Advance Reservations for the Vatican and Sistine Chapel in Rome

Advance Reservations
for the Vatican and Sistine Chapel in Rome

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Viale Vaticano

The Sistine Chapel - Creation of Adam by Michelangelo Probably the number one "must-see" in Italy is the Sistine Chapel, which is actually at the far end of the world's biggest museum, and even the most determined visitor is going to take a couple of hours to reach it. With that in mind, you certainly don't want to stand in line outside the museum for up to four hours before even being admitted to the museum! And if you encounter bad weather or severe heat, the wait to see this heavenly treasure will turn into hell on earth. Advance reservations are an absolute must to avoid this waste of your precious holiday time. We at In Italy Online strongly urge you to reserve a private tour of the Vatican Museums. Not only will you be picked up at your hotel and driven to the entrance, you will skip the line and, once inside, your English-speaking guide will transform a vast warehouse into a magical delight crowned by Michelangelo's breathtaking frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

If you have more time at your disposal and don't mind tackling the museum on your own, then the only way to skip those terrible lines is to book advance tickets. The Vatican Museums are closed on Sunday, except for the last Sunday of the month (but no pre-booked tickets are available on this day).

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Visitors with reserved tickets can enter the Vatican Museums without waiting on line. Entrance must be strictly at the admission time written on the voucher, usually at 9:30am or at 10:30am, depending upon availability. Visitors who do not arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled entrance time will forfeit their right to skip the line. Even if you do have advance reservations, you may have to wait a few minutes, due to the enormous number of people visiting the Vatican Museums daily. These tickets guarantee you the precendence but no one can guarantee that you will not have to wait a few minutes.

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