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Thanks Jessica.

The tour was great and the guide really nice and knowledgeable. Her name was Antonella. She was very sweet with out 7 year old daughter. Rome was so fascinating. We can't wait to go back.

Thanks, Jeff C.  

Hi Jessica,

While the tour given by our guide was adequate, I thought when I made the reservation that the tour would be given by a more experienced native or long-time resident of Italy, given the high cost of the tour. It's a bit misleading to have this quote on the home webpage: "If you're planning to be in Rome, don't miss the unique opportunity to absorb the history and true ambiance of the Eternal City on a tour with Michael or Dennis, Americans who have lived in Rome for over thirty years", and then to be greeted by a 25-year-old Swedish girl who does this for a summer job. Don't get me wrong...she was very nice, and apparently well-informed. But most of what I thought I was paying for was a guide who had first-hand in-depth knowledge that only comes from a long association with the city. Next time I'll know to ask more specific questions before agreeing to pay this much. Perhaps a distinction should be made on the website so that it doesn't appear that Dennis and Michael give all the tours. I realize now, looking back, that everything listed below "Dennis and Michael's Rome" is not necessarily lead by either of the two, but it definitely wasn't obvious before I made the reservation.

Renee K.

Dear Kristin,

Our trip was fantastic...the private 3 hour tour of the Vatican was worth every penny! Francesca was wonderful...extremely knowledgeable not only about the Vatican but about Italian history and culture in general... and she was great fun to be with. Without a guide my husband and I would have wandered through with our mouths agape unaware of the fascinating stories behind the art we were looking at. If we had been with a group tour I know it would have been difficult to hear the guide because of the crowds (we were there in July.) She picked us up at our hotel precisely on time. We never felt rushed -- in fact the 3 hours stretched to closer to 4. Would highly recommend this tour to anyone planning a trip to the Vatican.

I also appreciated your quick e mail responses to planning questions I had before we left. I have recommended you guys to friends traveling to Italy.

Thank you,
Teresa G.

Dear Jessica,

We had a great tour day with our guide, Sarah (not sure on spelling). She was wonderful, and your whole crew of guides and drivers were a well-oiled machine. As we had been in Rome for a couple days, Sarah was very flexible in showing us things we had not yet seen in addition to the scheduled Vatican and Forum stops.

Thanks again.
Tom K.

Thank you Jessica.

We really enjoyed the tour of the Vatican. I have two teenagers who lack a long attention span and the guide made it interesting by pointing out interesting facts about the artwork and weaving in historical stories. My husband agrees we would have spent hours on uninteresting artwork and been too tired to appreciate the great works that are later in the Museum. She also gave context to the Sistine Chapel that helped us appreciate the stories that artwork depicts. Finally, we had been on the Scavi tour the day before, so we enjoyed seeing the memorial to Peter from the viewpoint of the Church. (I strongly recommend that visitors to Rome apply for the Scavi Tour at least 30 days in advance - it is worth the effort of getting the tour as well.)   Also, the included transportation makes it an enjoyable activity. Definitely recommend it to all.



We had several tours during our trip and your Vatican Tour was by far the best. Katerina (I think is her name, a young blonde lady) was excellent. Very good English, extremely knowledgeable, very efficient and very customer service oriented. There was a little confusion at first as she apparently expected a group of 2 and we were 4, which made the cab situation more difficult, but she handled that very well. Although my wife and I have been to the Vatican previously, (the other couple had not) we gained significant insight and information that made us wish we had a longer tour. Her expertise and experience with the subject matter and her ability to convey it English made it all the more compelling and was really great.
Please pass our comments on to Katerina (?) if possible. And thanks for inquiring. All four of us agreed we should make a point to let your group know what a good job she did, and your follow up e-mail reminded me.

We will not hesitate to recommend InItaly.
George D.

Hi Jessica,

In reply to your question about our tour, a plus was that we - with our guide - were able to get near the front of a long line to get right into the museum. How our guide - Teresa - was able to pull this off without everyone ganging up on her for cutting into line, I have no idea, but we were grateful! On the negative side, we had the feeling that Teresa may have known quite a bit about the treasures of the Vatican museum, but she didn't unfortunately share much with us. She readily answered our questions, but didn't volunteer much on her own. We were quite disappointed as a result, particularly given the very steep price for a private guide.

I hope that you find these comments helpful.


Dear Jessica,

Our Vatican 3 hour tour was informative, yet rushed a bit. We understood going in that we would not be able to see everything in 3 hours and our tour guide, Teresa pointed out what she thought were the important points throughout the tour. We accepted this with as much grace as we could muster because we had a car and driver waiting at the end and we did not want to take more time than we paid for. This was our feeling throughout the tour as Teresa text messaged on her cell phone, greeted Security personnel throughout the museum and then asked us what we thought of the men she was greeting. One comment was, "I wonder if he knows how much in love I am with him"?

I expected more professionalism from your company based on the comments I read and looked forward to our tour as one of our "trip highlights". Being rushed was one thing so that we could see the highlights in 3 hours, what was disappointing was getting outside and waiting for our driver for 15 minutes. The way I look at it is this: Authentically speaking, I wanted to peruse and learn the points that were important to me and ask questions as we went, not Teresa. I wanted to stop and pray a little longer in St. Peter's and I did not want to spend 20 minutes in the Chapel gazing at the ceiling that I was able to take in in 10 minutes. I did not like asking questions and having a text message take presidence over my presence in a place that took me a lifetime to get to.

I normally stay more on the positive, but this experience was disappointing. I feel if there is no awareness, then one cannot change a situation for the better. I hope this helps for future clients and growth within your company.

Ciao -
Summer V.

Dear Jessica,

We DID IT!!!!!

Thanks for all your work. It was a lovely tour - unfortunately hot and crowded but what can you do in a heat wave in June in Rome?

The guide, Gregory, was very good and very attentive to our large group (including an 80 year old in a wheelchair and an 84 year old). Everyone thanked me often and profusely for arranging the tour. I pass the cudos on to you and the people in Italy who were great when I phoned to re-confirm. And bless the drivers who had air conditioned buses.

Thanks again,
Wendy B.

Dear Julie,

My son and I had a wonderful time in Rome. The Private Guided Tour of the Vatican was wonderful. Teresa was excellent. She explained things in a way
that my 9 year old son could understood. We both gained alot from having a guide.

The tour driver and car pick ups at the airport that I booked were all right on time. I was very impressed and will recommend In Italy to my family and friends. Thanks again for making the few days we had in Rome stress free.

Leslie B.

Dear Kristin,

Jessica, we very much enjoyed our tours. The Vatican was overwhelming the day we were there as it was some sort of Catholic Youth Day and if it had been possible with our schedule we would not have attempted it that day, but it was still enjoyable. Our guide for the Uffizi Gallery was delightful and we very much enjoyed her enthusiasm and her knowledge of the art, as well as her exquisite English that enabled us to ask and receive answers to any obscure question that we had in mind.

Thank you again for your assistance and we will be sure to look you all up again, when next we travel as we already have itch feet and our bags are only just now being unpacked.
Danielle M.

Hello Jessica,

Actually i am glad you asked. we did not have a wonderful experience with our tour. i think and hope it is the result of our guide being brand new at this job. there were some things that were just plain erroneous on her part and since i had been to rome and the museum several times along with another woman in our group, we knew some things were inaccurate. we were also far too rushed and spent a much longer time in the line than i had anticipated. it seems that you try to cover too much in 3 hours. perhaps the tour should be 4 hours so that the group is not sprinting through the museum and the basilica. we talked about nearly nothng at st. peters because our time had run so short. our guide was willing to stay a bit longer which was nice and unexpected. but she could not stay long since she had another tour at 130pm anyway, i did not feel we got good value for our money and would not recommend this to anyone else. i visit rome as often as i can and i also encourage many others to go there with me and on their own. i do not think that we got our moneys worth from this tour.

Thank you for following up though. it should be very important to you for your clients to be satisfied.

Colleen t.

Dear Kirill,

Our tour to Vatican was great. Our guide Teresa was kind, friendly and full of knowledge. We had a great time. Thank you.
Burak B.

Hi Jessica,

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and everything was very well arranged. I would recommend it to anybody who was going to Italy and would definitely take advantage of your help in the future.

Patrick J.

Dear Jessica,

Thanks for the follow-up on this. We had an amazing time on our tour and just got back from Italy this past weekend. The tour guide was wonderful, interesting and attentive.

The only issue that arose that we did not expect was that we needed to pay for admission to the Vatican Museum. The receipt from In Italy read "Entrance tickets are paid for at the Vatican." Additionally, the email that we received from In Italy along with the receipt read "Your tour is fully paid for, but feel free to give your guide a small tip, at your discretion." Both these led us to believe that the tickets had been paid for by us in our payment to In Italy. I felt slightly like we were being
scammed at the time. I would just suggest that this be a little clearer to your future clients. I assumed (and quite actually would have preferred) that In Italy would have taken care of all financial obligations for that day.

I am not terribly disgruntled, just thought you should know. I would definitely refer people to In Italy. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the guide.

Many thanks,
Nicholas C.


We're back from Rome and so happy about our experience!! We had a fantastic tour of the Vatican museum and Ancient Rome with Sarah. To be honest, at first we were sceptical, the tour company shuttled us to the Museum line and gave us to one guide, then we were told she was waiting for another group and our guide (Sarah) was trying find us. Just seemed a little chaotic, but everything worked out well. Sarah was very knowledgeable and very engaging. She was young, hip and very independent and our daughter who is 20 and irritated by most people, loved her. The whole day was a major success!

Thank you for your help in making our trip so great. Our only regret is we didn't make it to Florence or Tuscany. When we learned from Sarah that going to Florence wouldn't take long and we could make the trip in one day, we headed for the train the very next morning! The only problem was it was a major holiday, The Day of the Republic (which no tour books talked about), and we couldn't get a bullet train ticket to or from Florence. We were very disappointed, but since we were at the station we bought tickets to Naples and off we went. It wasn't the best decision, but it was an adventure nevertheless. We got buckets full of rain in Naples and a slow train on the return that took 3 1/2 hours with standing room only, but like I said, it was an adventure.

We'll be in touch when we are ready for our next trip!!

Alexis A.

Dear Jessica,

We had a wonderful trip. I would recommend the full day Vatican/Rome tour. We saw so much in a relatively short time. Sarah our tour guide was terrific and knowledgeable about art and architecture. We loved every minute and it was worth every penny. Loved the key of the knights of Malta.
This was a nice surprise. Thank you for a great tour.

Jack h.

Hi Jessica,

First of all, please pass on a big hello to our guide Teresa. She was fantastic and my kids (especially my little one Gracie) really enjoyed her! I have only positive things to say about our tour. Teresa is wonderful with children and made the entire tour very relevant for their ages. I think that is one thing that you should market to your potential clients...while the tour is very educational it isn't stodgy at all. When I booked the tour I was a little concerned about how my kids would respond to a full day of a guided tour. They are very different ages (15, 9 and 6) and I anticipated my older daughter would get more out of it than the younger two. Not true! When we flew home we quizzed our kids about what they learned from Teresa and they knew all the answers! They even used some of her direct quotes and told their friends about standing in two countries at the same time!

Teresa is a keeper. Maybe you should have her offer a kids' specialty tour?

Hope this helps.

Julia K.

Dear Jessica:

Catherine was our guide for the Vatican tour. She waited in the ticket line in the cold and drizzling rain at 7 AM for a full 90 minutes before we showed up in a warm car arranged as part of the tour. It was much appreciated as the line to the Vatican Museum was extremely long, even in this off-peak season. So we were able to enter the museum quickly with very little hassle. She was knowledgeable about the history, folk lores, and politics behind each notable paintings and sculptures. She also made an extra effort to show us the treasures in the Basilica. Because of her guidance, we had a much better understanding of the symbolism and history of the place. Both Catherine and Marco (our driver) were consummate professionals and were unfailingly polite. We would highly recommend this tour to all who are planning to visit Rome.

Despite a couple of hiccups, this was one of the best oversea trips we had taken. We will definitely use your service again if we decide to visit Italy in the future.

Thanks again for all your help.
Heidi W.

