Photo Album of Soave, a Medieval Hill Town in Northern Italy

Photo Album of Soave, a Medieval Hill Town in Northern Italy

This picture-perfect hamlet is barely 24 blocks square and yet it boasts a magnificent medieval wall surrounded by a moat, as well as a 10th-century castle with crenellated walls and no fewer than 24 towers. Over the course of 400 years, many fierce battles were fought for the possession of the castle. Finally, in 1405 the Venetian Republic established its governance, and in 1517 Soave was granted the right to fly the standard of San Marco and to use the flagpole. A peaceful period started in the following years and lasted up to the arrival of Napoleon's army. You probably know of this town because it is the center of one of Italy's most prolific wine regions. Thanks to its location right off the autostrada, it is easy to pay a visit to this friendly, untouched town, and we highly recommend that you do!

The Castle Seen From
Outside the Walls

The Moat!

On the Outside Looking In

The Walls Have Been Breached! We're In!

The Safest Tulips in Italy

On the Way to the Castle

The Sign Reads: "This pathway, beloved by all, was cleared and restored by six retired volunteers. June 10, 1991"

How Many Centuries Has This Been Going On?

The Domenican Church and The Home of Our Dreams

White Wisteria in May

Daily Life in Soave

Ah, the Hustle and Bustle of City Life!

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