Easter In Italy

Easter marks the beginning of spring, and that's a very important time of year for Italians! Of course it is a sacred moment for Catholics, which means that many small towns and villages stage very colorful and moving pageants (some of which are described below). Delicious foods are associated with this holiday, and they vary from place to place. One goody you will see everywhere is the colomba, or Easter dove. This is a sweet cake baked in the shape of a flying bird and filled with candied fruit or chocolate bits. In Naples, Easter is celebrated with la pastiera, an even sweeter cake filled with ricotta, rose water and orange essence. In Civitavecchia, outside Rome, they make Easter pizza, a very unique pie flavored with anice, vanilla, cinnamon, Vermouth and liqueur. In Abruzzo and Sardinia, don't miss the chance to taste fiadone or sabadas, light-as-a-feather pastries filled with sweetened sheep's cheese.