Hi Jessica,

We arrived back home and had a wonderful trip. Your tour was very nice and enjoyed seeing the Vatican again. Took your advice and went to ZA ZA's for dinner in Florence and it wonderful as you described. We ordered the beef with the truffle sauce, a great suggestion!! Would definitely recommend a private tour as it not only saves time but gives you a different perspective than with a large crowd. Thanks again...have a great summer.


Dear Kristin,

I did want to tell you what a great time we had. We all thought Luciana was wonderful and we would have missed so much of the beauty and history and unique facts of Rome had we not had her as our tour guide. She was absolutely lovely and so full of knowledge. We all agreed we wish we had made the tour longer and had booked more and that we will not travel to Italy again without booking more tours with your company. I am a history lover and I came away with even more appreciation and so much more knowledge. I loved my time in Rome. It is not half as special to experience Rome when you don't know what it is you are seeing. Thanks for a wonderful time and please give her our best. She made our day.

Please do NOT post my name on your website but you may use my comments. Thanks again.

Dear Kirill,

We had a wonderful time in Italy. The scenery and food is awesome. Your group and our guide (Teresa) did a great job. The driver was great also.

Making reservation on-line was easy and all time schedules were met. There are many hidden treasures, but one restaurant I recommend was close to the hotel: Terno Secco on Via Andrea Doria 16.

Steve J.

Dear Julie,

The guided tour was terrific! My wife and I enjoyed every minute of it. We found our guide to be both personable and knowledgeable. The decision to have the Vatican tour lead by your company was one of the best choices we made on our trip. Thanks for a great time!

Gregory & Jennifer S.

Dear Jessica,

I was just preparing a few notes to let you know how fabulous our trip actually was. I don't think there was anything we found that would be negative as we always found people and the actual friendliness of the Italians that made every moment enjoyable. The weather was extremely cooperative and we had the most beautiful days...

Catherine was one of the most wonderful guides. Being an Art History major and having been in Rome for a number of years was so friendly and helped us to learn a lot about ancient Rome and the many treasures that she has for her clients on the day tour we took with her. She became a good friend and actually helped us find many treasures that meant something to us. As Christians, we were very interested in Peter and Paul and she showed us where they stayed and were imprisoned. Also, a special jewel of hers was the keyhole at the monk's monastery overlooking Rome where you can peak through and see the Vatican in the background. The Vatican treasures were awesome and I was re-inspired by the Pieta which I had scene at the 1964 World's Fair.

Catherine was so good and helpful that we recommended from her company that she be our guide to the Catacombs where she pointed out so much to us. She also took us on a walk up the Appian Way where we saw the original stones in the road laid by the Romans so many years ago. Many of the plush villas along the road were especially wonderful to see. So much history and what a wonderful, wonderful person to spend a few days with. She also guided us to a great restaurant where we were able to eat one of those wonderful Italian lunches.

I think you can tell that our experiences were wonderful everywhere we went and our accommodations selected on the InItaly site were exceptional. I want to personally thank you for your assistance and help in planning this whole trip. The In Italy site is the best and I would recommend it to anyone. All of the tours, pick-ups at the airport were there on time and there wasn't any glitch on the whole trip. This will be a trip that the four of us will have memories for the rest of our lives. Jessica I want to thank you and the others helping on the In Italy site for making it all possible.

Mitch F.


A thousand apologies for being six months responding to your e-mail.  I have no idea where that half year went!  Please let me assure you though that the delay in my reply is no reflection on the level of satisfaction we had with our Vatican tour.  It was WONDERFUL.  All we could have hoped for and more.  We were so pleased.

First, it is great that your personnel stand in line to hold a place for your clients while they are being picked up by your driver.  This saved us a lot of time waiting in a long line in the hot sun with our children (and meant that we did not have to get up at the crack of dawn to try to be first in line) and was a huge plus in terms of saving everyone's energy level, etc.  By the time we arrived, we waited only about 35 minutes to get into the  Vatican!!

Second, the tour itself was incredible.  Our guide did a wonderful job of getting us through the huge museum and highlighting the things we wanted to see, plus others she included.  The things she told us were fascinating and she even kept our children completely engaged.  We had done a lot of preparation before the trip with our girls (7 and 10), which I think helped, but our guide pointed out things we would never have known that greatly enhanced our appreciation of all that we saw.  We had been told by other guide groups that our girls were too young to tour the Vatican and advised against taking them.  We did not want to go with a tour guide that felt they could not make the tour interesting for our children, too, as we believed our children could appreciate the art as much as us, if someone knew how to approach it with them.  Your guide made it truly fascinating for ALL of us and even the girls rate this tour as their favorite of our two and a half week trip to Italy! ( Venice, Florence, Rome and Tuscan hill towns.)

The round trip car service from our hotel to and from the tour was hugely helpful -- it made the whole thing so easy -- and non-stressful.  We were able to completely relax and enjoy the morning.  The driver pointed out many interesting sights on the drive to and from the hotel, which added to the value of the tour price.

Finally, we found your company to be not only professional and courteous but to have great integrity.  Our guide mistakenly had us pay our own way into the museum, even though the admission was supposed to be included in our tour price.  I thought that was the case at the moment, but decided to wait and check back at our hotel on our return, in case I was mistaken. (I had made the arrangements several weeks prior to going to Italy and thought I might have the tour mixed up with another). By the time I got to our room and was looking through my papers, your office called US to say they had caught the mistake and would be dropping off a reimbursement at our hotel later that day.  The money was delivered to the front desk that afternoon.

In short, we had a great experience all the way around with your company, on every level.  I will (and have) recommend(ed) your company to everyone we know traveling to Rome and will plan to use you again there or anywhere else we may travel that you operate tours.  Thank you so much for such an incredibly high quality and positive experience.  Our tour of the Vatican was certainly a highlight of our trip for all of us!!

Thanks again,
Brenda H.

Dear Jessica,  

I really do not know where to start. If I said that we were extremely pleased with the tour would be such an understatement.

There were eight of us and our ages ranged from 68 years of age to 14. Peter was a marvelous guide because he catered the tour for each and every one of us. No one was disappointed or bored! He was so good with the teenagers and was very attentive to their questions. They had a wonderful time and I feel that it was all because of your tour group and especially Peter. There is no question that we will be using your tour company again when we return to Italy, and I will certainly ask for Peter again. We took another trip earlier in the week to Pompeii with Appian Tours and it was horrible. How I wished we had used your tour company for Pompeii. I know for sure that your tour company has spoiled us to ever take a guided tour with a large group. This was our first experience with a private tour and we plan to go this route again. Thank you for making our family trip a memory for the children to talk about for years.

Jinny J.


Hello and good morning, and thank you for all your help with the guided tour! The Vatican was amazing. I am so glad I spent the money on this. Our guide was so kind and wonderful, she did a great job showing us as much as possible! Even with 3-4 hours there just is not enough time to see everything!

I would suggest you warn people taking the tour to have an extra camera battery and memory card with them, you take so many pictures! I actually went back to St. Peters after the tour, after going to back to hotel to get my 2nd camera battery, and spent a few more hours taking even more pictures cause I did not get everything I wanted the first time!

Thanks again for everything, I will definitely recommend your company's services to anyone who heads to Roma!!!!

Jim G.

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the email. My husband and I had a great time in Italy. We really enjoyed it. We loved the Private Guided Tour of the Vatican. We would not have done it any other way. Our tour guide, Roberto, was excellent. Absolutely excellent. Very friendly, knowledgable, and enjoyable. Really made it great. So it was perfect!!

One thing that we didn't expect (though it is really our fault - not yours). We didn't think we would have to stand in line in the morning. So my husband and I, being used to California winters, didn't bring our jackets - because we thought we would go just in. We were picked up from our hotel ( which was great) around 8:15, got to the Vatican at 8:25 and stood in line with the guide outside till 9. It was fine - again - it was dumb that we didn't bring our jackets - it was just unexpected - that's all.   But overall - really excellent.

Kate C.

Dear Jessica,

We had a wonderful day on our private tour.  It was one of our trips highlights.  We were surprised to be picked up by a Mercedes, early, no less, by a well dressed Allessio(?). So, first impressions do count. Roberto was a wealth of information, highly animated and a good story teller.  He was very professional and sensitive to our needs and maintaining our 'private' tour by not letting others join in.  We went many places and learned little details we would have never learned on our own.  His lunch recommendation was one of the best meals we had all week.

Thank You for your follow-up and concern. It was worth it.

Jill and Mike G.

Hi Jessica,

The trip to Italy was great.  The only downside to my trip was getting stuck in the Paris airport for an entire day on the way home due to weather and having the French lose my bags which I still don't have.

Our tour was fantastic.  I would definitely recommend your services to anyone I know who is going to travel to Italy.  Katherine was amazing and I hope you pay her well because she is worth keeping.  Her knowledge of the history and the art was more than we could have hoped for.  We were worried about doing this tour for just two people because it was pricey, but we came away with every pennies worth.   I am a huge art buff and the wonderful tidbits and stories she was able to tell us that go along with all the history was great.  She thoroughly knew museums and all they had to offer.   She even took extra time with us in the Vatican and let us cut our lunch short because we were so interested in all she had to tell us.  She then went out of her way to walk us over to eat and even helped us order since we don't speak the language.    The afternoon was great also.  She asked what things we wanted to see and made sure we saw all of them and also took us to see other important areas.  It's so hard to know what to pick and choose when you are only there for a couple of days as we were.  Her knowledge of the Coliseum and forum was particularly impressive.   One of our highlights was when she had the driver stop and the doorway of the monastery so we could look through the peephole at the view of the Capital.  What a fun surprise that I am sure very few people ever get to see!    You services as a whole were very efficient and your staff should all be commended.  From checking on us at our hotel to make sure we were in, to someone greeting us and explaining what would happen.  Both drivers we had were also very courteous and punctual and our cars were clean and spacious.  We loved that we were driven around and didn't have to walk so much in the cold and figure out how to get ourselves around in a new country on public transportation.  My only regret is that I didn't book your services for a tour of Florence and Venice as well, but I am planning on returning and will definitely use you again!

Christy H.

Hello Jessica,

We had a wonderful time in Italy and had a great private tour of the Vatican and the Vatican Museum.  Our guide, Luciana, was extremely knowledgeable about everything in the museum.  I am certain that we would have wasted alot of time had we walked through by ourselves.  We were surprised at how long the line was to get into the Vatican on the day we had our tour.  The only problem that we had was that the driver couldn't find Luciana in line for us. It took quite a few phone calls back and forth to find her.   Perhaps if she had some sort of identifying item (flag, umbrella, etc) he could have found her a bit more readily.  We certainly enjoyed our tour and have recommended to our friends that they should also do this when they visit Rome.

Emil & Susan M.

Dear Jessica:

Thank you for the assistance in getting the private tour and for helping to get Brenda as my tour guide. My wife and daughter had taken the tour a couple of years prior and Brenda had assisted them. They came home and raved about their experience and how impressed they were with Brenda, her knowledge and her warm personality. I can tell you, it was the same for me. Thank you again for your assistance.

My wife Ann and I were going to make this trip but sadly, shortly after she came back from her trip to Italy, she became will with cancer and we never made completed it. She passed away this past August and making the trip for me was a fulfillment of our dream. Ann was there in spirit and Brenda made the visit to the Vatican ever so complete.

As to the local treasures: Ciao Bella Restaurant on Via Veneto. Great place, great food, super good service. Via Veneto is one block long, can't miss the place. In the middle of the block, half a block from Via Barberini. Triton Fountain, Piazza Barberini, and Via Veneto connect.   What I also enjoyed about the trip was how easy it was to get around. But as everyone says, and I found out, be ready to walk. Have good walking shoes and plenty of time. Great food and great wines. Lastly, forget cell phones, forget computers and forget watches. The other stuff will be there when you get back. The people that really need to know where you're at and really need to contact you probably have the hotel phone number. Everyone else CAN REALLY WAIT! Take your time, don't rush yourself and enjoy the beauty of it all and if you're with someone, make it just for yourselves.

Till the next time with warmest regards, Arturo V.

Hi Jessica! 

