Getting a Visa to Travel to Italy

Citizens of some countries may need a visa to enter Italy. Click here to find out if you are a citizen of one of those countries.

If it turns out you do need a visa, you will need to apply for one. Click here to find out where to apply and what documents you will need. Please do this well in advance of your trip as it may take some time to process your visa. Here is what one of our readers told us:


The consulate accepted my girlfriend's application today.  I think this bit of advice for your customers would be very helpful on your website. I don't remember seeing it. Currently the Italian consulate only takes 30 people a day from 9am to 12:30pm for Visas.  This includes travel visas and student visas.  If for someone that lives far away, it would be best to get there prior to 8:30 so that they may get a number.

We unfortunately got to the consulate at 10am yesterday and they had already ran out of numbers.  This was really annoying because we had to take an extra vacation day to cover this.  The interviewer is very strict regarding the paperwork and all members of the party MUST be on every confirmation.  Many people were denied from accepting the application today because they didn't have the paperwork.

Thanks again.
Nuo T.