Photographs of Sardinia, Italy

Photographs of Sardinia, Italy

Along the costal road from
Villasimius to Costa Rei.
The long island is Isla Serpentara

Mural in Muravera

Villasimius facade

Golden fields outside Cagliari

A serious discussion on
the town square in Pula

Cafe Van Gogh on the road
from Cagliari to Villasimius

The theater in Nora. The site was
founded by the Phoenicians in 8th
century BC, later inhabited by the
Punics and Romans. It's at a
wonderful location on a land tongue
jutting out to sea. A refreshing sea
breeze blows over the whole area
which has water on 3 sides of it

Bizarre stone formation in
the sea off Villasimius

One of the many murals
painted on houses in Muravera

Olde Cagliari facade

Arch above one of Cagliari's
town-wall entrances

Wild landscapes near Stagno di
Feraxi in South Eastern Sardinia
require driving along a bumpy,
stony, untarred path

Many thanks to Roman Virdi, whose photos from around the world (you can even send an Ecard from his site!).

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