The Modena Experience:
Test Your Road Skills Behind the Wheel of a Ferrari!

Ferraris are a way of life in Emilia Romagna, where they're manufactured just outside Modena. As all foodies know, the region's other super star is balsamic vinegar. We thought it would be fun for you to experience both in this unforgettable half-day. You'll start at the Ferrari Museum, where you can see all the champion race cars and watch footage from a Grand Prix race, with all the telemetry and data you'd see in the pit alongside the techs and crew members. Next you'll step into an F430 for your own test drive on local roads. After your adrenalin levels have returned to normal, you'll be ready to enjoy a classic Emilia Romagna lunch or dinner, preceded or followed by a guided visit to a balsamic vinegar factory.

To enjoy this unique opportunity, you must get to Maranello, either in your own rental vehicle or with a private transfer that we can provide (request a quote). The drive takes place on the streets of Maranello, where all Ferraris are test driven once they leave the Ferrari factory. A professional instructor will be at your side, showing you how to use the F1 gears. This is not on a racetrack, so it is subject to all highway code restrictions. You must present a valid driving license and sign a disclaimer in case you incur any highway code infractions. No security deposit is required. The experience is available any day on request, from 9:30am to 1:30pm and from 3:30 to 7pm. Should a red Ferrari not be available, a different colored Ferrari will be provided. Total cost for the experience, including museum ticket, test drive, lunch with drinks, and guided visit to the balsamic factory, is 250 Euro/person. Total cost for every non-driving companion is 70 Euro. Children accompanied by two adults pay nothing if under 5 years old; children 5-13 years old pay 45 Euro each.