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Dear Kristin,

My clients had a great time with their tour of the Amalfi Coast. They said they would highly recommend your company and tour. They said their private tour was awesome and good weather to boot. The hotel was great with a veranda view. Thank you very much for your well planned tour. I will be using you again.

Jean F.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you Thank you!! We had such a fabulous time and really give In Italy a lot of the credit! It was greatly helpful to me not to search through endless hotel and tour company websites and just put the faith in In Italy to steer us in the right direction for hotels, tours, and excursions!

Some surprises:

(+) The food and wine experience at Castello Verrazzano was one of the most magical events of the trip. Roberta, Gino, and Marco were so very welcoming, fun, and passionate about what they do. We took the opportunity to go to several wine tastings and Verrazzano by far did the best job! Next time we take a trip to Italy my husband insists that we must make at least a one night pit stop to visit our Verrazzano friends.

(+) The food and local wine meal in downtown Greve was also fantastic! We didn't even pick out what we ate the owner brought us each a different dish for all three courses and we loved each and every one of them! We left happy and satisfied!

(+) Hotel Tornabuoni Beacci in Florence was a great start. The gentlemen at the front desk was so very helpful and accommodating. The boys in the restaurant were all so very kind and it was great fun communicating in a language that was not first to any of us as they were from South America, India, and Tunisia. When it came time to drive our rental car from Florence to Verrazzano he was very helpful helping a couple of helpless Americans find their way!

(+) Oh Amalfi! The Marmorata could not have been more accommodating! Due to weather we had to re-arrange components of the trip and they were so patient and helpful. The private driver was a godsend….I would have been a nervous wreck driving on those tiny cliff roads. We even got stranded in Amalfi due to a mudslide disaster and the hotel sent one of their people to get us on a scooter because traffic was completely gridlocked. What service! I must mention the food!!!!! We were a little skeptical about eating at the same place every night as part of the package (inclusive dinner at Hotel Marmorata), but just about everything we got was absolutely the best seafood I have ever tasted! Even after eating there four nights we left some menu items unsampled.

Anita C.

Hello Kristin,

We are home now, and if you want me to write a nice review for you I will gladly do so.  We loved the Hotel Marmorata. We were treated like extremely special VIP's and were taken to wonderful day trips.  The employees at the hotel were very friendly, and fun.  The Breakfasts and Dinners were great. We will be telling all of our friends. Please send me information packets on this and other places and we will pass them on.

Thank you again,
Lisa D.

Hi Kristin,

We are back from our "Connoissers Tour of Amalfi Coast" at the Marmorata Hotel. I think this was a very good choice for us, as we were unwilling to test our driving skills in that part of the world.  I agree with my intuition on that subject!  The Marmorata is a lovely place, with helpful, friendly staff, and the food was GREAT.  The guides in Ravello and at the museum in Naples were both wonderful. Seeing the Archaelogical Musem in Naples was awesome!  I would recommend this addition for anyone on a visit to this area.

The only thing I would have wished for is a driver who spoke some English.  Neither the driver from the hotel, nor the taxi driver who took us to Pompeii, and to Naples, spoke any English. I understand that they were drivers, not tour guides, but our visit could have been very much enhanced if we could have spoken with them... (of course it is OUR  failing to be without any Italian in Italy!)

Thanks for setting up a wonderful trip for us.
Alison E.

Dear Kristin,

Our trip was truly once-in-a-lifetime. Marmorata Hotel was excellent - everyone on the staff from front desk, to the driver, to the managers, to the restaurant and our house cleaner were so welcoming, helpful and warm. They pampered us 24 hours a day.

The Connoisseur's Amalfi Coast tour was just what we wanted: a mix of planned activities but flexibility to explore on your own once you arrived at each location. We would have liked more time at Pompeii. It was booked as 1/2 day, but that included transport time there and back, so it was really only two hours on-site. You can easily spend days exploring. However, the couple with us, who have more difficulty walking a lot, thought that was enough. It's all in what you prefer.

Ravello was our favorite and the guide the hotel arranged was top-notch. She hit all the highlights without dwelling too long anywhere unless we wanted to. She also made suggestions we could explore on our own depending on interest. After the tour you have time to eat where you choose, shop, see a museum, art galleries, churches, parks, or just rest at a cafe with local vino.

We were also very happy with the package price. When you see the total at first you think, "Wow, expensive." But when you consider everything included (your own taxi to and from train or airport; taxi and/or boats to and from trips every day; top quality meals and rooms; plus some attraction entrance fees) it's a bargain. I know because I researched and priced the components individually if we would have booked on our own. So In Italy has great connections!

In Italy's service was excellent too! We were a bit nervous doing everything online at first, but it's so convenient and with the documentation you provide, we didn't worry at all. We will definitely use your agency again.

Thank you!
Yvonne Y. & Bernie M.

