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Good Morning,

We had a lovely time and the apartment was great, great location and easy to walk to everything including easy access to good restaurants. Two I would recommend - Antica Taverna, Via Monte Giordano 12, had to wait for a table but good food and a very reasonable price. Enoteca il Piccolo, Via del Governo Vecchio 74-75, also good food and a little more expensive. The apartment was very well equipped for our break, but the highlight was the greeting from Marco and the time he spent with us going over the apartment and then sitting down pointing out our routes to all the sites in Rome and extra recommendations.

Kind regards

Mary O.

We had the trip of a lifetime, thanks to all of the arrangements thru "In Italy".

Campo de' Fiori was a perfect location. When Hassan checked us in he suggested a walk (really a hike) to a fountain in Trastevere where you could overlook the city. We did that and hit it just at dusk - it was beautiful. When we walked back down we ate in Trastevere and found it less expensive than some other places in Rome, and very good. The apartment was great. We would go to the market and the pastry shop in the morning and get our breakfast. The laundry in the apartment worked perfectly.

Villa Odino was probably my favorite place. We purchased train tickets to Venice from the hotel and they provided transportation both ways to and back from the train station. We just had to call when we were leaving Venice and they were there to pick us up. We used your restaurant suggestions as well as the room service one night. All of it was perfect. It was so nice to sit out on the outside tables in the evening and relax.

We took an all day boat tour right from the hotel to Torcello, Burano and Murano. There were only five of us on the tour so it was great. The driver let the five of us decide how long we wanted to stay on each island. We really wanted to have lunch at "Da Romano" on Burano, so that worked out perfectly. The driver even arranged for us to arrive in Murano just in time to see a glass blowing demonstration. On the way back to Villa Odino, the boat driver broke out a bottle of champagne for the five of us to share. It was a great day.

We wanted to stay in the Venice area for five nights so we could drive to a couple to towns where our relatives immigrated from. That worked out perfectly. We arranged meet a 2nd cousin of my husband and brother-in-law. They live in Frassene' near Agordo, at the foot of the beautiful Dolomite Mountains. We also met some long lost relatives in Agnone. We booked that with you also, through your paqrtners Valentina was wonderful as our host at Borgo San Pietro. She told us where the cemetery was and also arranged for an English speaking tour of the Marinelli Bell Foundry in Agnone. It is a thousand year old family owned business.

In Soragna we had a lovely time. Locanda del Lupo was a perfect stop for us. My husband and brother-in-law are farmers so one afternoon we drove through the countryside and saw the harvesting of tomatoes. The boys really enjoyed seeing rural Italy. There was an English-speaking lady at the desk at Locanda del Lupo and she arranged for us to see the cheese production, salami production as well as a wonderful cheese museum. All of it was within walking distance.

Rapallo was also wonderful. We had dinner at their restaurant one night. We wanted Bellini's but they were out of the white peaches and asked if we wanted it with strawberries. It was absolutely wonderful - so good that we ordered three more. We took the local boat service to Portofino and Santa Margherita and shopped - a lot.

All of the transfers, lodgings and tours went off without a hitch. My husband was impressed with all of the places that we stayed. They were all clean and in perfect locations for what we wanted to do.

When we picked up the rental car in Rome, we did the paperwork in one location and the had to drag our luggage about 3 blocks to pick up the car. The directions given were not totally clear and we had to ask a few people along the way, but we made it. I think it would have been so much nicer if someone could have brought the car to the office location. We could not have survived our days with the car without the GPS - it was wonderful. Also the dropping off of the car in Florence was a little scary - nowhere to park when we got to the location. But they told us to drive around the block to a little plaza which was just around the corner from the drop off location. They came out and inspected the car - not a scratch. They called a taxi to take us to the apartment and we were good.

Also, just a note - on our way to the airport in Florence, the taxi driver rear-ended a car in front of us. Both drivers got out, waved their hands a bit and then the taxi driver drove us to the airport and the other car followed him. His radiator was punctured and steam was blowing everywhere, but we made it. It's a good laugh now - no one was hurt and we made it home safely.

