Isola del Garda, Take a short boat cruise to visit an unforgettable private family estate with terraced gardens and a historic villa, open to the public

Isola del Garda
Spectacular terraced garden and a Venetian-style villa

Lodgings on Lake Garda

If you are planning a trip to Lake Garda this year, try and make time to visit the Isola del Garda. If you know the Lake and wondered why you had never heard of this opportunity before, the explanation is simple: it was never available before. For, this is the first year that the gardens, as well as a number of rooms in the magnificent villa built in Venetian gothic style, have been open to the public.

Located just offshore from the Rocca di Manerba and San Felice on the Brescia side of the Lake, the Isola del Garda is the year-round home of the Cavazza family. Just one kilometre long and an average of sixty metres wide, the island is just big enough to accommodate the delightful villa and its extraordinary grounds.

Flanking the villa are the formal terraced gardens. These lead to the lakeside parkland, which features, among others, palm trees, citrus, oriental plane trees, as well as dramatic falls of banskiae roses. Through the greenery, one glimpses the gracious lines of the glass-house. In the woodland garden, the typical Mediterranean vegetation is set off by exotic trees such as Taxodium disticum, cedars of Lebanon, sequoia, and gingko biloba.
No amount of words can describe the experience, though. One just has to go and look and see. And nothing could be easier. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 2 to early October, visits cost 26 Euro for adults, and 18 Euro for children. This includes the ferry from Barbarano. Reservations at least one week ahead are essential. For further information and reservations, call +39 0365/62294, fax +39 0365/559-418.

By Roberta Kedzierski

Lodgings on Lake Garda