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Dear Kristin,

We had a most wonderful time at Sorrento Villa B&B! Maria, Giuseppe, Carmella, Elio and all made the visit to their most wonderful place very special. Their hospitality is second to none! They are genuinely some of the nicest people we have ever met. This is our 2nd visit (my parents who were with us have been there 4 times!) and we hope it will not be our last. It is so peaceful there, the breakfast is fantastic and the accommodations are comfortable and very clean. Sunset on the balcony with a bottle of Maria's homemade limoncello is not a bad way to end the evening, either.

Thank you everyone at In Italy for introducing us to Sorrento Villa B&B. Your service to travelers going to Italy is the best!

Susan & Andy S.

Hi Kristin,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that everything worked out great in Sorrento. Your suggestion to stay in Sorrento was fantastic. It allowed us to explore Positano and the Amalfi Coast, as well as Capri.

Pasquale, his mother, and the other staff of Sorrento Villa B&B were fabulously gracious, and the food for breakfast was fantastico. The views from the villa patio each morning for breakfast were breathtaking, and villa staff recommended three excellent restaurants (Vela Blanca, Da Fillipo and Donna Sophia).

All of our tours that we booked through your website have wonderful. Thanks again for your assistance during this magical trip.

Michael A.

Dear Jessica,

We had a wonderful trip to Italy, enjoyed it immensely. We have only glowing reports about Sorrento Villa B&B. Maria and Guiseppe were great hosts; it was magical seeing the Bay and Vesuvius each morning @ breakfast. Lemon and orange trees laden with fruit; I could go on and on. One "unexpected" thing we found was driving in Sorrento. Having advance directions and a detailed street map is crucial. Each night coming back to the Villa from a restaurant we entered the "one-way and looping streets" conundrum. Quite confusing!

The Amalfi Coast is not to be missed; we especially enjoyed Ravello. We will be happy to recommend your website and of course Sorrento Villa B&B to anyone traveling there and of course hope to get back there one day.

Thanks for your good service,
Julie and Stan B


We had a fabulous trip to Italy - the only problem was that it was far too short!!!

Driving to Sorrento was no problem although we were initially a little confused by the toll booths on the highway - we hadn't realized there would be any and trying to figure that out without speaking or reading Italian was a bit tricky. And the last half hour before reaching Sorrento had me convinced that we were going to go careening down the cliff into the ocean...

We loved Sorrento and Capri, and Pompeii. At the B&B in Sorrento, our hostess Valentina was lovely, her husband and her staff very friendly and welcoming. We were greeted with fresh lemonade which was fabulous. We had three nights there, and our only mishap was on a narrow side street only wide enough for one lane of traffic (I'm talking more narrow than all of the other very narrow streets) we were driving down the street trying to find a place to park, when suddenly a woman turned onto the street and started driving toward us. We couldn't believe it, but she just rammed past us, scraping the side of our car...that put my husband into a bit of a panic, since it was a rental car. But, to our amazement when we returned the car in Rome, the fellow looked it all over, said "no damage", signed the form and off we went!!!

We had an incredible time, we were very pleased with the hotel and B&B, and with the car rental. We will be going back to Italy in a couple of years and we will definitely use your service again, and we will recommend you to any of our friends and family who plan a trip to Italy. I was the one who did all the online trip planning, so I truly appreciated how easy you guys made it, and your willingness and prompt replies to my inquiries.

I think we will learn a bit of Italian before we go again...most of the tourist areas had staff who spoke English, especially in Rome, but in Sorrento it would have been better if we spoke some Italian. However, we managed, and no one ever seemed put out that we could only say a few words. Everyone was very very friendly...we never felt uncomfortable anywhere.

Thank you for helping make our first trip to Italy such a great one!

Tracy D.

Dear Kristin,

Our trip to Italy was wonderful. We spent the first week at the Hotel Excelsior in Rome and the second week at Sorrento Villa B&B. It was a wonderful B&B with very accommodating hosts, delicious breakfasts, and very clean, large rooms. The only downside to the location of the villa was how far it was from the center of Sorrento. Because we like to walk, it was okay for us, but, otherwise, people would have to take a cab or rent a car to get to the center of town for the restaurants, hydrofoil to Capri, etc.

