towns where our relatives immigrated from. That worked out perfectly. We arranged meet a 2nd cousin of my husband and brother-in-law. They live in Frassene' near Agordo, at the foot of the beautiful Dolomite Mountains. We also met some long lost relatives in Agnone. We booked that with you also, through your paqrtners booking.com. Valentina was wonderful as our host at Borgo San Pietro. She told us where the cemetery was and also arranged for an English speaking tour of the Marinelli Bell Foundry in Agnone. It is a thousand year old family owned business.

In Soragna we had a lovely time. Locanda del Lupo was a perfect stop for us. My husband and brother-in-law are farmers so one afternoon we drove through the countryside and saw the harvesting of tomatoes. The boys really enjoyed seeing rural Italy. There was an English-speaking lady at the desk at Locanda del Lupo and she arranged for us to see the cheese production, salami production as well as a wonderful cheese museum. All of it was within walking distance.

Rapallo was also wonderful. We had dinner at their restaurant one night. We wanted Bellini's but they were out of the white peaches and asked if we wanted it with strawberries. It was absolutely wonderful - so good that we ordered three more. We took the local boat service to Portofino and Santa Margherita and shopped - a lot.

All of the transfers, lodgings and tours went off without a hitch. My husband was impressed with all of the places that we stayed. They were all clean and in perfect locations for what we wanted to do.

When we picked up the rental car in Rome, we did the paperwork in one location and the had to drag our luggage about 3 blocks to pick up the car. The directions given were not totally clear and we had to ask a few people along the way, but we made it. I think it would have been so much nicer if someone could have brought the car to the office location. We could not have survived our days with the car without the GPS - it was wonderful. Also the dropping off of the car in Florence was a little scary - nowhere to park when we got to the location. But they told us to drive around the block to a little plaza which was just around the corner from the drop off location. They came out and inspected the car - not a scratch. They called a taxi to take us to the apartment and we were good.

Also, just a note - on our way to the airport in Florence, the taxi driver rear-ended a car in front of us. Both drivers got out, waved their hands a bit and then the taxi driver drove us to the airport and the other car followed him. His radiator was punctured and steam was blowing everywhere, but we made it. It's a good laugh now - no one was hurt and we made it home safely.

Thanks for helping with all of our arrangements and answering all of my e-mail questions. I will certainly recommend your website to anyone. In fact on our Tuscany dinner tour, I gave your website to two other groups of people we met. They were impressed that we had apartments to stay in.

Thanks again,
Mary M.

Dear Kirill,

I have been meaning to take a few minutes all week to send a great big thank you.

All the hotels/bed and breakfasts you booked for us were wonderful:

The Verona Winery was awesome! Our apartment was lovely and Paolo made us feel very welcome. Their wine was exceptional (we brought some home) and breakfast each morning was very nice. We were very happy that they had a pool since it was 35C the day we did our day trip to Venice. We arrived on Sunday & Paolo recommended the local restaurant that was a 700 m walk from the B & B (Al Ponte Ferrazze). I was surprised that this place was not on your list of recommended restaurants: it was tiny and the menu was limited but the food was excellent, the staff so friendly despite the fact that no one spoke English. They tolerated our sad efforts at Italian and we would have gone back the Monday if they had not been closed. It's always nice not to have to drive to and from dinner.

Locanda del Lupo was very pleasant as well. Our double suite was much nicer than our friend's single suite, however. We had eaten a very heavy lunch so were not very hungry at dinnertime. We were sitting in the courtyard and asked if we could have an appetizer plate out there instead of going in for dinner and the wait staff were more than happy to accommodate us. The town itself really did not have much to offer and in hindsight if we had realized the actual travelling time from Verona area I think we probably would have gone straight to Lerici from Verona.

The Lerici Seaside Hotel was awesome! What a view. Again, however, the single room was not nearly as nice as the double room. The town of Lerici is lovely and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. It was convenient for our day trip to Cinque Terre and the local restaurants were great. We tried the recommended restaurant, Ristorante Golfo dei Poeti but felt it did not live up to your review. It was a satisfactory meal but not exceptional. We did have exceptional seafood at another restaurant close by, La Mano di Fatima. The homemade ice cream bars that were available right next to Ristorante Golfo dei Poeti were to die for!

The staff everywhere was extremely courteous and helpful. We would recommend any of the places we stayed at and feel that we got excellent value for the money spent.

