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Rome to Florence via Assisi

Dear David,

Thank you! My mother and friend Cindy and myself had an absolutely WONDERFUL time in Italy - thanks to the INITALY website!

In Roma we took the private Vatican tour and the private car from Roma to Assisi to Firenze. Both times we had Jonathan as our guide - a delightful young Irishman. He insisted that we take our Vatican tour on Thursday and boy am I glad we did! We practically had the place to ourselves. Jonny had the leisure time to explain, in detail, the panels of the Sistine Chapel...the politics at the time and many more asides to what we were seeing!! It was marvelous!! Friday we saw the line to buy was wrapped around the Vatican!!!

Our trip to Assisi was great. Jonny showed us where many of the artists and historical people lived on the way AND that Perugia was having their chocolate festival!! Assisi was one uphill climb after another (at SOME point shouldn't you go DOWN???) We arrived in time to see the church and then my mom had the opportunity to attend Mass - which was a thrill for her. We shopped for a while and then off to Firenze. We eventually got to our hotel. It was a little difficult to find the first time. It was well worth the difficulty!!!!

A few notes:
-In Firenze most of the museums are closed on Mondays - I missed that when I made reservations and we were there on Monday - I didn't get to visit the Uffizi (boohoo)!!
-It is a very good idea to have a 50 Euro coin or two in your pocket at all times as you may have to pay to use the "public" toilets. In Capri it was 1 Euro to get inside.
In Assisi, one toilet area had a cashier (!!!) and the other had a gated entry that required a coin of some kind (it took a 50 coin and a 1 Euro coin that I saw).
-It is also a good idea to have packets of tissue for your nose and as backup in the toilets!

Thank you so much for all the information on your website and the helpful people on the other end of the phone! Our trip to Italy was a success because of you. I want to thank you all so much! Please feel free to use any (or all) parts of this email as an outstanding endorsement of your company and the companies associated with you. When we go back (and we will) I'll be back on your website!

Thanks again!!! Ciao!
Mary P.

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