Thanks for helping with all of our arrangements and answering all of my e-mail questions. I will certainly recommend your website to anyone. In fact on our Tuscany dinner tour, I gave your website to two other groups of people we met. They were impressed that we had apartments to stay in.

Thanks again,
Mary M.


We had a fantastic time thanks to all of the efforts of the staff at In Italy Online.

The accommodations at Florence Ciompi, while spartan, were adequate and very centrally located. Walking to everywhere we wanted to go was always a pleasure. Our tour with Elisabetta was quite informative and she even asked our favorite Uffizi guitarist to play at her wedding.

The Lerici Seaside Hotel was great. Fourth floor views to the water and just far enough on the edge of town to make for a beautiful evening stroll to town for dinner. The hotel was clean and well maintained and everyone was very helpful. The fact that it is family owned and operated certainly helps. We took a day trip to Carrara to visit the marble mines where Leonardo selected his piece for David. Quite a process.

Palazzo Bandino in Tuscany was centrally located for day trips to all of the sites. We did take a trip to Deruta for majolica pottery. Watching the hand throwing and hand painting gave us a better appreciation for the pieces we purchased.

Campo de' Fiori in Rome was again right in the center of ancient Rome. Easy walking to everything and we visited many of the sights several times. We had plenty of time to sit, relax, and enjoy the scenes around us. Hassan, who oriented us at the apartment, left no stone unturned in describing everything about the apartment and the surrounding area. He was quite helpful, although we noticed there was no soap or paper towels after he left. Massimo gave us the Vatican tour with early entry to the Sistine Chapel. He was very knowledgeable and went into great detail. The early entry is the way to go as there were 500 people there when we passed through later on our way to St. Peter's. Eva, an archeology graduate, did a good job with the Colisseum and Forum tour.

The car rental, garmin rental, and phone rental went off without a hitch.

One special find was Ristorante La Grotta, a fantastic restaurant across the street from the "hidden jewel", San Biagio. The outdoor dining area was a great place to spend the afternoon with excellent food and fantastic wine. Had to buy a bottle of their olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

In the end, we had another wonderful trip to Italy. Friends can't believe that everything could be done online without talking to a single person. Modern technology, isn't it great. Now if someone can just do something about that long plane ride. Thanks again for the help. I will recommend you to anyone planning a trip to Italy.

Bob B.

Hi Kristin & Kirill,

Thanks so much for helping me put together a truly magical vacation.

The apartment at Campo dei Fiori was excellent for the most part. The one negative of this apartment is the noise. On weekends the noise from the street below is quite loud and goes well into the night/early morning. On weekdays the noise outside was not an issue, but if the bedrooms are side-by-side so if your roommates snore you'll hear that as well. Everything else about the apartment was positive. The location was perfect – a very short walk to Campo dei Fiori. We started each morning off with a walk through the market to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, chesses, meats, etc. It was awesome! The living area is very nice, the view of the street below is very cool and having laundry in the apartment is a big bonus. For us the positives were significant and outweighed the noise issue.

Palazzo Bandino can be summed up in one word – wow!!!! I can't think of anything negative about this place. The location in the Tuscan countryside is beautiful and the perfect place to go to relax after being in Rome. The accommodations were excellent. Our apartment had a big window that opened up to the vineyard & a deck where you could sit overlooking the vineyards – beautiful. The people are as friendly as can be. They treat you like family. We took the cooking class and had a wonderful time. We also ate dinner there almost every night. The food is great, the wine is excellent and unlimited, and the location is perfect. There are a ton of beautiful towns within a short drive. We took day trips to Perugia, Siena, Montepulciano and Pienza.

Next was the one negative aspect of the whole trip - dropping off a car in Venice. I won't go through the gory details, but it took us nearly three hours and was a very ugly experience. We also lost the benefit of not having to lug our bags over the bridge because unlike the train station, the car garage is not on the hotel side of the canal. Having lots of bags and a mother in law with Parkinson's Disease made it even more difficult.