Our tour guide, Theresa (Teresa?) was just fabulous!  She was friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, kind and very very helpful.  It was amazing how much she knew about everything...even things not covered in the main tour - we would ask her questions and she would know the answers in detail.  Our private tour of the Vatican was absolutely the way to go and see the major sites in the Vatican and we were very pleased!  I didn't expect that we would so easily get in quickly - ahead of the lines of the general populace - that was really well orchestrated!

Thank you for a great service and please give Theresa a raise!  :)   It is because of her that I will recommend your company to any of my friends or acquaintances who might want to do a similar tour within Italy.

Warm regards!
Chris J.

Dear Jessica

Just a note to say we had a great time in Italy especially our private tour of the Vatican. This was organised as a birthday present for my wife and we were not disappointed. The car was on time and the transfer to our guide went without a hitch. Catherine or Katrina our guide was brilliant.

Extremely knowledgeable, she made the tour a success because without her I fear we would have missed a great deal. Please pass on our thanks to Katrina and on behalf of my wife and I thank you for your service, it did make our visit a great success.


Keith T.

Dear Jessica,

The tour of the Vatican was definitely the highlight of our visit to Italy this time and we could not have wished for a better guide. She pitched the level of information she gave us to perfection. The three hours just flashed by and we have told all our friends that if the ever want to visit the Vatican they should use your organisation. 

We are off to Venice on the Orient Express next Thursday, returning the same way a week later, so 2005 has certainly been our year for visiting some of the major cities in Italy.

Thank you once again for providing such a memorable tour of the Vatican.

Kindest regards and best wishes,

Brian P.

Dear Julie,

Theresa was wonderful. She was a fountain of knowledge and very insightful. Couldn't have had a better guide for the day. Wow.

Thank you,
Drew P.

Dear Kristin,

We had a marvelous tour of the Vatican.  Our guide, Katherine, was superb! She was pleasant and on time.  But more than that, she was able to both give us the important details and history and a little art appreciation, while not going overboard and boring those of the group less ... academic.  She was sensitive to our group (once noticing that one of us was about to faint with heat) and had a wonderful sense of humor.  I believe she tailored her tour to us, taking us out of order in the museum so that we could see what she thought was important but also what we would like.  And she had an excellent rapport with the museum staff.  She clicked so well with the group that we took her out to dinner the next night just for fun.  I would enthusiastically recommend her anytime to anyone.

We also used your services for a tour of the Uffizi and Accademia in Florence.  Unfortunately, this was not as nice.  Perhaps there was some suffering by comparison (Katherine had set the bar pretty high) but Simona was not good for us.  Though prompt, pleasant, and we got in efficiently, she had some difficulty with English and went on for too long in fairly obtuse art history lecture style.  She was not able to read our group well
and lost us when she spent the first half hour in the hallway of the Uffizi speaking on the history of the building and the portraits lining the walls. It would have been better to stand in front of the art and use her time more to let us look at what is arguably the finest collection of paintings in Italy.  I guess you win some and lose some.

Overall, though, I would recommend your service to others.  The web site was efficient, the email worked as did the ticket reservations, and everything was smooth in logistical terms.  I know personality is hard to control for but Katherine has a knack of reading her clients and altering her tour to fit what they are interested in.  Be sure to pass on our thanks to her.

Wayne C. S.

Dear Kirill,

Our tour package of the Vatican was excellent.  The driver picked us up at our hotel right on time, and our tour guide (Catherine) was outstanding. 

There is so much to see in the Vatican museums that we would have been lost without her.  We also learned a great deal from her, as she showed and told us the history behind the most important pieces in the museums.  She expertly guided us through the enormous crowds, gave us plenty of time to look around in the Sistine Chapel, and gave us a few options at the end of the tour -- we opted to stay in St. Peters and take some more pictures.

Thank you very much for a first-rate experience, and please send our best to Catherine.

Matthew S.


Our trip to Italy was great as always.  We got off to a fantastic start in Rome with your Vatican tour.  Our guide Theresa was terrific.  Her knowledge, particularly of the art history was amazing.  Our group of ten were impressed and pleased with her guidance.
Many thanks,
John S.

Dear Jessica Scheible,

I finally heard from everyone on the tour.

The Vatican Tour received very high marks especially Sara.  Sara was delightful and quite knowledgeable.  Without her, our tour would have been an aimless blur of statues, paintings and rooms.  She was also very patient when half our group decided they had to go back and purchase rosaries at the end of the tour.

The only criticism everyone had was it was occasionally difficult to hear Sara over the background noise.  They felt that they missed about a third of the tour.  They suggested the use of the ear sets that were used for the tour of St. Peter's as a possible remedy.

Thank you for a delightful and informative morning at the Vatican.

Mike B.

Greetings all:

Kudoes to you.  I don't know how you did it, but the guide that Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fishman had for their Vatican tour was Jewish.  Needless to say, they had an incredible experience.  You folks are wonderful.  Can I ask for the same guide when I make future reservations for Jewish clients?

Best wishes to all for a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year, as appropriate.

My best to all,
Doreen L.


Yes, we enjoyed our trip to Italy very much.  Apart from one small glitch with a late pick-up from the Hotel (arrived at 2.20 pm), the Vatican tour was excellent and Emmy gave a very good and enthusiastic overview.

Richard M.

Dear Jessica,

We had a great tour of the Vatican, we especially liked our tour guide. She is great, so knowledgeable and sweet. She is young from Boston. I think her name is Amy. Tell her Dawn and Rob thought she did a really good job and made it fun and interesting.

Thank you,
Dawn K.


Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable. We only wished we had more time. We were rushed towards the end since we had to get back to the hotel to pick up luggage to head to the train station. There is so much to see at the Vatican. St. Peter's was marvelous and I would love to go back there for a service.

When we visit Italy again we will definitely use your services for our trip.

Brittany S.

Dear Julie,

Sorry for the delay with our feedback on the Vatican Tour we took August 18th. It was fantastic!!!

We had the perfect guide: Amy Grasso.  She is young, hip, highly articulate and English speaking, which really helped engage our 2 children, ages 13 & 15.  They could relate to her and she knew exactly what to show us that would be of most interest to them.  She also made it very interesting for us adults who'd been there before (though not for 16 years!), and are quite educated already about history and art history.  She is just a fabulous guide and I highly recommend her to anyone, but especially to families touring with teens.

Janet H.

Dear Kirill,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Rome was one of the favorite places we visited on our trip due largely to our favorite tour guide, Luciana!! Luciana was really nice and she gave us a lot of interesting facts about Rome. We really enjoyed our Full-Day Tour of Rome with the Vatican and we also enjoyed our Kid Friendly Tour as well. It was nice to have an air- conditioned van and basically have it all to ourselves. I realize that there wasn't much time to see everything, but I would have liked to see more. I guess we'll have to go back some day and see the rest!! Thanks again for the enjoyable tours and I was sure glad to find "In Italy" online because it offered the best tours of all the tour companies we researched!! The whole family liked Rome and thought it was one of their favorite places on our trip!!

Katrina, Bruce, Kaleena, Matthew, Kirsten, Katelyn, Kathryn and Mikayla M.

Hello Jessica,

We had a wonderful time on our 14 day trip to Italy. We did purchase the full day Rome tour through your agency. It turned out to be a private tour for the 4 of us, which was a pleasant surprise. We had our driver Fabio, with a very comfortable vehicle, and Roberto as our tour guide. Roberto was great!! The man is a walking encyclopedia of Italian history. He was very pleasant, very knowledgeable, loved to answer the many questions we asked, and willing to make stops, or concentrate on areas of the tour we had the most interest in. We hated to see 5:00 come around, as our tour had to end. While the cost of this tour was not inexpensive, the sights we experienced were made so much more memorable with Roberto's explanations of what we were seeing.

We hope to visit Italy again and again in the years to come. We would use your service again and would recommend you to others. Thank you for creating a special day for us in Rome!!!

Joyce and family


I wanted to comment on the private tour in Rome that we booked through your site. This was a full day tour with the Catacombs and Via Appia in the morning and the Vatican and St Peters in the afternoon. This tour was excellent - actually beyond excellent. It was one of the best points of an overall fantastic Italian vacation. Peter, our tour guide was very knowledgeable and made all of the things we saw even more interesting with the background perspective and information he provided. He was very good at engaging our two daughters (ages 11 and 17) and making sure to present information in a way that would hold their interest and keep them curious. At the end of our trip we asked the girls what their favorite part was and they both said the tour in Rome was near the top of the list. My wife and I agreed. Two of the best items on the tour - the San Clemente church and the most famous keyhole in Italy were things I was not even anticipating as highlights. I had some reservations about booking this tour because of the cost but it was well worth the money!

The only negative was the area we stopped for lunch. This was near the Vatican and extremely touristy with the unfortunate element that can attract. My wife's purse was stolen from between her feet while we were seated at a cafe and from the reaction of the restaurant staff I don't think they were the least surprised. Fortunately, since we had anticipated the possibility, other than a small amount of cash there was nothing of value in the purse but it obviously could have been much worse. This was not a negative reflection on the tour (in fact it was so good that even with having her purse stolen in the middle of the day my wife still loved the tour) but they might want to pick a different mid day rest point.

Overall I found your website of immense help in planning our trip and if I had come across it earlier in my planning process I would have used it to book all of our arrangements and avoided some of the minor snags we ran into with the parts of the trip we set up using other resources.

Steve P.

Dear Jessica,

Our trip to Italy was wonderful, and we enjoyed our Full-Day Rome and Vatican tour very much. Our guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and adapted easily to our varied interests. I would recommend this adventure to any group whose itinerary necessitates "seeing Rome in two days". Our only regret was her choice for lunch, a restaurant across the street from the Vatican. It was crowded and ordinary. Thank you for once again helping us organize a memorable event in our second journey to Italy.

Jennifer S.

Hi Jessica,

The shore excursion arranged for Rome by yourselves was brilliant. I must say we were a little anxious as to whether there would be anyone shoreside to meet us but our fears were quickly swept aside when upon leaving the Silver Shadow there was a driver holding a sign with our name on. Theresa our guide was 100%. Apart from the main attractions of St Peters, Sistine Chapel and the Coliseum, Theresa showed us a few hidden treasures that only a local would know. The restaurant recommended for lunch was so typically local and fabulous food. It certainly was a highlight of our 3 week trip.
Again thanks go to you for making our day in Rome so memorable.
Catherine W.

Dear Jessica:

I wanted to send a brief note of thanks to you for the tour. Specifically, our tour guide, Catherine, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in navigating through the Vatican and Ancient Rome. Moreover, she offered insights which made our trip much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Michael S.

Dear Kirill,

We had a great time in Rome and our tour with Katrina was excellent. We are still talking about everything we saw. One thing seems to stick. We spent an hour at the St. Clemente church and were just amazed at the three levels of churches on the one site. This was the first time we had a private tour on a vacation and now I would not go to a European city without lining up a tour ahead of time. I am now realizing how much I missed on other trips where we thought that we could see everything on our own.

BIG TRAVEL TIP---We got caught in the Venice air traffic control strike on the 28th. We had a United/Luftansa E-ticket issued by United. Even though the two airlines are Star Alliance Partners, Luftansa did not have access to United's ticket system and could not print a ticket for us to get from Frankfurt to the US. We missed out on flights from Venice because of our e-ticket problems. Five different airline personnel said that when flying overseas and using multiple carriers, use a printed ticket, not an e-ticket.

William R.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for the follow up and interest. The tour and the guide were magnificent....It was exactly as planned and hoped. The guide (Therese) was well versed in the history and culture; the pick up and drop off at the hotel were perfect (even though we had 8 people) ....the only way to go!!!!!

Thanks again!!!
bill b.

Dear Jessica,

Our tour of the Vatican was great! Our tour guide, Teresa, was marvelous. It was too crowded, way too many people there, but that was not her fault. We loved the tour and learned so much. She was very informative and pleasant to spend the day with. I look forward to lining up a tour with your company the next time we travel!

Maxine G.

Dear Jessica,

We so enjoyed our day with your guide, Teresa! She made art and history come alive for my family! She was very accommodating to my mother in law who needed a wheelchair to get around in the Vatican and she really included my children ages 6, 9, and 11 into her discussions making the experience a very positive one for us as a whole.

