What Our Clients Have to Say

Dear Kirill,

Our trip to Italy was extremely relaxing.  DiVinci's "Last Supper" was very pleasing.  The museum gift shop was small and the stock was low on some items and completely out of stock ofthe famous poster and this was a disappointment. We viewed the painting on a Sunday afternoon (5:00 pm) and this proved to be an excellent day and time to do so.  We had not been to downtown Milan prior to this event and we were grateful.  The place was very busy for a Sunday and I would not want to be navigating through downtown Milan on a weekday trying to get to "The Last Supper".  Parking was expensive but put us within walking distance of the church and we felt it was worth it.  Our reservations were on file and we proceeded to enjoy our visit to the museum.

All in all our stay could not have been any better.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time and look forward to another trip in the near future.

Mark & Ann M.

Dear Kirill,

Just got back from our trip to Italy. We pre-booked tickes to the Galleria degli Uffizi and Galleria dell'Accademia. What a time saver. Also got our train tickets through your site.

Most importantly, booked a private tour of Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius through you. Our tour guide, Valentina, was exceptional! Very knowledgeable and interesting. Couldn't have been better! Because of some recent injuries and surgery we were unable to make the climb to the top of Mt. Vesuvius, but Valentina was very accommodating. Well done.

Julianna T.

Dear Jessica:

My husband and I had a truly enjoyable and memorable trip to Italy. t was great to use your website links for train and museum reservations. That helped to structure our trip and avoid long lines at popular museums. When it came to the taking the train to return to Milan from Florence, we had expected to be able to go to the club car to eat lunch. We didn't know that reservations were required ahead of time, so we had to settle for some mediocre food from the bar car. Meanwhile, we witnessed six German men who came on the train and began opening up packages, serving themselves bread, sausage, cheese, and wine. They even had their own wine glasses! And they were laughing a lot! A lesson learned.

I feel very fortunate to have come across your website in the early planning stages of our trip. Your site provides an immense amount of useful information, and as I said before, we were extremely pleased with our accomodations. Thank you for providing such a quality service. We had a wonderful time!

Diane H.


We just came back from Italy. We were on a cruise and unfortunately had only 8 hours to spend in Florence and your site saved us at least 2 hours from waiting in lines at the accadamia and uffizi. The reservation link you provided was extremely helpful. I must say that when I recieved the confirmation of our reservation via email I was still very doubtful when I read, "Whatever you do, don't wait in line." Well let me tell you, my wife and I walked into the Accadamia, went right to the box office window that had nobody in line, handed the printed email to them and the woman printed out two tickets! She pointed to an entrance into the gallery where nobody was waiting. We walked right in and saw David with absolutely NO WAITING. Same goes for the Uffizi. Thank you very much for this service.

Jeff S.

We just got back from Italy and I wanted to let you know that everything worked out great for the galleries. We had no problems picking up the tickets, the guide was excellent and very hospitable even to the point of getting a wheelchair for my wife who cannot walk too far and driving us from one gallery to the other. He was very knowledgeable, spoke very good English and really knew his art. My wife paints and the way he used the paintings to show the evolution of the art was really interesting. I would highly recommend doing the galleries in this manner and so would everyone else in our group. I don't think we would have gotten 10% of what we did out of this experience without the guide. Everyone felt like they came away with much more than they ever expected too. Sorry it was so hard for you to put this together but it sure was worth it (the line was huge but we only had about a 5-minute wait) and we do appreciate it. Thanks again.

Mike K.


The Vatican Tour was unbelievable. We had this scheduled for our 2nd to last day there, so unfortunately we had already gone over to Vatican City and looked around. The guide was unbelievable! She showed us things that we missed, gave us insight to the things that we saw before the tour, and even helped us out with other things to do in Italy. I would highly recommend this tour to everyone. The best part was that it was just the three of us. I saw other groups that had 50-60 in the group. I felt that this was much more intimate. My wife and I have decided that when we go back we will go with the private tour again. You get so much more out of the time that you are there.

Scott and Deborah W.

Dear Jessica,

We would like to thank you and let you know that when we arrived at the Borghese Gallery our tickets were waiting for us in an envelope with our name on it. We also followed the "tour" on your website for the gallery - bought the guide book (as suggested) and everything was perfect. The Gallery was a delight and one of the most memorable sights of our trip. We have wanted to see the gallery for years and now our wish has been most gratifyingly fulfilled. We arrived home yesterday and promptly retrieved our guide book to "re-enjoy" our visit.

Thank you again for your help in obtaining the tickets and providing an easy, well executed, hassle free retrieval.

Ron and Paula T.