Photographs of the Amalfi Coast, a breathtaking drive along the Bay of Naples

Photographs of the Amalfi Coast
A Breathtaking Drive Along the Bay of Naples

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The road from Naples to Salerno is as narrow and windy as it is beautiful and scenic: in a word -- breathtaking!

Much has been made about how hard it is to drive this ribbon of asphalt blasted into a series of craggy mountainsides. Well, yes, it's a challenge, but then so are all things wonderful and memorable, don't you agree? Thanks to turnouts all along the length of the drive, you can stretch your legs, calm your nerves, take umpteen photos and gather your courage.

By the time Salerno comes into view (because we recommend you drive this from north to south), you may just find it was well worth it -- and in any event, you'll have two souvenirs to take home with you: photos of the scenery, and memories of the madcap experience of driving the Amalfi Coast!

We hope you will not miss the opportunity to visit this fairy-tale land, where the maximum expression of human ingenuity meets the greatest beauties of nature.

When you take those many rest stops along the way, be sure to notice the sugar-cube villages and succulent grapevines and giant lemon trees and crumbling castles clinging to the hillsides. Join the millions who have asked themselves, "How the heck did they do that?"

Stop in Amalfi to visit the exquisite 14th-century cathedral.

Park in Positano and walk down 250 steps to see some of Italy's most charming boutiques.

Drive up to the very top and stroll through the historical gardens of Ravello.

Spend an hour in Vietri buying the world's most colorful ceramics.

At the end of this whole adventure you will know that the Amalfi Coast is way more than a pretty picture. It is an ageold civilization created by some of the cleverest people on earth, so if they are a little crazy when they drive.... well, it's all just a part of their joie de vivre and we promise, they're as clever at avoiding accidents as they are at turning barren rocks into sumptuous mansions, so sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

More pictures of the Amalfi Coast



Positano's beach may not be the world's most beautiful but it's one of the most glamorous!

Be sure to look up at the natural rock formations!

And look down, if you dare!


Praiano is one of the most characteristic and least touristy of the coastal towns.

The sign says, "I can't pick it up, so YOU DO IT!"

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