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Hello Girls,

It rained two of the days we were in Florence, and our Green Gardens of Florence with Elizebetha was fun. It sprinkled the entire time, she was so great about it, and we practically had Boboli Gardens to ourselves. She is very informative, her English good, her attitude great and cheerful.

We recommend you to friends, and to people we meet in Italy who ask, "Where are you staying?" "How did you find that hotel?" We hope they use you, you are a wonderful resource for travelers who like the 'out of the ordinary' places, as well as touristy places.

Thank you for helping to make our trip most enjoyable, for being accessible to help with our problem while we were in Sicily (very important), and for having such wonderful contacts in our favorite country.

We give five stars. You guys are the best.

OH!! And our car reservations were easy, even with the trade over in Lake Como. Thank you.

Forrest & Jan P.

Dear Kristin,

It was marvelous....all of Tuscany that we drove through. We especially liked the three Walking Tours of Florence. VERY well done and worth it. We did the 3 back to back and I was concerned that we would be exhausted. However the pace was very nice and doable. One of our delights was the fact that everything was pristine and not littered. Quite a nice surprise. One of my all time favorites was the Etruscan Museum in Volterra. Just wonderful. We were very glad we purchased the driving map of Tuscany. It was enormously helpful. We had other maps, but it was the one we relied on the most. The pavement was always good on the roads, but we were surprised at just how curvy they were. I'm glad I orderd an automatic car. Now I know I would never do one of the biking tours to Tuscany. The food, of course, was always wonderful!

Suzanne L.


I have used your services several times, and always have received great reviews from my clients; time being short, it's sometimes difficult to take the time to share: but here is a nice one about the 3 hrs tour Florence, the first time: "The tour guide you arranged in Florence was also one of the highlights of the trip. Elisabetta was delightful and her enthusiasm for the city was infectious. Not only did she fill us in on the history and art of Florence, but she gave us great recommendations for dining and shopping. We loved spending the morning with our very own doctor/doctor (she has a PhD in art history)." So, thank you! Please pass this compliment to Elisabetta and tell her, I'll request her services again!

Best regards,
Sylvie E.

Dear Jessica -

Our tours with In Italy were wonderful and the whole group felt that they were time and money well spent.  As one said after the Ufizzi/Academia tour, "I feel like I have had a whole art history course in one afternoon." Also not waiting in line and spinning one's wheels wondering what to see next was great.  Valentina (sp?) shared her knowledge of history in a way that delighted all ages from 15 to 74.  Good job.

Ciao -

Hi Jessica,

My wife and I had a great tour with Elizabetta -- she is an excellent guide. We were impressed by her depth of knowledge, her exceptional communication skills (and flawless English), and her ability to answer questions and provide insights about the art and about the city. I would recommend Elizabetta as a guide without reservation.

Mark P.

Dear Jessica,  

We had a fabulous time in Florence. Our tour guide, Elizabetta, was excellent. She was so well informed and qualified for the job! Her sweet, courteous disposition made the whole tour very pleasant. Our two hour walking tour in Florence is clearly one of the highlights of our trip.  

Damian W.

Dear Julie,

We had an enjoyable tour and our guide was flexible, knowledgeable and interesting. The only problem we had was that my children had a little bit of a hard time with the accent and also had a hard time hearing what she was saying. Next time I would request someone with a louder and clearer voice. Thanks for asking.

Cathi B.


We loved Italy and wished we'd planned another day for Florence. The walking tour was a perfect choice for us as that was all the time we had. Laura (not sure that's spelled correctly) was great. Our time with her was relaxing, fun and very informative. I would recommend the tour to anyone. Without knowing what you're looking at, it's just a lot of old buildings and statues. Laura brought everything to life!  

Donna F.