We didn't take your advice about buying local maps in advance and I would definitely make sure I had them next time. Fortunately we had a GPS and it really helped us because we never would have found the Verona Winery just using the map we had. On the way to Canelli, we stopped in a small town (never got the name) and had an awesome three-course lunch, including wine for 11 euros per person.

We found ourselves with lots of time to spare before being able to check into Verona so on the way we took a detour along the eastern shore of Lake Garda, stopping off for lunch in the town of Garda. It was a true gem of a town: very picturesque.

The car rental went off without a hitch (at least we haven't been billed for anything extra as of this moment in time.)

I will recommend your services to anyone I know going to Italy. Kristin helped me plan the itinerary and we were thoroughly impressed by all your properties. It was nice to know in advance the quality of the accommodations. We wanted a trip that was a little more rural and you helped provide it. Thanks again for your assistance in making our holiday so memorable.

Heather B.

Dear Kristin,

Locanda del Lupo was really wonderful. GREAT restaurant, and what service! We came late in the afternoon, all restaurants were closed, do the staff fixed us up some great cheese/cold cuts and both red and white wine to taste. How accommodating! Room was lovely, air conditioning just barely making it.... so close the bath door and all will be cooler in the end! We had a great tour of the parmesan cheese factory just 5 minutes down the street. Also very accommodating.

Wonderful stay, we really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Cynthia M.

Dear Jessica,

Locanda del Lupo was very nice. Arrived late on Friday night, so just straight to bed. Spent Saturday in Parma before heading back to Soragna. The tasting menu in the restaurant at EUR 35 was great value for money.

The service was good and our room was very nice as well.

As for 'hidden treasures' we would highly recommend the small restaurant Sorelle Picchi in Via Farini, Parma. My wife had been there before but for me it was a first. Fantastic food hidden behind the delicatessen facing the street. We were the only non-Italians there, which of course lent local flavour to the experience.

Thanks for a making the booking a smooth experience.

Gösta L.


We had a wonderful time in Italy and wish we were still there. Locanda del Lupo was great, in a quaint little village and a very interesting structure with a terrific dining room/food. Their hospitality did not emerge during our visit, but that could be because of their lack of English (not sure). There is a cheese co-op just down the street where they make Parmigiano Reggiano cheese everyday and it appeared that the people at the front desk had not been there. We went early one morning and it was very interesting to see.

We were not that impressed with Milan as I think our expectations were closer to Rome or Paris. We visited the Leonardo di Vinci museum and everything was in Italian, which is very unusual for large city museums. Also most stores etc are closed on Sundays and Monday mornings which was when we were there, but we walked alot and drank alot of cappuccino's. Thank you for your help, it was a great trip.

Norine B.

Dear Julie,

Other than the sub-zero weather (my own fault for picking January) the trip was great. I have nothing but good things to say about Locanda del Lupo. The room was great, overlooking a courtyard which I'm sure is most pleasant in the summer. Of course we couldn't open our windows to enjoy it. The staff was very, very friendly, even though only a few spoke English. But even the ones that didn't tried their best at providing us the information we wanted. Their restaurant was fabulous. Unfortunately, we had to eat there every night because everything else was closed, but it was well worth it. The food was awesome. The town, however, is a little dismal in the winter. You can walk from one end to the other in about 10 minutes and not alot going on. I don't know if it was because of the holidays, but there was nothing open. No restaurants, no shopping the entire time we were there. I would suggest to your readers that want to go to Soragna, go in the summer and have a car. We did not. We ended up taking taxis to and from the train station (about 10 miles away) everyday to go to a bigger town for something to do. But all in all, if you can stand the cold, there was nobody around. We went to Milan (Last Supper), Florence (Uffizi and Accademia), Parma and climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa. No lines, no waiting for a single thing. That was really nice. I heard in the summer, the lines to see things can be pretty long. I really appreciated all the work you did. I will recommend your website (service) to any of my friends planning a trip to Italy in the future.

Allison R.

Dear Kristin,

It is Wednesday April 7 and we just got back from out trip last night. We had a wonderful time and we have you to thank for much of it. All of the hotels you sent us to were great.

I liked Locanda del Lupo a lot, and their restaurant was excellent. Soragna was very interesting (esp. interesting was that fact that such a small community had a Jewish synagogue), although the area as a whole didn't interest us much, but you were right, it would have been too much to head straight to Lucca.

