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In Italy Online is what you might call an Internet pioneer: we've been online since mid-1993, providing as much information as we can about the country we love most. It is our goal to help you enjoy the very best vacation in Italy. If you wonder why we don't look like those newer, bigger and flashier sites where no human being can be found -- well, think of us as the artisans of Italian travel. We don't offer thousands of anonymous lodgings in places we've never heard of. Our small, dedicated team of Italy experts knows almost every square inch of the country. Our local network includes a hand-picked selection of authentic, charming lodgings managed by warm, friendly Italians whom we have known for years. We specialize in listening to your wishes, tastes, desires and budget requirements, then turning them into an itinerary that will allow you to pack in as much sightseeing as possible while still treating yourself to that ancient Italian art of dolce far niente, or relaxation! To get started, tell us a little about the Italian vacation you've been dreaming of.

Here are some of the people who have worked hard to bring you this site and all the services we provide:

Jessica Scheible

Jessica Scheible was born in Southern California and subsequently lived in Seattle and Rhode Island before moving back to Los Angeles. She came to us to fill in for a couple of weeks and has remained a valued member of the crew ever since. Her first trip to Italy included visits to the Veneto, the Lakes, Piedmont, the Riviera and Tuscany, where she also saw many of the properties we offer on our site. Recently she returned and visited Rome, southern Italy and Sicily to round out her acquaintance with our local colleagues. After so much contact with Italy, it's no wonder that Jessica recently graduated with honors from California State University, Los Angeles, majoring in Art History. Click here to learn Jessica's 10 Favorite Places in Italy.

Our Italian Colleagues

Leonardo Bali and staff

Leonardo Balli is Our Man in Tuscany. We met him way back when we and he were just starting out on the exciting adventure of helping people have the vacation of their lives. Through thick and thin he is always there, coordinating details and smoothing the inevitable bumps that sometimes appear on the road to happiness under the Tuscan sun. And now that we have so many guests, Leonardo is ably assisted by His Two Els: Eleonora and Elisa. Here they are along with assistant Julian (second from right). Perpetually cheerful and courteous, they answer the phones for you, offering their assistance and solving your on-site problems in excellent English. What would we do without them!


Antonella, Giorgio, Davide and Tania hold the fort for us in Rome, Venice, Sorrento, Naples, and the Ligurian coast. Sound daunting? You bet it is! Sometimes it means waging a heroic battle against seemingly overwhelming odds, as you will learn if you read the comments from our clients. But no obstacle is too great for these consummate professionals, who speak perfect English, are passionate about their jobs, and love making your trip as successful as possible. And being real Romans, they even have time to enjoy Piazza Navona with Kristin when she's in town!


If you are lucky enough to spend a few days in Siena, or at a private villa in the surrounding countryside, you will have the pleasure of meeting our delightful colleagues Marta, Beatrice, Claudia and Luana (seen here on a very special day for Claudia!). With almost unimaginable patience and dedication, they offer you a warm Sienese welcome to your lodgings and they assist you during your entire stay. You know, as one of the oldest and most revered cities in Europe, Siena is a world unto itself -- and these lovely ladies are our deeply appreciated Ambassadors.

CEO Tortellino

In Venice, we rely on Andrea (third from right) and his wonderful crew. An untiring professional, Andrea inherited his flair for organization from his dad (whom you may spot lending a hand around the office, even though he is now retired!). Over the years, Andrea learned how to make sure all the elements of a tour would come together seamlessly, so that all the visitors we entrust to him could get the most out of what he calls "one of the most unique and fascinating cities of the world, a real open-air museum that everyone should see once in their life." When not coordinating his drivers and guides and greeters, Andrea's favorite activity is hiking in the mountains with his wife and his six-year-old twins, Irene and Luca.

CEO Tortellino

And what if your ship also docks in Naples? Well, lucky you, we say! Your day will be enlivened by a small group of enthusiastic young Neapolitans led by Elisa and Claudio. All speak great English, are extremely knowledgeable, and possess two other gifts that characterize this part of the world: a voracious love of life and a witty sense of humor. Their mission is to introduce you to the region's bewitching sites, delectable smells, fascinating history and charming folklore.

CEO Tortellino

On Lake Como, Massimo and Alessandra are our guardian angels. Even though Massimo is convinced he was an American Indian in a former life, this time around he was born in Como, descendent of a long line of proud local residents. He is passionate about great food, vintage wine, skiing and la dolce vita, and loves discovering original destinations that will convey these passions to our clients. Of course, Massimo's #1 passion is for Alessandra, his partner in life as well as work. A lifelong swimmer, she also loves to cook and is only too familiar with that old adage about the way to a man's heart…. In the office, her organizational skills and exquisitely Italian flair are what bring it all together so that we can offer you a quintessential Italian experience in Italy's gorgeous Lake District.


Our man in Palermo is Salvatore. He was born in New York but his Sicilian parents moved back home when he was still a child. As soon as he was old enough, he flew right back to the States to improve his English. Salvatore say the most important thing he learned during this period was that we are all the same no matter where we come from, but we look at things through different eyes. He also found out that he was meant to live in Palermo, so he came back, fell in love, got married and had two children who are now 7 and 11 years old. Whether you are a descendent seeking your Sicilian roots, or someone who knows nothing about this enchanting island, Salvatore is eager to welcome you and share the delightful mixture of joie de vivre and history that makes Sicily the place which most often elicits the comment, "I wish we could have stayed longer!"