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Dear Kristin,

Thank you for your follow up. We had a fantastic time on both our tours. The Rome tour included the Catacombs which we did not know about but is a must for everyone to see. Both drivers and guides were second to none. Great tours, great people that we are proud to recommend to our friends and family.

Paul & Nancy M.

Dear Julie,

First of all, the 100 min. tour of Rome with Roberto was terrific. Just what we needed on our first day, jet-lagged and all. It worked out fine to do it on the day we arrived as we didn't have energy for much more. Roberto spoke to all three of us (my 17 yr. old son and 10 yr. old daughter) which was impressive. We learned a ton of history and really felt that it was worth it! Roberto gave us the name of his friend's restaurant, near the Pantheon, and although it was expensive, which he told us, it was worth it. No one serves dinner at 5pm, but because we were so tired and they were so nice, they did!

Our tour to the Vatican with Katerina was equally great. Again, she spoke to all of us and knew when my 10 year old needed the talking to be spiced up! Again, we learned a ton in our three hours and I so appreciated not being herded around in a large group. Katerina was amazingly well-informed and made the tour very interesting.

Linda N.

It was good to hear from you. We were most grateful for the Rome in 100 Minutes program, altho we really didn't see Rome that day, but it was at our personal choice. The young man and his driver were wonderful, and asked what we preferred. We had a brief view of Rome coming in from Civitavecchia which included a wonderful visit to St. Paul Outside the Walls. I had not really seen that before. Dorothy had never been to Italy and had not seen the Vatican. Roberto gave us a detailed visit to that beautiful basilica, even tho we could not see the museum nor the Sistine Chapel because it was Sunday afternoon. We both have limited walking ability, and this tour suited us just fine. We were exhausted after our 12-day cruise, and had a difficult flight back to Miami. We are just recovering!

Jane B.

Thank you. I intended to write, but appreciate the reminder.

The Rome in 100 Minutes tour worked out to be a perfect solution to our very limited time in Rome. We appreciated your flexibility in allowing us to schedule it for 5:00 the same day we arrived at 12:30 on the train from Cortona. All worked well with the schedule, and we did confirm two days ahead via phone from Cortona. Then there was a FAX confirmation from the guide when we arrived at the hotel.

Our guide was Peter. He took the two of us, in a very comfortable car, for a well organized glimpse of the central neighborhoods and historical high points of Rome. He was clearly sharing a city he loves, gave us time to get out at a few spots for pictures, and refrained from giving us too much detail so that it was all at the overview level. He gave us a good suggestion for dinner. The next day we were ready for looking at some specific sites on our own. Peter's dinner suggestion was La Rampa near the Spanish Steps (behind the American Express office). In the evening they have an appetizer spread for about 9 euros which you order and then go fill your plate once (not like a buffet where you can go back) --- but you can pile it on and it makes a dinner. The desserts are also excellent.

We learned about your site from our daughter who took great advantage of your services for a more extended trip than ours. Our needs for your site were more limited, but we do appreciate the great resource you provide and will recommend it to friends. Thank you again for your assistance.

Virginia R.

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