You did a great job in booking us some great hotels and great experiences, memories we will cherish for a lifetime. We will surely pass your name along to anyone we know traveling to Italy.

Seth F.

Dear Jessica,

We just got back from a wonderful month in Italy. Our trip was fantastic without any glitch whatsover from Venice to the Adriatic region, all the way down to the Amalfi Coast, to Rome, Florence and finally finishing our trip with the regions of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

Considering it was the last hotel on our trip, we can honestly say that it was about 25 euros per night more expensive than some other lovely hotels we stayed at. We found the staff at Del Lupo to be very friendly, helpful and outgoing (allowing us access to our e-mail on their main hotel computer, and searching the web for us for directions to the Ferrari museum). We had dinner the first night in the hotel dining room and we were pleasantly surprised by the elegant 5 course meal. Our room and bathroom were quite large and overlooked the inner courtyard, however, my wife felt it lacked "warmth" in so far as some wallpaper, paintings, whatever. We disagree on this point. It's not a biggie.

The town of Soragna itself does not seem to offer much to keep us there, but we spent an afternoon in the lovely town of Salsamagiorre, some 15 miles down the road. We also visited the Ferrari museum in Maranello, which is about an hour's drive from Soragna, and a true highlight for any car buff.

All in all, our stay was pleasant, but we would not return to that region. Too far from everything for day-trips.

Robin and Fran from Montreal, Canada

Dear Cynthia,

Thanks for writing. We had a fabulous trip and are looking forward to returning next year. Locanda del Lupo was a great place to finish our trip (I don't count our last night in Milan, as that was a disaster). We had been "in the country" for ten days and the luxury of the hotel was greatly appreciated. I was particularly excited to see the bathtub!!! The restaurant in the hotel was wonderful, and the service everywhere was excellent. Our second night there we just wanted pizza, and the gentleman at the desk called the only place in town that was open and told them we were coming. When we got there, we realized they had obviously stayed open just for us (we have a tendency to be late...). They were very kind and the pizza was great, the name of the restaurant was "Il Trolls". I would suggest staying away from using the laundry service. While excellent, the cost can be a bit distressing. Other than that, it was great. We have returned happy, healthy, and much wiser in the ways of Italy, and can't wait to do it again!!

Elizabeth S.

Dear Kristin,

I would like to thank you for all the help you gave us, when we did our bookings for Italy.

Locanda Del Lupo was a bit of a disappointment, even though we received very professional assistance, after the other places we had stayed this was rather flat. We found the atmosphere in the other places far more personal.

Thank you again for all the assistance you gave us, it was really appreciated.

Yours Sincerly,
Richard and Sandy B.


Locanda del Lupo was an okay place to stay. It catered mostly to business people who had dealings in the surrounding area. The location was too rural for me. However, it was more of an experiment for me staying in that particular region. I was disappointed after my stay in the Tuscany region. I did feel like an outsider and the staff warmed up to me after a while. It was more of a local/business person feeling than a tourist oriented feeling.

Good Thing: The restaurant was wonderful. I had dinner twice at the hotel because it was so good. The room was nice and the hotel was well kept. I would recommend the restaurant but not the hotel. I probably would have enjoyed staying in Bologna instead.

Hope this helps. I really enjoyed my trip to Italy and look forward to one day going back. Again, thank you for your website and your firm's assistance in my search for accommodations.

Best Regards,
Catherine F.


Our two-night stay in Locanda del Lupo, originally designed as a "rest stop" on our drive from the Italian Alps to Tuscany, turned out to be a wonderful respite and actually one of many high points on our two weeks in Italy. The hotel was airy, spacious, and wonderfully appointed. Soragna is a quiet town, just right for strolling in the evenings while the townspeople gather for conversation outside the cafes. The Meli-Lupi castle, right in the middle of Soragna, should be mentioned in your guide as an interesting tour for an afternoon. Trattoria la Verdiana is one of those restaurants where we simply placed ourselves in the hands of the delightful host for an immensely enjoyable meal. It's worth the drive to find this place in the middle of the farmlands. All over Italy, we found that more and more establishments that were identified as not accepting credit cards in our guidebooks are now accepting them.

We're only back two weeks but the glow still lingers from our delightful getaway. Your web page is bookmarked in my browser and I tell all our friends to try your site when planning their Italy trips. In my wife's office alone, eight different people are vacationing in Italy this summer.

Geoff S.

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