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Dear Jessica,

Thanks for the chance to follow up on our Private Tour of Uffizi & Accademia Galleries. I should start out by telling you that you were highly recommended to us by our next-door neighbors who were in Italy last Christmas. Their experience with your guides prompted them to urge us to contact you for our time in Florence. We requested Elisabetta because she is the one who guided them in Florence. Our expectations were very high and we were not disappointed. We were grateful for not having to wait in lines, for the professionalism exhibited by our guide, and for her extensive knowledge. We did the 3 hour tour and so our time was somewhat short for all there is to see. She moved us through in a very timely manner and spoke at a pace that gave us tons of information and kept our interest. We have already recommended you to some other friends and we would like to thank you for helping make our day trip to Florence worth it. Thanks again and when we return to Italy, we will be in touch for another tour.

Eric & Darlene H.

Dear Jessica,

We very much enjoyed our tours. The Vatican was overwhelming the day we were there as it was some sort of Catholic Youth Day and if it had been possible with our schedule we would not have attempted it that day, but it was still enjoyable. Our guide for the Uffizi Gallery was delightful and we very much enjoyed her enthusiasm and her knowledge of the art, as well as her exquisite English that enabled us to ask and receive answers to any obscure question that we had in mind.

Thank you again for your assistance and we will be sure to look you all up again, when next we travel as we already have itch feet and our bags are only just now being unpacked.

Danielle M.

Dear Kristin,

The guide was terrific and punctual and where she said she would be. She was wrong about one thing though- she said her gelato store was better than Vivoli which I said was the best- After 3 gelatos in one day Vivoli is still the best in Florence- Will definitely recommend your site

Thanks for following up
Bill K.

Dear Kirill,

We are very pleased with our tour around Uffizi and Accademia Saturday 18th September at 9 o'clock. Pls give our regards to your guide, Elisabetta. We learnt a lot and are grateful that she gave us some of her knowledge and entusiasm.

Florence is a wonderful town.

Best wishes,
Annette A.

Dear Jessica,

Sorry for the delay in my answer, but the "work to do, RIGHT NOW!!" absorbed all my time.

Italy was wonderfull!! Full of art, good people, very good food and wine! and a lot of places to visit. The three weeks were sufficient to love her! We've to return in a short time.

The visits that you arranged for us were GREAT! The first, Uffizi and Academia in Florence was very illuminating. Leonardo, the guide, is an excellent guide, not only because he knows a lot of things about art but he answer all the questions we had. About the museums, is incredible how many marvelous pieces had. The guide took us to the relevant masterpieces and give us recommendations about the rest of the collection.

For the Vatican visit, the guide (unfortunately we don't record her name very well!) was wonderful too. The explanation about the Sistine Chapel was very clear and illuminating! But no only the guide was good, but who' s pick up, on time!, at the hotel and the girl that welcome us at the Vatican were very nice.

We enjoy a lot but visits and we're sure that in our next visit to Italy we contact you for more exciting tips!!

Thanks a lot


Dear Jessica,

Thank you for you and your co-workers' excellent help with our recent trip to Italy. We had a great trip. The highlight of our trip was the guided tours of the Florence museums with guide Laura. Your organization is indeed fortunate to have her services in Florence. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about art and art history, in addition she is very cordial and enthusiastic. Two of the four of us had been to the museums previously, but she added new perspective to works we had already seen and studied. We hope to return soon to avail ourselves further of her guide services.

Dennis D.

Hello Jessica,

We're back from a wonderful vacation in Italy and I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that I found your website with the info about ordering the Uffizi/Accadamia tickets in advance. The lines went up and down both sides of the Uffizi and if I hadn't had the advance reservation I'm positive my husband and daughters would never have stood in line. What made it even better was that the 15th was a national holiday so there was no traffic at all in Florence. Your service is wonderful; thanks again.

Kathy W.

We just got back from our trip tp italy. our guide was fabulous and we a-were so happy we used your service. if you want her name let me know--she was just wonderful.

Thanks for your help
Susan n.

We would like to thank you for the advice to get Uffizi tickets in advance and to engage a tour guide. That worked perfectly. Our guide, Natale, was extremely personable and incredibly informed. He has a remarkable command of English but the tour was much more than a parade of facts. What made it memorable was his ability to put the art works into a cogent perspective of what was happening in Italy at the time of their creation. I'd recommend Natale to anyone looking to get the most out of a visit to these splendid galleries.

Ted and Connie A.

I would like to mention the private guide (her name was Lucia) we booked for the Uffizi and Academia. She was wonderful and very knowledgeable (art history degree from university in Florence), and showed us many "off the beaten path" places. She also told us about St. Laurence's Festival, which happens every August 10th in Florence. We were fortunate enough to be there during the festivities, which included the Florence Symphony playing a free concert on the steps of St. Laurence's church. Thank you so much for all your help. We cannot wait to return (especially to Florence).

Jeramy and Kelly S.

Our tour guide at the Uffizi was Elisabetta. We cannot thank you enough. Elisabetta was knowledgeable and gave our visit depth well beyond our expectations. We are both interested in art history, but I am sure we would have been overwhelmed without the instruction and information we received. We strongly recommend the tour - it was definitely worth the investment. In particular, we appreciate Elisabetta and strongly recommend her for any touring in Florence. We are eager now to return to Florence with our children.

Harry and Judith H.

Hello Kirill,

I wanted to tell you that our tour of the galleries in Florence was wonderful. Our guide was so great! He was on time and explained everything to us in detail. We thank you and we wanted to let you know what a great job your guide did.

Sue N.

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