Photographs of Sorrento, bargain shopping capital of the Amalfi Coast

Photographs of Sorrento
Bargain Shopping on the Amalfi Coast

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Your first stop on the way to the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is actually the perfect place to stay if you want to avoid having a car, because the train, buses and boats connect with it. Also, unlike Positano, Ravello and Amalfi (which have their own sets of attributes!), Sorrento is a real town that has a life of its own beyond tourism. If you want to enjoy the mild winter days in this area, Sorrento is the place where you can mingle with the locals, eat great food and find some of the best shopping bargains in Italy. Click here for places to stay in Sorrento.


The market area of Sorrento is right at the heart of town,
watched over by the beautiful baroque cathedral


Stroll the charming narrow alleys and
here are only some of the delights you'll find:



Lace and Embroidery


Beach Sandals


Olive Oils, Candies and Preserves


Majolica Platters and Signs


Great Gifts


Sorry, Not for Sale!


Artistic Ceramics


Even the Candles are Colorful in Sorrento!


Don't Forget to Have Some Gelato!


Merry Christmas, Everyone,
and Happy Holidays from Sorrento!

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