Sicilian Wineries You Can Visit

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Cantina Sociale "S. Antonio"
SOC. COOP Agr. A r.l.

Sede Legale Via Mazzini, 58
91011 Alcamo
Stabilimento Enologico
Contrada Bosco Falconeria - Partinico (PA)
Tel. 091/878-9001 email
Reservations needed - Free Tastings
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Azienda Agricola Tarantola Dei Conti Testa
Contrada Tarantola - Alcamo (TP)
Tel. 091/582-977 email
Reservations needed - Free Tastings

Azienda Agricola Spadafora

Contrada Virzì, Monreale
Tel. 091/514-952 email
Reservations needed - Free Tastings

Cantina Sociale Fiume Freddo Soc.
Coop. A r.l.
Contrada Coda di Volpe
91011 Alcamo (TP)
Tel. 0924/28944

La Cantina Sociale "Fiume Freddo" is a cooperative farm founded in 1968 by a group of young Sicilians. They started the winery with ambitions to revive the production of typical wines of their region and to create a new winery, guaranteeing a level of perfection in winemaking. L'Alcamo D.O.C. is a dry, crisp straw colored wine with a hint of green.

Marsala Wines

Fazi Wines S.r.l.
Via Cap. Rizzo 39 - Fulgatore - Erice (TP)
Tel. 0923/811-700

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Casa Vinicola S. Noto
Via Partanna 15 - Trapani
Tel./Fax 0923/24232

Via S. Lipari 18 - Marsala (TP)
Tel. 0923/999-555

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