Hi Kristin,

Thank you for checking in. Your assistance was invaluable in our having a successful tour of Amalfi and surroundings. You handled our changes smoothly and diplomatically, which was very helpful since it involved a distressing personal situation.

The Marmorata Hotel was beautiful and clean, and the staff was very attentive; the food was excellent and plentiful. We could not have asked for a better location; it was quiet and away from the noisy coast road.

I had only one disappointment on the tour that perhaps future guests might also want to know about. On the second day of the tour, we were taken to Pompeii in the morning, and then picked up at 1 pm for transport to Vietri, a ceramics town. The driver said we would have 1 hour in Vietri, but since it was midday, the ceramics stores were mostly closed. We had to walk through the town looking for those few stores that were open, and rushing through since we didn't have enough time. Also, we did not have time to get anything to eat since we had to choose between ceramics shopping and finding a place for lunch (1 hour is not really enough time for a meal in Italy, especially in the smaller towns, and this town did not have a lot of good restaurant choices.) The ride back to the hotel took a long while so we did not arrive until 4 pm, having not eaten since breakfast. The hotel manager, Angelo, was very gracious when I complained about the arrangements for Vietri, and arranged a cab ride to a nearby town for us to get some pizza, but still, I would like to have seen the ceramics stores when they were open, which would not have been until about 4 pm. Angelo said many guests appreciate the opportunity for an afternoon off, as did our companions, and that may be true but people should be given a choice about that in advance. Perhaps the tour can be rearranged based on specific group preferences so that the ceramics stores are seen in the morning and Pompeii in the afternoon, with lunch at one of the many accessible restaurants at the entrance to the excavation in Pompeii.

Despite this small inconvenience, the tour was excellent as were the hotel, staff, food, and all arrangements made by you. I can without reservation recommend you, InItaly, or this tour to anyone who inquires. Thank you again.

Elizabeth S.

Hi Kristin,

Yes, we had a great time.  The Marmorata Hotel was fine.  They were flexible and attuned to our needs.  Our junior suite room was wonderful with a beautiful view.  The only minus was that it took a long while for the water to even get warm for a bath!

I would recommend that perhaps the last night, you work into the tour dinner in Ravello (outside the hotel).  Ravello was really the nicest town we visited -- very romantic and quaint.  We decided to go to dinner there our last night to just simply enjoy the evening atmosphere there.  We found a jewel of a restaurant:  Cumpa Cosimo.  It didn't have a view and mainly served traditional Amalfi italian food.  It is a very simply appointed restaurant owned by a wonderful, engaging woman named Netta (who is also an awesome cook!).  I had the VERY best Italian food there EVER.  In fact, everybody in the restaurant simply cleaned their plates.  It's the only restaurant I've ever been where they've asked if we wanted seconds.

Many thanks for all your assistance.  We greatly appreciated it.

Take care,

Dear Kristin,

I cannot find words to express the wonderful time we had at the Hotel Marmorata.  From the front desk to the chamber maids to the waiters in the restaurant, it was a first class experience. The room was fabulous, the view spectacular. We had a superior room on an upper floor overlooking the water. I watched as the fishermen went out each morning to fish.  The pool and terraces were grand and welcoming. I have traveled to Italy before and never have had such service.

In the morning we had a wonderful breakfast overlooking the sea.  There were plenty of choices.  We ate like royalty every night. The menu was so inclusive, we could not decide what to have.  It was a 5 course meal with wine and bottled water included every night.  The tours were wonderful.  The guided tour of Ravello was great, the guide spoke perfect English and was very helpful in giving us tips about where to shop. We also were able to walk to the town of Minori, where we experienced a market day.

The shuttles were cars which took us everywhere and boat fees and admissions were included.  We changed our itinerary a couple of times without missing a beat.  Thank you so much.  I have raved about this trip. I hope you have many others book it. I hope to book another in the near future.

Best regards,
Susan H.

Hi Kristen,

We had an absolute dream vacation, and Marmorata was more than we had hoped for. They were so accommodating. The view was amazing. The swimming in the sea was delightful. The side trips we did were very nice. We would probably skip Positano and Pompeii if we did it again, but mostly because we just loved being at the hotel, in the sea, and relaxing. It was so beautiful.

The boat to Capri and the visit to Ravello were really nice. We spent WAY too much money at the ceramic factory in Ravello--didn't care for Vietri too much. Ravello ceramics were much nicer we thought.

The hotel was great in pick up and deliveries. The train strike goofed up our schedule on the first night, but the hotel sent us up champagne and a cold dinner (antipasti style) because we had missed dinner.

We looked at other rooms for when we return. We would recommend getting the next one or two levels up. The bathroom in the basic room is pretty small. Hotel wise the only improvement would be to allow people to swim earlier and later. I think the hours were like 10-6. If you went anywhere in the afternoon it precluded a late afternoon/early evening swim which would have felt really good.

It was heavenly! Thanks for all your help!! It was great!

Deb K.

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