That said, the Hotel Abbazia was very cool. I was worried about the location so near the train station but you truly cannot hear the train – you won't even know it's next door. Another plus of the location is that the hotel is at a vaporetto stop. The hotel itself is very comfortable & interesting as it was once a monastery. The people at the front desk are incredibly friendly and helpful. The magic of Venice and the very nice Hotel Abbazia helped us to quickly forget the car drop-off fiasco. The breakfast included at the hotel is very good and the courtyard in the back is a very nice place to relax. As mentioned in other reviews, the church bells ring very early in the morning. I thought they were beautiful and was happy to get up when they started ringing. For people who would disagree, I recommend ear plugs. They seem to have done the job for others in my traveling party.

The Verona Winery was another excellent countryside location. The location is very convenient - just a ten-minute drive from Verona and even less time to the autostrada. The grounds and buildings are absolutely beautiful. The courtyard is a perfect place to sit in a lounge chair or a hammock and relax. For people like me who prefer not to sit around, there are hiking trails up the hills to the vineyards and very simple bikes that can be ridden along the country roads. It is difficult to find a place that is good for both relaxing and being active but the Verona Winery is one. Breakfast is simple but quite good. All of the people working here are very helpful and kind. The wine is quite good and the wine tour/tasting is fun. As with Palazzo Bandino, I don't have anything negative to say about the Verona Winery.

I give a huge thanks to you and the rest of the In Italy staff. Thanks so much for convincing me to stay at the wineries in Tuscany & Verona. I almost decided not to stay at either and those places turned out being the highlights of the vacation. A special thanks to Kristin for responding to my late-night emails from the airport when my flight was cancelled. Making sure that my airport pickup would be there when I arrived three hours late was an incredible stress reliever. You were a life saver.

I could go on and on about In Italy and the places we stayed, but I'll just leave it with one final thought. I am thrilled with the service In Italy provided me and I am equally thrilled with the places we stayed. I will surely use your services again for future trips to Italy and I will not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Jeff W.

Dear Kristin,

We had a marvelous time in Italy. The apartments at Campo di Fiori were great. The location was perfect. We could walk to the Vatican, the Coliseum, Trevi, Spanish Steps, Pantheon and everywhere else we ventured. There were plenty of eating places available and groceries and bakeries close by. The daily market in the square was a plus. We had plenty of good times in the evening at the various establishments on the square. Everything went well and our Vatican tour guide was excellent. It was the best trip ever and one our children will remember forever.

Thanks for all your help in putting it together.
Marie and Dan D.

P.S. : We couldn't think of any minuses

Hi In Italy Team,

Thank you so much for all your help in planning our trip to Italy. It truly was a fantastic experience! I would definitely recommend your services and that of your tour guides to anyone who asks. Since our return all our family friends keep asking, "What was the favorite part of the trip? Which city did we like best?" This question brings the answer, "We can't possible nail it down, each place we went was fantastic, each city was unique and brought on a new "taste" of Italy, each apartment was great and the tours and guides were exactly what we had hoped."

Rome : Awesome! We especially liked the two-floor set up. The terrace was a huge hit with our family. Every night before heading out to dinner we had wine and cheese while listening to the chimes of the clock and the city noise below. The location was awesome, close to everything. We literally could and did walk to all major landmarks. The nightlife was perfect for us, the local craziness and partying of Piazza Campo dei Fiori (it was world cup soccer time and Italy was still playing!) to the more reserved, tourist type Piazza Navona.

Florence Ciompi: Fantastic! We missed our terrace from Rome. Oh well, we got over that easy enough as this place was huge as well. Space is important, gave our family room to spread out and take much needed recharge breaks before heading out for the evening. We liked that this place had more of a European feel than Rome's did. But that by no means takes anything away from Rome as an A+ accommodation. Again, the Florence location was perfect. We really liked being in the neighborhoods vs. on or in the tourist block of town.

Venice Ca' D'Oro: The hotel was good. Typical European style room – small. Coming from the spacious apartments it was a bit of an adjustment. However, we still enjoyed our stay. The staff actually reserved a big round table every morning for us during the breakfast hour. The roof top terrace was a great place to relax and enjoy some wine and cheese before heading out for the night. Our rooms were clean, modern and comfortable. We liked that the hotel was small.

