Private Full-Day Trips from Rome | Tivoli and Villa D'Este with English-speaking driver and private guide

Half-Day Private Guided Trip to Tivoli from Rome

Join your private guide Dennis or Michael on a magical journey to one of the High Renaissance's most extravagant villas. Dennis, an artist who has exhibited his works throughout the world, is also the head of the high school art department at one of Rome's most prestigious schools. Michael has just finished co-authoring National Geographic's Guide to Rome, and teaches history at another of Rome's international schools.

Known in classical times as Tibur, Tivoli is located a mere twenty miles from Rome (roughly a half-hour drive) on the lower slopes of the Sabine Hills. Although older than Rome (supposedly founded four centuries later) Tivoli was eventually subjugated to the Eternal City like the rest of Italy and the then known world. By the end of the first century B.C., besides being the quarry source for the Roman travertine stone used on so many of the major monuments including the Colosseum, it had become a popular resort for wealthy Romans because of its mild climate and wonderful panoramas of the city and the Latium plain, but also because it boasted its own oracle, the Sybil Albunea. Marius, Sallust, Cassius, Trajan and Hadrian are only a few of those who had lavish holiday residences here. This popularity lasted on down through the centuries, and Villa D'Este is one of the more impressive examples. Box hedge gardens, mazes and hundreds of gurgling fountains are the prime attraction of this wondrous summer villa built in 1550 for Cardinal Ippolito D'Este, son of the infamous Lucrezia Borgia.

2016 Prices for half-day trips:
2 people: 437 EURO
3 people: 520 EURO
4 people: 566 EURO
5 people: 638 EURO
6 people: 730 EURO

Prices include chauffeured limousine and private guide. Entrance fees are extra and cost 8 Euro/person

Please note Villa D'Este is closed on Mondays