Christine E.

This was our 2nd trip booking thru you and I can't say enough. The B&B was fantastic, Maria is a doll, we just loved it.

Therese T.

Dear Kirill,

The trip by public transport to Sorrento was easy. But, I wouldn't list Sorrento Villa B&B as a place you can be without a car unless people are prepared to take a lot of taxis. It is a really long walk from there to the center of town, and you are on a really unpleasant, high traffic road for a good percent of the time. Having said that, the Villa was lovely, Maria and family wonderfully welcoming, and for me it was worth paying the taxi fares to stay there rather than in town. Everything was spotless, the breakfast was wonderful, and it made a great base for exploring the region.

Hope this helps.

Rebecca S.

Dear Jessica,

Sorrento B&B has breathtaking views of the bay and its magnificent charm! However spacious, I think the guest room was very basic. Cleanliness is, however, certainly a priority at this lodging! The breakfast spread was artistic and ample. The family is so very willing to go out of their way for the guests, certainly a plus! Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to using your service again in the future.

Barbara B.

Dear Kirill,

My family and I recently returned from a 2 week trip to Italy. We had the pleasure of staying several days at Sorrento Villa B&B. From the moment we saw the drive lined with lemon trees we knew we were in for a special treat. The villa was beautifully kept; the rooms and the common space were immaculate. Maria and her family made us feel like one of their own; they were helpful, kind and always willing to give us some great advice for exploring their beautiful city. We would recommend the Villa highly and look forward to staying there again and again when our travel plans take us to Sorrento and the surrounding region.

Fausto R.

Dear Jessica,

The Sorrento Villa B&B was absolutely perfect. The location was just beautiful ... it didn't bother us to be up that big hill. The rooms were each so unique in their decor ... they were so clean and simple, yet so comfortable and visually pleasing. Breakfast was a highlight each day as Maria and her family put on quite an extensive buffet. The fresh squeezed OJ was delicious and we found many of the breakfast items had been home grown or homemade by the owners. The view from the terrace was spectacular!! All in all we were very happy with our stay in Sorrento and plan to go back again sometime in the near future. Thanks for the recommendation!

Lori C.

Hello Jessica;

I had a wonderful time in Italy. I got home late last night and am up early, so still recovering from the travel. The Sorrento B&B was excellent. There was a problem with my reservation as they did not have it when I arrived. Pasquale was so gracious...He got a room for me at Hotel Christina right down the street and they paid the difference in costs (as I did have my copy of the confirmation from Wonderful family, wonderful view (that's an understatement by the way) the room was very nice (I stayed there my second night). The breakfast was terrific and I think Maria, Guiseppe and Pasquale are so wonderful. I highly recommend the Sorrento Villa B&B.

Getting a car is a good recommendation, but I did taxis and walked a lot which was a good training for the rest of my Italy visit. But, if I needed a ride all I really needed to do was ask at Sorrento B&B and they were very accommodating. Thanks for all the help and information.


Dear Kristin,

Whew! You weren't kidding about the maps! Even with a map we did get lost going to Sorrento...but WOW once we got there we had a very good time. I would personally like to thank our hosts for a wonderful and accommodating stay (they escorted us from where we were lost back to Sorrento!). The property was absolutely beautiful and we were able to take the trip to Capri and little girl was excited to pick an orange off the tree at the property! Other than getting lost a couple of times our vacation was flawless...from our flight, to the rental car and your suggestions regarding accessing cash while on our trip. My husband even got the hang of driving in Italy! I will surely recommend your services to anyone I know traveling to Italy....I hope to return again to tour Rome and Northern Italy.

Thanks again for your expertise!

Kathi B.

Dear Jessica,

Sorrento Villa B&B was a lovely place within a luscious lemon grove. Fresh orange juice every morning along with the local breakfast selections moved us out into our day very nicely. Getting to this bed and breakfast was a little challenging. We drove in from Rome and encountered Easter holiday traffic; we missed an exit to Sorrento and drove to Salerno and had to backtrack; we were stuck behind a Holy Thursday church parade getting into Sorrento and had to wait an hour before it finished in order to drive on to our lodgings. Other than that, our stay was great and the innkeepers, Pasquale and Maria were helpful, informative and very, very kind and friendly. Pasquale suggested a few dinner places that were out of the way and not crowded and we certainly appreciated that. If I remember the names of those places, I will pass them along to you. Maria served us some of her homemade limoncello liquor which was very special. is a great source of information and it was one of the main sources for researching our trip. What helped me the most from your site were the comments posted by travelers. I will definitely visit again for future trips.