I've already had the opportunity to recommend your company to a friend of mine and did so with confidence. We will use your services again! Thank you and take care,

Nikki S. and family

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on our In Italy tour(s) in Rome. Booking a tour on line is a risk, but this time, with In Italy, the risk was definitely rewarded! Our guide, Teresa, made our Vatican visit extraordinary! In fact, she was so great that we booked her for the next day, and had an equally fascinating time. Teresa made both Rome & the Vatican City come alive for us. She was interesting, incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and just as important: fun! We could not have asked for anyone better. I will definitely recommend In Italy Online to friends and family, and tell them to ask for Teresa!

Thanks again
Diane & Courtney B.

Hi Jessica -

Thanks so much. Our trip was amazing and packed full of goodness.

The tour of the Vatican was quite nice. We hadn't expected the hand-offs between the drivers and the coordinator and the tour guide, but it was professional and quick. Our tour guide was very kind and knowledgeable and led us well through the various highlights of the museum with some very good insight that we would have otherwise not have learned only from our guide books.

We appreciate all your help in making the arrangements, and will certainly keep your number for our next trip to Italy.

Thanks so much!
Paul B. P.

Dear Kirill,

Thanks, we had a great tour by Amy from Boston. I know we could not have seen and learned in the short amount of time on our own what we received from her. Looking forward to future visits,

Sheryl W.

Good Morning, Jessica,

I am Tim's 'other half', Amy. I am the one who had found your website, In Intaly, as we were gearing up for our trip to Italy. Tim, and I, and our best friends, Diane and Larry all traveled to Italy on this trip. It was to celebrate my birthday and Tim's -- we are ten days apart. I reviewed the tour options your company offered for Rome and chose the Full-Day Tour. We were taken to the Vatican Museum first and met up with young Teresa on May 7.

Let me tell you that Teresa is a total asset to your guide program. She is passionate and caring about her work and as a result we received a wealth of information from her. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone who wanted an in depth look at Italy's marvelous history. It was a great choice and I will contact you again when we get ready to head back to Italia!!!

Amy M. and Tim C.


Our tour guide, Peter, was absolutely incredible! He kept us on track without making us feel rushed. His knowledge of Vatican City was amazing. He was entertaining and interesting. I will recommend your group to anyone that is going over there. It really saved us a lot of time and provided us with history that we would not have otherwise had.

Thanks so much. We thoroughly enjoyed it!
Valarie J. A.

Hello Jessica,

We had a great Italian vacation celebrating our 25th anniversary, and all of our reservations thru Initaly went very smoothly.

Upon arrival in Rome we were met promptly at the baggage claim exit by the shuttle service who had our name on a sign and we were taken directly to the van for our ride to the Ludovisi Palace Hotel. The van was older and not as nice as the picture on your website, but it did save a lot of time by not having to locate a taxi big enough to accommodate 4 people with luggage or other shuttle service after a long flight.

Our private tour of the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's Basilica was pricey but I believe worth the expense. We were picked up promptly at our hotel and met our guide, Ryan, at the entrance to the Vatican Museum. Ryan was very engaging, especially with our kids, 17 and 13, providing the historical context of much of the artwork which made the tour much more interesting and meaningful.

Bill & Linda

Dear Julie,

The Vatican tour was truly the highlight of our trip. Amy was phenomenal. We wished we had made arrangements for her to accompany us to the Borghese. The valet service to and from the hotel was also great. I can assure you that we will use your services even more on our next trip.

Matt and Angela R.

Dear Kristin,

We had an exceptionally great day with Teresa on May 23. She took great care of us and we learned so much from her. She made the history of the Vatican and ancient Rome come alive for us and helped us deal easily with crowds and lines. We would have been frustrated on our own and lost a lot of time sorting out where to go and how to get there.

I would recommend Teresa and your company to anyone traveling to Italy. I told my travel agent about our experience and she is passing on information to other agents she works with and will tell her clients about

Thank you for a great day in Rome. Wish we could have been able to afford to use your guides on other days and in other cities, but glad we decided to spend the money and use your company while in Rome.

Barb and Woody S.

Dear Jessica,

We had a wonderful experience with our guide (Lucia?) who enriched our Vatican experience beyond our expectations. Firstly we would urge all of your customers to take your advice & plan their visit in the afternoon. Unfortunately for us we could only go in the morning and on a Saturday no less. However because of the knowledge of our guide she had secured a place on line before our arrival and this enabled us to enter rather quickly upon the museum opening. Of course everyone equates the Vatican with The Sistene Chapel & St Peters Basilica, but there is so much more & Lucia made sure we not only saw a tremendous amount of artwork & artifacts, but that we knew & understood what we were viewing. We can only imagine the number of people that walk by a magnificent mosaic floor and maybe comment on its beauty never realizing that it once was walked across by Livia & Augustus Caesar. Since we were all extremely interested in ancient Rome, this portion of the tour was unexpected & thrilling. Of course the frescos of DaVinci & Raffael and Michaelangelo were enhanced by getting all the background information provided by our guide. I advise anyone who is going to take the time to see the Vatican Museum to do so with a guide and to have your own personal guide makes the experience all the more satisfying because you are engaged with your guide in a one on one relationship. For the six of us who went on this tour we will be talking about it for years to come, it definitely was worth the cost.
Richard & Ellen D.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for the welcome home email. We had a wonderful time in Italy. Both our day trips were fabulous. Our Ancient Rome and Vatican trip was so informative and we loved our driver Mario and our guide Peter. We moved at a wonderful pace and felt very relaxed and not rushed. We really had alot of fun and learned so much from Peter. Everything went like clockwork. I was a little nervous at first booking tours over the internet, but I highly recommend your company to anyone who is planning a trip to Italy. I know that I will definitely use your company when we plan our next trip to Italy. Thank you so much for making our vacation a wonderful, exciting trip!

Karen G.


This was my favorite tour while visiting Italy. It was so professional and organized. I loved that we were picked up promptly at our hotel, someone met us when our group arrived at the Vatican and walked us over to our guide and introduced us because our guide had been in line since 7:00 am so that we were able to go in quickly for our tour. Teresa did things no other guide did on their tour - for instance, when all the groups went out in the courtyard to begin, she took us to the globe in the center and walked with the globe so that it moved, instead of simply taking us to "posters" to explain the Vatican. We realized we had forgotten our papers to pick up our tickets for our Papal Audience on the next day and Teresa simply went to a Swiss guard and asked for six passes for our group to attend the next day. It was a great tour because we had a wonderful guide!

Paige L.

Dear Kristin,

The tour guide was exceptional; well informed and interesting. More time would have been welcomed; there is just too much to see and absorb, even with the many closed areas of the museum. The drivers were on time. Everything went smoothly. Thank you.

Paul B.

Dear Jessica,

Pluses: skipping ahead in the lines, which were especially long to get into the Basilica.

And I'm sorry to say that was about it. We were very disappointed in the amount of time we got to spend in the Sistine Chapel (15 minutes!) and in the way the Basilica's feature's were glossed over. For example, we never got closer than 50 feet to the Pieta. We felt that the presentation dwelled on things any reasonably prepared visitor would already know, and it seemed there was little room for flexibility in the guide's schedule for us.

Our guide was courteous and friendly, but in three hours we were hoping to spend much more time with the great art works and to have them explained in more detail.

Frank L.

Hi Jessica,

We had a wonderful time in Italy. It was a delightful surprise to be picked up at our apartment by a driver with an air-conditioned Mercedes. I had expected to walk with our guide to the Vatican. As the temperature in Rome was in the 90s, the ride was most welcome.
I was actually mildly disappointed in our Vatican guide, Fabrizio. He seemed rather disengaged, and he led us to only the top works in the Vatican Museums. By the time we got to St. Peter's Basilica, he seemed to have given up on showing us much. I had to question him about art works other than the Pieta and the statue of St. Peter. In reading about St. Peter's and the museums later in Rick Steves' guide, I realized we hadn't had several semi-important things pointed out to us.

Unexpected delights in Rome included the cat sanctuary in the ruins of three ancient temples by the Largo Argentina; the Capuchin Crypts were a macabre and most unusual experience; and the Piazza Navona was our favorite evening hangout. We also loved the many little bars/cafes where an excellent cappucino cost 85 Euro cents. Standing there at the counter sipping my morning coffee, watching all the Italians who had stopped by for an espresso on their way to work, I felt very much at home among them.

Barbara G.


Thanks, we were very happy. A friend of mine had strongly advised taking the private Vatican tour and gave us the 'initaly' web address. It was excellent advice - especially when we saw loads of bus tours trooping to the far end of a very long line. Everything was just as we expected: prompt, reliable service with a knowledgeable guide. Booking other galleries and museums on the web site was also easy and gave us speedy entrance. We saw folks who had not done this - instead they lined for hours in Florence and some never did get in. Using guides is good value for the money. Our trip to Italy was the holiday of a lifetime.

Thanks again Jessica for your help making our holiday a wonderful experience.

Nick S.

Dear Jessica,

We're back now from our European trip, and want you to know that the two trips we took with your help were outstanding! We toured the Vatican with Abby, a lovely young woman from Boston (but you'd never guess she wasn't Italian) and could not have enjoyed it more! She was well-informed, wonderful with our two grandsons, fun, communicative, and thoroughly charming. I'm sure the boys will remember the history lesson she was able to cheerfully impart, and so will we.

Many thanks for all your good help and attention during our planning stage, and best wishes for the future,

Nancy R.

Dear Jessica:

The tour you booked for us was a marvel! There were several surprises (your tour made them pleasant ones.) was very nice to have your driver pick us up at the hotel, hand us off to our guide, and later drop us off right at the Borghese Galleria, since Tuesday May 3 was the day of both tours! The traffic and lines were daunting to newcomers in Rome.

Second, we were astonished at the size of the crowds. Without your guides, I fear we would have waited half a day in the wrong line only to have to start over.

Third, we found our guide Theresa to be congenial and knowledgeable. She provided a marvelous introduction in the courtyard, using here own book of Vatican Treasures to explain key elements of our tour and the art. She had an intuitive sense of what was important, and got us to it, and what we wished to see and got us to that as well.

All in all we count it a great success, especially to have seen the Sistine Chapel (which had been closed so recently for the Conclave, and the Pieta.
Thanks for asking,
Walter W.

Dear Kristin,

The best part of our trip was the time we spent in Rome with In Italy Online. The guides were great and very knowledgeable. The driver was also very informative and just wonderful.

Thank you for making our full day in Rome a fantastic day.

Thank you,
Barbara I.


You are the best. The Vatican Tour was first class. Teresa, our guide, was fantastic. Our tour was so fabulous that we arranged for another tour of the Appian Way and the Catacombs with In Italy.

I think everything we saw of Rome was beyond belief. No books or videos come close to the experience of seeing your wonderful city first hand. The Vatican Tour was certainly the highlight of the trip.

The tour of the Catacombs was also an exceptional experience. Our guide was knowledgeable about Italian history and modern Rome.

I cannot wait to go back to Italy and arrange for more tours with your exceptional staff.

Thank one and all for making our dreams come true and our hearts and minds stimulated.


Hi Jessica

I want to thank you for all of your help prior to our leaving on the trip. River Palace Hotel was much more than we expected, and the staff was so helpful. To our surprise they've now opened their restaurant for lunch and dinner, which was appreciated as the weather was a bit rainy and cold for us in the evening.

One thing I did want to mention was our guide to the Vatican, Peter. He was so helpful. My husband was having difficulties walking and so was not going to go on our tour. Peter informed us that the Vatican has wheelchairs on premises to use....we loaded up in the car and had a wonderful tour of the Vatican, with either Peter or myself pushing the wheelchair. I could not thank him enough for thinking to tell me before we left the hotel.

Thanks again for your help, I highly recommend In Italy to anyone wanting to
travel there.

Dena S.

Dear Julie,

The tour of the Vatican was so special. I will never forget it. I don't know how you arrange for your tour guides, but the one we had, Brenda whose last name I can't recall, was just wonderful. (I have her business card with an e-mail address somewhere and intend to write to her to thank her.) Besides the Vatican tour, I would have to say my favorite walks included the Passegiata Gianicolo between the Vatican and the Trastevere area and the Via Antica walk. We did these on our own and maybe that made them so special. I think the effect would be destroyed in a group bigger than two.

