Never Get Lost in Italy, Thanks to Global Positioning!

The portable GPS units are always the latest models and are a must-have when traveling in Europe. The GPS units come with a dash mount but can be removed and taken into a villa or hotel room to plan the next day's trip or to find a particular restaurant or museum. Included with your free GPS rental is a routing map for your rental country and a free dash mount.

To be honest, we at In Italy Online were a little skeptical about the usefulness of GPS in Italy. But here are some comments from our clients who have used our units:

I forgot to mention to you that the GPS worked flawlessly and I cannot imagine traveling to Italy again without it. It worked out in the Tuscan "sticks" as well as through inner Florance (unless we were in a narrow street with surrounding high buildings and satellite reception was lost). A great device I highly recommend to anyone traveling in Italy. Thanks again. Sam W

"The vehicle was a luxury station wagon that came with a GPS navigation system that was just amazing. I had an idea of where I was going in Austria and Germany and I can understand German, but once we got to Switzerland and Italy this thing was a godsend. I will never again travel in Europe without one and fully recommend this to any traveller to a place they had not yet been to. Further the people at Europcar were very efficient and courteous. I have no regrets." Ernie S.

"Also of important note was the GPS system we rented from your site. It saved us countless times and was the most well spent rental I could possibly imagine." Barry G.

"The GPS unit we rented through AutoEurope (on your website too) was the best purchase of the trip. It even worked in Tuscany! But I would recommend using a map to supplement." Michelle S.

"Also, you should tell all your clients to rent the GPS unit. That thing was a lifesaver! (We named ours Sophia, and she became our best friend!)" Deanna G.

You qualify for this offer if you rent a compact car or larger for 7 days or more. The offer is subject to change without notice and excludes a shipping and handling charge of $40 per rental. The offer is valid for the duration of your car rental; any additional travel days will be charged $6.00 per day. Optional insurance on the GPS is also available at $1.00 per day. Additional restrictions may apply.

If you are interested in renting this unit, please mention it at time of booking and we will give you a toll free number to call with your car booking number. Please note you must request the unit no less than five business days before your departure from home or we regret we cannot fill the order.

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