Photos of buildings that people call home in Rome, Italy

Photographs of Someone's Casa Romana

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In Rome, Italy, your casa romana could be regal or humble, ancient or ultra-modern, but it will always be in a palazzo, because that's the word for "building" in Italian!

Here is one exception to the above rule:
These people actually live inside the ancient Roman wall

This home's courtyard sports an incredibly ornate
rococo fountain

In the unique Art Deco neighborhood called Coppede,
all the homes look like this

Some lucky Roman has his or her very own lookout tower
…or Peeping Tom station

Here is the apartment he can spy on from his secret aerie

These lucky Romans actually live in the former parish house
of a tiny church whose cupola greets them each morning

A few streets away, this 18th-century apartment complex
was actually erected inside Rome's oldest thermal bathworks,
which dates from the 1st century BC.
You can see its structure on either side of the palazzo

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Whenever you are in Rome, keep an eye out for the city's
hidden treasures, like this iconic courtyard just steps
from Campo de' Fiori

Text and photographs by Kristin Jarratt

Browse unique lodgings, hand-picked for you by In Italy Online

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