Carol W.


First of all, our guide Teresa (I think that is how you spell her name), was incredibly knowledgeable of the history and artistic nuances of Vatican City. She also has a wonderful personality very well-suited to providing personalized tours. I would heartily recommend visitors consider this type of private tour, as the sheer magnitude of the experience is really helped by a knowledgeable expert who can focus your visit to optimize the wonder of it all!

Understandably, a 3-hour tour of Vatican City and St. Peter's is about 1000 hours too short - given the incredible treasure of religious and secular artifacts and sheer volume of historic importance. The one thing I wished we had known before we exited the basilica to have Teresa explain St. Peter's square to us - is that we would have to get back into a long line if we wanted to spend more time inside. Had we known that ahead of time, we would not have exited, as we wanted to spend much more time on our own inside. It would be helpful to let tour participants know that ahead of time. Teresa might have told us that, but we were so overwhelmed that I did not realize it until we were already outside. Hopefully, I will return to Rome and have a chance to spend much more time the next time.

Lorene O.

Dear Julie,

We had a great trip to Italy visiting both Rome and Milan.

The tour we arranged through you went well. Peter, our guide was extremely knowledgeable. He was quite willing to take us wherever we wanted to go in the afternoon portion of our tour.

One place that we did go to the day before our tour was Villa Borghese. Even though neither of us have ever been "into" art we really enjoyed it and would recommend a visit there to anyone going to Rome.

Thanks for your interest in our trip.

Mary T.

Dear Kirill,

We had a fabulous time in Italy. Our trip to Rome was filled with art and history and all the romance Italy has to offer.

Our Vatican tour was great. We were picked up on time by Anna and taken by taxi to the Vatican. Peter was waiting in line for us. We took his place in line and waited until the doors opened. He met us back in line with our tickets which was convenient on our part. When we got in, we just followed Peter like two lost puppies and we had great conversation along the way. Once we got into the courtyard we had our own private history lesson with Peter as he told stories, some we had heard before, some we hadn't, which was so enlightening. Peter answered ALL our questions and it was so great to have someone with his experience and background. He took us through the museum, into the Sistine Chapel and onto St. Peter's. Everything was overwhelming. We did feel that the tour went by too quickly and we wished we had a little more time to stop and stare and stroll, but Peter DID show us everything important that we might have missed had we been on our own. And we would have never got the meaning of each painting, sculpture or tapestry out of it that we got out of Peter. The pieces became so much more meaningful to us to hear how they were made, where they came from, and what the represented. St. Peter's church was immaculate and we also felt that we would have liked more time to stand and look up in amazement. We did not go down below to see the tombs either. Regardless, having the escort, the transportation, the convenience of having Peter know what lines NOT to stand in, and the art/history lesson was WELL worth it. We have already recommended the personal tour to two friends we know are planning trips to Italy.

Our driver, David (I believe that was his name), was about our age and spoke very good English. He was so great. Anna met us after the tour and brought us to David. She had asked us what we had planned for the rest of the day and we did not want to go back to our hotel room, so they said that David would take us anywhere we wanted. We had not yet been to Travestere so he dropped us off at the top of the hill and told us where the best views were and where to walk to get a feel for the area. It was perfect. We hope to return to Rome someday.

So many thanks to In Italy Online for all the information that was posted. All the information and tips helped us tremendously when we visited Capri and with all the public transportation.

Laura S.


I was looking back to our trip this past summer and realized that I had not responded to your message.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to Italy. I am glad that we decided to include a visit to the Vatican with a private guide. The Vatican is certainly a "must-see" location. But, without the guide, it would have been overwhelming for our family. I could have spent two days viewing things in the Vatican collection, but my young children would not enjoy that as much as I would. So, the three-hour private tour was just right for us. As for suggestions and things I didn't expect: I would suggest that families with kids consider the private tour. Our guide was very good about sharing museum information in a way that was appealing to both the adults and children.

It would be nice if you offered a notice to those interested in tours on Monday...the Vatican is crowded on Monday, because the other museums are closed. We would have preferred to not tour on Monday (had we known).

I have already recommended your service to friends who plan to travel to Italy. I expect they will enjoy it as much as we did!

Heath O.

Dear Kirill,

Thank you so much for helping make our stay in Rome a memorable one. The tour was fantastic and our guide outstanding. There is no way we could have seen so much in such a short stay without her assistance. We will definitely recommend your service to our friends and when we return to Italy in 2006 will surely contact you.

Sharon G.

Dear Jessica,

We very much enjoyed our tour at the Vatican with Teresa. She was prompt and a lot of fun to be with. She had a freshness about her when giving her talks that was impressive once we were told she gives a couple of tours a day! It was also wonderful to be picked up and delivered back to our hotel. We will recommend Teresa and your company to our friends.

Thank you.
Mrs. Scott J.

Dear Julie:

We totally enjoyed our most recent tour of the Vatican. I was very happy that I had booked the tour with your company before we left for Italy. Everything that was represented in the description was accurate. Our guide - Theresa, from Buffalo - was delightful. Her love of the Vatican was evident in her explanations. We took your recommendation of taking the Thursday afternoon, Sept. 30th tour. Thanks for providing an excellent service that is well worth the price!!

Barbara W.


We had a wonderful time. The Vatican tour went off without a hitch. Johnny was informative and very accommodating. We were picked up at the hotel right on time and given undivided attention. The one thing I would recommend to all who are physically able is to go to the top of the Copula (hopefully my spelling is correct). The journey to the top plus the magnificent view is well worth the experience.

We would recommend your services to anyone.

Best regards,
Arthur B.

Dear Kirill,

Our tour was outstanding. Our guide was exceptional. she was so knowledgeable and could answer any questions we had.. even the Angels and Demon type! I would recommend as a must to anyone going to Rome.

Mary J.

Dear Julie,

Our tour of the Vatican was the highlight of our stay in Rome. Our guide Johnny was extremely knowledgeable and was a pleasure to tour with. I can't begin to say enough good things. I will highly recommend your tour service to others.

Mr & Mrs Vincent I.

Dear Jessica:

Our trip to Italy was fabulous. However, our guided tour through the Vatican with your tour guide Gianni was really one of the highlights for us! His tour was the perfect blend of the best and most interesting sights to see, along with very insightful commentary. Gianni's academic background on the subject was evident, yet we never felt we were being lectured to. Instead, we felt that Gianni had truly shown and taught us about the "highlights" of the Vatican.

In addition, we have to complement your company on the very professional manner in which our tour was conducted. The car and driver were at our hotel right on time to pick us up and the driver was very courteous and friendly. We were delivered promptly to Gianni, who already had a place in line for us. The return ride to our hotel was equally as expedient.

All in all, it was well worth every penny we spent for your tour. We would highly recommend to anyone traveling to Rome, and wishing for someone to guide them through the Vatican, to use your company!

Lynn and Scott L.

Dear Kirill,

Our tour of the Vatican was definitely the highlight of our trip to Rome. We felt it was done in such a warm, but professional way and it was truly a learning & inspiring experience. Everyone involved did a great job and we just can't say enough about our guide, Brenda, who is absolutely the BEST! Brenda is very special and we are very happy we had her for our guide. We did have a fabulous time in Italy, thank you for asking.

Mary & Jerry L.

Dear Julie,

Thank you. The guide was good and full of facts. Some of us thought he didn't give information that was interesting to us or some of the main facts like kissing St. Peter's foot to heal, but learned we overheard these from other guides. Kind of dry at times.

Dr. G.

Dear Julie,

Hello from Las Vegas: We have arrived back state-side and very much enjoyed our time in Italy. We spent another week after Italy in Spain.

I have to admit that after we realized what it actually cost ($10-15.00) to get into the Vatican, we were afraid we had been taken advantage of with the price we paid for our private tour. Well, about half way through the Vatican, we both very much realized we had made the right decision. It was worth every dollar we paid for our tour. Our tour guide was Martha. She did a great job; spoke very good english, and represented your company very well. Martha gave us as much time as we wanted or needed to see exactly what we wanted. As you know, the Vatican is an "awesome" thing to see. One can never know what it really looks like without going through it.

I would highly recommend your company, and especially Martha for a private tour. When I come back to Rome, we will want to do it again, to see all the little things one cannot possibly see in one tour. Thank you for taking such good care of us. We appreciate your professionalism and attention to your client.

Thank You Again
Bob & Cookie P.

Dear Kirill,

Just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Our guide John was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions.

Helen Y.

Dear Julie,

The morning tour of the vatican and st peters with teresa was excellent - she had a wonderful personality. Did a great job at weeding out and not overwhelming us with information. we could not have asked for a better tour guide.

the afternoon tour, 2000 years of Rome, with Stefano was also very good. unfortunately it was raining that afternoon -- and actually began raining pretty hard -- so that made for a difficult tour. but stefano was very knowledgeable, personable, and gave a very good tour.

we will definitely look into your services again in the future. Thanks.

Caroline W.


I am hoping that you will be able to pass on our thanks and graditude to Brenda for a truly remarkable experience during our private tour of the Vatican on August 3, 2004. Brenda's love of art and her attention to the finest of details relating to the items in the museum and in St. Peter's were amazing. She created an infectious enthusiasm and all 4 of our party were quickly under her spell as she educated us on artists, sculpture, architecture, and history. What a delight it was to be in her presence! Her love and depth of understanding for her subject manner was quickly apparent.

The tour was a gift to our 2 travelling companions that accompanied my husband and I to Rome. They were so thrilled with the expertise with which Brenda accomplished her task. We all agreed that the time with Brenda was our best experience of the trip to Italy!

I bought a beautiful gold charm bracelet from the Vatican Museum gift shop, like the one Brenda wore, and each time that I wear it I am reminded once again of our magical tour of a most lovely place under the guidance of charming and knowledgeable Brenda. I will highly recommend your service to others as it was recommended to me. The money was well spent and worth every fact and " curiosity " Brenda shared with us!

Many thanks for a fabulous service and for having talented and exceptional guides like Brenda. I cannot wait to return to Rome and The Vatican!

Janis S.


The tour of the Vatican was great. Our guide was very well versed and did a great job of building up to the visit of the Sistine Chapel. The only thing I would have liked is a longer tour which would have included more time in St. Peter's itself.


Dear Kirill,

We did have a marvelous trip, and our tour of the Vatican was one of the highlights. The guide from your company was superb. We found him entertaining and very informative. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon.

Bruce P.

Dear Kristin,

Our tour of the Vatican was absolutely spectacular. Our guide, Brenda, provided us with a wealth of knowledge on many of the Vatican's treasures and taught my family and me a years worth of Art History in 3+ hours. I would heartily recommend your tour, and Brenda in particular, to anyone who asks.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

Ken W.

Dear Jessica,

Our party really enjoyed our tour of the Vatican museums with our tour guide Brenda. She pointed out those aspects of style, attribution, etc. that are the subject of current scholarly debate and gave us a good background on the important objects. Although we had thought when we engaged the tour that 3 hours would be enough we found that we would have liked it to be even a little longer! It was a great way to start off our trip to Italy.

Constance L.

Dear Kirill,

The tour of the Vatican was wonderful. Marta was a wealth of information. She told me many things that I found very interesting and would have never known if not for her. We were only in Rome for a day, so I don't have any hidden treasures to reveal about Rome...but I might about the rest of Italy where we traveled....I will think about it and write back. Thanks again...I will recommend you to my friends.

Melinda W.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for your email welcoming us back home to New York. We had the most wonderful time visiting Italy and Sicily. The absolute highlight of our visit was our tour of the Vatican and St Peter's Basilica. I believe this was due in large part to the most wonderful tour guide that we have ever experienced. Brenda provided a visit of the Vatican that was informative and exciting. She passed on her passion for the art and history of this magnificent place, and my family and I experienced a most moving visit. She, of course, credited Prof Bruschini with this vast understanding that she had, but she deserves enormous credit. Please thank her for us.

Margaret A.