Peggy B.

Dear David,

Sorrento Villa B&B is perhaps one of the nicest we've stayed in over several trips to Italy. We would go back in a heartbeat. It is very clean, the rooms are modern and large, the staff is extremely helpful and the breakfast is excellent! The fresh squeezed orange juice and the homemade baked cakes were delicious. A very good variety and not just the rolls, cheese and prosciutto that you find at a lot of B&B's. The view from the deck while eating breakfast is terrific. Unfortunately, we didn't have any view from our rooms. On the negative side a barking dog and a rooster can disturb a light sleeper. Also, the B&B is too far from Sorrento to enable walking into town. We found plenty of parking in town so that wasn't a problem.

While in Sorrento we had a fabulous dinner at Vela Bianca in Porto Di Sorrento. This restaurant will pick you up at the B&B and deliver you after dinner at no charge. Take advantage of it!

Hope this helps.

Howard F.

Dear Julie,

Our trip to Sorrento was wonderful, in fact it was even better than that! The villa we stayed in – Sorrento Villa B&B – was very nice. We arrived very late and the younger family members Pasquale and Oriana made a big fuss about getting us comfortable, bringing some wine and giving us a tour of the house and making us comfortable

Our room was a little "cosy" with our son in a bed at the foot of our bed which made opening the wardrobe a bit of an adventure but other than that I would recommend it highly to any of your future customers. The bathroom was very modern and hot water was always available, the small patio was surrounded by orange trees and smelled great whenever you opened the door, our room was cleaned every day to a very high standard.

The family who run the B&B adopt all of their guests into their extended family. The breakfasts taken on a balcony overlooking the Bay are wonderful, the marmalade is homemade from the oranges, lemons and limes which grow in the orchards which surround the house. All the produce is fresh and I loved the tomatoes and all the different cheeses. Every morning we would have a different sweet cake, often with a little history lesson on its origins. If only I could speak more Italian I would love to take some of the cooking courses offered. My son was loved to death by our family and in fact everywhere we went, with everyone ruffling his hair and saying what a good boy he was (It is true actually!- he is a good boy!)

I unfortunately lost my eyeglasses on our trip and a friend of our hosts took me to find a new pair. He had nothing to do with running the house, he just was a friend who was there when he was needed. I left feeling that I would like to invite all the family to stay at my house if ever they come to America, I really can't say enough about how hospitable, helpful and friendly they were.

Sorrento itself is beautiful with many interesting little villages hidden round every point on the bay, all of them seemingly impossibly perched on cliffs with the only access via unending stairs. I would not like to try to get a week's shopping up to my house if I lived in Positano or on Capri and in fact my lack of personal fitness made a few of our trips very exhausting. It is not a holiday for those with difficulty walking or with dodgy knees. I did make it all the way to Emperor Tiberius' palace on Capri - let me tell you he did not want any visitors! It was a very long walk although well worth it for the view and the ambience.

The habit in Italy of everything closing for a time in the afternoon but then staying open late was disconcerting. If anyone goes remember to buy your water for the afternoon before lunchtime. Since we were only there a short time we tended to do our sightseeing through the Siesta time and occasionally were caught with nowhere open to buy a drink. If I go again I would like to go low season as it was very busy in the town and on many of the trips it was very crowded. It was a good mix of people though with lots of Italians on vacation too. It is better to book dinner someplace in the morning as with so many tourist destinations the restaurants are busy. I didn't find anywhere out of the way or undiscovered to share with you.

One last word of advice: get an early flight into Naples if you plan to drive to Sorrento. Our flight arrived a little after 6 and it got dark pretty quickly. Of course Europcar being on strike did not help but after we sorted that out (with help from your team) we left in the dark and road signs seem to be much smaller in Italy so we were lost for about an hour in Naples. Not pleasant! We couldn't really see the countryside of course and the road into Sorrento, in fact all along the coast, is very narrow and twisty, that coupled with the crazy teenagers on Scooters made it a hair-raising ride! Don't get a big car - get a little one, it's better to be squished inside than to scrape the buildings outside!

