Photographs of history on the streets of Rome, Italy

Photographs of History on the Streets of Rome

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Rome probably has more famous monuments than any other city on earth, but there are "mundane" traces of history on every street in town, so we thought we'd show you a minute fraction of what awaits around every corner:

Ancient Roman columns imbedded in Renaissance palazzos

Renaissance palazzos imbedded in ancient Roman temples

Medieval homes resting atop ancient Roman foundations

Marble plaques bearing 300-year-old inscriptions

Slender belltowers

Ornate belltowers

Castle towers



Towering domes

Monumental fountains the size of a house

Intimate fountains just big enough to enjoy a cool sip of spring water
(all Rome's fountains disperse natural spring water from the aqueducts)

Things that look like fountains but are actually repositories of alms for the poor

Fountains made from the tubs used in the ancient Roman baths

Concave façades

Convex façades

Roadside altars for a quick prayer

Crumbling façades stripped of their former glory

Imposing façades

Fake façades

Presidential palaces, papal domains, aristocratic palazzi, humble apartment
buildings in the city where apartment buildings were invented 2100 years ago
All these exteriors and more you will see as you hurry from one world-renowned monument to another. In the end it may be these unnamed sights that linger longest in your memory, so be sure to look up, down and all around as you make your way through the bustling modern metropolis that clings to so many centuries of history, all imbedded inside, above and below each other. This is the true magic of Rome, Eternal City!

Text and photographs by Kristin Jarratt

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