Hi Jessica,

Teresa was a wonderful tour guide. We all just loved her presentation. She has the gift of illuminating a subject with humor. It was the highlight of our 3 weeks in Italy. We will never forget it. Also we will recommend your tours to anyone traveling to the Vatican.

Best wishes,
Capt. Nick G.

Dear Kirill,

I have only one complaint which has nothing to do with your staff. When we went to Rome to see the Vatican myself and another companion was refused entrance because of clothing. I was wearing a long skirt and long top but sleeveless. I realize there are restrictions when entering a place of worship but when people travel all over the world to see something so wonderful the least that should be provided is an opportunity to purchase a scarf or in other churches paper covers were offered. Please advise your readers not to be caught in this unfortunate circumstance. I was shocked at the Vatican and I intend to write a letter to the archbishop here in Los Angeles.

Loretta W.

Dear Jessica,

We really enjoyed out tour of the Vatican. The driver appeared exactly at 2pm at our apt and drove us over. Then Katherine met us. She was delightful. We have 4 children and she was a terrific guide for them. She took us through the museum concentrating on the highlights weaving what we would see in the Sistine Chapel. She was terrific. I wished we had had a guide at the Uffizi.

We really enjoyed Rome. Please tell your readers not to miss the Borghese Museum. You need a reservation and it is such a rewarding experience.


Dear Julie,

We had a most pleasurable experience with our Vatican guide, Teresa. She was most knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We visited the Vatican a number of years ago and sensed had we had a guide we would have a better understanding of the treasures the Vatican holds. We were right. Though we enjoyed our first novice experience we got so much more with Teresa guiding us. We loved that fact that we were picked up from and delivered back to our hotel. It eased the logistical problems that we would have certainly encountered. We will certainly pass the information about your tour to our friends.

Dana and Jim R.

Jessica and,

All went very well, the guide, Brenda, was well informed, generous with her time and very pleasant to be with. The children learned much and Brenda was well prepared with her notes, books and personal photos to assist in explanations. She was very excited about her "job" although I believe this was not a job yet a love of hers. We are very satisfied with Brenda's teachings. The driver, Roberto, was a fine young man who takes his duties seriously. He was punctual, came right up to our door, offered assistance for my son on crutches, offered us water afterwards as it was hot, and even apologized for the traffic, even though it was no fault of his! On the return he was again punctual and helpful. We enjoyed his services and recommend him highly as well as Brenda. Thank you and PLS feel comfortable using me as a reference for prospective clients.

Ed C.

Jessica -

It was nice hearing from you in regard to our recent trip to Italy. We were very pleased with almost all aspects of our trip. Our air carrier, our hotel accommodations, our excursions were all above and beyond what we might have anticipated. Having visited Rome, Florence, Siena, Venice and Milan in such an abbreviated time, it would be difficult to select one experience which was greater than any other. However, I feel safe in mentioning that our Vatican Tour as most assuredly the highlight of our entire visit. I suppose it was our good fortune that you selected for us our guide, Roberto. He could not have been more to our liking had we selected him ourselves. He was very knowledgeable and interesting in his presentation and his explanations concerning the collection and the history of the Vatican. He was also extremely helpful in attempting to assist me with the unfortunate loss of my camera following the tour. He took a considerable amount of his own time and effort in an attempt to retrieve the item. Thank you again for the quality of your services.... and for Roberto. We will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who may be traveling to Italy.

Again, thank you and continued success in your business venture.
Michael H.

Dear Julie,

We had a FABULOUS time in Italy, and our Vatican tour was a highlight. It was such a treat to have a guide for just the four of us, and to know that we were seeing all the "important" works without having to wander around hoping to stumble upon them. Johnny was knowledgeable, friendly and funny - we thoroughly enjoyed our time with him! One of the women in our party works at an art museum, so Johnny made sure to point out several pieces for her benefit. This private tour was well worth the expense.

Thank you!!!
Kim H.


The Vatican tour was Great! I would recommend it to anyone interested in seeing the museum or St. Peter's. Our Tour Guide (Johnny) was very good at tailoring the tour to my family. He spoke directly to my 8 year old and kept her interest throughout the tour. He was knowledgeable, informative and properly explained the material. It helped to make our trip in Rome. Of my entire vacation, this tour was the one thing I worried about the most. We were taking the tour on our last day in Rome and we wouldn't have another chance to see the Vatican. But, of everything we did in Italy, your tour went smoother and better then everything else we did.

Thanks again!
Matt F.

Dear Kristin,

Just wanted to let you know how worthwhile our private tour of the Vatican and St. Peter's was with Becky. She was very pleasant. Her knowledge of the details of the amazing artwork surrounding us as we went through the tour was so impressive and made it so much more interesting. As we progressed on the tour, instead of tiring, we were actively engaged by Becky's information which kept us eager to learn more. We are so glad we did the private tour for the six of us. We really enjoyed it, got so much out of it and highly recommend the tour with Becky!

Maureen and Thor L.

Dear Kristin,

Roberto was the most wonderful guide for our tour of the Vatican. He did an exceptional job and he made our trip a memorable one. His knowledge surpassed my expectations and he brought the history and pageantry of the Vatican to life. We would definitely recommend a personal guided tour of the any site in Italy.

Bette and Jeff F.


Our tour was fantastic - even though the Vatican was VERY crowded, Luciana was able to steer us through in good time and give us all the information we wanted. It was really going the extra mile for Luciana to show up early and wait in line for us (we got right in with hardly any wait time). I would recommend your tours to any friends going to Rome - thank you for making our trip to the Vatican and St. Peter's a great one!

Nate H.

Dear Jessica,

My wife and I were very pleased indeed with the tour of the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. The guide was quite pleasant and knowledgeable, and quickly discerned the areas of greatest interest to us, and concentrated on them as we made our way on the tour. Yesterday, in fact, we learned that friends of ours are going to Rome and Florence next month. I have recommended you to them, and given them your contact info, and I'm quite certain they will be in contact. When I have the opportunity to return to Italy I will certainly ask for assistance from you in arranging a similar tour.

Kind Regards,
Charles C. B.

Dear Jessica:

We just got back from our trip which culminated in two days in Rome. I want to thank you for arranging our private Vatican Tour with Brenda. She is quite simply the very best tour guide I personally have ever had. Many other guides, despite their knowledge, run through the repertoire pretty much rote and in a somewhat bored and boring manner, making it difficult to maintain focus. Brenda, on the contrary, is not only knowledgeable, but also very articulate and enthusiastic about her area of expertise. Her passion was evident as she just bubbled over with facts, stories and anecdotes about the most important masterpieces in the Vatican as well as their creators. She armed herself with books and various prints of many of the pieces enabling her to zoom in on particular areas of the works which would otherwise have been difficult to point out due to the crowds and the sheer size of some of the paintings, tapestries and sculptures. Her love for these works was infectious and we could quite happily have listened to her for many more hours. As if that weren't enough, she was also charming. Then, as we neared the end of the tour and I stopped to thank and compliment her, she quietly passed all the credit on to Bruschini, claiming any success of this tour was due to him. My three companions and I have nothing but the highest praise for Brenda. We hope you will pass this on to all her superiors for she has a very special talent which we totally appreciated.

Thank you once again.
Sarita M.

Dear Jessica:

Our trip to Italy was truly fascinating! We saw many wonderful sites, astonishing artwork and mind-blowing architecture (how did they do it?). But truly, the highlight was the Vatican tour with Brenda. Her knowledge and enthusiasm was so .......virulent, it made an old engineer like me want to study art history! We appreciated our tour that much more with her as our guide. Many thanks to her and to your company. I will certainly make sure our friends look to you for a memorable Vatican tour. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Our best regards,
Israel & Gina V.

Dear Kristin,

We just returned from a week in Rome and used In Italy for most of our trip. We had two children (11 and 14) which required some thought to make the trip successful. We were thoroughly satisfied with all of the services that you provided. The tour began with the tour guide Peter Z. getting us right past a very long line and into the Vatican with no effort. Peter is clearly an expert in Christian history and art, and knows much about the ancient Romans as well. He was able to show us the highlights in about 3 hours (you could spend days in the Vatican and not see it all) with interesting commentary on the historical context of the buildings and art. He is passionate about the subject and shares his opinions in an unassuming way. Well worth the cost.

Thanks for the great service.

We will recommend In Italy to others.
Keith and Laurie T.

Hi Jessica!

I'm just now sorting thru our emails and want to take a moment to tell you how pleased we were with our tour guide, Peter, and the tour in general. I really don't know if we could've even FOUND the Sistine Chapel on our own! The crowd was huge and the place even more massive than we could imagine. Peter did a wonderful job of informing and entertaining us and I would highly recommend your company to my friends who might have an interest. It's a bit of a leap of faith to arrange something like this on the internet but I can tell you that our family was totally thrilled with the experience.

Thank you again.
Bette H.

Dear Jessica,

Nice to hear from you. Our Vatican Tour was a definite high point of our recent trip to Rome. Peter, our guide, impressed both me and my daughter with his depth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for the subject that made our time together the very best experience I could have hoped for. He stretched the 3 hour prescribed time to over four hours and was extremely efficient at simplifying what would have been a dizzying voyage through the vast museum properties as well as the immense Basilica. We came with questions both mundane and refined and he handled all with wit, charm and grace. At the end he directed us to a restaurant that was perfect for our needs. I have already passed his card on to acquaintances and relatives. You are lucky to have him, we were lucky to have him and if and when we return I would certainly request him again. Thanks for your interest. Vatican Tours has our highest recommendation.

Michael M.

Dear Kristin,

Thank you for your inquiry. We had a fabulous time in Rome and the vicinity. Everything was wonderful as expected, in most cases even more so. One especially grand experience was our trip through the Vatican museum. Our guide was Katherine Sledzik. Her knowledge of the Vatican, attention to detail, and outgoing personality made for an outstanding experience. We would highly recommend her to anyone going to Rome.

Thank you:
Robert K.

Dear Ms. Scheible,

Thank you for your email. I wanted to write and let you know how wonderful the service was that we received from "In Italy", and specifically from our Vatican tour guide, Brenda. She provided a wealth of information and made our tour very comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. In fact, her tour was the highlight of our trip. Italy and its people are so warm and hospitable that we hope to return again soon. We are recommending to everyone we know to use "In Italy" services if they are planning a trip to Italy in the future. Thank you for making our time there so special!

Ann V.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for finding us Brenda as our guide to the Vatican. We cannot say enough nice things about her for she helped make our trip wonderful! She is the second excellent guide I have found using What a great job you do of screening your applicants for knowledge and personality. I shall continue to recommend you to my friends.

Best wishes,
Alice G.

Dear Jessica,

All we can say is that it was purely phenomenal. Our guide, Roberto is a treasurer. We all agreed the tour was "an 11 on a 10 point scale". He is an expert at coming up with interesting stories about the art, instead of just facts. Much more interesting and memorable.


Dear Jessica,

Finally getting around to responding to your request as to how we viewed our Vatican tour. In one word: FABULOUS! The guide showed up on time (with a big smile) and we were off. Fortunately for us, we were staying at the Sant'Anna Hotel (a block and a half from the Vatican walls) so that allowed us to walk, talk, and get to know each other before the actual tour began. Brenda Narodne was our guide. She was more than a guide! She thoroughly loved sharing her knowledge of Vatican art and art history in general. And, being an American, communication was relaxed and easy. She had a great understanding of her clients- that is to say, she knew how much information to give, how much listening she needed to do, and was very flexible in pursuing the specific interests of the client. She was never stumped by our questions. She pointed out the most minute details in the paintings (like the donkey ears on Bernini, and the two left feet on Raphael and the history behind them). Time, for her, was not an issue. Our 3 hour tour ended up being 4 hrs. and 45 min. because she had no other commitments, was thoroughly enjoying herself, and knew that we were too. At the end of our tour, she left the Basilica knowing that we were going to stay a little longer and then go to pick up tickets for the following day's Papal audience. To our surprise, when we got to the ticket area, Brenda was waiting for us- she had picked up tickets for us!! That was going beyond the call of duty! She gave us her phone number and email address in case we had further questions and listed books for us to read about the Vatican masterpieces. In short, she was a Vatican masterpiece! Thank you for providing such a knowledgeable, friendly guide. We will highly recommend this tour to anyone we know that is going that way and who is truly interested in art (even though we think it is a bit pricey). You asked about any hidden local treasures that we enjoyed. Yes, one in particular. The Church of San Clemente, a little way east of the Colosseum on Via San Giovanni in Laterno. It consists of 4 layers: the current Basilica (12thC.), underneath it is the original church (313AD), underneath that is the Mithraeum (1st and 2nd Century), and underneath that are foundations from the republican era. From the 3rd layer you can look down into the ancient underground stream and sewer system (still flowing) and walk out into a Roman alley as it was 2000 years ago. For anyone interested in Rome's many-layered history, this is a must. Again, your guide was superb. Your organization was, too.

