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Dear Kristin,

I cannot find words to express the wonderful time we had doing the Connoisseur's Amalfi Coast tour at the Hotel Marmorata. From the front desk to the chamber maids to the waiters in the restaurant, it was a first class experience. The room was fabulous, the view spectacular. We had a superior room on an upper floor overlooking the water. I watched as the fishermen went out each morning to fish. The pool and terraces were grand and welcoming. I have traveled to Italy before and never have had such service.

In the morning we had a wonderful breakfast overlooking the sea. There were plenty of choices. We ate like royalty every night. The menu was so inclusive, we could not decide what to have. It was a 5 course meal with wine and bottled water included every night. The tours were wonderful. The guided tour of Ravello was great, the guide spoke perfect English and was very helpful in giving us tips about where to shop. We also were able to walk to the town of Minori, where we experienced a market day.

The shuttles were cars which took us everywhere and boat fees and admissions were included. We changed our itinerary a couple of times without missing a beat. Thank you so much. I have raved about this trip. I hope you have many others book it. I hope to book another in the near future.

Best regards,
Susan H.

Hello Jessica,

When we first began making plans for a trip to Italy we were confused about where to go and what to do. I found your web site and looked at many of your options before investigating the Portofino & Cinque Terre weekend. Vicki and I did not know what to expect and much to our surprise and pleasure, when we arrived in the town of Rapallo and were taken to our hotel by taxi, were amazed at the surroundings we were going to be a part of for the next 3 days. The hotel was on the seaside and provided an excellent point for visiting the city on many of our walks. Your instructions were excellent and we always found our way to our next destination. Our only setback was on Sunday for our boat trip from Portovenere. The weather was alternating from rain showers to pouring rain and the boat captain did not want to go on the excursion and we did not as well. We enjoyed the small town and had a nice lunch setting by the seaside.

On Monday morning our driver, Marco, arrived at the hotel and provided us an outstanding tour of Portofino and Camogli. Although he spoke limited English he was able to provide us some local knowledge and awesome views. We would highly recommend Marco if you need similar services in the future.

We would like to return again to Italy in the future and would highly recommend your services and expertise. Thanks so much for making our trip so pleasurable.

Chris and Vicki H.

Dear Jessica,

Thanks for inquiring about our experience. We did indeed have a marvelous time. We really enjoyed the Wine, Truffles & Castles in Piedmont tour. We think that your program allowed us to do and learn things that we normally wouldn't have known about or had access to. We especially liked all of our guides; they were friendly and knowledgeable and seemed to really want to make sure that we had a good experience. Of special note to us were the fact that the truffle hunter gave us a couple of truffles to enjoy on our own and the night that we spent alone in the castle in Trissobio! Unfortunately, our trip ended in Cinque Terre; we were staying in Vernazza the day of the disaster. We lost our luggage but fortunately were in another town when the landslide and flood occurred. However, we got home safely, which can't be said for the poor people who live there, and we continue to think of them and wish them all the best.

Greg and Deb M.

Dear Kristin,

Our trip was truly once-in-a-lifetime. Marmorata Hotel was excellent - everyone on the staff from front desk, to the driver, to the managers, to the restaurant and our house cleaner were so welcoming, helpful and warm. They pampered us 24 hours a day.

The Connoisseur's Amalfi Coast tour was just what we wanted: a mix of planned activities but flexibility to explore on your own once you arrived at each location. We would have liked more time at Pompeii. It was booked as 1/2 day, but that included transport time there and back, so it was really only two hours on-site. You can easily spend days exploring. However, the couple with us, who have more difficulty walking a lot, thought that was enough. It's all in what you prefer.

Ravello was our favorite and the guide the hotel arranged was top-notch. She hit all the highlights without dwelling too long anywhere unless we wanted to. She also made suggestions we could explore on our own depending on interest. After the tour you have time to eat where you choose, shop, see a museum, art galleries, churches, parks, or just rest at a cafe with local vino.

We were also very happy with the package price. When you see the total at first you think, "Wow, expensive." But when you consider everything included (your own taxi to and from train or airport; taxi and/or boats to and from trips every day; top quality meals and rooms; plus some attraction entrance fees) it's a bargain. I know because I researched and priced the components individually if we would have booked on our own. So In Italy Online has great connections!

In Italy's service was excellent too! We were a bit nervous doing everything online at first, but it's so convenient and with the documentation you provide, we didn't worry at all. We will definitely use your agency again.

Thank you!
Yvonne Y. & Bernie M.

Dear Kirill,

Had a wonderful time, and I have to say your organization did a fantastic job with the hotel reservations, representations and also with the programs available. Highly recommend your website to anyone traveling to Italy. Also we brought a handheld gps that was invaluable especially driving into the centers of town and at night.

Thank you.
Lou A.

Hi Jessica,

The Portofino & Cinque Terre tour was great. Very well set up and timed by you (trains and all) and we got to cover quite a bit of the area as a result. Having a driver on the last day was perfect for me since I was worn out from the hiking and exploring on foot the previous days. My only disappointment with that was that he didn't speak much English and I would have liked to know more about what we were looking at as we drove through the beautiful Italian Riviera towns. He was lovely and polite, though, and the beautiful white Mercedes was quite a luxurious ride. In Portovenere, on the boatride, too, the driver spoke almost no English. Fortunately, there was a passenger who knew the area and explained what we were looking at as we toured the three islands off the coast. The recommendation from you to "must see" Santo Pietro Church was right on.

The hotel was well located and very clean and accommodating, though the rooms were somewhat generic. Very nice people working there. We had so much to see and do on our tour, we barely spent time in the room, anyway except to flop down on the bed at days end, exhausted.

Overall, I was satisfied from beginning to end with your prompt and forthcoming service. Everybody and everything was in place everywhere we went and I will have no travel agent horror stories to tell my friends. I would definitely work with you again on my next trip to Italy and recommend your company to others.

Thanks for checking in with me. We did, indeed, have a marvelous and memorable trip!!!

Renee D.

Hi Kristin,

We are back from our Connoisseur's Amalfi Coast tour at the Marmorata Hotel. I think this was a very good choice for us, as we were unwilling to test our driving skills in that part of the world. I agree with my intuition on that subject! The Marmorata is a lovely place, with helpful, friendly staff, and the food was GREAT. The guides in Ravello and at the museum in Naples were both wonderful. Seeing the Archaelogical Museum in Naples was awesome! I would recommend this addition for anyone on a visit to this area.

The only thing I would have wished for is a driver who spoke some English. Neither the driver from the hotel, nor the taxi driver who took us to Pompeii, and to Naples, spoke any English. I understand that they were drivers, not tour guides, but our visit could have been very much enhanced if we could have spoken with them... (of course it is OUR failing to be without any Italian in Italy!)

Thanks for setting up a wonderful trip for us.
Alison E.

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