Is it safe to book online with In Italy Online?

Our online form is totally secure. In Italy Online uses Plug and Pay, a certified payment processing company that relies on state-of-the-art encryption (ways of scrambling your credit card and other personal information so no one else can decipher it) to insure the security of your online transactions. Using these encryption methods means that even in the unlikely event that someone intercepted your personal information, all they'd have is scrambled data that they could not understand or use. Thus, using your credit card on In Italy Online is a lot safer than using your credit card in the face-to-face transactions you make every day. Furthermore, we never provide e-mail addresses or other contact information to third parties. Under no circumstances do we provide credit card or purchase preference information to anyone but the certified processing company.

Anytime you book any services offered by In Italy Online, you will see a button that asks you to click it to continue your order. This will take you to Plug and Pay's secure site:

When you see the letters "https" in the address, that tells you the site is safe. Secure sites no longer display the gold padlock in the lower right corner, so don't be concerned if you do not see the padlock. Just look for the letters "https" and feel free to continue. Thank you for booking with In Italy Online, and buon viaggio!