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Hi Jessica,

Our accommodation in Siena was excellent. A beautiful apartment, with everything we needed and very centrally located. Our hosts Anna and Frank were welcoming and very helpful during our stay. We would highly recommend this to anyone visiting Siena.

Lou L.

Dear Kristin,

Our stay in the Nicchio apartment, Siena was exceptional! The apartment was more spacious and luxurious than I imagined and perfectly located. The hosts were warm and welcoming and only too happy to offer suggestions for where to eat, shop and park. The check in went smoothly as they live downstairs so were able to meet us within the hour's notice. She has an information folder in the apartment to help us get our bearings and the well stocked kitchen had every utensil, cup or plate we required. The chocolates on the coffee table were also a lovely treat. We wish to thank them and the staff at In Italy for making our time in Siena unforgettable. If you are planning to stay in Siena, I can't imagine a better place to stay then here.

Kind Regards
Sharon W.

Dear Jessica,

We were absolutely delighted with our apartment, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Siena (although a little less rain and a little more sunshine would have been welcome). We can recommend the apartment with enthusiasm, absolutely charming, with a stunning view from every window (even the bathroom). However, we did suggest to the owners that the twin beds (three in the apartment) are rather narrow with just a simple mattress and springs which makes them more suitable for children than adults. We especially appreciated the convenience of the apartment - just across from the Internet Shop, around the corner from the Post Office and ATM, and just up the road from a small supermarket.

Hazel D.

Dear Kristin,

Nicchio apartment was very spacious and so entirely livable. Just a very lovely and comfortable place to be. Going to the Palio is more of an overwhelming and comprehensive experience than I could have imagined. The event spans the whole town and the whole span of time before and after the event itself. It is so rich with tradition and nuance that it takes days to understand just the surface level of what the event means to the contrade and the various politics, intrigue, and race tactics--the program of events is robust and spectacular. In some ways it defies description. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is just a horse race. This is a broad experience that consumes you and it is not artificial for outsider's enjoyment. I would advise visitors to be very respectful and to appreciate the role of observer rather than expecting this to be a showcase for their benefit. Also, reading about the race before and the politics of each contrada, the history, and how the race and event actually happens will add so much to your enjoyment. Tourists that were there with no knowledge and wanting the best seats and for this to be all about them, were obnoxious and disappointed. While visitors that were patient, inquisitive, and respectful had the most amazing world opened up to them. The food throughout Siena is unbelievable. If you trust the In Italy recommendations or follow the locals to busy restaurants, you can't go wrong. And the wines were the best I have ever had.

I was wary of spending so much remotely for a tour prior to my trip, but my Vatican tour and my all day tour of ancient Rome were both so well organized and entertaining. They were amongst the highlights of our trip and worth every penny. Our guides were warm and engaging and even with a 6 year old and an 8 year old there was something to interest each member of the family. I am so glad I invested in these before we left.

Before my trip to Italy I stumbled upon the In Italy web site. I was reticent to put so much trust into an agency that was just an online connection. I am pretty particular in my tastes and have traveled a lot so I can be easily disappointed if my experience is not authentic or in some way "cheesy". As I began to make inquiries with In Italy I found their feedback really candid and intelligent--my trust increased. They steered me away from some things when they could have easily just made a booking. On the basis of our emails I felt comfortable to book 2 apartments and two tours through In Italy, but still was slightly worried that I was entrusting a big part of the "success" of our trip with total strangers. Also, it was difficult to get reviews and recommendations online for their services except for the quotes they themselves placed on their own site. Having now taken my vacation, I wanted to take the time to help others that are in my same place and say that everything In Italy promised was delivered as described and that their advice was correct across the board. I wasted a lot of time doing internet research before the trip because the materials they provided and advice they gave exceeded any guidebook, other internet information I found, and was only matched by conversations with locals once I was there. Thank you and great job In Italy!

Chris F.


