Photographs of Matera, whose cave dwellings are a UNESCO World Heritage Site in southern Italy

Photographs of Matera
A UNESCO World Heritage Site in southern Italy

In the heart of southern Italy, just west of the border between Basilicata and Apulia, is one of the most unique locations in Europe.

Come with us to this
World Heritage Site....


...a hilltown in Basilicata.


Step inside the cave.... find a perfect replica of the homes...


...where locals and their animals dwelled for centuries.


Deprived of sunlight, but safe, warm and dry.... were also safe from foreign marauders.


Even the churches.....


...were hidden inside the rocks.


Thousands of monks on the run decorated them
with exquisite Byzantine frescoes.


Hundreds more churches are scattered throughout the countryside.
A pile of rocks outside...


...a sacred treasury inside.


Eventually, paved streets were built and a town was formed.


A perpendicular town!


Churches could be seen by the public now...


...heralded by masterful statues.


The crown jewel is the cathedral.


Come see for yourself, it's a magical place!

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