Tours: All guides were excellent they gave our family their undivided attention. Clearly enjoyed their job, were organized, easy to understand, knew their stuff inside and out as it relates to not only the tour we were on but the ‘tangential" information as well. They answered questions from local current trends to ancient history. While all tours went extremely well we especially liked the full day Catacombs, Coliseum and Forum tour with Eva, the Capri full day tour with Francesca and without a doubt the full day Chianti tour with Maurizio. Eva had a great personality and really connected with all of us. Her humor was fun and light. As far as spending an entire day with someone you didn't know, it was great. We found each stop of the tour to be very interesting, however, the Catacombs were certainly very unique and we felt as if it was something that not everyone got a chance to do. The same goes for Francesca, great personality and really connected with us. She knew everyone on Capri, it was fun. She'd walk down the street and the storekeepers to boat skippers would yell, Hello to Francesca! It is clear to me without her as guide we would never have been able to get all the things we wanted to get done in Capri. She took care of all the logistics down to the details and minute, her insiders' knowledge made it all happen, she even called ahead and held back a blue grotto boat full of people so they would wait for us to get there. Sure enough the bus came down the hill dropped us off at the dock, we boarded a fully loaded boat that had been waiting for us then we embarked. She even arranged for us to pay after the trip. Then at the Grotto she organized our family to go first and in one boat. It was excellent! The full day Chianti tour with Maurizio! He was so entertaining – the stops plus his commentary made the day without a doubt a highlight of the trip. We especially loved the winery, the food, the family etc.

Across all Tours and all cities: We really felt as if the private tours were the way to go from the start and booked them this way, without a doubt I am glad we did. I highly recommend this approach to others. We especially liked that the tour guides were not over powering - i.e. they let us eat lunch as family vs. joining us. We also liked that they listened to our requests on when it was time to move on, stay longer, or skip one area so that we could add another. This goes for all tour guides across all tours. Their knowledge was amazing.

General stuff:

· Not sure how many people do this but I Google earthed the locations. I was a bit concerned to see all the graffiti on the Rome and Florence locations – kind of made me wonder what type of neighborhood the apartments were in. But realizing they were in the city I kind of let it go. I'm glad I did, as all locations were in safe, nice neighborhoods. I think had we known that nearly the entire country would have a graffiti issue I would have never thought twice about it. So my concern on location was gone once we arrived and saw where the apartments were.

Tip – luggage storage at Rome Termini. Worked great. Had we not figured this one out – with your help – we would have never gone back to Rome and spent the day. Having someplace to drop the luggage really changed the entire day for us, as the original plan of just going to the hotel out by the airport was "canned" and we ended up spending our last day Roaming around Rome reminiscing the trip, eating lunch at our favorite spot, followed by dinner at our favorite spot!

· Coordinating with the In Italy team while we were in Italy. I didn't expect that I would need to do this, but as you know we did and it worked great. Thanks for the quick response and follow-up during the trip. Even though we were in an apartment without a concierge to call, we always felt like if we did need help the In Italy team was available. The time difference clearly worked in our favor as well.

Tony D.

Dear Kirill,

We were very pleased with Campo di Fiori. The apartments were beautiful, comfortable and extremely clean with all of the comforts of home. Hassan met us as promised and he could not have been nicer or more helpful. The location is truly wonderful in the heart of culture, shopping and restaurants. We felt very safe in this neighborhood and could walk to everything that we wanted to see except for the Vatican which was an easy cab ride. I highly recommend this accommodation - we stayed in apartments 4 and 5 and they were equally terrific. Apartment 5 had twin bunk beds which were sturdy and comfortable for our 13 and 15 year old. We did not use the pull out couch in the very large living room but it also looked new and comfortable. I really can't say enough about how terrific and perfect these apartments were. One small issue we had was that our confirmation for both apartments were on one confirmation sheet which said that the housekeeping charge was 50 euros. Actually, it was 50 euros per apartment - something you might want to clear up on your confirmation sheet the next time someone rents more than one apartment. Hassan did not charge us the security deposit so it was no problem. This was by far the best accommodation that we had while in Italy.