Thanks for all your help planning my trip.

from Moira H.

Dear Jessica,

Maria the owner is an absolute saint!! I just love that woman!! She was sweet and just so very thoughtful. I can't imagine better hosts than her and her family. And of course the place was BEAUTIFUL! The views of the ocean and the Amalfi Coast, and Pompeii, just breathtaking. Sorrento B&B was so comfortable, peaceful and beautiful that we did nothing on our first full day there, except lounge in the sun on the roof top terrace, have a fancy picnic on the balcony in our room - Maria let us use some of her beautiful blue china - and chatted with Maria and her husband, Giuseppe. I think it was the best day in Italy! And Maria makes great Limoncello, and Giuseppe makes the best fresh, squeezed orange juice! The breakfasts were delicious. (Really want to go back!)

Mary R.

Dear Kirill,

Everything said in your posted comments about Pasquale and Maria at Sorrento Villa was true--they were the nicest hosts you could ever ask for. The breakfast was excellent, the view of Naples Bay and Vesuvius spectacular. The only negative was the "simple life" element--one night around 2:00, every dog in the area was barking (including the mother and her 6 puppies next door), there is a very large and very loud rooster right next door (on the other side) who gets an early start every morning, and a house a couple removed from the Villa seemed to keep burning something that gave off an acrid smoke. It is quite a long walk to Sorrento itself, but doable for someone in decent shape; and of course, Pasquale and Maria are always happy to give you a ride if you need one.

Louis C.

Hi Julie,

Villa Sorrento B&B was absolutely the best!! Pasquale picked us up at the St. Agnello train station on a very rainy, cold, damp, dreary evening. We took a Eurostar train out of Roma to Naples and then onto St. Agnello/Sorrento. Thank you by the way for being sure that we knew to get off at St. Agnello and not Sorrento. By the time we arrived there we were exhausted. Pasquale announced that they were going to be serving a dinner at the Villa that evening and would we like to join them? They have a friend who is a well traveled chef his name is Andrea and he had returned to Sorrento. Villa Sorrento serves dinners prepared by chef Andrea a few times a week. We welcomed the thought of being served a wonderful dinner after the day's travels. We settled into this lovely modern Italian contemporary villa overlooking the Bay of Naples. The Villa is immaculately kept with tiled floors, a beautiful dining room, plants cascading over every balcony among these scented lemon groves. The dinner that chef Andrea prepared was a superb 4 course meal with wine and was topped off with delicious Limoncella that Maria makes. Pasquale and friend Elio served the dinner and the wine. It was a very lively atmosphere at Villa Sorrento and all the guests were quite pleased with the dinner. Maria's breakfasts were like another 3 course meal. All fresh meats, fruits and freshly squeezed fruit juice. Freshly baked breads and cakes. Jellies & jams. The Napolitana coffee was excellent and there was no way that you would leave the table feeling hungry. The location of Villa Sorrento is good because you can either take the train to downtown Sorrento or Pasquale, if he's around will gladly drive you there. We toured the Amalfi Coast one day, took the train to Pompeii on another. It was either cloudy or damp and rainy each day that we were there but we kept on going. One thing that we both feel is very important to mention is that the incline to the Villa from the street is quite steep and it would be a hardship for anyone with luggage to climb up. Call them at the Villa the day before you plan to arrive and Pasquale will be at the train station in St. Agnello to pick you up. Very early on the morning that we were leaving for the Naples airport to go to Sicily - Maria and Giuseppe served us coffee and some rolls and fruit before we left. Pasquale also arranged for us to get a ride to the airport. That is what they are about.....wonderful southern Italian hospitality. We would go back there again and hope to someday soon. Thank you for recommending such a lovely B&B. Thank you Pasquale, Maria and Giuseppe!!