Hi Jessica:

I am going to write a recommendation about both guides we had in Italy. They were both terrific!   Chiara was extremely knowledgeable about Florence. She kept up a good pace and still pointed out many interesting sights and points of interest we would have missed on our own. We asked many questions and she was able to answer them all. She modified the tour to take us to a requested school and was happy to work it in. She was enthusiastic about Florence and it really "rubbed off" on us. We would definitely like to visit Florence again and Chiara is a large part of that feeling.

Carol W.

Dear Kirill,

We had an enjoyable tour and Elisabetta was an excellent guide and host. My only comment, which is not a criticism of the tour, is that the minimum tour should be at least three hours. You really can't even skim the surface in two. You might think of adding something like that to your offerings. Anyway, we enjoyed and appreciated the tour.

Steve B

Dear Julie,

Our trip to Italy was very exciting and so beautiful. We stayed there three weeks. The tour was very educational. I wish that as we walked the streets that our guide, Valentina, had pointed out locations to visit that would be of interest to all newcomers.....such as the leather factory, duty free store, open markets, etc. We felt the guide was in a hurry as she kept looking at her watch. She did recommend several restaurants which were excellent. Being a Florence Walking tour I felt that more information should have been shared about our surroundings.

Martha G.

Dear Kristin,

Our tours were great. We did not have a ton of time but we packed in as much as we could. Our guide in Florence was AMAZING. All three of our daughters loved her (cannot remember her name, sorry) and that's not easy since their ages are so different.

Our guide in Rome was just ok. Nice girl from Buffalo New York. She was definitely more casual in her approach. Knowledgeable for sure but not as passionate about showing us the little things, or the unique places. Just the standard tourist fare.



We spent a memorable 11 days in Italy and the Walking Tour we did in Florence was one of the highlights. Elisabetta was an outstanding guide. She was very personable and extremely knowledgeable. She won the family vote for outstanding tour guide during our stay. At one point during the tour we were able to slip into a shop where replica sculptures were being crafted for eventual placement within the cathedral. It was amazing!

When we make our next trip to Italy (I threw the coin in the Trevi Fountain) we will most assuredly request Elisabetta. Thanks again for a great experience!!

Paul & Karen M.

Dear Kirill,

We thoroughly enjoyed walking around with Elizabetta. She was wonderful. She showed us things we would not have seen without her help. Beautiful old buildings, atriums, architecture, tunnels, history of rulers, etc. She also recommended two restaurants that were wonderful that we really enjoyed - Verrazano and Il Lantini. We will never forget our tour with her or our experience in Florence,

Jerome and Grace P.

Dear Kristin,

We loved our tour and Valentina was an excellent guide!

Lisa G.

Dear Jessica,

I was just preparing a few notes to let you know how fabulous our trip actually was. I don't think there was anything we found that would be negative as we always found people and the actual friendliness of the Italians that made every moment enjoyable. The weather was extremely cooperative and we had the most beautiful days...

Our guide in Florence was Elisabetta who again is one of the most knowledgeable people you could want to have in Florence. She was very wonderful and friendly and helped us learn a lot about the many sites there in Florence. Her years in the study of Art History and researching it was a big plus in the explanation of our tour through Florence. The day our tour started out was warm but got a bit cold as we went about and I think we hurried her a bit. She did take us for a breather at a wonderful coffee bar where we experienced the thick hot chocolate that is so tasty. After warming up, Elisabetta took us by a friend's shop where he makes leather boxes and explained the art which he has carried over from generations. We all enjoyed that, as well as, the numerous art treasures found around Florence.

I think you can tell that our experiences were wonderful everywhere we went and our accommodations selected on the InItaly site were exceptional. I want to personally thank you for your assistance and help in planning this whole trip. The In Italy site is the best and I would recommend it to anyone. All of the tours, pick-ups at the airport were there on time and there wasn't any glitch on the whole trip. This will be a trip that the four of us will have memories for the rest of our lives. Jessica I want to thank you and the others helping on the In Italy site for making it all possible.

Mitch F.

