Pizza in Friuli

You mention on your site, that the northeastern corner of Italy (the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region) is "barely mentioned, and rarely visited - even by the Italians". Having lived there for 3 years (courtesy of the US Air Force) I can honestly say that this part of Italy is absolutely incredible ~ my words could never even begin to express it's beauty. Mountains decorate almost every view of the sky, turquoise lakes lie among picturesque villages, and winding roads are decorated by vineyards and bright red poppies. And Venice is only an hour away. It is a place that will remain in my heart forever.

As for places to eat in that area, I would like to recommend a restaurant for your list. In a town called Maniago (about 15-20 minutes from Aviano, where the Air Base is), there is a tiny pizzeria called either "Pizzeria Da Mario" or "Bar da Mario". A local hangout, not too big, - some booths & outside tables, and a bar - alongside the main road that leads into town. The people are as friendly as they get (they don't speak much English, but are helpful with picking toppings (and teaching you their corresponding Italian names) and they are experts at making you feel genuinely welcome!) ~ The atmosphere gives the feeling true local Italian culture, the brick oven cooking is a smell like nothing else, and the thin-crusted, hand turned pizza is the best you'll ever taste!!! I have never looked at their sit-down menu, so am not sure what else they have to offer, but the pizza and calzone are to die for! So if you're lucky enough to be visiting (or stationed in) that corner of Italy, go out and enjoy the open air markets, take a swim in Lake Barcis (simply one of the prettiest places in the world!), and have a pizza for me, at "Da Mario's". You'll be glad you did!