Thank you for all of your help.
Sarah C.

Dear Kristin,

We had a great trip, and the apartment was fantastic. We were able to walk to all the major sites we wanted to see - Vatican, Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and more. Although the tour buses would have been more convenient, we discovered just as many "treasures" in the walk down the narrow alleys. One tip for the Vatican - buy a scarf to cover up the evil shoulders and knees (especially the women). Also, the flea market in Trastevere on Sunday Morning was quite an unusual experience, as was the late visit to the carnival-like stands along the Tiber every night! Rome never sleeps!!! Hope to go back some time - it was fantastic!

Robert B.

Hi Julie,

We had a wonderful trip. The accommodations were excellent -- location, amenities, etc. Great modern accommodations w/ A/C which was desperately needed on the 98 days ... Re your restaurant Raspo Golosa ... new management, Il Fico, great food! Found a fabulous leather shop where she was creating as we spoke "Il Gancio" on via Seminario 82-83, between Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. Gorgeous handmade bags, belts, and trinkets.

It was a great trip. Thanks for all your assistance.

Paula D.

Dear Kristin,

We enjoyed the apartments at Campo D'Fiore and enjoyed being in Rome very much. Unfortunately, a lot of things were closed for the August holiday but we greatly enjoyed what we did see! We'll be back and I would return to the apartment! Thanks for your help.

Harriet H.

Dear Gang at Italy Online:

You asked for my comments - to sum it up - a BIG GIANT THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Generally, thanks to your frequent recommendations and trading of emails back and forth our trip was fantastic and the logistics an accommodations were superb. I never could have planned this myself, and I never believed each place I stayed in could be almost exactly what I what I expected and wanted. Also, the instruction documents you included with each location we stayed at was EXTREMELY helpful and on the mark. It gave us great instructions on how to get to each location from the airport or train station, and the contact numbers included were helpful- and the contact ALWAYS answered immediately.

Rome was our favorite city and our favorite apartment. What a gorgeous place the Campo di' Fiori apartment was. Our apartment had a huge master bedroom, another smaller bedroom, 2 baths and a huge living room and kitchen area, and right in the middle of a great spot in Rome. I was with my wife and two daughters (ages 20 and 23) and they just loved the boutiques in that area. At night, the piazza turns from a fruit and vegetable market to a night-life area for people in their late teens and twenties. And for the fathers out there - it is EXTREMELY safe.

Again we booked a private full day tour in Rome, and again it was well worth it. Another well educated person, Giulio, who had obviously studied extensively Roman history, guided us through the Vatican Museum, St. Peters, the Pantheon, Colosseum and Forum. As with the tour in Florence, not only did we get to avoid the lines, we got a detailed historical description of the key features within each of those areas. He took us to the prison where St. Peter and St, Paul were kept (never would've found that on our own), the Forum (which is not the famous Roman Forum) where Julius Ceasar was killed before he was brought to the Roman Forum (actually near our apartment) and many other interesting facts. He also gave us superb restaurant recommendations.

There is one restaurant recommendation I would like to make. Actually, it was one that you provided in the confirmation you sent, but the name had changed. It is across the street from the apartment and is now named Antico Forno Roscioli. In your write up you mentioned they had an extensive display of wines (they still do) and was reasonably priced (this has changed- it is fairly expensive). However, the food is incredible. The pasta is the best I ever had, and I've had a lot!!!!!. The bread is also the best I ever had, and as you mentioned they own the bakery around the corner. Make sure you recommend the bakery as well, I picked up a loaf of fresh bread there every day wow was it great.

A couple of general recommendations- AVOID any restaurant directly near or on a well travelled via to a major attraction. These are usually overpriced and under quality. TRY restaurants near Piazza Santa Maria in the Trastevere section, a lot of locals eat there and they are more reasonably priced.

Other Observations- you were right- I never needed a car, and having one would have been a complete hassle

Again please feel free to use any or none of my comments to assist you and others in planning their trip. To any future users of In Italy - trust these guys, they know exactly what they are doing. Not only did they help pick the right places to stay, but how many days to stay in each city, the order of cities to travel to, etc.

