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Tuscany is a charmed land, equally blessed by the genius of man and nature, and often by the combined efforts of both. Think of the vineyards: rows of baby green vines that manage somehow to march in arrow-straight formation up the gently rolling hillsides, bounded by single files of darker green cypress trees, snaking sandy roads leading to rust-colored farmhouses and moss-coated castles, symmetrically rounded hilltops surmounted by towns so homogeneous as to seem one single building. Every inch of land has been sculpted, first by the elements and then by generations of inhabitants whose goals were always twofold: make the land produce as much as possible, make the land as beautiful as possible. Tuscany enchants us today because it holds together as a region, from the tiniest hamlet to Florence the Magnificent. For the living proof, take a short walk one day along the sides of the Belvedere in Florence: you will leave behind the traffic and suddenly find yourself strolling down quiet lanes bounded by tall stone walls, cypress trees and creamy-colored villas. You could be anywhere in Tuscany, and we dare you not to fantasize about living here.

Our visit to Tuscany will help you navigate through its many world-famed attractions, but it will also introduce you to some of its lesser-known jewels. Italy's most skilled cowboys, for instance. Or a host of colorful outdoor food markets. Spectacular natural parks. A mystery church, an ancient Etruscan mineral spa, a dozen Last Suppers in Florence...... One place you WON'T discover with us is a mythical city called Sienna. We feel impelled -- obliged, actually! -- to point out that "Sienna" is a color or a vehicle. In Tuscany there is a magical town called Siena, and no one who has ever lived there felt the name needed an extra "n"!

So come with us now to this very special place, where a thousand narrow farm roads wait patiently for you to make the wrong turn and find your own secret treasure, basking happily in the Tuscan sun.

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