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There is much, much more to Lazio than just Rome! Do you like the mountains, the beach, Renaissance papal villas, wineries, Etruscan ruins, health spas or secluded Franciscan hermitages? Then schedule a few more days in this region, because it has everything you've been looking for. Start with a day in the Castelli Romani, right on Rome's doorstep - we'll tell you how you can absorb 2000 years of history without staying in the city. Just south of there, on the way to Naples, is the world-class spa town of Fiuggi, surrounded by a host of picturesque hill towns like the one featured in the movie For Rosanne. Or head east to Rieti, where you can visit the tiny monasteries St. Francis built, birthplace of the nativity scene and the Christmas tree. You can even sleep at a couple of them, if you like, or try some skiing in the beautiful mountains that loom overhead.

North of the city, within an hour's easy drive from Fiumicino Airport (also called Leonardo da Vinci), is the former homeland of the mysterious Etruscans. Join a car caravan to visit their delightfully painted underground tombs, or head out on your own to explore their stone tumuli, usually located in idyllic forests or deserted valleys. No matter whether you go north or south along the Latium coast, you will find wonderful sandy beaches and rocky coves for all tastes, delightful resort towns like Capalbio and San Felice Circeo, Grecian fishing villages like Sperlonga, or ancient strongholds like Gaeta.

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