Bill G.

Dear Kirill,

We traveled to Italy in the middle of May for two weeks and booked most of the arrangements through you. We found your service to be wonderful, I don't think we could have done it on our own. You were very patient answering all our questions and very prompt with answers. Our stay at Campo dei Fiori was one of our favorite places to stay. The location is perfect within walking distance of everything and the open market and cafes nearby were so much fun, even at night it is very lively. I would definitely stay there again. Sorrento and Florence were also wonderful experiences.

Lori O.

Hello Jessica,

We really enjoyed our trip and thought the apartment was fantastic. We really loved it, and enjoyed the terrace gardens. We thought it was within walking distance of most of the sites we wanted see -- and we walked everywhere during our stay (and our group wasn't even particularly fit, one guy had a bad knee) but we definitely had to have a siesta at midday!

As for likes and dislikes, we thought it was a little bit noisy, but earplugs worked fine, and we liked being so close to the Campo di Fiori and the fruit/veg market. Baccanale (Sp?) did good sandwiches for lunch, and Buffato 2 (sp?) was good for dinner.

Thanks again, we're happy to recommend this flat or your service to our friends.

Stacy S.

Dear Kirill,

Thank you! We did have a marvelous trip and would definitely use your website for future trips and will recommend it to friends. We loved the street maps we ordered from you and found them to be essential for navigating both Venice and Rome. We used your airport shuttle service and rented a cell phone through you. We also used your website for sightseeing tips.

We loved the Campo dei Fiori apartment for its wonderful location! We were able to walk everywhere and our grandchildren loved the market jut a few doors away. We had a fabulous, and very reasonably priced, dinner at the restaurant located at Via di Monte Giordano 49 (near Piazza Novana), one of your recommended restaurants. The name has changed but unfortunately, I did not write it down.

Maryellen and Tony F.

Dear Kristin,

First of all, let me say, everything I booked through In Italy was absolutely flawless. I am thoroughly impressed with your recommendations and everything I booked through your company. We were in a group of 5 with my inlaws and I highly recommend the Apartments since they have two bedrooms and most have a pullout sofa. The Verona Winery was extremely well kept and manicured. Paolo was quick with whatever we needed. Highly recommend Il Busolo, Loretta made my son Dante a special pasta. A nice touch. In Florence, the Duomo Apartments were truly... The Duomo Apartments. We opened the windows and it felt like we could touch the Duomo, a magnificent structure. We did the half-day Florence The First Time walking tour and Elisabetta was great. Extremely knowledgeable and very vibrant. I highly recommend catching a cab to go to Piazzale Michelangelo, you get a panorama of Florence that is breathtaking. Suggest timing this around sunset. The cab was easy and there is a taxi stand at the piazza for the return. One note of caution for anyone in groups of 4 or more, with baggage, you may need to take two cabs to get to your destination. The cabs in Italy are small for the most part. We got lucky in Florence and (after waiting in queue) found one that could take us all. On the return to the train station we booked two cabs and they came together so we never got separated (good because I was the only one that spoke Italian). In Rome, we stayed at Campo de Fiori Apartments. A very nice apartment (3rd floor) with lots of life in the neighborhood. We dined in Campo de Fiori (Magnolia restaurant has an American Breakfast). Not quite Cracker Barrel, but it was good to have some eggs after 2 weeks of Brioche (Flaky Pastries). A short walk away was Piazza Navona. Lots of restaurants there. We ate at one which I don't recall but was not pleased, food was ok and their credit card machine was down. Service was...well...Roman. Overall, it was a splendid trip. I would highly recommend your site to anyone traveling to Italy and I will definitely use it on my next trip.

Thanks again,
Luciano T.

Dear Julie,

Great service and good connections by the shuttle service. We arrived 1.5 hours late and the driver had left and then returned to pick us up once we arrived. Think out carefully how you will be in contact with the shuttle company as you will need access to an Italy phone to contact them. Regardless, the price was right and the driver was very friendly and professional. Dropped us right at our door.