Thank you,
Bill and Joanne S.

Hi Jessica,

Italy was amazing and incredibly hot! The tour was wonderful. Sad to say, but I did forget the name of our guide. The Vatican is overwhelming and she did a wonderful job in showing us the highlights. I would definitely recommend your company to my friends. One thing that I would possibly recommend which I cannot remember if it was in the package or not is to remind clients that women require covered shoulders and men require pants, more importantly since the weather is so hot and they may forget. Thank you again for a fantastic tour!

Marjorie S.

Thanks, Jessica.

Our trip was amazing and the tour of the Vatican was certainly one of the highlights. The guide you provided, Roberto, was excellent! Besides speaking English and being knowledgeable he was able to bring a local point of view and also had a great sense of humor. To anyone planning a trip and tour of the Vatican I would say a guided tour is the only way to go. We were able to skip the long lines waiting to get in and with the guide were able to see all of the highlights (maybe even some areas not for general public). Thanks again for all of your help!

Terry P.


I thought I would forward you the letter we sent to our Vatican tour guide, Brenda. We were so very fortunate to have Brenda as our guide, as her knowledge, strong & effective interpersonal relationship skills, and her overall passion for knowledge surrounding the Vatican made the difference. You asked for Plus'...Brenda was the plus as she made the Vatican come "alive" in all aspects, much more than paintings & sculptures, and made a usual tourist visit a memory of a lifetime!!!

I highly recommend the Vatican Tour as it far exceeded our requirements and far exceeded our expectations. It truly made the difference between a tour and a virtual living experience of the Vatican. Thanks also to you for your follow up on our tour...I really appreciate the interest and the intent to ensure that we were satisfied. Take care, and if we have more tours, we will keep you in mind.

"Brenda...on our scheduled tour of the Vatican on Sept. 11, our group of 6 from Arizona were so fortunate to have you as our personal tour guide. Your knowledge, effective communication skills, and the depth of your history of the Vatican played a pivotal role in our wonderful experience at the Vatican. You made the difference to us made the special tour much more special. It was so obvious to all of us that your passion for the Vatican and the overall atmosphere on our tour was so evident to us. Rarely do we take tours, and your skills, your knowledge, your personality and the overall professional approach to everything made it all so real and memorable to us. You were such a pleasure to know and to be in your presence Brenda. We are truly indebted to you for a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are forever thankful to you. Thanks again for your personal touch on the tour..."

Forever in prayer,
Ron & Helen R.

The tour was wonderful. Becky, our tour guide was very informative and very personable. If we should have any friends going over to Italy I would be happy to refer them to you for the Vatican tour. Marilynn A.

Dear Jessica,

The tours were marvelous, the guide Brenda was a Vatican expert including seeing the Pope and being blessed by him during his wednesday morning audiences. After the regular tour was over she even came back to the Basilica to finish her thoughts and more touring for those of us who could take it. I would recommend the Borghese tickets to all art lovers. It was one of the best museums in all of Italy not just Rome. Brenda also took us on our city tour and her knowledge was as vast as any college professor that I have experienced. Your service provided us with a greatly enhanced stay in Rome. I will not hesitate to recommend and use your service again in the future.

Donato T S.

Dear Jessica,

Our visit to the Vatican on a very busy Sat. morning was perfectly amazing, thanks to the very smart and entertaining guide named Brenda. With her experience and expertise, we were able to avoid standing in a long line in the rain. We saw all the highlights in a very short time. Please tell her thank you for the DVD on Michaelangelo. Thanks again. The 'glow" of the trip is still with us. I would definitely tell my friends about the success of both tours.


Dear Jessica,

Our trip to Rome was very nice, and our tour of the Vatican was exceptional. I am so glad we decided on the personal tour. Our tour guide was fantastic and provided just the right amount of information to keep our boys interested. We went on several other tours during our time in Rome, and yours was definitely the best. My oldest son (age 15) said the Vatican was the best part of his trip. I didn't expect that! He said it was totally due to the tour guide.

Martha H.


Our trip to the Vatican was fabulous. Our guide Becky was brilliant and extremely well informed. I think it has turned out to be the favorite conquest from the trip. However, we did leave our digital camera on the van that picked us up and dropped us off from our hotel, and immediately tried to recover it by calling to no avail. We are so disappointed about this because the camera was very expensive and we lost our invaluable pictures. I am 100% positive that the camera was left on the bus because our last picture was taken right outside the bus with swiss guards and 5 minutes after arriving at the hotel we became aware of the missing camera. If you can be of any help to its recovery I would be most appreciative.

Thank you,
Jennifer J.

Dear Julie,

We did have a marvelous trip to Italy and I must say your web site was fantastic. Through InItaly we rented our car (a BMW I might add!) a cell phone, purchased maps, museum tickets and the Vatican Tour. Everything was smooth and worked perfectly, but I must say the Vatican tour was the highlight. Our guide was a theology student from England named Becky ( I don't remember her last name). She was thorough and amusing. We were traveling with our two boys ages 6 and 9 and Becky brought the information down to their level and made it interesting for them as well as us. She is dating a Swiss Guard, so was able to get us past the line to take a picture with the Guards and my boys. They loved it!! I will highly recommend your sight to anyone who is traveling to Italy.

Thanks for your follow-up.
Clifton C.

Dear Kristin,

As many of your other guests have said, I can't rave enough about the guided tour of the Vatican. This was a new experience for me and I never would have done it if I hadn't read so many raves from your other travelers. We were only in Rome for 3 days, traveling with my mother-in-law (late 70s) and our two daughters (9 and 11). Jody's tour of the Vatican was thrilling. She whisked us past the long lines, guided us around the vast collections with humor, wisdom, and so much wonderful information about Roman history and art--never one bit dry for any of us! I only wish that we had considered arranging a tour of the ancient ruins as well, because the next day we tried to manage on our own to see the Coliseum and the Roman Forum, and it was astonishing how hard it was to recreate the experience that we'd had with her. This was an eye-opener for us and, as so many others have said, the high point of the trip.

Amy B.


We had a great guide for our tour of the Vatican Museum. She was extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to be with. We appreciated the museum so much more because of the information that our guide provided. I am so happy I found your website and booked the tour. I would highly recommend your services to all my friends.

Bernadette R.


We had a wonderful time in Italy! The Vatican tour was certainly a highlight on our trip. We loved our guide on the tour, Orianna (sp?). She was incredible. It was great to just have the four of us on the tour and we got just the right amount of information. She was full of enthusiasm and the variety of details she gave us was perfect. It was a record high in heat while we were there. I wish we thought of bringing a water bottle with us to sip on as the Vatican museum is not air conditioned. In the future I would book private tours for more of the sights around Italy. Our driver did show up about 20 min late both to drive us to the Vatican and later to pick us up, we were concerned at first but then our hotel told us they sometimes can run late. We also went to Cinque Terre and enjoyed the hike there. In Florence we had our best meal, and friendliest meals both at Mama Gina's and Osteria del Cinghale Bianco. Both are on Borgo s. Jacopo, one street south of the Ponte Vecchio.

Charlotte C.


Our trip was fantastic. By far the highlight was the Vatican tour. I do not recall the young lady's name who gave us the tour but my wife and I will never forget the incredible job she did. She said she was new and with your company but she was obviously very experienced. It would have taken us a week or more to experience what we were able to experience in 3 hours. She took her job very seriuosly but also made it very fun and enjoyable. I will definitely recommend your company's services to anyone who is going to Italy.

Frank and Marty D.

Dear Kristin,

We were picked up on time at the hotel and driven to the Vatican, where Jody was waiting in the queue before the opening time at 8.45am. We joined her there and got to know her a little before the ticket office opened. She showed us her highlights, again there is so much to see, so that we could get round the Museums and the Basilica in the 3 hours allocated. We asked plenty of questions, which she answered with knowledge and any she could not answer at the time she took note of and emailed us on our return to the UK. A lovely touch. Jody is charming and we really benefitted from being mobile enough in a small group (only us two and Jody), that we were able to bypass the large groups which became somewhat stuck at some places. A subsequent visit on one's own would have filled in what we hadn't managed to see, however we had so many other things to do that we were content with our 3 hour visit this time.


Hi Jessica -

Thanks for your email. We had a GREAT time on our trip, and our whole family felt that the Vatican tour was a high point. Our guide was delightful and informative, and (much to our surprise) did not overwhelm us during the entire 3 hours. We can't say enough good things about her and the tour! The other events In Italy arranged for us were: The Time Machine in Rome - not worth the time. We were hoping to get a good historical overview, but it was much more about whiplash than anything else.... Tour of the Uffizi and the Academia in Florence - our guide was supremely knowledgable in the history of the city... possibly a little too much for us. We did feel somewhat overloaded by all the information. However, he certainly did know his stuff and we enjoyed having a tour as opposed to floundering on our own! Again, I thought your website was terrific. For our NEXT trip, I'll start with you!!

Julie L.


We really enjoyed our Vatican Tour with Peter last month. It was really great! Peter was on time, pleasant, knowledgeable and gave us a good overview of the site. My husband and I were traveling with our 12- and 15-year-old children, and we were all impressed with the tour. I think that if we'd gone on our own, we would have missed many important exhibits, and it really helped to have someone there to help us interpret the history of the artifacts and to make them come to life.


Dear Kristin,

We had an outstanding tour of the Vatican with Luciana as our guide. We were a group of 12 and we went to the Vatican in the afternoon as you suggestions as the crowds are smaller. We had no problem staying together or hearing her. Luciana knows her history and could answer every question asked of her. No one had a complaint about the tour. I had made the arrangements here in the U.S. and was a little concerned as to how it would all pan out, but could not have been happier with your tour company and Luciana. In fact, we made arrangements to take an additional tour with your company while in Rome with Luciana as our tour guide of "Ancient Rome." We enjoyed both tours. I have already recommended your company to friends that are coming to Rome next month.

Helen T.

Dear Luciana;

Both Carrie and I had a marvelous experience with our tour of the Vatican. We both feel it is because of you, and the insight you gave us. We felt very comfortable and almost like family, during the three hours you spent with us. Our favorite part of the tour was the little insights you gave us. You told us things that guidebooks do not mention; i.e., the Martin Luther story, reasons for certain paintings, and struggles that important artist encountered. I find myself using those insights, when asked by my fellow workers about our trip, and they are also fascinated. We greatly appreciate your effort. The job you did, the time you spent, and the feelings that you projected; made this the best experience of our overall, great tour of Italy.

Thank you,
Bruce R.

Dear Jessica:

We LOVED our tour of the Vatican and all the credit goes to our tour guide Roberto. My children are 17, 14 and 12 and they thoroughly enjoyed the tour and Roberto. Since we were there New Year's Eve the place was a mob scene with a 2 hour wait to get into the Vatican Museums, but Roberto got us right in, got our tickets for us and protected our private tour and educated us for the next three and a half hours. We had already been to St. Peter's for an hour the day before on a bus tour of Rome so we could definitely appreciate having our own private tour and tour guide! At the end of our tour we were already so appreciative and impressed with Roberto, and then he really went that extra mile! We had been told that the Pope was performing a midnight mass so we asked Roberto about the best way to attend this. He checked with the Vatican staff and found out that the Mass was in St. Peter's at 6 p.m. He also found out that we needed a special ticket/pass to get in. He then worked with the staff until he came back with 5 tickets for us to attend Mass, which was a true highlight of our trip. Before Roberto left us he walked us to a great little restaurant so we could eat a late lunch. The food there was fabulous (although we never did have a bad meal in Rome!) So thanks to In-Italy and Roberto for a wonderful day at the Vatican.

