Vintage Car Museums, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati Collections

Vintage Car Museums in Italy
Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati Collections

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Cut right to the chase and take your own Ferrari test drive! If you'd like to stay overnight in the area, here are some suggestions for places to stay.

Practically every region north of Rome has its share of private and public collections of priceless Italian vehicles. Check the opening hours, and it's always better to call ahead before you make plans, because small exhibits like these don't always maintain the routine schedules they advertise. Here are a few of the leading highlights, and you will find information about location and hours at the bottom of the page.

Galleria Ferrari, Maranello
There's a small but illustrious collection in the foyer, and the Ferrari legend unfolds through a fascinating series of photos and memorabilia; if you own a Ferrari you can make arrangements to tour the factory.

Museo dell'Auto Storica Stanguellini, Modena
Opened in 1996, the museum's collection has gradually added precious rare pieces. On display are over 30 racing cars and sport coupes.

Panini Collection, Modena
The unofficial Maserati museum contains various models of vintage cars and motorcycles, including the prestigious Maserati collection recently purchased in London. Located at Via Corletto Sud 320, Modena. By appointment only; call 059-510-660. You can buy a wheel of parmigiano while you're here, because it's on the grounds of the Hombre organic cheese factory. Click here for many more details about this collection.
Righini Collection, Panzano
The Panzano castle houses many splendid and unforgettable vintage cars, plus the most exclusive modern models. Among the most famous are the Autoavio, the first car built by Enzo Ferrari after he left Alfa Romeo; the Chiribiri, which broke the speed record in 1915; Tazio Nuvolari's 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C; and Pope John XXIII's Cadillac.

Museo de Tomaso, Modena
The museum contains the most important De Tomaso models, from the 1963 Vallelunga to the Guarà. The museum is located at Viale Virgilio 9 in Modena. Email them to arrange for a mandatory appointment.

Museo Ducati, Bologna
The Ducati motorcycle has over a half-century of history and includes many models that are still collectors' items.

Lamborghini Museum, Sant'Agata Bolognese
The Lamborghini plant is also the site of the museum, a prestigious collection which includes the most important models produced with the bull logo. You can admire the first and last Lamborghini Countach and the latest Diablo.

Museo Mille Miglia, Brescia
Vintage car lovers, this is your mecca! Located inside an 11th-century monastery, this extensive collection of beauties includes something from every race since 1927. But there's not only a breathtaking display of parked cars here. You can also see videos of the races, hear comments from the drivers, and have access to no less than 130,000 documents. And after all that excitement you'll be happy to sit down for a yummy meal in the museum's beautiful taverna.

Museo Piaggio, Pontedera
Okay, the Vespa is not a car -- but it's one of the most iconic vehicles Italy has ever produced! See it and all its cousins, including the three-wheeled Ape that is perhaps the most popular means of transportation in rural towns all up and down the boot. Did they get their names from the sounds they make? Perhaps! Vespa means "wasp" and Ape means "bee."

Cut right to the chase and take your own Ferrari test drive! If you'd like to stay overnight in the area, here are some suggestions for places to stay.

[Regions of Italy]