Want to find a job in Italy?

I wanted to give some advice on this subject since I have had a great deal of experience in this endeavor.

First of all it is very difficult for any non European community member to secure a job in Italy. It is even difficult for Italians to find a job in Italy these days, so the competition is great. One needs a great deal of persistence, resource and creativeness.

The first place to look is within your own family. If your parents or even grandparents have Italian citizenship (or had) you may be able to get an Italian passport. Check with the Italian Consulate in your area. If this is not possible gather up all of your contacts connected to Italy and approach these people about employment.

Often a company in Italy is looking for an educated, english-speaking professional in a specific area. The company in turn could sponsor you and secure the appropriate documents needed for working in Italy. For example, I did a targeted resume mailing to fashion related companies in Florence and I received two positive responses. I flew to Italy and had interviews with Macy's and Max Mara buying offices and was also able to network through these people, increasing my resouce bank. In Florence I also took advantage of a major textile conference occurring at the time and made many more contacts. I received offers to work as an independent consultant which is another way to work in Italy.

You can incorporate yourself and invoice the company/client you work for, but you should consult an Italian laywer knowledgeable in this area. If you can't find a way to live and work full time in Italy, you may want to consider working for an Italian company in the United States that would quite often require you to travel to and from Italy.

Contact the Italian Trade Commission in New York City for a listing of Italian companies in the U.S. or simply in your city. I hope this was of some help. Good luck!

Carrie Gengo

P.S. living and working in Italy is a very different experience than being on vacation in Italy. You might want to consider this before picking up and moving.