Sandy G.


We visited Italy Sept 28 - Oct 10..... just wanted to let you know that the private guide thru the Vatican was great! The young man that gave us the tour showed us and told us the most interesting things that we never would have found on our own. We would Highly Recommend! The only thing I would do different is: we decided to do the recommended 1:00 tour, next time I would go a little bit earlier to possibly look around a little on your own or schedule the tour for 12:00, then you might still miss the crowds and have a chance to go back and look at things. Thanks again for a great tour!!

Rick & Vida P.

Dear Jessica:

Our Vatican tour was wonderful! I can tell you two things that were unexpected to us. First, we were discourteous to your company about calling 24-hours prior to the tour to reconfirm, and we do apologize for that. Even so, your company tracked us down in spite of it and called us at 9:00 p.m. the night before to confirm. We were so surprised and pleased that your company did that. Secondly, we were expecting a group of 15 people in our tour. Instead, we had our wonderful tour guide Arianna (please excuse the spelling) all to ourselves. She was lively, fun, and so informative. We have told several of our friends that they should book a tour with your company if they are lucky enough to visit Italy. Please accept our thanks for a job very well done. We shall treasure our memories of our tour for a long, long time.

Carole and Jon H.


Our Vatican tour was very good, especially given the short amount of time to see such an overwhelming amount of art and buildings. Our tour guide, Peter, was excellent and quickly moved us through the crowds to what he felt was most important to see. You asked for other tips - here's a few:
- Water taxi in Venice from hotel (San Marco district) to airport was $85.
- There is a Mail Boxes Etc. in Siena where you can mail a box/s home to the U.S. (and lighten the load you carry around with you). It is somewhat difficult to find (even with a good street map) but well worth the trouble. It is also quite expensive, but still worth it. My package arrived (not mailed express mail, express takes only 3 days) in Washington state just 6 days after mailing it from Siena even though we were told it would take 10 business days.
- Watch for gypsy as enter train car in Rome - they take your luggage and put it away for you, then want $10 fee.

Janie M.

Dear Kristin,

We had a great time, thank you! Italy was amazing! There is so much to see there and it is all incredible. Our tour was excellent, we gained a lot of insightful knowledge about the Vatican and all its works of art that we wouldn't knot have known about.

Our guide was excellent, he really he was extremely knowledgeable. He knew a great deal about the history of the Vatican and all its pieces. We definitely would not have gotten as much knowledge from the visit without him. I really don't have any minuses to comment on about the tour. I am not sure if we were really prepared for how grand and beautiful everything would be. We knew it would be great but we had never been to Italy before, although we always wanted to go. Pictures on TV and in books really don't do any of the sites justice, you really need to see these things in person to really appreciate them. It is truly incredible to think of how old these things are and how well preserved and beautiful that they still are today.

We were in Rome, Florence, San Gimignano, and finished up in Venice. I have been asked repeatedly which area was my favorite and I honestly can't pick one. They were all special and beautiful. They were all unique in their own way, we loved it all. As far as places off the beaten path goes I don't think I have that many to share. There are so many things to see on the beaten path that, unless you are there for a long time, you just don't have much time to venture off it. As far as Rome goes our favorite was the Vatican, Pantheon (it was incredible!), and the church St. Peter in Chains where Michelangelo's Moses is. Florence of course has many things to see but aside from the obvious (the Duomo, Uffizi, Accademia) I recommend the church of Santa Croce. The old leather school is in the church where you can still see the leathersmiths at work. Also, I think for me, it was the fact that much of the church is still being restored and you could see how beautiful everything still is from the time it was constructed. The church also contains many of the tombs of famous people such as Michelangelo, Galileo, and Marconi. San Gimignano and the Tuscan country side is unbelievable but I also recommend making the short drive to the Chianti region and visiting Castellina and Monteriggioni as well as getting some great red wine! As for Venice, there is so much, definitely the islands of Murano (for glass), Burano (for lace), and Lido. Something that we were told to go see however that i'm sure we would have overlooked was La Chiesa Dei Frari which was probably my favorite church that we visited. If in Venice you have to see it especially the painting behind the altar, it is amazing!

They also have many other pieces of art and incredible wooden choir pews in the middle of the floor. In the church be sure to visit the room to the right if looking at the altar (you will stare at the painting behind the altar for at least 15 - 30 minutes probably). This room contains the church's treasures, encased in glass and surrounded by an incredible series of sculptures depicting the death of Christ. The sculptures are beautiful and have amazing detail. It is said that in the case, enclosed in a crystal container, some of Christ's blood which is mixed with a balm is stored. I believe that it is supposed to be some of the blood wiped from his face as he carried the Cross that was squeezed out into the container.

Well I wound up saying a lot more than I thought I would, and I could go on and on. The bottom line is that everyone should go and visit Italy, I recommend that you allow enough time and not try to cram too much in. Allow at least 3 or 4 days at each place you visit so you can enjoy yourself and see enough. We are looking forward to our next trip back!

Chris S.

Dear Jessica,

We just came home from our trip to Italy and had a fabulous time. Making museum reservations through In Italy was the smartest thing we did. As a group of 5 including 2 teenagers, we would have been very stressed waiting in the long lines for museum entrance. Instead, we practically walked right into the museums to the amazement of all around us who were waiting in line. One of the best parts of our trip, however, was our guided tour of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. Our tour guide, Ely Rosenburg, made this event most memorable. Ely was extremely knowledgeable about all of the art and architecture we were viewing. He made an effort to find our interests and tailor his descriptions to what would keep us most engaged. At several points, Ely pulled us aside to describe in preview what we would see shortly in anticipation of noisy areas, or rooms where talking was not permitted (the Sistine Chapel). We found Ely to be a well-versed guide as well as a caring individual. He extended our tour by nearly 30 minutes so he could show us additional items in St. Peter's and then walked many blocks with us to the Metro. We all reminisced about Ely many times during the remainder of our visit to Italy and applied what we learned from him in our visits to the museums in Florence. We will recommend Ely and In Italy to any friends or relatives visiting in the future. Thanks for making our trip an easy and memorable one.

Very Truly Yours,
Diane B.

Dear Jessica,

Italy was wonderful! Our tour guide at the Vatican was wonderful and added so much to our experience. One highlight of our stay in Rome was dinner at a restaurant called Thalia. Included with dinner was an evening full of opera. This was my first exposure to opera, but it will not be my last! It proved to be a wonderful Italian experience.

Teresa P.


My Vatican tour was WONDERFUL! It was arranged perfectly and Rita was absolutely fabulous. She made the day and I wanted you to know this so you can use her tour services for others. I just returned last evening from Rome. We went to Florence and Tuscany too and I will organize my notes and send my comments to you for your readers as soon as possible. What a beautiful country!

Cathy C.


We just returned from our trip to Italy which was wonderful as usual. This was our seventh trip to that beautiful country which has become like a second home to us. We have used your company for museam tickets and to purchase maps etc but it was the first time that we have done the tours thru Initaly. Both the vatican tour and the walking tour of Rome were fabulous!!! I would highly recommend the private tour of the vatican because it lets you see the most important and spectacular pieces in the collection as well as the Sistine chapel and St Peter's without the crowded tour feeling and with a very knowledgable guide. Our guide was a young man named William who was excellent and had a sound knowledge of the art as well as the architecture and religion.

J. K.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for your e-mail. We had a fabulous time in Italy. We had advanced tickets for the Borghese Gallery and the Vatican in Rome from you and they were both marvelous! We had no problems at all and thoroughly enjoyed our private tour guide Luciana. She was very knowledgable about the Vatican and answered all of our questions even if they weren't on her agenda. We also had advanced tickets for the Uffizi and the Accademia in Florence which worked out well too. The wait in the regular line that day at the Uffizi was about 2 - 3 hours long. Thank you for such a great service and saving us a lot of waiting times. We have recommended your website to others.

Sharon and David S.


The Vatican Tour was unbelievable. We had this scheduled for our 2nd to last day there, so unfortunately we had already gone over to Vatican City and looked around. The guide was unbelievable! She showed us things that we missed, gave us insight to the things that we saw before the tour, and even helped us out with other things to do in Italy. I would highly recommend this tour to everyone. The best part was that it was just the three of us. I saw other groups that had 50-60 in the group. I felt that this much more intimate and my wife and I have decided that when we go back we will go with the private tour again. You get so much more out of the time that you are there. I also really loved the Vatican Museums, Wow! We also had an audience with the Pope. If people are planning on a trip to Rome during the summer, I would highly recommend that they go to the summer residence at Castel Gandolfo. This was one of the best experiences that we had while we were there. Not only was it an experience to see the Pope, but the residence overlooked a beautiful lake. The entire area was picturesque. I don't know if you are interested in restaurants for your site, but I found a great little mom and pop restaurant called Hostaria Farnese in between Piazza Farnese and Piazza Campo de Fiori. Great food, very helpful, and tells us when we are ordering if that selection is the best for the evening. They are also relatively inexpensive. We also used Bob the Navigator from your site. He helped us find Residenza Farnese that I told you about, and all of the other things that helped our trip to be a great experience. I would like to recommend that everyone that isn't familiar with Italy use him. He is a great source of information. He answers any questions that you have within a day or two.

All in all it was a great trip.
Scott and Deborah W.

Dear Jessica,

We had a wonderful time in Italy. The Vatican tour was excellent. In fact when we realized our fortunate we were to have arranged for this tour, we arranged for an additional tour of Ancient Rome for the next day, which was equally rewarding. Peter was so knowlegable, but the best were the stories he could tell us behind the paintings, sculptures, architecture, etc. This was information not in any of the books or audio guides we could have chosen. There were other little things one doesn't even think about such as; avoiding the long lines inside and outside the Vatican and Coliseum, positioning us near a breeze coming in from a window on a hot day while he explained something, taking pictures, etc. We will highly recommend the guided tour to all of our friends and acquaintances who may be traveling to Italy in the future. The hotels we chose using In Italy Online were exactly what we were hoping for. All were in central locations so we didn't have to worry about taxis and or buses which is really convenient and economical. The staff in the hotels were very accommodating, recommending restaurants, giving directions and answering other questions we had. Thank you for your inquiry as to the success of our trip and Vatican tour.

Judith J.

Hello Jessica,

The tour of the Vatican was great! More people need to know about this Service! It was very enjoyable and "painless." No waiting in line / Car service to and from ... Oriana was superb too! She was great ~ I hope she received a referral from friends of mine that I bumped into in Venice - They were on their way to Rome and I gave her the #.

Thanks again,
Michael P.

Dear Ms. Scheible:

Having returned from our European vacation, we want you to know that our Vatican Tour was a high point. Everything turned out as promised and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Our tour guide (whose name I forget) was very personable and very competent. We shall be pleased to recommend your service to our friends.

E. Wiesendanger

Dear Jessica:

We had a wonderful time. Neither of us really knew what to expect of the Vatican or of the tour. Had we not had Wilhem doing such a good job of leading us through the maze of viewing options, I have no doubt that we would not have had such an enlightening experience and perhaps may still be in there wandering about in search of an exit. Wilhem's obvious knowledge of the subject matter is quite impressive, but Cindy and I have been on many tours of various sites and museums over the years and what set this particular tour apart was Wilhem's sense of historical perspective and humor. Voltaire supposedly said, "God is a comedian, playing to an audience that is afraid to laugh." Wilhem clearly understands some of the jokes that we mere mortals have provided for the Almighty. Please add us to any email mail list that you have. We would love to pass along your name, as well as Wilhem's, to friends that might be going to Italy.

Rob H.


I don't know how to begin to tell you how marvelous our tour of the Vatican was. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Our tour guide, Wilhelm, was fantastic. He informed us of so many interesting facts and pointed out the important areas and kept our tour extremely interesting. He never once said he didn't know the answer to our questions. My husband is extremely well versed and well read on history, and provided many difficult questions to Wilhelm, and he always had an interesting and intelligent answer. We hope to return to Italy again and will definitely sign up for other tours.

Best regards,
Linda H.

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