Oasi di Sant'Alessio

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Set in the grounds of one of the oldest castles in Europe, the Oasi di Sant'Alessio, near Pavia in northern Italy, provides a privileged habitat for the birds of the Po Valley. Kingfishers, storks, grebes, herons, ibises, and cormorants are among the species that can be seen in these ten hectares of wilderness.

The Oasi di Sant'Alessio is also charged with raising endangered species and freeing them into nature. These include flamingoes, avocets, peregrine falcons, and storks. Indeed, it has been estimated that the vast majority of the storks in the southern Lombardy and southeastern Piedmont regions are direct descendants of those raised at the Oasi di Sant'Alessio at the end of the 1970s.

The Oasi di Sant'Alessio is open daily from 10am-6pm in July and August. In September and October, as well as from March to June, it is closed Mondays, and between November and February, it is closed altogether.

Click here if you'd like to stay overnight in a historic castle and combine a visit to the Oasi with a stop at the famed Charterhouse of Pavia.

By Roberta Kedzierski, Milan

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