So Julie, thank you for all of the information you provided us with to enable us to enjoy our trip to Italy. The contact information, having the phone numbers was a great help for calling to confirm our res'. Info on the surrounding areas, what to look for, where to eat, where to catch a train, directions, suggestions for Museums and sights to see could not have been better. In Italy is the place to go to when planning a trip to Italy. I will definitely book through In Italy when we return there and I wish we were going back tomorrow. We should have booked all of our accommodations through your web site.

Thank you again In Italy Online!

Rich & Lorraine W.

Dear Julie and all,

We just got back from our two-week trip to Italy, and had an absolutely wonderful time. Our delight throughout our stay was first and foremost the result of the truly fantastic accommodations we enjoyed, thanks to the IN ITALY website and to your able assistance. You are to be commended!

Sorrento Villa B&B was just the sort of place to start our trip. Maria and Pasquale were the perfect hosts, the room was wonderfully spacious and attractive, the view of the bay incredible, and the breakfasts truly incomparable! Though we were only there three nights, we left feeling we had made some new friends, and had very much made the most of our time on the Amalfi peninsula. In all we visited Capri, Positano and Pompei, as well as explored Sorrento.

Back home we are still glowing with fond memories and the acquaintance of new friends. We are in your debt!

Continued blessings to you all in your work--

Bill and Rosemary S.


We had a great time in Italy in spite of the heat wave that clobbered Europe...

Our stay at Sorrento Villa B&B was just wonderful. First of all on arrival, we were enchanted by the view from the family balcony or the roof at sunset. The house is set high up on the slopes overlooking the Bay of Naples with a great view of the Vesuvio. The room was very spacious and the 4 of us never felt cramped. The bathroom was big and luxurious. The AC worked great, which was not always the case at other places. All this does not even begin to describe the hospitality of Maria, Giuseppe and Pasquale. Our hosts were very welcoming, they were eager to share their lives and love of Italy with us. The breakfast they served was incredible, with the freshest ingredients and produces! A real meal in itself. We felt completely at home and were not ready to leave. I would highly recommend a stay there and our only regret is that we did not spend more time, instead we moved down to the Amalfi coast. The Villa is very conveniently located to visit the archeological sites and is an oasis of peace after a hot day in the ruins or fighting traffic. The access to the swimming pool next door was a reward for our kids after another guided tour! We would go back without hesitation in any season.

Hope this helps, thank you for your help booking this place.

Veronique F.

Dear Kristin,

We loved Sorrento B&B! Accommodations were very good, great breakfast. Terrace on roof allowed for great stargazing and overlook of Bay of Naples with Vesuvius silhouetted in the night sky. The driving was however awful! We had been driving for almost 3 weeks in Italy when we arrived, so we felt like seasoned Italian drivers. Traffic was bumper to bumper at all times, day and night. As a result it made the Amalfi coast a nightmare and I wouldn't return, at least in the summertime! What we did like was the quick train ride to Pompeii, our host both dropped and picked us up at the train station. We had lovely dinners at restaurants suggested by our host. These were at beachside and were quite delicious. Other than dinner and Pompeii we did not go out because of the traffic! We did venture down to Paestum one day and that was wonderful. We were robbed in a little town of Laura on the coast. Thieves broke into our car while we sat 30 feet away on the beach. That was quite a hassle. While our accommodations were very pleasant I would not go back to the area because of the rush of tourists! There are too many other wonderful places to go where you don't have to compete with the rest of humanity!

Laura S. B.

Dear Jessica,

We had a marvelous trip to Italy. The Sorrento Villa B&B was everything positive people had posted previously. Pasquale and Maria were so gracious and friendly. The time in Sorrento was the best part of our trip. I cannot imagine a better choice.

Mary P.

Dear Julie,

Sorrento B&B was great. What a great place with the lemon orchard as a backyard. Making lemon water at 2am after a big night was entertaining. Rented a scooter for a couple of days while we were there and did a day trip to Positano. What a great ride. Coming from Bermuda we are very comfortable with the scooters. Ran into a little problem returning it. They said we scratched the front. Two tiny scratches. Wasn't aware that the insurance doesn't cover that so argued over that for 15 minutes and then just ended up paying them an extra $100. We don't speak the language very well so figured we should pay as we were in a hurry to take the ferry to Capri for the night. Capri was lovely, the Blue Grotto was amazing.