We just returned from Italy and wanted to thank you once again for another wonderful trip! Also, we wanted to share some of our experiences with other travelers. When we landed in Rome we rented a car. This year we reserved a diesel and found a substantial savings in the cost of gas, which is very expensive in Italy. We highly recommend a diesel car. Our stay at Nicchio in Siena was good. Anna is so helpful and the accommodations are perfect for 4 travelers! There is plenty of space; the kitchen is well equipped and the apartment nicely furnished. A few minor inconveniences....there is no hair dryer which we knew in advance. After searching the city we found one directly across the street for $12. Anna should consider providing a dryer. It makes travel that much easier. We were also told there was an iron, there isn't. Parking is difficult and you are not allowed to drive in the city. The best and cheapest place to park is the Stadio. However, remember to move your car on Wednesday for the market. Last year our car was towed, this year, we knew better. There are several other parking lots available, however, they are far more costly than Stadio. This year we found the apartment noisy, particularly at night. A few nights we had difficulty sleeping as we could hear arguing and loud talking from the apartment above. However, despite this....we continue to recommend Nicchio and would return again. We found the best restaurant directly off the Piazza del Campo, La Torre. It is on a street directly off the Campo, a short walk from Nicchio. Our first night there we met a couple that told us the food was so good it was their third night eating there. After our first dinner, we understood and returned again.... We also recommend the Philadelphia Bar. It is on the same street as Nicchio and Francesco, who operates the bar, is wonderful. There is not much atmosphere, it looks like any other bar, but Francesco makes the difference. If you stop in for a drink, please be sure to tell him that his friends from Boston send their best!

On our way to Cinque Terre, we stayed at Palazzo Alexander in Lucca. It is truly a great hotel; the staff very accommodating and it reminded us of the Plaza in New York! The rooms were beautifully decorated, the location great and the breakfast was terrific. Lastly, we recommend that everyone visit a Coop in Italy....the supermarket! We saw signs throughout our travels and just had to see were the locals shopped. You can buy anything from appliances to clothes, food and cars! What an experience......we also had lunch and found it to be one of the best.....we recommend the spaghetti with mussels. So once again we must thank you all. This was a memorable trip. Our accommodations were great and we look forward to next year.

Many thanks
Dianne R.

Dear Julie,

The apartment in Siena, Nicchio, was beautiful! It's a villa in the city. The only complaint I have is that is has a very obvious damp smell and I don't know if that's just what you have to expect from such an old building, but it bothered me. I got used to it, but whenever I entered the apartment, I was aware of the smell. Opening the windows helped, but then that allowed flies to get in! Mr. Polvanesi was very kind and helpful, and other than that smell, I and my friend really enjoyed living there. Again, its location in Siena was perfect.

Marilyn M.


Thank you for everything you and the staff at In Italy Online did to make my trip to italy a once in a lifetime experience. The apartment in siena (nicchio) was everything we hoped for and more. Every request we had asked for was fulfilled to perfection. I would highly recommend In Italy Online for all your travel needs. Once again grazie, for a great vacation.

Ronald B.

Wow - the apartment Nicchio was much more than we ever expected. The owner was marvelous, the ambiance, decor and cleanliness was exceptional. Definitely look to your company on our next sojourn.

Parking was a nightmare 1.5 euros per hour - over $40.00 to park per day. And for that price it should be valet - it's a healthy walk away - not exaggerating.

Thanks again... :)


Dear Jessica,

Thanks for writing and helping us find the INCREDIBLE apartment in Siena! We absolutely loved the Nicchio and found Anna and Franco to be gracious hosts. They met us at the train station and found a cab for us that took us directly to the apartment. They carried our luggage up three flights of stairs, spent time with us getting acquainted with the apartment and told us to call them with any questions. The apartment was beautiful, spacious and comfortable. We felt like we were living in luxury. The living room was spacious as well as the bedrooms and the bathrooms were modern and large. The neighborhood was comfortable, with a small grocery store downstairs and the Campo only a ten minute walk away. The kitchen was modern and held all conveniences. We could not believe our luck!

Thank you so much for helping us find the Nicchio apartment. I would highly recommend it and I would like to go back to Siena and spend at least a month there. I could easily settle in!

Jody C.

Dear Kirill,

We had a wonderful time in Siena and surrounding area. The Nicchio apartment was very nice - exceeding our expectations. Here are some thoughts:

- Nicchio appeared to have been nearly new inside and was very nicely furnished

- It was in a great location relative to the Campo and other points of interest

- We were driving and didn't realize that parking was located at a distance from the apartment. It was about a 15 minute walk and was fairly expensive during the day - no charge at night

- The hostess Anna and her husband Franco were extremely nice and accommodating, although they don't speak English well, which made communication very difficult since we didn't speak Italian

All in all a very nice place which I would recommend to anyone looking to visit the Tuscany region.