The Campo De' Fiori Penthouse Apartment offered a great location in the middle of everything. You can literally walk to all the great fun places including Campo de' Fiori, Piazza Navona, Trastevere, Jewish Ghetto, Vatican. The Forum and Coliseum are a bit farther. Stores, shops, and restaurants are everywhere.

The agents in charge of the apartment were very friendly and helpful. They offered to be available by phone anytime and as needed. We had five adults... Mom and Dad, two daughters and son... and the apartment was perfect. Wife particularly appreciated the elevator. Full kitchen, washer, dishwasher, etc. Great patios for dining and general use.

Couple of FYI's... the electricity is extra if you use really any heat or AC. So... we used another 50 Euros for AC and another 50 Euros for cleaning. This is in addition to rent. Water in showers is generally ok... the one in the "back" tends to run weak and cold after two showers.

All in all... highly recommended.

D. Starnes

Dear Jessica,

We rented two apartments, the penthouse and an apartment on the first floor. The location is marvelous, as you can walk to the Campo (2 minute walk) and get fresh EVERYTHING for the day's feasting. The only improvements that could be made to the penthouse are: 1) have an umbrella for the terrace table, as it is almost too sunny in the morning and 2) provide a stereo for CD listening. One the best restaurants we ate in was right in the neighborhood: La Pollarola. If you go there, order the pasta with the fiori di zucca sauce (zucchini flowers). It does tend to be very noisy at night, so make sure to close the windows and turn on the air conditioning.

Debra W.

Dear Julie,

We've just arrived back from Rome and I had to tell you we were all thrilled with the penthouse in Campo de' Fiori. We hadn't realised it was in such an ideal location, walking distance to most of the "must see" sites but also in an area that cried out to be explored!

The apartment itself had everything we could have asked for. The terraces were just the place to relax with a glass of chianti and some fine cheese (all bought from the nearby shops/market, of course) after some serious sight-seeing.

I'll be placing a review on Trip Advisor and will be more than happy to give the apartment, and "initaly", some well deserved praise.

I look forward to booking another Roman holiday with you soon.

Thanks again for all your help before our trip.

Ann F.

Dear Kirill,

Being in Italy for the World Cup was great fun from Positano to Rome. It was especially fun in Rome when Italy won the whole thing.

I love Italy, so everything is always lovely there for me. This time I especially enjoyed the new Penthouse Apartment in Campo de Fiori. It is a great place to stay. I think it will be even better at other times of the year when the terrace is more comfortable. The hot weather was the least enjoyable. But the crowds were not bad. My husband and I rode trolleys and busses around Rome to see new sections of the city. I also enjoyed revisiting some favorite places like the Pantheon. I was disappointed that the Pieta is so well protected now that she is difficult to see well, but I understand the troubled times!

Thank you at Initaly for all your help.
Barbara G.

Dear Jessica,

I don't think there was anything we found that would be negative as we always found people and the actual friendliness of the Italians that made every moment enjoyable. The weather was extremely cooperative and we had the most beautiful days...

Starting in Rome, the apartment of Campo de' Fiori was one of the best picks I think we could have made. It was right in the old part of Rome, which we discovered was originally the street used to get to the Vatican when it was being constructed. Piazza Campo de' Fiori which is a few blocks away was the place for stopping for vegetables and shopping. There are some of the best restaurants around the square and in the evening we took advantage of that. This location is not far from some interesting villas owned by important and influential Italians from many years prior and are jewels that Dennis showed us on our walking tour with him.

A special jewel in addition to the art, getting to know the people and seeing the beautiful countryside, was learning a bit about the food and some of the ingredients such as rucola. This is a special green that has a spicy flavor which makes a great addition to salad or adds to a great sandwich. Also there was another green used in salad, Valeriana (which is supposed to comfort you). Tomatoes like the variety da Bruschetta were especially good and I had to buy some seeds of all these to transport home.

