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Restaurants in Italy

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To Dine Choose among a vast array of restaurants all over Italy categorized by type of food you like
Dizionario Gastronomico A handy menu translator for the pros that you might like to consult before leaving home
Pizza in Friuli A reader shares his fond memory of many meals
Caffè Panzera Well-known restaurant, coffee-house and confectionary in Milan next to the Central Station, managed by the same family since since 1931.
Le Scuderie del Granduca Tuscan cuisine served in an elegantly converted 18th-century horse barn
Places to Eat in Naples Suggestions from Cosa Bolle in Pentola
Osteria La Chitarra in Naples Friendly atmosphere and delicious local specialties right in the heart of Naples
Gallo Wine Gallery In the centre of La Morra in Piedmont, the Gallo Wine Gallery is one of the largest wine shops in Italy with more than 2500 labels of as well as more than 1000 local products including pasta, nougat, chocolate, olive oil, tea and more. You can also taste local wines and cheese, salami, ham and typical dishes.
Restaurants in Piedmont A few suggestions for memorable meals
Non Solo Crudo A classic Piedmontese eatery frequented by some of the region's most famous vintners
Where to Eat in Florence Suggestions from Florentine Eleonora Caponi
Gelateria Carabé Like ice cream? These are worth a detour
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