Thank you for your help with the trip. We had a wonderful time and hope to be able to return many times. We will certainly engage In Italy when we do.

Thanks very much.

Steve & Melanie M.


We were extremely pleased with our apartment in Siena. The photographs on the website do NOT do it justice. It was spacious, beautifully furnished, with just about everything one would need.

When we arrived at the train station on Saturday afternoon, there were lots of people waiting for what appeared to be non-existent taxis. I phoned the owners, who were waiting for us, and they immediately came and picked us up! Their English was minimal, but we managed well. The advertised elevator was available only for the handicapped, but the owners insisted on carrying our luggage up to the second floor for us. We of course had no trouble carrying it down, and could have carried it up, but we had been on the road a long time and were very grateful for the help.

The owners spent considerable time with us showing us how everything worked, and they provided wonderful printed instructions for all the appliances, which work a bit differently than ours. The apartment had a small washing machine, a well-equipped kitchen including dishwasher (we did NOT need to bring silverware), but of course, no clothes dryer. The laundromat was a short distance down the street, but for the few things we needed to dry, we were able to hang them out the kitchen window, Italian style! Not having a phone was really not a problem.

The only coffee pot available in the apartment, however, was something small and very European, likely for espresso, and we didn't have a clue how to use it. We were fairly successful boiling the coffee, Cowboy style. The only addition to the apartment I might suggest would be some type of coffee pot that would work to make plain old American coffee.

We were unable to find the hair dryer that was mentioned in the literature, but due to past experiences, I of course had a small hair dryer and the proper plugs. The bathrooms were large, very modern, and equipped as we Americans are used to. Great water pressure, heated towel racks, etc.

The apartment's location was excellent, only a short walk from the Piazza del Campo, the heart of activity in Siena. The parking situation worked out well, once we got the hang of it. From 8pm to 8am, the lot was free, and it was only $1.30 an hour during the day. Well, we of course were out of the door early and were gone with the car by 8am, so we hardly paid for any parking at all. The garage was a ten-fifteen minute walk, and one day when it rained hard, we just grabbed a taxi to the lot.

We learned that the Italian freeway system is not based around Highway numbers, as we are accustomed to in the U.S. Just follow the signs that name your destination, or the biggest city closest to it.... No "take Highway 70 to your town's exit", because you will not find the Highway number on any freeway signs.

We would recommend visits to San Gimignano, Lucca, and even as far as Portofino, which is the Italian Riviera. Our trip to Florence was terrific, as we found a FREE parking lot which happened to have a beautiful view of the city, and were able to hop a bus to get into town. We found a wonderful Street Market near the Duomo bus stop, and did lots of shopping there. Lucca also had great shopping.

I don't have the time right now to go into further detail, but let it be known that we were EXTREMELY pleased with everything you did for us, and with the apartment. Renting in the off-season, it cost each of us four women $39.00 a night, a very low rate.

Jessica, I was very impressed with your very professional confirmation package, and the extensive information you sent. I recommend your services and your website to anyone visiting Italy. is the ONLY way to go. Thanks again.

Patty B.


Before getting to Nicchio, the first apartment we chose in Siena was a disappointment. The apartment itself was quite nice. However, we were on the top floor. Bringing suitcases up 4 floors was unbearable! The location of this unit is much better suited to a younger group with less luggage! Also, there was only 1 bathroom in the apartment and with 4 woman this would not work. However, upon calling our local representative, which we understand called you, an alternative apartment was located for us - Nicchio - that was fabulous! I can't tell you how impressed we were with the prompt and professional manner in which you handled our call. All it took was one call (no questions asked) and within one hour we were picked up by a taxi and taken to a beautiful apartment in the best location of Siena. Anna and Franco were there to meet us when we arrived. They helped us with our luggage and treated us as family. The apartment was spacious, beautifully decorated and well-appointed with everything you could ask for. This was our third trip to Italy, all of which, arranged by you. Each time it just gets better! Thanks again and we hopefully will be back next year.

Dianne R.

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