Thanks for all your help,
Samantha T.


Thank you for your inquiry about our trip to Italy. I can honestly say those were three of the best weeks of my life and much of that would be because of "In Italy". When I tell friends about our trip they want to know what travel agency we used and I don't hesitate to tell them to look up In Italy on the web.

Okay, about the places you recommended. The Sorrento Villa B&B was great. Though a little hard to find everything else more than made up for that. After two days, Maria and Pasquale felt like family. They were very accommodating, the views were great and the breakfast was wonderful. The room was simple but the bath was luxurious, both were extremely clean. While there we went to Pompeii (most fascinating) and drove along the coast to Amalfi (most scary) where we spent a wonderful day.

We saw so much and did so much while we were in Italy that I hardly think there was anything of much importance that we didn't see. I ate so much good food and probably would have gained 15 pounds had we not walked and climbed so many steps. Great sculptures and paintings by great artists became almost commonplace after a while. It was a great three weeks. We spent about $7500 and didn't scrimp on anything and that included car rental, trip insurance and round trip flights.

I just hope that the next time we go on a big trip I can find a web site like yours. Thank you so much for your help. The tour arrangements worked out like clockwork and everything you recommended was as you said it would be.

Thanks again,
Kitty H.

Dear Kristin,

We had a lovely time in Sorrento and our hosts at Sorrento B&B could not have been nicer. The accommodations were spacious, clean and lovely with views of the bay of Naples. Everything good said about the premises was true. Maria set out a beautiful breakfast table with fruits and other produce from her garden when possible then relying on local suppliers. She had fresh cake, which was baked by her sister which we now have the recipe for in Italian. We were fortunate enough to have good weather to sit out on the balcony and eat breakfast and look out over the bay.

And the rooster that crowed in the coop next door at 5 am we didn't mind, we were having a wonderful time and besides that is what traveling is all about. Thanks for your help in making a wonderful vacation.

Dave K.

Dear Kirill,

The Sorrento B&B was beyond all expectations. The place is stunning, the sun was shining, and the people there are totally delightful. And then there's the unbelievable breakfast! I would send anyone and everyone there - a real treasure.

Nancy L.

Dear Julie,

Sorrento Villa B&B was lovely. The rooms were spacious, airy and immaculate, and the breakfasts in a large sunny room with a view of the Bay of Naples were gourmet experiences. Maria (mother) and Pasquale (son) were wonderfully friendly and accommodating. Tourists should know that, if they are without a car, the hike up to the Villa from the main street is QUITE STEEP. The walk down (about ten minutes) is not bad. The train station is perhaps twenty minutes walk from the Villa, and the bus stop is half that. An American couple told us they had walked up and down the hill twice during the day, but they were considerably younger than we. More of a problem, because Pasquale or Maria were happy to pick us up at the foot of the hill whenever we telephoned, is the siesta from 1-4 daily. Retired folks, such as we, could use a siesta as well, but we hated to call for a ride more than once during the day, and sometimes we were off in a different city which closed down for three hours (the archaelogical sites do not). So this custom has to be factored into all plans. Some restaurants do not open for supper until seven. Tourists should make sure they have round trip tickets to various sites because the tobacco shops (where one buys bus tickets and phone cards) are also closed in the afternoons. We got stuck in Positano because we had bought one-ways. Buses A and C (orange) run from downtown Sorrento to Sant'Agnello, where one can get off at the Piazza Sant'Agnello and call the Villa for a ride. The walk to the bottom of their street is about two minutes. One can buy a $5 telephone card (not international) to use in the phones at the Piazza. The Mayflower in Sorrento was a good place to eat.; it is a couple of blocks south of the train station.