Hi Jessica,

We had a wonderful time in Italy and enjoyed great weather the whole time - typically 'under the tuscan sun' days - and eating outside every night once we were out of Florence.

I have to say Elizabetta was fabulous - fluent, knowledgeable, great fun and I would recommend the tours as a must to anyone who has never been before or even if one has been to Florence. We learned so much on the lst Time Florence tour AND the Across the Arno was fascinating - visiting the botegas and then seeing the finished products in the shop &- impossible to do without Elizabetta!   If anyone thinks the price is steep - think again...Eliabetta recommended smart restaurants for dinner in the evening that locals go to and trust me, what we saved by not eating in the touristy ones was amazing - each night we thought they had made a mistake on the bill! And the food..... oh!

One tip that Elizabetta told us was NEVER eat in any restaurants that are in any of the squares - find the little ones down the side streets - food is so much better and much less expensive, and a whole lot more interesting!

Last tip: if you are going to Tuscany - read "Too Much Tuscan Sun" by Dario Castagno - written by month January to December - full of interesting info I wish I had known before we went - I actually bought it in Florence airport for something to read on the plane home and finished before I got off! Available here in North America - don't be put off by the 'tales of the American tourist' (he is a tour guide) - the book is much more about Tuscany than the tourists!

Thanks for all your help! Next trip to Italy you will be hearing from me!

Sue Z.

Hi Jessica,
We had a wonderful time in Italy. Our guide in Florence, Elisabetta, was fantastic. She was very enthusiastic, and she won over my initially disinterested teenage nieces, who paid close attention to everything she said and even asked her questions! She gave my shopping-obsessed 14 year old niece some great tips on good stores and where to find them. We had a terrific experience with her.
Barbara G

Dear Kirill,

We arranged for a "Florence the First Time" tour with Elisabetta, and it was a great tour.  She's an art history major and really provided a good overview of Florence.  It was our 4th visit to Florence (our favorite city), but others in our group were new to Florence and it provided a great introduction to the city.

Thanks again for all your help, Jessica, in making ours a great vacation.

Sue and Ken P.

Thank you so much for your E mail. Valentina was superb and the walk was right on expectations, a true taste of Firenze!. We are safely home a little bit cultured and frescoed out. We were a little disappointed in Pisa, appalling graffiti everywhere.

Thanks again,
J& D r

Dear Julie,

We recently used In Italy for our November vacation in Florence and had the good luck to use two of your very knowledgeable guides. Elisabetta was our museum and art guide and Simone was our driver and knowledgeable historian/guide. I must say our group of eight truly enjoyed their company and learned so much from both of them. They were genuinely great people. Thank you again.

Kay T.


So nice to hear from you. Your web site is really very helpful. We enjoyed the both the Uffizi tour with Elizabeth very much as well as the Vatican tour.. The tours were extremely informative and even though I was an Art History major myself, I found more information that was unknown to me. The crowds were amazing and it was good to have someone take us around the mobs inside.


Dear Jessica,

The two hour walking tour of Florence is a must do, especially if it's your first visit to the city. Our guide was just wonderful, she showed us a Florence filled with beautiful people, architecture, monuments, and history in a way that only someone with her background (a life long resident and a doctorate in art history) could do. I highly recommend this tour. She also recommend some great restaurants. We really enjoyed Frescobaldi. We fell in love with the olive oil they serve (and sell) at the restaurant. I tasted quite a bit during our trip and this was my favorite. I purchased two bottles from the restaurant (25 euro each) but found I could have saved a couple euros per bottle in a store (if you can find it). But the food in the restaurant was very good even if you're not into the olive oil.

Dean A.

Dear Valentina,

This is just a brief note to tell you again how much I appreciated and enjoyed your company and your expertise in guiding my group in Florence. I have been on many tours, with many guides, from very good to very bad. That is why I am always appreciative when I encounter one as exceptionally good as you. Thank you for the wonderful job you did. I am looking forward to seeing you on my next trip to Italy.