I think you can tell that our experiences were wonderful everywhere we went and our accommodations selected on the InItaly site were exceptional. I want to personally thank you for your assistance and help in planning this whole trip. The In Italy site is the best and I would recommend it to anyone. All of the tours, pick-ups at the airport were there on time and there wasn't any glitch on the whole trip. This will be a trip that the four of us will have memories for the rest of our lives. Jessica I want to thank you and the others helping on the In Italy site for making it all possible.

Mitch F.


We had an amazing trip to Italy. The help and advice that came from the In Italy office was truly helpful. We were thrilled with all aspects of our trip.

What a cool place! This typical Roman apartment was situated in the heart of Rome. This was a well equipped apartment with everything you need. The famous Campo de' Fiori market is about 100 paces from the apartment door. We made a point to get our fresh fruits, vegetables and fish here. There is live music and a general feeling of excitement in the piazza. There is a small shop selling wine and cheeses literally across the street from the apartment, the bread shop is around the corner and many restaurants line the Campo de' Fiore piazza, so you can't go hungry. There is no driving down this street, so it's best to come in from the alley where the church is. The door is rather hard to spot as it is in between two shops. You can walk everywhere in Rome from here. Bring strong walking shoes as the streets are mostly paved with cobblestones that can be very hard on your feet. We had a great time trying Gelato all over the city. Make a note that most restaurants charge a cover charge per person to be seated at a table. Take away food is usually a different price. I could probably LIVE in this apartment! It was terrific.

General comments:

Our rental car was picked up at the airport in Rome and returned a week later to the train station in Rome. VERY IMPORTANT: The rental car desks are INSIDE the train terminal and you are expected to park your car outside at the curb and to take the keys in to the rental car counter. The address on the rental agreement does not quite match up with the addresses on the buildings. If we had been told to park the car at the curb and to bring the keys inside, we would have saved two hours of driving around the train terminal trying to find the rental car return location.

The international cell phone offered with the car rental was great. Two of my traveling companions brought their personal cell phones and they did not work correctly. Having the special cell phone made communication in Italy much easier. We found we really needed to dial local telephone numbers during the trip.

The GPS rented from AutoEurope was a Godsend. I can't imagine driving in Tuscany without it. That little gizmo got us around the countryside flawlessly. I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning to drive in Italy.

We used your booking service to arrange for private tour guides in Florence and in Rome. This experience was well worth the investment. We did not have to wait in the extremely long lines to get our tickets nor did we have to contend with the large tour busses that tromped through each venue with the bored tour guide and a short time span. Instead, we had knowledgeable guides, who took us through the tour venues at our pace and gave us in-depth analysis of what we were seeing. We all agreed that it was a much better way to see some of the most important attractions.

We decided not to drive in Rome (a good idea). Instead our tour guide introduced us to a special licensed driver named Carlos who took us around Rome for three hours for an overview of the city. His car was comfortable and he was able to wait for us wherever we went, so it was quite comfortable. He knew many interesting tidbits and he spoke great English.

Thank you again for all your help. In Italy helped us to have the perfect vacation.

Pam S.

Dear Jessica,

We had a WONDERFUL time both in Tuscany and Rome. The Rome apartment was wonderful. It was fun living on a small street and seeing how the local people live. The check in and out went very smoothly. The Campo de Fiori market is fascinating with lots of good things to eat.

Thank you again for all your help. When/if we go to Italy again, we will definitely contact you.

Jackie M.

We had a wonderful time in a very special place in the world. I would recommend the accommodation to all that visit. Such an excellent position with so many restaurants close by.

A few hints that may help weary travellers:

We organised a shuttle through In Italy to our apartment. It is very difficult to find as it is OFF the Campo De Fiori market place. It is just a doorway with a number so can be easily missed. Also, the shuttle may not want to drive down the street. The map gave good instruction to the market place, but not really good enough to show the street address - but we found it (with Marco running after our shuttle knocking on the back window!!!) All good fun, great guys that run the place.

Remember to tell all your future visitors that the Campo De Fiori market place is very special. You can buy all your really fresh fruit & veg for cooking. We had breakfast there & watched the world go by. Wonderful experience.

Words can't explain, we had a great time, Thanks for all your assistance, your staff are great.


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