Venetian Aperitif Recipes
courtesy Walter Bolzonella of Hotel Cipriani


Squeeze the grapes by hand in a chinoise (fine sieve). Put the juice in a high, narrow and transparent container and store in the refrigerator for 12 hours. During this time the juice will divide into three layers. The central, without any impurity, must be decanted with a small cane, similar to those used in the past to decant wine. After doing this very carefully, replace the juice in the refrigerator. When it is chilled mix with Prosecco. Serve in a fluted glass.


Blend the raspberries with 2 spoonfuls of sugar, some lemon juice, a touch of water and crushed ice. Strain and serve in a fluted glass.


Squeeze chilled pomegranate juice directly into a fluted glass with a citrus fruit juicer. Add chilled wine over the fruit juice.