Private Museum Tours in Florence
The Vasari Corridor

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For this very special tour, you'll meet at the corner of Boboli Gardens, one of Europe's most extravagant aristocratic playgrounds. From here you will enter the magical corridor that was off limits to just about everyone until very recently. It takes its name from architect and painter Giorgio Vasari, who designed it in 1564 as a safe (as well as warm and dry!) means for the Dukes of Florence to cross the river from their residence in Pitti Palace to the Uffizi. This astonishing covered walkway actually rounds the corner of a few ancient buildings and passes right through the church of Santa Felicita before it piggybacks the Ponte Vecchio, runs along the Arno shores, turns another corner and ends up in the glorious Uffizi Museum. As if this architectural and engineering feat weren't enough, on this tour you will also be treated to unforgettable views of Florence, as well as the world's greatest collection of self portraits by famed artists. This unique collection was created by Cardinal Leopoldo de' Medici in the mid 17th century and has been constantly augmented ever since. Your tour culminates inside the Uffizi Museum, where you will be free to stay and see countless masterpieces by the greatest artists of the Renaissance.