Best wishes,
Margaret F.

Dear Kristin,

Valentina is the "Florentine Fountain of Knowledge." As she led us through the streets of Florence, some of us would point at a building or site and ask Valentina what it was. She would stop and explain in depth without hesitating or skipping a beat. It seemed she knew everything! I admire her for her pride of place – she is a native Florentine and deeply in love with her city. I also enjoyed her wonderful sense of humor.

Susan C.

Dear Julie,

The tour of Florence for the First Time was very very good. Our Guide was Valentina who was a PhD in art history. Her information was excellent. We had seen many of the museums, and she showed us so many things that we had not seen. We left with so much more insight into the history of Florence.

Linda S.

Many thanks Jessica

Tour guide Valentina was excellent. Initial contact, meeting place etc all worked well - especially as I had a street map available when making the first 'phone contact - suggest that this is a good idea to include in your instructions because it made identifying a meeting place very easy.

For anyone staying outside Florence I'd recommend coming in by public transport. We drove in and finding a car park was not easy! (Partly to do with redevelopment work near the big parking area near the station). However, we did find room in the car park at Mercato Centrale which is excellently positioned for seeing all the sites. Watch the tariff, though - it's clearly designed to allow for folks to come and go during the morning so the price for the third (and subsequent) hour a.m. escallates rapidly. We avoided that and the final charge was very reasonable.

Places that we think are a must to visit in southern Tuscany include Montepulciano (eat at La Grotta - not cheap but excellent; or Trattoria Diva e Maceo for very reasonable fare) and Pienza. We also enjoyed Cortona (excellent restaurant called Osteria del Teatro) and Bagno Vignoni. Walking in the countryside was great. We picked up some leaflets at the information office in San Quirico d'Orcia which helped us choose where to walk but we'd recommend also buying a 1:25000 map (available at the same place).

We hope to be back again before long!

Richard B.

Dear Kristin,

Thank you very much for your email. We enjoyed the walking tour a great deal. The guide was first rate and was able to show us areas that we would never had found on our own. We took the tour on our first morning which gave us a picture of the town. Then we were able to use the next couple of days looking at the places we wanted to. We could not have done that had we not had the tour in the first place. I think we would have wasted our time looking for places - as it was with the tour we could use our time much more constructively. She was helpful, knowledgeable and an excellent guide. You should promote more in the UK.

Many thanks.
Colin G.

Dear Julie,

thank you for your e-mail. we had a wonderful italy trip, and your guide was charming and very informative. we learned a lot from her, things that we would not have found on our own. we would definitely call upon you when our travels take us back to florence..and other parts of italy.

thank you,
renae and morrey s.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for your note - we had a great and amazing trip to Italy! Our walking tour in Florence with Federica was wonderful. She was very gracious and eager to tell us all about the layout and history of the city. It was very nice because she showed us all of the popular sights, but also pointed out some sights that few tourists probably get the chance to see. Our favorite was the oldest church in Florence dating back to 800 A.D. Federica convinced the priest of the church to let us come in and take a look around. In addition to pointing out sights to see, Federica also did a great job telling us touristy places to avoid that would be more expensive, and also steered me in the right direction for shopping for specific types of purchases that were off the beaten path. She was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly and helpful. When she dropped us off at the end of the tour, she even gave us her cell phone number again in case we got lost or needed further information about Florence.

Thank you for your assistance in setting up this tour. It was a wonderful treat, and a great way to get to know the city. We will definitely recommend your service to our friends and family.

Best regards,
Jacqueline B.

Dear Kirill,

The walking tour was outstanding. We learned so much about how Firenze came about...and about the neighborhoods, which we explored on our own as a result of our tour. It was our third trip to Florence and we highly recommend everyone taking a walking tour, no matter how often they've been there. We spent most of our time across the Arno on the south side...a new experience.

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