As to excursions, we particularly enjoyed Herculaneum (take the Circumvesuviana for both this and Pompeii and walk a few blocks). We took the blue SITA bus (very inexpensive) from Piazza Sant'Agnello to Positano, and the drive along the Amalfi Coast was SPECTACULAR and scary. Positano is a lovely town. A few days later we went about twice as far down the coast to Amalfi. It too is a beautiful town, and Ravello, a short bus ride further, offered spectacular views of the coast as well as two interesting villas. One day we enjoyed an excursion with a guide to Capri. And on yet another day we took a train through Naples to Pozzouli. This area is interesting because of the archaeological sites as well as the volcano Solfatara, where one can see bubbling water and sulfurous vapors. The amphitheater is a block or so downhill from the train station (turning right a half block after you exit the station), and the volcano is up the hill. A very kind gentleman gave us a ride there, as well as a tour of the city. He also took us home to have dinner with his family, and then drove us back to Sorrento because he had a business meeting there. An incredible story here! We also enjoyed the archaelogical museum in Naples, the underground cave tour of the city, the duomo and the stunningly beautiful sculptures in the Sansevero Chapel. My brother, who speaks Italian fluently, was with us in Naples, but we never felt ill at ease amongst the crowds. Of course, we never dress any way but casually, and we do not wear flashy jewelry.

This was our third trip to Italy, and, as before, we come back exclaiming how much we love it there, and we will certainly recommend Sorrento B&B to our friends!

Sherwin & Joan K.

Dear Julie,

I was delighted with every aspect of our stay in Sorrento at the B&B. I live in Italy, and took my mother there as a birthday get-a-way, during her annual visit. We loved everything about it! The owners couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful. I particularly liked the small size of the B&B, and the amazing breakfasts. What I definitely didn't expect was the use of the beautiful pool at a nearby hotel, and the incredible location of the B&B itself. I can't wait to go back!

Keep up the good work!

Rachel E.

Dear Kirill,

Yes we had a great time thanks and the B&B was terrific. Couple of things that my help some future visitors.........

Having flown into Naples, we decided to stop one night there before travelling onto Sorrento. This was fine, but we made the big mistake of hiring a car. We had read the warnings of how difficult driving can be but weren't too worried having driven round a number of 'unknown' foreign cities in the past. Driving in Naples was something else. The road signs were non existent, numerous one way streets which meant we kept loosing our way and the drivers well... no wonder you don't see any old Italians in Naples!

The drive out to Sorrento was not as bad - other than trying to avoid the maniac drivers, but did take longer than we had anticipated and was still quite stressful.

So I would strongly recommend that anyone arriving via Naples either goes direct to Sorrento by car on the Motorway (rather than the coast road) - or if they want to stay in Naples to catch the bus from the airport and then get the train out to Sorrento.

Once at the B&B we found we didn't really need the car. We took a day trip to Capri which was lovely - (Blue Grotto very busy but worth the wait) our hosts dropped us at the port and we walked back. You can also get direct to Pompeii from Sorrento by train - really easy the station is right at the entrance gates to Pompeii so no need to get Taxi from the station etc.

The other bits of info we can pass on if they are useful.......

The hotel (think it may have been called Paradise) which is up the road from the B&B does have a nice pool (which B&B guests are allowed to use) and you can get drinks and snacks poolside. However, we did eat there one night and it was very disappointing - expensive, poor quality 'canteen' type food. On a brighter note, we can recommend the main restaurant/bar in the square in Sorrento - I think it was called something like FAURDES? We were a little put off as it is right in view of everyone else and lit quite brightly but it was one of the best (quality, service, price) meals we had.

The other thing I would mention is security. We were very careful in Naples and at the more touristy sites - but sadly had our video and camera stolen from the back of our chair as we sat outside a small cafe in a village nearby. So without wishing to put people off, its as well to be on your guard and put things out of reach!

In summary, despite the driving I would thoroughly recommend this part of Italy. If you avoid the big hotels the food is fabulous and reasonably inexpensive. The scenery is spectacular and the Sorrento B&B an excellent base. Thanks for your help in finding it!

Delia H.


Thank you very much for helping us find Sorrento Villa B&B. It could not have been more perfect. Our hosts, Pasquale and Maria, were incredibly gracious and generous. The room was spotless and lovely, and you cannot beat the locale: in the center of an orange and lemon grove. If I ever "return to Sorrento," I would definitely stay here again. I would recommend it to friends, but I really don't want many people to know about it . . .

John C.

Thank you,

We really enjoyed Sorrento B& B. It was probably the best accommodation that we had in Italy and certainly the most peaceful and welcoming. We couldn't have asked for more and would recommend it without fact I already have done. Thanks for your help.

Jackie C.
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